Chapter 950 - Evidence

Chapter 950: Evidence

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He had watched as the mother pointed at him with trembling fingers. “You don’t have a solution? My daughter would never kill herself. Is that what everyone is saying right now? What about the girl just now? Isn’t she going to get the punishment she deserves? What’s the purpose behind my daughter’s struggle after such a long time?”

He had been stumped, it was as though someone had shut his throat.

He hadn’t known how to tell a mother that her daughter had been confirmed to have killed herself.

Now he could finally say something, he could finally live up to the uniform he was wearing as he told the mother, “There is still a way. We will never allow those that harmed others to leave scot-free.”

In the Qin family’s mansion, Bo Jiu shut the laptop since she had enough evidence on hand to testify for the victim.

Since she knew how hard it would be to overturn the case once it had been confirmed as suicide, she was wondering if she should make use of her background.

The moment she stood up, the person beside her held onto her wrist and took a step forward before her.

That was what set him apart from all those other people because even though they weren’t in the same camp, they had the same bottom line.

The attention on the case didn’t seem to have lessened even the slightest.

This was what the girl in the apartment had wanted, but it made the other matters harder to deal with because she as the murderer had discovered the problem with the medicine case even before Qin Mo.

She glanced up at the slender and tall man, who hadn’t gone out the entire day. She reached out and pulled a cupboard open, taking a bank card out from inside. “Hide overseas for a few days, I’ll inform you once the situation over here has calmed down.”

The tall and slender man didn’t understand. “Why are you asking me to leave so suddenly? Isn’t everything going as we have planned? Don’t worry, they will never find out she was killed.”

“It would safer for lay low.” The girl narrowed her eyes. “We took action too late, this person was too difficult to get rid off. She kept thinking she could redress her injustice and kept waiting for news from the court. Her belief hadn’t been affected at all. I hadn’t thought through this enough. I kept thinking she would soon be led on by us, but in the end, even though the result isn’t bad, she brought along a heap load of trouble.”

“What trouble could she have caused?” The tall and slender man remained indifferent. “There wasn’t any surveillance in the stairway of that area. Even if there was someone, it isn’t likely they would suspect me.”

“Alright, the discussion ends here.” The girl tapped the keyboard. “I have bought a flight ticket for tomorrow. I’m not worried about the trouble since the only evidence is in our hands and even if someone suspects you, they won’t be able to get the evidence. My only worry is the problem with the video and that Qin Mo might see something from inside.”

“Wasn’t there already news from the higher-ups? Qin Mo isn’t participating in this case.” The tall and slender man arched a brow. “If he isn’t participating in the case, he won’t find any clues. Once he sees anything, we will have already derived our motives. So what’s the worry for?”

When the tall and slender man said this, he had no idea that Qin Mo was already on the move.

That wasn’t all as they weren’t aware that the real Z was at his side.

In front of the police station, there were many people walking around on this day.

There was a group of about seven people all dressed in the same clothes.

From Bo Jiu’s angle, she couldn’t tell how they looked, but she knew why exactly they were here because one of them had a simple poster in her hand.

The poster had two words on it. The victim’s pseudonym.

They were here voluntarily in order to find out more details about the case and to speak up for the victim.

The passerby didn’t know the reasons behind their actions.

What was even harder to fathom was the arrival of the thorn-head youngster, who had bad results and was only concerned about fighting.

They also couldn’t fathom why Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang were here even after they had reached out for the flyers in their hands.

No one could understand those illogical actions.

Uncle Yin sat inside his small car. He had been biting on the cigarette on his lips, but when he saw a store not far in the distance, he pushed the car door open and came down. He bought a box of mineral water, carrying it on his shoulder and started passing it out to those who hadn’t given up and were persisting in seeking justice for the victim.

They weren’t strangers, they were the victim’s readers.

Although there weren’t many of them, in each and everyone of their eyes was a steely and determined look.

If there had to be a reason why they were standing here out of their own will, it was because they wanted to help those who could no longer speak, to fight for the dreams which had been stolen!

This world shouldn’t be like this.

Those who were truly hurt were buried in the dust.

Violated, hurt, and being ridden off their dreams, but yet, they weren’t even given an apology.

There should be fairness in this world.

If it didn’t exist, they would snatch it back!

They were sisters who scrimped and saved even when they drank water. In their hearts, they knew this was only the beginning, they still had to save money for the impending lawsuit.

Bo Jiu watched them, a whirl of emotions rising in her chest which she forced down under her eyes as both her and the Almighty still had a war they had to fight.

The name of this world was ‘Poetic justice exists in this world, if you don’t believe, look up and see who can escape ‘.

The black Hummer didn’t stop.

When Qin Mo and Bo Jiu appeared in the station, Director Huang was faced with multiple problems.

After Smith had analyzed the entire case, Director Huang had come out to overthrow the conjecture, glance at the lens and said something which made Smith bolt up in anger. “The victim didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered.”

In that instant, the audience went crazy.

Smith’s expression darkened. “What rubbish are you sprouting?!”

He hadn’t expected anyone to overthrow his conjecture at this last moment, especially not in a press conference. There were so many eyes on the case, did he consider the consequences of his words?

The media wasn’t dumb, they immediately caught hold of the gist. “Have the police found new evidence?”

Evidence… Cold Sweat was starting to form on Director Huang’s forehead. He hadn’t found any evidence yet, but this was the last chance he had at seeking justice for the victim. He had to grasp this opportunity tightly.

But evidence… Director Huang wasn’t going to hold on much longer.

Right at this moment, a figure appeared beside him and with a hand, he leaped onto the stage.

Almost everyone could associate the word cool with this youngster in front of them.

The silvery grey hair seemed to reflect the light as the youngster looked straight into the eyes of the media. “Of course we have evidence.” With that the youngster tilted his head. “Director Huang, can you tell the public about the evidence you passed over to me just now?”

Director Huang hadn’t passed Bo Jiu any evidence, but he wasn’t dumb and the moment Bo Jiu had said those words, he caught on instantly. He was much more reassured than before as he glanced up and could look into each and every one of their eyes. “We can.”

He hadn’t expected the youngster’s actions the moment he agreed to the request.

THe youngster walked towards the person in charge of the projector and placed her USB stick into the connecting laptop.

Her long slender fingers flew across the keyboard at a rapid speed.

Very quickly, a photo appeared on the large screen.

The next second, the reporters tilted their head over, waiting for Director Huang to say something.

THe youngster paused as well, waiting for his speech.

Director Huang could feel his heart thumping. What exactly was the meaning of this? How could he just come up and show a photo?

Time trickled by and the reporters started to frown. Smith was getting increasingly frustrated.

From a corner of the crowd, a voice called out, “If Director Huang allows, I wish to explain why this photo can be considered an evidence on his behalf.”

It was Qin Mo. He had somehow gotten himself a set of police attire, which he wore along with a police hat.

He appeared upright and dignified. With this set of attire on him, he had the right to explain the evidence. Moreover, it wasn’t as eye catching as his own personal clothing.

With his police hat pressed low, the crowd below could only see the bottom of his face with his beautiful lips.

Those were all factors Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had considered.

Director Huang could finally relax, but he didn’t understand what they meant. The both of them were professional esports players after all and if any of the journalists caught wind of their other identity, they would definitely go crazy.

Qin Mo had just loaned the uniform he was wearing. Thus, when he reached the top of the stage, he had just fastened the last button of his jacket.

Nevertheless, it didn’t affect his aura even the slightest, instead, because of the police attire he had donned on, he seemed much more noble and handsome.

Qin Mo didn’t waste any time, turning to give Bo Jiu a glance. When their eyes met in midair, Qin Mo started speaking. “This photo shows the medicine bottle we found on the floor when we were investigating the crime scene. We have sent the pills to the forensics for evaluation. The victim slept into a coma after excessive intake of this sleeping pills. Hence, the pills inside this bottle must have been the main cause of the victim’s death, but…” With that, he paused.

Qin Mo didn’t need to turn over to signal the youngster since she had already moved on to the next image.

A screenshot of a video was shown. It showed an amplification of the scene in which the victim was taking the pills.

Qin Mo continued in an even mannered tone. “I believe everyone of you here have seen this video. The victim lowered her head to ingest the pills. She seemed to have shattered under the intense pressure bearing down on her, which resulted in such a choice. Now, let’s compare the medicine bottles, both of them are white in color and look similar, but the sizes are not the same. This means that the medicine bottle the victim was holding in the video isn’t the bottle holding the sleeping pills. We have received confirmation from the medical practitioners, the bottle the victim was holding in the video contains cough medicine. Moreover, the victim has been sick throughout this period, her doctor had prescribed the cough medicine for her, which is the same medicine the victim was taking in the video to ease her sickness. But this bottle disappeared and we found this bottle of sleeping pills, which should not be there in her apartment. We have a conjecture, the victim’s cough medication was swapped for sleeping pills. This also means the victim was not aware that the pills she took the night she died was not the pills she was taking all this while.”

With his last words, everyone in the crowd inhaled sharply and some had even covered their mouths in shock.

Smith bolted upright. “But this is all just your speculation. Without sufficient evidence, such an opinionated speculation is lacking.”

“How are you so sure I don’t have evidence?” Qin Mo replied faintly, but his aura was as formidable as usual.

Even though Smith came from abroad, he was about the same height as Qin Mo. To him, Qin Mo was just a second tier profiler, there wasn’t anything he should be wary about.

But when they stood together, Smith had the impulse to just run off because Qin Mo’s aura was just too overpowering.

Bo Jiu took a moment to glance over at Smith. In just a while more, a certain criminal psychologist who claimed to have a world of experience and treated others in his profession as second tier, was about to be proved wrong.

Qin Mo eyed Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu was immediately at it, clicking into all the information they had searched for.

Some of the cameramen had caught her actions and were stunned at the speed she was moving at. She opened up a few screens at the same time and was typing at an instance speed. It was so fast her movements seemed to blur.

In the very next second, videos over videos started appearing in front of their eyes.

Right after the next video appeared, the third came up, followed by the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth…

And in every one of those videos, there was a man, tall and slender with dodgy looking features. He didn’t look like a local and seemed to be moving with deliberation.

The youngster allowed the video to play as she adjusted the speed in order for Qin Mo to explain efficiently.

Their chemistry was impeccable, sharp and clean. Qin Mo continued his explanation. “The stairway to which the victim’s apartment building belongs to does not have any surveillance cameras, hence, we expanded the search area and consolidated videos of everywhere the victim had gone to. This is the victim’s daily life and the people she faced. There has always been someone following behind her. She had probably detected something, but every time she turned around, he would not be there, which was why she appeared uneasy in the video. A woman’s intuition told her something was amiss and at that moment, she had assumed it was a thief and reported the matter along with her neighbor. We have confirmed this with the neighbor, who reassured us that she isn’t mentally unsound and that there is really someone following her. The victim doesn’t have many male friends, but on the day she died, the same man had entered her house twice, one time when she wasn’t even around. The neighbor caught sight of it and found it odd at that time since he had left the victim’s house and hadn’t even stopped to greet him. According to the time he had entered and left the apartment, he was probably there before she returned home and the next time after she had died. Hence, based on my deduction, he is the person who had swapped out the medicine bottle.”