Chapter 95 - Lord Jiu Speaks Up

Chapter 95: Lord Jiu Speaks Up

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Liang Xuguang wanted so badly to retreat, but the director pressed down hard on his shoulder. “Of course he’s playing. Xuguang, gaining guidance from Almighty Qin is an honor for you too.”

What honor?

How can this be an honor?

If he really played with Almighty Qin, his professional career would never be able to get rid of the moniker “weakling.”

“Director Li, I…” Liang Xuguang wanted to say something.

The director cut him off and said something into his ear during the time in between, “If you don’t play this time, you can forget about playing any more games later on.”

The purpose of his threats was obvious.

The platform lived on the flow of traffic.

If he didn’t fight this battle, then Almighty Qin wouldn’t make a move. Then how could the audience ratings shoot through the roof?

“What? You really see yourself as a god now? Your boss scouted you to not lose money. Keep broadcasting, and you will have your reward.”

Liang Xuguang then understood that he could no longer act however he wanted after getting into the new company. Contestants like him were only chess pieces in his owner’s eyes.

These people didn’t care about his future. They only cared about instant gratification.

Liang Xuguang sat back like a bag of gray dirt. After logging in, a godlike game character stood right in front of him.

He ground his teeth and steeled himself to take his last stand.

However, Almighty Qin’s attack was as strong as Spade Z’s.

His body froze straightaway. Unable to move at all, his HP was drained little by little!

Liang Xuguang thought it was only a matter of a few seconds anyways.

But Almighty Qin was savoring the process of killing him, torturing him for a good three minutes.

In this three minutes, he couldn’t get any more wretched and disgraceful.

The laughter kept flooding onto the screen; they were an eyesore. At last, Liang Xuguang couldn’t take it anymore, and he threw his headphones on the table.

This way of dying was even more humiliating!

The Qin family was a military family.

No matter how pretty and elegant Qin Mo looked, he was still vicious when he ‘killed.’

After finishing off that person, Almighty Qin typed a line of words plainly, “Do you think I have an add-on too since I’m acting so slowly?”

What a slap on the face!

Liang Xuguang’s facial expression froze, but he still laughed it off under the director’s instructions.

Many of Almighty Qin’s fans heard his words.

And they started to comment understandingly, “Stop playing games if you can’t. Blaming it on add-ons after being terminated in a second, are you even qualified to be a professional player?”

“Not qualified for sure.” The players with dazzling godlike IDs from other teams spoke up this time.

People could tell that a lot of the professional players were on the live streaming platform!

The number of words streaming across the screen reached a new peak number. The director asked his subordinate to put the scene on screen, and his eyes were full of excitement.

Liang Xuguang felt extremely embarrassed. He just wanted to stand up and leave.

To his surprise, it was not yet over!

A fresh and mischievous voice came over through the mic containing a young man’s unique belittling laugh. “What? You want to leave? Liang Xuguang, you think I would let you get off this easily? What did you just say? Something about someone being incessantly loud due to the countryside?”

“It seems you have forgotten that you, too, came from the countryside as well, and you were so poor that you could only eat cup noodles in internet cafes. That boss, who you belittled the most, scouted you, brought you into the company, and offered you food and accommodation. You had nothing, and she treated you with all her heart.

“And you? Forget about expressing your gratitude, after betraying her for the sake of money, you even bit your old company back on Weibo saying that she gave you trouble?”