Chapter 956 - MoJiu’s Chemistry

Chapter 956: MoJiu’s Chemistry

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The stewardess made another announcement for passengers to return to their seats.

Thus Bo Jiu had to find the suspect before the plane door was closed. She would have to arrest him before the plane took off.

If she didn’t, what would happen to the National League?

Once the plane took off, she would need at least a day before she could return.

Was it the one on the left or the right?

Bo Jiu took another step forward as she thought her options through. She paused for a second. In that second, she only had one thought. If it was the Almighty, how would he differentiate them?

Actions were decided by the person and speech and appearance could be altered to deceive. However, the tiniest action or expression was done subconsciously. This was something she had been told back when she was younger by her little pet…

At that time, she had been obsessed with her keyboard and climbing walls.

He had always been leaning against the headboard of his bed like a little prince, dressed in his white pyjamas as he flipped a book; one of those she could never seem to comprehend.

He had read it to her as a bedtime story.

Occasionally, he had pulled himself from the book to sweep her a glance. Every time he had seen her drooping eyelids, he would chide her lightly. “Silly.” He had tapped her lightly.

Back when they had been younger, half of the things she had known had been taught by him.

Humans were such interesting creatures because their influence on each other seemed to have been fated since the very beginning.

Hence, when Bo Jiu took another step forward, her dark eyes focused on their expressions and actions.

Both of them seemed to be getting impatient, which was a natural reaction since the plane was delayed for quite some time.

One of them lifted his arm to look at the time before he started using his phone. He was seemingly in a conversation with someone.

The other person was looking at Bo Jiu, his gaze guarded regardless of who had entered.

Bo Jiu didn’t avert her gaze, instead, she walked in his direction with her boarding pass like an ordinary passenger looking for her seat. She walked forward with a small leather case, taking frequent glances at the seat number.

With that, the tall and slender man returned his gaze back to his watch. He didn’t think much of a high school student. Besides, this was the last passenger and he was carrying a leather case after all. If he was really here to arrest him, he shouldn’t be carrying anything.

The tall and slender man was considering an Interpol’s action, but unbeknownst to him, this youngster he was facing was most familiar with a criminal’s mind.

If she were the one escaping, she would pay attention to the last passenger and those who didn’t carry a luggage.

Hence, before she had boarded the plane, the first thing she had done was getting a hold of a carry-on luggage. There wasn’t anything in the luggage, but she was dragging it, making her disguise more realistic.

Bo Jiu placed her luggage down as though she had located her seat, but took several glances to the side showing her uncertainty.

At this moment, the tall and slender man completely disregarded her. When he heard the one minute countdown before take off, he flipped open a newspaper and prepared to enjoy the takeoff.

The youngster bent over, a hint of her exposed silver hair was falling across her eyes. With her pale skin and clean handsome vibe, she asked, “Sir, you seem to be in the wrong seat. F12D, is that your seat?”

With that, Bo Jiu passed her boarding pass over.

The tall and slender man placed his newspaper down, his tone neutral. “This is my seat, yours is behind.”

“Is that so?” The youngster smiled, looking devilish. “Your seat shouldn’t be here, it should be in prison.”

In that instant, his face changed instantly. He lifted his arms and was prepared to take the old man beside him as hostage.

With a sharp and clean “Ka-cha”, both his hands were locked in handcuffs.

The youngster moved sharply and rapidly like a fireball, pressing his head onto the tiny tray in front of his seat with a loud thud!

The tall and slender man was still struggling. That was when he realized that the youngster hadn’t been holding a boarding pass. It was a blank piece of paper!

The old man beside him was the first to react, bursting into a loud scream.

The stewardesses were prepared to run over, but before anyone could take action, the plane door opened and a tall and upright figure appeared. It was Qin Mo.

He was situated at the tunnel the entire time, waiting for this moment.

He wouldn’t have been worried if anyone else had went in, but the moment it became the youngster, Qin Mo was admittedly worried, afraid that something out of her expectation had happened or that the suspect was armed.

But from the looks of things, it was a successful arrest.

The stewardesses couldn’t help gasping in surprise when they saw someone appear so suddenly.

“Police on mission.” Qin Mo had asked for Director Huang earlier on and was raising it in his right hand, looking formidable and imposing. “Everyone, please remain seated. Those in the middle aisle, please make some space for me to bring him out.”

Everything happened so abruptly and everyone’s first reaction was to stand.

After Qin Mo had made his announcement, six police officers rushed out from behind him.

No one dared to move.

The elderly couple near Bo Jiu seemed to be in great shock.

Bo Jiu had noticed it as well. After knocking out the suspect, she tugged him out violently, not staying there for another second.

The tall and slender man was being suppressed by two police officers. When he walked towards the door and caught sight of Qin Mo, his senses jolted him awake almost instantly.

He widened his eyes abruptly, glancing over at the youngster. Silver hair, dark eyes and a striking appearance. He was originally their next target. Young Master Fu, the person closest to Qin Mo.

But their findings hadn’t mentioned his skills and his ability to disguise!

Unknowingly, a chill ran down his spine. They knew so little of this youngster who had been following Qin Mo…

From their findings, other than esports, this youngster seemed to know about computers as well.

He could no longer remember how many times their plans were wrecked because of someone’s network infiltration.

The person had even managed to alter their explosive settings without them noticing.

And they couldn’t even trace the person who had altered the system.

But now, the tall and slender man had a frightening thought.

If the person who had been wrecking their plans was this youngster, the consequences would be dire…

The tall and slender man didn’t have the courage to continue down that train of thought. His face was covered with a black cloth.

The moment the airplane door was closed, Qin Mo reached out and pulled Bo Jiu into his embrace as though there wasn’t anyone else around them.

The Interpol officers exchanged glances, both of them in obvious shock.

They never expected them to be more than comrades…

The two Interpol officers were dying for more information and thus wanted to join in the interrogation after the suspect was caught.

Qin Mo didn’t follow along as he was sure it wouldn’t be easy for the suspect to say anything.

Before they left the airport, Qin Mo asked Director Huang, “Check the financial source to all the accounts under his various identities. Who exactly is the richest source?”

Director Huang wasn’t dumb. “The richest one is his superior?”

“No.” Qin Mo glanced at Director Huang, his voice faint. “The inner management wouldn’t have financial transactions, those with financial links would probably be his partners such as the spies in the crime squad.”

With the last sentence, Director Huang became serious. “I understand.”

Bo Jiu sat on the passenger seat. She watched the gradually diminishing figure of Director Huang before turning towards Qin Mo. “Does Little Huang really understand? If there were financial ties, it would be an exorbitant sum and could clearly show all of the crime squad’s major actions. Furthermore, this person had the ability to transfer all authority to the new criminal psychologist. He should be someone of a high rank.”

“Indeed, it would be someone with at least the same rank as him.” Qin Mo made use of the red traffic light to light a cigarette. He clasped it between two fingers, his features defined. “He knows very well, there aren’t many people around him. Besides, in the world of politics, he should be aware that these matters aren’t limited to just one person. If he really got into it, all relevant officials would be questioned.”

There would always be corruption at the back of every large scale case and that was the status in every country.

As a hacker, Bo Jiu was well aware.

“I never knew a high school student knew this much.” It was a casual statement, but Bo Jiu’s heart skipped a beat. She broke into a smile. “There are so many movies and dramas out there, watch and you will understand. Corruption always starts from the top before trickling down the ranks. You should know me well enough, I like crime films.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo tilted over to glance at the youngster. “From what I can recall, your bookshelves are filled with romance novels about tyrannic CEOs, there wasn’t a single crime novel.”

There definitely wouldn’t be any since it always ended with the bandit being caught and Bo Jiu didn’t wish for herself to be caught.

Just as she was searching for a safe answer, Qin Mo continued, “It seems like you don’t like the things being displayed in the Fu family’s house. Those are items you used to enjoy.” Qin Mo asked calmly, “Sometimes, it seems like you aren’t the original Young Master Fu?”

In that instant, the air around them froze and their eyes collided.

One gaze was deep like the abyss while the other dark was enough for it to glow.

None of them looked away.

Bo Jiu’s heart was pinned to it’s spot, beating gently.

It was only when a phone rang did Bo Jiu break into a faint smile. “Who else can I be other than myself? I pick up the phone call first.”

With that, Bo Jiu tilted her head and answered the call. Regardless of who it was over at the other end, she was grateful for the call.

The moment she picked up the call, a voice came through. “Little Spade, where are you? I’m outside your house now, hurry over!”

It was Lin Feng, who was escaping Yun Hu…