Chapter 960 - Giving out Sweets

Chapter 960: Giving out Sweets

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The moment Bo Jiu escaped through the door, her waist and legs were affected.

However, her counter seduction was successful, placing her in a merry mood. Her lips were still lifted during breakfast.

After Chen Xiaodong was done arranging, he went upstairs to knock on the guest room’s door.

He wondered if Almighty Qin was moody in the morning since Madam had passed him the task of waking him up. It was practically treading on eggshells.

After knocking three times, there still wasn’t any response.

Chen Xiaodong was about to press his ear against the door to get a sensing when the doors behind him flew open.

Almighty Qin stood with a hand stuffed into his pockets, he seemed to have just showered. He glanced at Chen Xiaodong and asked, “Yes?”

Chen Xiaodong froze. He glanced at the guest room’s door he was knocking on before turning to look at the room Almighty Qin had came out from. His mouth opened so wide an egg could fit inside.

Did Almighty Qin just come out from Young Master’s room? At this hour? He walked out from Young Master’s room?!

The news was too shocking, Chen Xiaodong could only fret by himself. He didn’t dare to say a word and more importantly, he couldn’t let Madam find out.

Young Master has turned into a full gay.

He Honghua was completely unaware of what had happened as she glanced over at her Jiu, whose lips were pinkish and whose entire face seemed to be glowing.

In just one night, she seemed more ravishing than before.

Her skin was still fair. He Honghua couldn’t pinpoint the actual difference.

Bo Jiu bit on a dough fritter. Her waist was slightly sore, but with He Honghua so near her, she couldn’t just reach out to give herself a rub. It would be too obvious.

Fortunately, a call came in, giving her the opportunity to change her position.

She lit up when she saw who had called. It was Lin Feng, that naive little child. “Hello.”

He sat on the toilet seat completely naked except for a pair of Spongebob-briefs. His entire upper body was exposed and when he heard the voice from the other end, he grabbed a wad of hair and wailed. “Little Spade, why didn’t you stop Yun Hu yesterday?! What kind of brother are you?”

Bo Jiu started to refresh his memory. “Last night, you were the one who found Almighty Yun to be a hottie, you even insisted on drinking with him. I never expected you to follow him so obediently.”

“I wasn’t sober at that time, how would I have known it was him!” Lin Feng was already regretting his actions.

Bo Jiu didn’t miss out on the chance to hear about the live action. “What about right now? Where are you? What’s the situation like?”

The mention of his current situation made him depressed. “Didn’t I drink too much yesterday? As a man, you should be aware that a man loses control after drinking too much…”

“So Almighty Yun finally managed to push you down, as quoted from the novels.” Bo Jiu entered her next question smoothly.

Lin Feng was triggered once more. “What do you mean by he managed to push me down? Even if it happened, I would be the one pushing him down!” Lin Feng paused. “That is just an exaggeration, he just helped a little.”

Bo Jiu had a sip of water. “Then what are you fretting about?”

“I’m a straight man after all, how will I be able to tolerate being helped by another man with such things…” Lin Feng grabbed a wad of his hair. “More importantly, I don’t remember everything from yesterday and I’m not sure if I did anything to him. He is still in bed and seems to be in pain. I would never be able to live with it if I really did something to him in my drunken state.”

Bo Jiu caught the gist of his conversation. “You mean you accidentally slept with him after drinking too much yesterday?”

“I guess so.” Lin Feng sighed heavily, before concluding, “If something really happened, I have to take responsibility.”

Bo Jiu wanted to tell him that nothing had happened and that he overestimated himself since he looked very much like the submissive one.

He was completely wiped out, however. Even if something happened between the both of them, it would have been Almighty Yun’s doings.

But Bo Jiu would never say that.

“What are you planning to do?” Bo Jiu dragged him back to reality.

Lin Feng was still sitting on the toilet seat, his pretty boy’s face devastated. “Let me think it through.”

The call ended. Lin Feng wanted to calm down with a smoke. He felt like he had let Yun Hu down.

He still had some of his memories from the day before. He seemed to have been possessed. Why would he find that guy so handsome?

It was probably because he would be leaving after the National League and had wanted to be honest. But somehow, his intentions seemed to have altered the moment the words left his mouth. It had probably been the uncontrolled seduction from his drunken state.

He shut his eyes.

Lin Feng could still hear that person’s voice burning in his ear in a deep tone which carried a raspy sexiness. “Lin Feng, you are hard…”

Lin Feng didn’t wish to remember the next course of action.

How could he allow himself to do that! How could he take advantage of Yun Hu?

With that, Lin Feng glanced down. It was all your fault! Not matter how good it felt, you can’t turn gay, do you understand? Bast*rd!

Just as Lin Feng was educating himself, he heard a noise. The bathroom door was pulled open.

Lin Feng didn’t dare to look ahead.

Yun Hu leaned against the door, his beautiful face firm. He glanced at a certain someone who had been avoiding the bathroom and was pulling his hair every since he had woken up. “How much longer are you going to nag at Little Feng.”

Little Feng… Lin Feng didn’t wish to correct his terms. He was devastated as well. If he had known this would happen, he would never have left his home yesterday!

However, he felt a need to maintain his formidable aura. Lin Feng coughed, but with just his briefs on, it didn’t seem possible to have much of the formidable aura he was looking for, hence, he could only force out a deep tone. “Go out first.”

He didn’t seem to be in the right mood. After what happened yesterday, Yun Hu knew not to force him to tightly.

He knew better than anyone else that Lin Feng was straighter than anyone else regardless of his appearance. Ever since he had been young, he had had dreams of marrying an adorable girl.

He had said girls were meant to be pampered and he would never allow his future wife to go hungry or feel cold. Hence, he had taken cooking classes, learning a skill that wasn’t fitting of his persona.

But Lin Feng never knew how he had felt when he heard Lin Feng say those words.

He wanted Lin Feng to achieve his dreams since he was someone worthy of warmth.

The jealousy was heartfelt. He was jealous of the girl who could have him in the future. He was so jealous he couldn’t speak of those thoughts.

If it hadn’t been for Little Spade, perhaps he would never have found out. With a couple around them, he seemed to have finally sensed his love.

It had never been brotherhood, but after yesterday, he would have to find ways to avoid him again…