Chapter 955 - Cool Jiu

Chapter 955: Cool Jiu

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As the last passenger to board the plane, Bo Jiu wasn’t able to maintain a low profile, which actually fitted nicely with her image of a wealthy young master.

Back when she had been in her original body, she had been wilful and unrestrained.

However, whenever she was in front of the Almighty, she wanted to present the best version of herself, probably because of her childhood memories. She wanted to win him over, which made her overly conscious of her image.

Planes for international flights would generally be larger in scale.

Bo Jiu walked from the entrance, her attention focused on the group which was wearing the same shirt. She only had five minutes because after five minutes, the plane’s door would close and the plane would depart.

She had to find the suspect in five minutes and she couldn’t make any mistakes. The moment she did, the situation would become more complicated.

Disguise had always been Bo Jiu’s speciality. She held onto a small leather luggage in one hand and her boarding pass in another. In reality though, it was a white piece of paper which she had cut out at the last moment. She looked down at the white paper constantly as though she was trying to locate her seat. Just like that, her gaze landed on every seat without causing suspicion.

From the front of the plane all the way to the back, the youngster appeared casual and indifferent although she was analyzing every single piece of information. Her brain was processing the information at a rapid speed. The group consisted of older members and the suspect was between 23-27 years old.

Of course, it was possible for him to have disguised as an elderly or middle-aged man.

A person’s age could be altered through their appearance, but their hands and neck would expose their actual age. As for his figure… A person would start to shrink with age. If they were taller, it would cause the illusion of an arched back.

This group with older members was clearly on the shorter side, which left her with the middle-aged group.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. Under normal circumstances, she would have disguised herself as a middle-aged person.

Although she could disguise as an elderly, she could only do so for a short period of time. With such a long flight ahead, it was easy to be exposed.

It wouldn’t be easy to alight from the plane and there would also be another immigration check in America. Hence, it left her with five subjects, regardless of the gender.

The suspect was originally a male, but it was possible for him to crossdress. She would have to make sure the middle-aged women were really all female.

Many people differentiated gender using the adam’s apple, but that wasn’t accurate as there were some men didn’t have an obvious adam’s apple while some women had a lump in their throat. In order to differentiate the gender, she would have to judge based on their bone structure and physique.

As a frequent cross-dresser, Bo Jiu had a lot of experience. Hence, she would never wear short-sleeved clothes in order to successfully dupe the Almighty.

Fortunately, the two women in the group were wearing dresses. She analyzed their physique bit by bit, their waist, thighs, and hips. But she paid special attention to their hips since middle-aged woman generally had children, which made their hip bones more obvious than others.

Bo Jiu averted her gaze. All of them seemed normal, which left her with just three other suspects. She couldn’t be sure about the middle-aged man beside an elderly couple. There didn’t seem to be an issue with either their skin or their physique. It was beyond her differentiating scope.

Right at this moment, the plane doors started to shut…