Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Lord Jiu Ye Beats You Swollen with His Domineering Power!

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After Fu Jiu delivered her words, a tumultuous uproar broke out across the entire live streaming platform.

The staff were staring from the sides, with many of them looking at Liang Xuguang with shock on their faces. It seemed that nobody expected such a backstory!

Liang Xuguang simply couldn’t face the camera anymore. He tried hard to cover his face with his hands.

However, Fu Jiu’s words didn’t end there. She sat in the noisy crowd, crossing her legs and looking like a queen who had the entire situation under her control. Her half-curled lips were visible from under her silver hair. With everyone else busy commenting, nobody paid attention to the good-looking young man wearing black headphones and sitting in the corner of the internet café. With a single move of her hand, she flipped the whole world over.

“Are you feeling embarrassed now? Didn’t you just mock He Honghua’s company, saying that they didn’t know how to nurture talents? Liang Xuguang, Zhang Yingchao, and Nie Xu, I’m telling you right now, go back and give my message to your new boss. I will beat all the contestants in your company until their faces are swollen!”

With Fu Jiu’s words, the views on the live streaming platform broke through one hundred million!

It started out as a normal fan PK, but ended with a declaration of battle between two teams!

The media smelled gossip, and they rushed in like a flood.

Countless people were asking, “What company is the He Corporation?”

Some were extremely stunned, because they knew that the He Corporation was a company on the brink of shutdown.

Conquering the whole Zone C right after his debut, achieving 29 First Clears, and terminating a professional player in 18 seconds—this Spade Z was a signed contestant of this company!

They thought of many possibilities concerning Spade Z’s background, but nobody had guessed that this contestant would be from this company!

That night, He Honghua’s phone exploded with calls from sponsors.

She didn’t know what had happened. She only heard people screaming, “Boss He, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had such an awesome contestant! Spade Z! I wouldn’t have withdrawn the money if you had told me! Let’s renew our cooperation! This time, I’ll give you half a million, deal?”

He Honghua looked at her phone in deep confusion. She couldn’t believe those sponsors wanted to invest more money in her company, and they called… called her Boss He?

This was even rarer than a free pie dropping down from the sky!

He Honghua’s first reaction was, This is a lie. Good things like these wouldn’t happen in the whole wide world!

They wanted to steal the last bit of money away from her!

But one phone call like this was fine!

She got eight calls in total—five of them from sponsors, and the other three from mass media companies. They said they wanted to interview her contestant, Spade Z.

She had also heard of Spade Z, a godlike player who had conquered Zone C.

But there was no Spade Z in her company!

The media asked her to send a picture; that would be good for their promotional pieces.

But the point was, she didn’t have such a person in the company!

He Honghua was profoundly confused.

The media realized that they weren’t on the same page, and they sent her a voice message, the sound of excitement evident in their voices. “Ms. He, listen to this. Think about it first and give us a call anytime!”