Chapter 954 - MoJiu In Action

Chapter 954: MoJiu In Action

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Besides, boarding had started for the international flights and the police were still at the entrance of the security checks. Since there was facial recognition at the entrance, the suspect would definitely be noticed if he appeared.

If it had been an ordinary criminal, the facial recognition would be useful since a person’s documents and face wouldn’t change, but unbeknownst to them, they were facing a criminal on the international level. The tall and slender man had at least five identification documents with him. He could change into another disguise easily.

Besides, the back-up police officers would never expect him to be hidden in a tour group. Hence, even if there were officers searching for him everywhere, no would pay him any attention.

“Why are there suddenly so many police officers around?”

“Did something happen? Why are there so many special forces troops?”

“I’m not sure, but they sure are handsome!”

The large influx of special forces soldiers appeared, causing a frenzy within the airport.

Gradually, the crowd started to realize that the security checks grew more stringent than before as there were special forces soldiers patrolling the boarding entrance.

There were three outgoing flights which would take off at the same time. The boarding gates for the three flights were spaced far apart, which made it hard for the airline to decide which flight to control.

Moreover, the international flights weren’t like domestic ones, the airlines would have to make arrangements prior to the takeoff. Before proper documentations were issued, no one had the right to deny anyone to enter the plane.

The most they could do was find an excuse to delay the takeoff since a cancellation of the flight was definitely unacceptable.

The police officers were clearly troubled. In the end, they assigned two officers at each gate, but they still didn’t spot their target.

The tall and slender man held onto his boarding pass, following behind the elderly couple. They continued chatting happily as they made their way to the boarding gate.

The special forces soldier reached out to stop him. He verified his face with the photo before glancing back at the elderly couple behind him.

In that moment, the tall and slender man’s palms were soaked with sweat, but he believed that the Heavens were looking over him because the police officer didn’t stare too long before signalling for him to go on.

The tall and slender man smiled, replying, “Thank you.” With his lifted lips, he walked through the boarding gates and used the constructed walkway over towards the plane.

The pretty stewardess stood at the entrance of the plane, welcoming every passenger politely.

Once he had boarded the plane, it would be impossible for them to find him again.

The tall and slender man settled down on a window seat. He raised his arm and looked at his watch, calculating the time.

Inside the airport, Director Huang’s face was dark and tight. “You didn’t find anyone suspicious?”

“Yes, Director Huang, we have searched everywhere. We have stopped all of those that seem suspicious, but none of them are the suspect.”

Director Huang sighed deeply. “Are you sure there aren’t any others? He is definitely around here.” Qin Mo’s conjectures had never been wrong. It wasn’t possible for them not to have found anything.

“Director Huang, we have officers stationed at every security entrance, but all of them came back with the same news, they haven’t seen the suspect.”

Director Huang tilted his head, looking serious. “Continue searching.”

“You don’t have to search the security entrance anymore,” a calm voice instructed.

Director Huang tilted his head over, a ravishing and aristocratic figure stood in the middle with hands tucked into his pockets and his gaze fixed on the hanging clock. His imposing presence drew the crowd in. Moreover, there was a youngster with a striking hair color standing beside him.

Bo Jiu reacted quickly. The moment she noticed someone looking in her direction, she fastened the black hood of her jacket onto her head, with only the clean curve of face being exposed. Even though her lashes were thick and dense, it couldn’t be seen. The hood was no doubt a great way to conceal herself and that striking hair color.

Qin Mo was still dressed in his police uniform, which fit into the situation since there were uniformed officers walking everywhere.

Besides, no one would associate the Captain of Supreme Alliance with the police. This helped to reduce the attention. Bo Jiu took a step towards Qin Mo, trying to reduce her presence as her handsome head of silver hair could easily expose her identity.

Qin Mo must have understood the youngster’s intentions because he reached out and pressed her head closer towards him before turning toward Director Huang. “The passengers should have started boarding and based on the time he left, he should be taking one of these three flights and may have already passed the security entrance.”

“This… isn’t possible, we would have seen him if he passed the security entrance, but none of the officers or airport staff found anyone that resembled him.”

The two Interpol officers were anxious. They wanted to take action since they had arrived at the same conclusion as Qin Mo.

An international criminal was likely to possess a certain level of ability to disguise and conceal oneself. Anyone with the ability to create a case like the Maiden’s Sacrifice definitely wasn’t simple. It was highly likely for the suspect to have entered one of the planes. If the profiler was correct about the route taken by the suspect, they were most likely be on the right path.

They had to fly immediately and nab the suspect because if he managed to leave the country and enter America, many factors would spin way out of their control. They had to start searching for him even if they had to utilize their Interpol identity.

Qin Mo knew how they felt, thus his tone was calm. “This is China and there are Chinese people sitting in the plane. If the suspect has entered the plane, all the other passengers may potentially become his hostage. According to international law, you have the right to seek our cooperation, but the authority lies with us, the Chinese.”

The two Interpol officers were startled as they hadn’t expected to be silenced even before they had said anything. With that, he had forced the words back down their throats. He was right about the International law after all.

But how did he know about the International law?

Director Huang was listening to the conversation. “You mean the suspect has boarded the plane?” Based on his understanding of this aloof kid, he wouldn’t say anything he wasn’t sure of.

Qin Mo glanced at the time, his tone neutral. “There is a 90 percent chance that he is already on the plane. Find out which flight is about to depart.”

With that, Qin Mo turned toward the youngster, who had both hands stuffed into her jacket. Her hood was concealing a large part of her face. She seemed to be in deep thought as she stared into the distant, looking like a curious child.

In that instant, Qin Mo seemed to have thought of something, a blurry vision.

It was a miniature version of a certain someone, the same child who had appeared in his mind before, she starred in the distance, her face trembling occasionally.

It was extremely familiar and it was here again!

Qin Mo frowned. He took a moment to regain his composure before walking over towards the youngster.

“What are you looking at?”

Bo Jiu tilted her chin to the side, signaling Qin Mo to look at the group who was queuing for the security check. The group was wearing the same t-shirt and some of them wore caps while others didn’t.

“We can start off with that group. In order to avoid being discovered and to board the plane safely, he could either disguise as an employee or a member of the tour group. I’m leaning towards the latter since it would be impossible for the suspect to disguise as an air steward with his appearance. He would have to be as handsome as me or Brother Mo in order to do that.” She didn’t forget to drop herself a compliment inside the analysis, only a certain someone was capable of that.

Qin Mo smiled, his left hand pressing onto the youngster’s head. “I agree with that analysis.” With that, he tilted his head to ask the special forces police at the side, “Based on your records, which of the three flights have tour groups on board?”

“Young Master Qin, two of the flights, both of which are carried by American airlines.”

“Which of the two flights is departing first? Director Huang, negotiate with the airline and try to buy us at least one hour.” Qin Mo gave that figure because that seemed to be the most they would offer up.

Director Huang wasn’t confident about it. “This isn’t a domestic airline and they are taking an international route, I’m not sure they will give us that much time.”

Qin Mo asked for the airline company’s name and proceeded to make a call.

His phone indicated an overseas call.

The call went through very quickly and a deep voice asked in English. “Qin, what’s up? Are you offering another business deal? If it’s a project form the Qin family, I’m happy to accept. Any amount is good.”

“William, it’s not a business proposal this time. There seems to be a problem with one of the airplanes under your company which is flying from China. I would like you to help delay it by about half an hour to an hour.”

William chuckled. “What’s so important? Is it perhaps to chase a runaway girl like in the movies? One hour is too long, but I can get them to delay it by half an hour.”


“I’ll make the arrangements. I’ll treat it as returning your favor.”

Qin Mo hung up and turned towards the special forces police. “The flight will be delayed by half an hour. We will need officers who are apt at looking through disguises for this hunt. I won’t be able to go up because the suspect can recognise me, which would raise his guard. Is there anyone good in that area?”

The special forces soldiers weren’t that good at looking through disguises.

Bo Jiu glanced over, no one seemed to be volunteering…

“Brother Mo, what about me?” The youngster smiled devilishly. “The entire plane of passengers have become his hostage. If he can fly a plane, he will take action once he realizes something amiss within the plane. Hence, it wouldn’t be suitable for an officer dressed in attire to take on this mission and since he doesn’t know me, he would treat me as an ordinary passenger even if he saw me. There wouldn’t be any barrier…”

Time trickled by slowly.

Within the airplane, the tall and slender man on the window seat had started feeling frustrated. He managed to pass through everything successfully, but the plane wasn’t departing. Thus he pressed the overhead lights, signaling the stewardess to come over.

The stewardess walked over with a perfect smile on her face. “Sir, do you need a blanket? Or is there anything else I can get you?”

“No, I wanted to know what is causing the delay.” The tall and slender man could no longer maintain his composure sa the stewardess looked at her watch. He asked again, “Why aren’t they closing the doors?”

She lowered herself once more. “Apologies, Sir, there are some procedural errors with our plane and not all the passengers have boarded yet. We will be making some last minute arrangements, I hope you will forgive the inconvenience we have caused.”

“Procedural errors?” The tall and slender man repeated with an arched brow and decided to wait for another ten minutes. If the plane hadn’t taken off in another ten minutes, he would have to consider his next course of action.

Based on the current situation, the elderly couple seated beside him were the best candidates. They had limited resistive power, which would be helpful since he didn’t have any useful weapon on him at the moment because if he had carried a weapon, he would never have been able to pass the security entrance.

Although he could hold one person of elderly couple as hostage, he wouldn’t only be able to control the situation. With this one hostage, he could also warn off all the others.

However, he would still have to consider the situation since holding someone hostage would affect his entire situation as he had to negotiate with the Chinese police after all.

He must be thinking too much. They couldn’t have known he had boarded the plane. They must still be waiting for him at the security entrance…

The tall and slender man pondered further, glancing back at the door. Indeed, there were still passengers boarding the plane.

The stewardess was probably right, the delay was probably due to some procedural errors. There shouldn’t be any issue with the aircraft. He should just wait it out.

If the special forces police entered, he wouldn’t wait for them to point him out, but take action the second they entered.

It were long and excruciating ten minutes. When the eighth minute had reached, he glanced at his watch once more. It wasn’t just him, there were other passengers asking other stewardesses as well, but all of them gave the same excuse.

No one noticed the youngster who had appeared at the airplane’s door.

The youngster lowered her lids. With her face concealed by her hood. only her chin could be seen from her angle. To others, she seemed to be radiating an arrogant air. The hood shielded her hair color as well, making her seem all the more mysterious.

The stewardess who welcomed her was caught off guard, taking her for a celebrity.