Chapter 949 - The Almighty Fed Her

Chapter 949: The Almighty Fed Her

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On this day, an Almighty had a cigarette dangling between his lips while he streamed live him playing LOL. He raised his brows abruptly and told his fans, “There’s an emergency, I need to go offline. Let’s set another date.”

It wasn’t just the Almighty having a livestream, there were also a stiff looking bespectacled programmer and the sloppy uncle from the noodle shop amongst others.

They held different positions with vastly different appearances and social standings, the only similarity they had was the symbol which appeared on the computer screens at the same time!


The black letter was perfectly centred on the screen, the black ends fluttering downwards slowly like a blazing fire which came to life!

Many years ago, when they had become hackers, they agreed and promised to abide by the hacker’s belief because there was something unique about it. When the symbol Z appeared on their computer, they were obliged to act under command.

There weren’t many who had personally seen the symbol appear on their computer and there weren’t many who knew what it would look like.

However, everyone of these hackers knew that when it appeared, they would have to stop concealing their identity and reignite their previous career because that was their Young Master !

The one and only Young Master of the Hacker World!

According to some, there wasn’t a need to explain how the symbol looked like since all of them could identify it with one glance when it had appeared that year.

Because it could awaken their hidden inner self.

The stiff and inflexible looking programmer removed her spectacles, exposing her beautiful face. She lifted her left hand and took off the black rubber band which held her hair in place. The next time she glanced up, she had turned into a mesmerizing beauty.

However, the most alluring part of her were the fingers that flew across the keyboard rapidly.

She wasn’t the only one, the livestreaming Almighty and the noodle shop’s uncle were doing the same thing.

When the noodle shop’s uncle typed away, a high school student carrying his backpack was ordering his meal. “Uncle, I want a bowl of Chong Qing noodles with extra chilli.”

“Coming right up!” he answered instantly as he continued to type at a rapid speed.

There were about ten IP addresses, which seemed like glowing lines congregating in the area Bo Jiu was situated, all of which had gone through a stringent screening process.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers, tapping the keyboard to arrange the information before using a code to enlarge the vicinity they were targeting.

This meant that the hypothetical program this time would be within her surveillance including hidden websites which weren’t accessible to everyone because Bo Jiu led the group of Hackers.

When the livestream Almighty encountered a special firewall he couldn’t break through, he couldn’t help exhaling with a whistle. “Cool!”

But that wasn’t the end. Perhaps none of them were aware of how fast their Young Master’s speed could go.

Amidst the dense formations created, she successfully escaped and entered the crux. It was so cool that all the hackers were in awe, a prickly sensation on their scalp.

This was the insane thrill belonging to them. No one else could understand the thrill they were experiencing.

The high school student who had ordered his noodles had been waiting for them, but after a while, he stood up and tapped the counter. “Uncle, where’s the noodles?”

The Uncle didn’t reply, a smile on his face.

The high school student had never seen this uncle in such a state and was about to probe further. That was when the noodle shop uncle spat the word out lightly, “KO.”

“KO?” The high school student frowned as he wondered internally, You have been gaming all these while I was waiting for my noodles to be made? Isn’t that very irresponsible?

The high school student turned over, waiting to see what game he had been playing, but the noodle shop uncle taped the space bar lightly with his forefinger before glancing up. He was back to his usual sloppy state. “A bowl of Chong Qing noodles with extra chilli, coming right up!”

“You…” The high school student swallowed his words, deciding to just forget it since he could afford to wait for a bowl of Chong Qing noodles.

The high school student wasn’t someone foreign, he was the thorn-head youngster, the Boss from No.2 Middle School.

As this was a noodle shop opened between No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School, he would usually be wandering about with his father and hadn’t been paying much attention to the news.

He sat back down and looked up at the tiny screen in the shop. He froze, a buzzing sound ringing at the back of his head.

It was a news report. The suspect who had a feud with the victim had been rid off her allegations and the victim had been concluded to have committed suicide.

What did they mean by a suspect who had a feud with the victim? F*ck, he was well aware of the sort of person she was. She had stolen something and was prepared to buy views in order to frame the original author. Fortunately, there was more to the report.

The victim’s fan support group was searching for witnesses. “If there is someone like her around who steals the glory of someone else, basking in the attention that had been brought by someone else’s talent and maligning the original creator who is in pain, if you know anyone like this, we wish for you to bring forward any sort of evidence. Even though she has already left us, we will still protect her interests and fight the lawsuit for infringement of copyright.”

With that, the thorn-head youngster dashed out of the noodle shop and snatched his underling’s phone.

“Boss, what are you doing?”

“My phone ran out of battery, I need yours to do something.”

The thorn-head youngster wanted to send in evidence, but he was too dumb and couldn’t use the device effectively. He clicked into WeChat and was prepared to expose every single detail to his arch enemy, the boss from No.1 Middle School, Spade Z.

In the Qin family’s house meanwhile, Bo Jiu had locked down the suspicious webpage. It was hidden in the depths of the internet and used an overseas address to register for the site.

However, that didn’t stop Bo Jiu’s infiltration.

Just as Qin Mo had predicted, everyone inside had witnessed a silent murder.

It started from the day the victim’s copyrights had been violated. Her pain and suffering had been captured down as a video.

There were multiple videos, showing her battered state with each wave reality had thrown at her. It seemed like only someone like her could interest a group like them.

They waited for her suicide every single day, but she remained stubborn and persistent. And when the final video of her was sent out, someone suggested to join her in her suicide.

They didn’t see a meaning to life and to the society they lived in.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. “That is her aim. She wanted a large scale massacre, which is the reason behind the Maiden’s Sacrifice.”

She assumed that the Almighty would say something, but the moment she opened her mouth to ask, a dumpling which had been cooled by him was sent to her mouth.

The dumplings were delicious, the skin thin and the fillings heavy. Bo Jiu had swallowed the entire thing whole.

Qin Mo had always taken to matters such as feeding a certain someone personally. Thus he picked up another dumpling and reached forward to blow it lightly.

Bo Jiu paused before she glanced over to look at his beautiful expressionless face and lowered lids blowing the dumplings, his lashes trembling slightly. A wave of warmth spread through her.

She still remembered the day the Almighty’s family had moved to the house beside hers. Grandpa An had made dumplings and had called her over for some. Back then, she had still not known how to use chopsticks since she hadn’t been in China much ever since she had been born. She had used a spoon to scoop it up. Even though she had loved the dumplings dearly, it had taken much effort to pick them up.

Unlike the doll-like child sitting beside her, he had looked respectable even while eating dumplings.

In the end, he had seemed to have seen enough of her clumsiness and since she couldn’t seem to scoop the dumplings up, he had used his chopsticks to pick one, had blown on it lightly before stuffing it into her mouth. He had then spoken in a cold tone, “Your lack of intelligence isn’t living up to your smart looking face.”

Bo Jiu found it odd sometimes as these memories had started to pour out bit by bit after she had confirmed that the Almighty was the pet from her childhood.

It was a memory she couldn’t ever forget.

Indeed, Bo Jiu hadn’t forgotten about it before, but after she had become Z, there were many things which were destined to become precious memories she had to keep hidden.

Moreover, he was Qin Mo, a criminal psychologist, the person who caught people like her.

When the second dumpling arrived at her lips, Bo Jiu opened her mouth instinctively.

As she seemed very obedient, there was a visible smile on Qin Mo’s face.

Princess stared at the side, overwhelmed by jealousy. Even though his master was also patient towards him when he fed him, he had never been so tender or warm before.

Indeed, when a remnant of the dumpling was left on the corner of her lips, Qin Mo reached out and caressed it with her fingers, his eyes deep, capturing her gaze.

They sat side by side and because of Qin Mo’s actions, had come closer.

Even though she was eating, she could only smell the Almighty’s scent.

Sun rays splashed into the room as Qin Mo continued to feed the typing youngster. After passing one over to her, he would eat one.

The both of them were ravishing, their image was looking pleasant and beautiful. Madam Zhang, who stood at the door, hadn’t disturbed them ever since.

Bo Jiu had noticed it as well. The plate was filled with dumplings, half of which were exquisitely made while the other half was ugly and misshapen.

The Almighty fed her the ones which looked perfect and kept the ugly, misshapen ones for himself.

It was obvious who had made the ugly and misshapen dumplings.

Bo Jiu adjusted her expression as she stared at Qin after he had eaten the fourth dumping. “Is it nice?”

At times like this, a sweet little lover would agree that it tasted good before coming forward to coax her, the Tyrant CEO.

The Almighty didn’t follow the script though. “Do you wish to hear the truth?” Qin Mo asked calmly as he picked up another dumpling.

Bo Jiu: … She got it, the dumplings probably didn’t taste very nice.

In the future, if she couldn’t resist and ended kidnaping the Almighty, it would be best to just make him instant noodles. That was the extent of her culinary skills.

While her thoughts wandered, she hadn’t been aware that Qin Mo had made sure to place all the dumplings she wrapped onto his own plate. It had nothing to do with the taste, but rather the person who had made it.

After Qin Mo had fed her the last piece of dumpling, Bo Jiu paused and transferred all the relevant evidence onto her USB stick.

“Wait a minute.” Qin Mo’s long fingers tapped the screen. “There’s something wrong with this poster.”

With that, Bo Jiu moved her gaze over to the screen. There was indeed something wrong. The contents on the poster looked like a new Sacrifice poster.

“This is…”

Qin Mo felt his eyes deepened. “The next victim.”

With that, he took out his phone and called Director Huang. “I need your help to locate someone. No, it isn’t a witness for this case, it’s the next victim.”

“What are you saying? The next victim?” Director Huang bolted up from his chair abruptly.

Qin Mo spoke calmly and hadn’t made any excessive explanation, with only three words, “The Maiden’s Sacrifice.”

Those three words were enough for Director Huang to understand the situation, but he hadn’t realized a case which had been closed would have a continuation!

Director Huang felt a coldness like never before. “What did you find?”

“A lot.”

Director Huang frowned. “It’s going to be tough.”

“How so?” Qin Mo raised a brow.

Director Huang grabbed a wad of his hair, his anger still brimming within him. “Smith, that guy, he has already informed the media that the victim committed suicide. If this is a serial killer case, the higher-ups won’t be willing to announce it.”

Qin Mo watched as the youngster directed a gaze in his direction, his attitude indifferent. “A website shows records of the victim’s every action for the past month, all the way to that last video that went viral. She definitely didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered. You can take a look at the videos on the website. Even though they were all white-colored bottles, the one with the police isn’t the same thing, it isn’t the same bottle the victim had in the last video. The size isn’t the same. This shows that someone was there before the police came and swapped the evidence. If it hadn’t been a murder, why else would he have swapped out the evidence? If the higher-ups aren’t willing to announce it, there will be more victims to this case. Or do you intend to climb higher up the career ladder, which is why you are not willing to tell the truth you are clearly aware of? Are you just going to act like nothing happened?”

“F*ck, don’t use that on me.” Director Huang slapped the doors. “I’m just thinking of a way out.”

Qin Mo resumed is usual tone. “Hold a press conference and let them know how exactly she died.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I know that as well!” Director Huang was cursing him internally just a second ago, but the very next second, he broke into a smile. “If that’s the case, her mother won’t be in so much pain.”

Director Huang had seen the comments, Li Xue had given her statement to the crime squad and had heard her say, “This has nothing to do with her, she killed herself because of her inability to withstand the pressure.”

Director Huang understood why the victim’s mother had started crying. The internet wasn’t what was scary, but rather the lack of humanity in the real world.

Even though she had seen the victim’s mother crying, Li Xue had remained indifferent. “Isn’t it just an apology? I’ll do it, you can cry over your daughter since she is dead. What’s the point of crying to me over here?”

He couldn’t forget that mother’s eyes, she had been looking at Li Xue with hatred and despair.

But he didn’t have a solution at that time. He had watched as the mother pointed at him with trembling fingers. “You don’t have a solution? My daughter would never kill herself. Is that what everyone is saying right now? What about the girl just now? Isn’t she going to get the punishment she deserves? What’s the purpose behind my daughter’s struggle after such a long time?”

He had been stumped, it was as though someone had shut his throat.

He hadn’t known how to tell a mother that her daughter had been confirmed to have killed herself.

Now he could finally say something, he could finally live up to the uniform he was wearing as he told the mother, “There is still a way. We will never allow those that harmed others to leave scot-free.”