Chapter 958 - MoJiu Spreads Candy

Chapter 958: MoJiu Spreads Candy

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The moment the words left his mouth, the air in the room seemed to have become freezing cold.

Yun Hu didn’t look pleased.

Bo Jiu was certain that Lin Feng was a lost cause as he couldn’t even recognize what danger looked like anymore.

Yun Hu glanced over while Lin Feng was still yammering. “Come, come, Hottie, come and have a drink with me.”

He was a natural at warming up to others, which was ideal for attracting trouble for himself.

Bo Jiu glanced over at Lin Feng, who was downing another can of beer.

Yun Hu sat at his side, touching the can to his lips to humor him.

Lin Feng was straightforward as he proclaimed, “Hottie, have we met?” With that, Lin Feng frowned again, moving towards Bo Jiu seriously, his voice lowered. “Little Spade, don’t you think this guy looks very much like someone we know?”

Bo Jiu agreed. “Mmh.” Then she added lazily, “A little.” She leaned back and waited for the show to unveil.

“Pssh! Wait a minute, I need a moment to think about this.” Lin Feng shook his head, his expression solemn. He struggled to keep his vision straight. When he wasn’t seeing double anymore, he was looking straight at a defined and sharp looking face. In that moment, he froze, pulling onto Bo Jiu. “F*ck! What is he doing here? Why did he arrive? How did he know I was here? This isn’t logical!”

Bo Jiu decided to tease him. She took out her phone and pressed onto a voice recording, signaling for him to hear carefully.

Lin Feng was still confused. He shook his had several more times before the words seeped into his brain. “Where are you?”

“I, heh, why should I tell you!”

“Are you drinking?”

“I didn’t just drink, I ate meat too! That’s right! I’m with… Hot guys!”

“Which hot guy?”

“A silver-haired hottie. You don’t have to care about that, but let brother tell you something, I’m not going home tonight. You can play alone!”

“Silver-haired hottie?”

“What is it? Why can’t his hair be silver? Anyways, he looks better than you!”

“There isn’t anything wrong, have fun…”

“Beep… beep…”

After listening to the recording, Lin Feng’s intelligence seemed to have come back.

Once he knew the truth, he was on the verge of tears. He was dying to burrow a hole to hide in.

He was the one who had exposed his location to Yun Hu!

Ever since he had entered, Yun Hu had remained silent. He swept the empty beer cans on the floor. There were about ten of them. After abstinence for a while, Lin Feng must have gotten a massive craving, leading to such an indulgence.

It made things easier for him. “Who gave you the beer?” Yun Hu asked.

Lin Feng was determined to build up his image. After another drunk hiccup, he replied, “It’s from Captain. What is it? Are you going to pick a fight with him?”

Bo Jiu held onto her forehead once more. She totally gave up on his intelligence.

Right at this moment, Yun Hu glanced over towards Qin Mo. He sat at the corner, his expression neutral and indifferent, his words filled with traps. “I see. You don’t dare to drink in front of me, but once you are out, seems like it isn’t an issue.”

“What do you mean by that!” Lin Feng opened another can of beer with vigor. After finishing two cans, his vision started to blur. He probably couldn’t recognize anyone again or he wouldn’t be looking at Qin Mo. “Little Spade, come, let’s have a pyjamas party.”

With that, he walked towards Qin Mo.

Qin Mo held out his hand to stop him, his gaze directed at Yun Hu. “Aren’t you taking him away?”

Yun Hu tugged him back. “You want a pyjamas party?”

“Heh, yes!” Lin Feng faltered as he stood up.

Yun Hu pulled him towards the door. “Let’s go home, we can have a party there.”

Lin Feng wasn’t even sure how he entered Yun Hu’s car. His entire world was spinning.

On the outside, he looked surprisingly sober as he glanced up with a look of determination. “I’m not going back! I’m still running away from home!”

“Where do you want to go?” Yun Hu glanced at the road ahead.

Lin Feng looked out and hiccuped. “To a hotel. No, I can’t go to a hotel, I don’t have my identification card with me. If Yun Hu finds out, he would definitely mock me about it.”

“Is that so?” Yun Hu watched the confused state of a certain someone, he was as blurry and ditzy as before, forgetting to bring his wallet when he was out.

Lin Feng replied, “Mmh.” He continued to hiccup before adding, “This road looks familiar.”

“Roads all look the same, which is why it looks familiar.” Yun Hu continued to turn the steering wheel.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, declaring, “You are right, where are we heading to now?”

“My house.” Yun Hu’s gaze was as firm as before. “Didn’t you want a pyjamas party?”

Lin Feng nodded. “Yes, a pyjamas party.”

With that, he frowned. “Why does this road look familiar? Oh, I remember, this is the road to my house!”

Did he recognize it? At this moment, they met with a red light. Yun Hu stopped the car and turned over, his eyes colliding straight with Lin Feng’s.

Lin Feng had no idea how impactful his face was to someone who liked him. Moreover, with his current drunken state, he was simply alluring and seeking a kiss.

“I know!” Lin Feng shook himself as he struggled to stand. “Our homes are in the same direction. Hottie, this is fate!”

“Fate indeed.” Yun Hu restarted the ignition, thinking he shouldn’t have placed so much hope in his intelligence.

Lin Feng started getting high. “I, heh, we need a drink! For fate!”

“Sure.” Yun Hu drove into the courtyard.

Lin Feng glanced out. “Courtyard Section One, heh, looks real. Why did they create a small road near our place, why wasn’t I aware?”

Yun Hu stopped his car and helped Lin Feng out.

“No, that’s not right, I’m still running away from home. This is Courtyard Section One, we need to go there…” Lin Feng pointed towards the main entrance.

Yun Hu helped him forward. “This is the right direction.”

“Do you think I’m drunk and not able to differentiate the direction…” Lin Feng wavered, trying to clear his mind. “Let me tell you, I can still drink another thirty cans.”

“I’ll drink with you once we are back in the room,” Yun Hu replied calmly, carrying Lin Feng.

Their breathes entangled.

There were other cars driving, but the lights didn’t shine where they were.

They were in their own separate universe, away from outside disruption while the night started to deepen.

At this moment in the Fu family’s mansion, Bo Jiu was sure that Lin Feng’s departure wasn’t a good thing because with Lin Feng around, she could still be safe. Now she couldn’t be sure.

His unique mint tobacco scent filled the air. “Have you forgotten something?”

“What?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

“Help me with my shower.” Qin Mo inched closer towards her. They were so close that she could sink into his eyes the moment she tilted her head. Their thighs were separated by only fabric from their clothes, the temperature inching higher and higher, their every breath filled with the other party’s scent. It was as though the Almighty’s breath splashed across her body…

Before she could say anything, a kiss came crashing down.

It started with a light caress of his tongue. His face came closer, wrecking havoc to her brain.

Qin Mo took opportunity of this strength to carry her onto the sofa, his tongue pushing through her teeth aggressively, stretching out, teasing and turning…

He didn’t give her any chance to escape.

That kiss knocked her off guard. The numbing sensation melted her senses, robbing her off her breathe.

It lasted until he released her.

Her brain went blank for a couple more seconds; it was the dazed feeling she felt after a wave of intimacy and passion, numbing and sweet throughout her entire being like an electric current.

Her heart thumped rapidly.

With their current position, there was a distinct and warm feeling pushing against her, which she felt because she was seated on his thighs.

In such circumstances, she couldn’t agree to shower. Bo Jiu stood up, a faint blush at her ears. “I’ll get Xiaodong, he can help you with your shower.”

Qin Mo would never allow Chen Xiaodong to touch him. He swept her a glance before looking at the time. His voice was hoarse and raspy. “I’ll give you till after the National League for this shower. You have to do it personally.” The last few words were said slowly for emphasis.

However, she might not be here after the National League…

But Bo Jiu would never voice that out as the National League was a line that separated her worlds. Once they attained the championship, the Fu family would be up on their feet and back in He Honghua’s hands.

When that came, it would be her time to leave, to activate the USB, and to use her identity to chase criminals. She would have to return to the darkness…

Qin Mo could tell she was distracted and he hated that look on her face because it was as though nothing mattered; as though she could leave at any time and end things as she wanted.

Their relationship wasn’t something which could be ended so easily though.

If she didn’t recognize this, he would force her to do so.

As Bo Jiu thought she was safe, she entered her room, prepared to take some pillows for the guest room.

But the Almighty was there, leaning against the wall. He bent forward and swept her into another passionate, energy-sucking kiss.

Bo Jiu was completely at his mercy, her legs weakening.

When she finally regained her senses, she had already been carried and placed onto the bed.

Bo Jiu had a single-sized bed, which was much narrower than a bed for two. But the size benefitted Qin Mo in certain ways because they were only millimeters apart.

His perfect face was right in front of her, making her heart race.

Qin Mo glanced down at the person in his arms. The heat between them was enough to ignite a flame. “Since you won’t help with my shower, I will help with yours.” With that, Qin Mo carried her and kicked open the bathroom door.

The shower was turned on, soaking their clothes thoroughly. The water was still cold. It hadn’t warmed up yet, sending a shiver through them when it splashed onto their skin.

Qin Mo moved with experience, removing her clothes. As the clothes came off, the water started to warm.

Everything changed.

Bo Jiu wore a black t-shirt. When the water hit her clothes, it clung to her body, showing all her curves.

Without hesitation, he placed her onto the makeup table, his gaze deepening.

Qin Mo watched as a water droplet trailed down her clean and devilish face, all the way down to her chin.

Her silver hair fell downwards, clinging to the back of her ears. The color of her lips was dark and alluring and her waist slender and soft to the touch. With the mist from the shower clouding between them, she seemed all the more mesmerizing…

The droplets continued to trail downwards, trailing to the back of her hands.

It was an intimate scene; an enchanting dream that pulled and plucked at their heart strings…

Bo Jiu felt a numbing sensation through her and was about to push him aside as Qin Mo held onto her, the hot air splashing onto the back of her ear. He chuckled. “Your breathing isn’t stable, seems like you’re asking for more…”

The mist started thickening.

Amidst the mist and water, Bo Jiu’s black t-shirt was crumpled into a mess. Pushed into Qin Mo’s embrace, his lips came crashing downwards, heating her lips up with each kiss.

Bo Jiu felt a shiver running through her. A girl’s body wasn’t a match for his tease. She was at his mercy.

The water droplets continued to trail downwards. Qin Mo didn’t turn the water off though. Instead, he stepped onto the last of her pants and with a turn, he plunged straight into her.

Bo Jiu couldn’t withstand the force.

It was a heated mess, hot and numbing as the water continued to splash onto her skin. He was the only support she had. Just him.

This time, it came at a force unlike before.

He bit her ear, his chest pressing against her back, allowing her to grip the wall, seemingly to calm her down from the force.

Although he paused, a certain part of him still wasn’t done. Qin Mo paused, approaching the youngster’s face. His voice was deep. “Tell me why you want to leave.”

Bo Jiu frowned, her fair skin completely exposed. The moment the cloth around her chest was unravelled, she became an alluring seductress. Even the corners of her eyes seemed to be calling out to him.

The stubborn bite of her lips sent him wild. Qin Mo held her waist, his tone cajoling. “Tell Brother Mo, who did you learn your hacker skills from?”

“I learned it by myself…” She forced the words out. At the end her voice trembled unconsciously.

Qin Mo’s eyes sank. “Do you think I would believe that?”

Bo Jiu didn’t wish to continue this conversation. She turned and broke into a seductive smile. “Brother Mo, don’t you find it a waste of time to talk about such matters right now? Or perhaps… Brother Mo is out of strength?”

“I’m out of strength?” Qin Mo pulled her into his arms, his voice raspy. “Let me show you how it is like to be out of strength.”

With that, he carried her in his arms, sending her into another intimate and passionate mess…