Chapter 959 - Teasing Each Other

Chapter 959: Teasing Each Other

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The temperature started to increase and the water droplets were scalding their skin.

Their passionate frenzy could be heard beyond the mist and frosted glass door.

The marks on the back of Qin Mo’s muscled back were a proof of their passion and those very marks shattered all of his resolve.

The sweet fragrance blossomed in the air, making it hard for him to control his strength.

Bo Jiu’s drenched silver hair clung onto the back of her slender skin.

In that instant, Bo Jiu opened her eyes in disbelief. She couldn’t understand how he managed to regain his strength so quickly.

This time, it was a bed.

There wasn’t much space on the single-sized bed, it was so small that there was sound produced for every movement. The noise made her bite her lips, a blush spreading across her body.

Qin Mo chuckled, reaching out to shift her wet hair aside. He glanced at her with a deep gaze. “What is it? Shy?”

Bo Jiu was still aware of where they were. She had to be on guard since there might be someone walking in on them at any moment. She tilted her head to the side, refusing to reply. She was at a mercy to the numbing sensation. Bo Jiu turned her head back, prepared to say something.

She was pulled into yet another round of fiery passion. This time, it was harder for her to keep from groaning. She gripped onto the sheets beneath her, turning it into a crumpled mess.

At this moment, Qin Mo was above her. His aristocratic beauty and his mixed-blood appearance was alluring and filled with a sexual seduction.

Her mind exploded. She could no longer think about anything else. Her toes curled up. Just the sound of his breathing could send her into flames.

That night, Bo Jiu was thoroughly educated on the stamina of someone from the army.

Those chin-ups and repetitive exercises were all showing its effects on the Almighty. He would never have thought to lose control with anyone.

Bo Jiu stiffened. She was exhausted and could barely form any words of rejection.

Qin Mo carried her, kissing the corners of her eyes. He whispered, “I’ll carry you to the shower.”

Bo Jiu was barely conscious. As all of her strength had been sucked dry, she could barely form any words and thus just replied, “Mmh.”

Outside, the sky were starting to light up.

They could no longer use the bed sheets, Qin Mo knew that as well. Young Master Qin would have to humble himself and serve her. It seemed like Bo Jiu was the only person he would ever serve.

In the dark room, the person in his arms had fair skin with the color of snow. In her half awake state of mind, she was more obedient than usual.

Qin Mo used his own body to provide her with warmth out of the fear that she might be cold. He pulled a towel over and dampen it slightly before wiping her hair and face gently. Qin Mo glanced down, kissing her temples tenderly.

Bo Jiu shifted, her intentions to sleep well delivered.

Qin Mo paused before he wrapped her in a big and fluffy bath towel and carried her towards the bed.

The single sized-bed was too small for the both of them, but Qin Mo didn’t seem to mind the intimacy it provided. He held onto her waist while clearing the sheets, leaving them with a thin quilt to cover them.

Afraid she wouldn’t be comfortable, he pressed onto her waist and caressed it gently, kissing the tender flesh at the back of her neck. As hot blooded as he was, he didn’t persist.

However, a certain someone was just like a little tiger, misbehaving in his arms.

Qin Mo moved her furry side, kissing her forehead. “Alright now, go to sleep. Brother Mo won’t ask for any more.”

Bo Jiu was finally satisfied. She pressed her face against his collarbone and shut her eyes. Her thick and dense lashes were alluring.

In that instant, Qin Mo had another vision. It seemed as though he had carried a younger version of her in his arms to sleep in the past. How was that possible?!

Qin Mo dismissed the idea subconsciously, but this was the third time he had such a vision. He started feeling suspicious.

Had he met her before? But that didn’t seem possible.

He had seen photos of her when she was younger, but they didn’t look very familiar.

Qin Mo didn’t ponder any longer since the person in his arms had occupied a large portion of his thoughts.

He watched as she laid on him quietly. Qin Mo tilted to the side, reaching for the phone on the bedside table. He raised it high and took a photo.

He didn’t post such a photo on his Weibo as some things were better enjoyed alone, especially when it was about her…

The next day, Bo Jiu awakened to the alarm on her phone.

The moment she opened her eyes, a defined face came to her sight. The morning rays splashed in, a bright glow coming from his muscled chest.

She felt vexed. Even if she tried to avert his attention, she couldn’t use brute force. At this moment, she knew she was in trouble.

She seemed to have gotten hooked onto sleeping with the Almighty. She was clearly at the mercy of his beauty. It would only get more troublesome because she couldn’t be sure what he would do if she left.

The best scenario was for her to leave before he knew of her identity.

At least she wouldn’t be hated this way. If The Almighty finds out that she was Z…

Bo Jiu shut and opened her eyes.

She was her after all, she wasn’t Young Master Fu. She couldn’t carry that identity forever. One day, she would tell him even if he faced her with his disgust.

Until now, she still wasn’t sure how she would face that disgust. That aside, since she had come back as Z, she was prepared to be arrested. She knew she couldn’t hide from him forever.

In that moment, Bo Jiu’s thoughts started to change.

She could under no circumstances become pregnant with his child at this moment. Hence… Bo Jiu glanced into the empty space. She would have to take the pill.

Her phone was still ringing.

Qin Mo opened his eyes. When he saw a certain someone lying on him in deep thought, he smiled and kissed her ears.

Bo Jiu trembled. She was trying to avoid this kiss that could melt her resolve, but ended in a more awkward position.

And that position was feisty. Even though it was still early, Bo Jiu was reminded of the steel-like toughness and heat. She steered away instinctively.

Qin Mo’s gaze sank as he held onto her waist. His voice was raspy. “He likes you very much, especially when you tremble and stop him from coming out.”

Yesterday night, Bo Jiu had already known of his captivating language. Now that she was reminded, her body seemed to remember as well the intimate passion which had sucked her in. Bo Jiu knew what he was referring to.

The second time, she followed her instincts and went for his waist so that the irresistible wave of numbing sensations could leave her body.

That was how he managed to captivate her.

This time, Bo Jiu held on to her sanity. She turned and widened the distance between them. “Phone.”

Qin Mo wasn’t pleased with being disrupted at such a moment, but he was also entertained by her current behavior. Thus he smiled and picked up the call.

“Why did you take so long to pick up the call?” It was from Feng Yi. He pushed his gold-rimmed glasses further up his nose bridge. “Calls have been coming into the office since yesterday after both you and Little Spade appeared in front of the media under circumstances I wasn’t aware of. Moreover, the both of you are entangled in such a huge case. I know it’s the both of you, but don’t forget, there are a lot of anti-fans out there. We also failed to deliver the private interview which was arranged by the company. There has to be something else to stop the discussion. Media companies are hoping you and Little Spade could film an advertisement together. This company manufactures mobile phones and originally found a couple to do the advert, but somehow, they ended up deciding on the both of you. They probably think the both of you could lead the market sentiments. I understand this isn’t something you enjoy, but they are a partner of the club after all and I have asked on your behalf, there would be many intimate scenes. If you are okay with it, I’ll pick you up at ten.”

After listening to the entire conversation, he replied leisurely, “You don’t have to pick me from the yourtyard.”

“What?” Feng Yi arched a brow as he hadn’t expected Qin Mo to disagree.

Qin Mo stood up, tilted his head, and lit a cigarette before taking a breath. “I’m at someone’s place, you can come over.”

Someone… He didn’t need to think to know who it was as Little Spade was the only one who could make his boss stay out.

But at this hour? Eight? Wasn’t that a little too early? Unless…

Feng Yi wasn’t dumb, it didn’t take long for him to realize his boss had stayed overnight.

Gossip was in everyone’s nature and Feng Yi was no exception. He knew of the relationships within the team and as a manager, he needed to sharpen his skills.

“Little Spade is beside me,” Qin Mo replied, his words telling everything.

Feng Yi knew what that meant and spoke out of instinct, “Congratulations, seems like there won’t be a problem. The company was looking for a couple anyways, which makes you and Little Spade a good fit.”

Qin Mo arched a brow at the term ‘couple’, a faint smile spreading across his face. The unpleasant mood from the call was no longer as bad.

He suddenly realized that a certain someone was staring at his back and a hint of a red was creeping up her ears.

He smiled, carrying her over before whispering, “You did that yesterday.”

Bo Jiu knew she did it, the Almighty didn’t have to say it out loud.

“I never knew you had such interests.” He seemed to be teasing her on purpose, whispering into her ear. “Was it so painful you couldn’t take it? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu was well aware of the answer. If she didn’t reply, it would be yet another round of teasing, hence, she turned aside and muttered, “Mmh.”

“What does ‘Mmh’ mean?” Qin Mo didn’t release her just yet.

Bo Jiu muttered a few words under her breath.

Qin Mo lifted his lips. “I guess it wasn’t just big, it’s too deep as well.”

Bo Jiu was sure he had turned into a devil, the sort that didn’t let anyone go.

It seemed like they could have a proper conversation only after their clothes were on.

As this was the Fu family house, Qin Mo didn’t go overboard.

If it had been his house, he would have hugged her and forced himself in, enjoying the ability to leave her at his mercy since a certain someone was bright with a slyness and didn’t seem tired at all. But this was the Fu family after all.

Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette. He didn’t bother about himself, allowing her to sit in his arms. He took the clothed and started to bind that irresistible softness. Leaning forward, he planted a kiss on each of them.

Bo Jiu trembled while Qin Mo chuckled lightly. “They seem to have grown.”

Bo Jiu feigned ignorance. Qin Mo continued to help her dress. He continued with a small undershirt, her t-shirt, and finally her long pants.

Once she was done, he brought her into the bathroom to wash up.

He hadn’t expected a certain someone to turn, pushing him against the wall. “You seem to have grown as well.”

She was asking for it!

Qin Mo’s first reaction was to enjoy the tenderness of her palms against his skin. Then he lifted her up, pulled down her pants, and plunged deep.

But the youngster was prepared. After she was done with her seduction, she leaped aside, the movement suave and smooth. She had reached the door and with a smile, she slammed the door shut.

In the end, a burning Qin Mo was left alone on the bed.

He wanted to bring her back, but in this state…

A certain area of his black pants was lifted high. There probably wasn’t any man who could be as dashing as Qin Mo even in such a situation. He shut his eyes, his mind filled with the images from last night. With the youngster being taken over and over again, the fair and slender legs which clasped his waist and the soft fullness symbolizing her womanhood.

As the image came to his mind, Qin Mo opened his eyes wide once again. The next time, she was in for it!