Chapter 961 - The Topic Boyfriend

Chapter 961: The Topic Boyfriend

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The thought dimmed his entire being, sending him into darkness.

It was a stab to his heart.

Regardless of how strong he appeared in front of that person, he couldn’t stop the helplessness and despair from spreading when he sat out like that.


Lin Feng probably made up his mind as he bolted out from the bathroom.

He had mustered up enough courage to tell Yun Hu that he couldn’t turn gay and for them to stay brothers.

But the moment he saw Yun Hu sitting outside, his face paled, his throat constricted, and the words wouldn’t leave him.

Since this was the first time he had seen Yun Hu in such a state, he seems almost pitiful.

He had never seen this expression on his face before. This made sense because even if Yun Hu was gay, he should be the dominant.

But now, a straight man had ruined him. He was probably feeling horrible at this moment.

When Yun Hu heard something, he glanced over. Lin Feng seemed to have calmed down and there wasn’t any turbulence visible on his face.

But Lin Feng saw more meaning to that gaze.

Besides, with Yun Hu’s current position, it seemed as though he had been rubbing his waist since a while ago.

Even though Lin Feng was an amateur, he was an amateur who had watched porn.

The submissive would always end up the same as Yun Hu was looking at this moment; with a sore waist and an expression which was unlike their normal self.

So last night… he really… really… did that to Yun Hu?

Lin Feng inhaled as he glanced down at himself before looking over at Yun Hu, his expression firm and solemn. “Hu, don’t worry, I will take responsibility.”

“Responsibility?” Yun Hu was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events. He never knew helping him relief himself was worth any responsibility or perhaps… Did he misunderstand something?

Lin Feng bent over, his stance rather clumsy. But fortunately, he still had his good looks. “Even though the alcohol played a part in my impulse act, it is now a done deal and I will take responsibility for my actions. But you need to give me an adjustment period since I’m straight after all. I really can’t wrap my head around how you gays think. However, I will still take responsibility.”

“It is a done deal?” Yun Hu grasped the root of the problem.

Lin Feng reached out to point at his waist, his face flushed. “That, are you alright now? Do you need me to buy some ointment? It must be your first time as well. Does it still hurt? If it hurts, don’t hold it in and let me know about it.”

It seemed like this silly boy forgot everything that had happened yesterday night. The struggle to bring him home caused him to sprain his waist. Yun Hu had no idea how the idea had been planted in his mind, but… Yun Hu had no intention of clarifying things. He didn’t agree nor object but his gaze cleared up.

Even until this day, he still couldn’t understand a certain someone’s train of thought.

Lin Feng watched as Yun Hu tilted his head. He was sure he was ignoring him.

That didn’t seem unreasonable as there wouldn’t be anyone who would be in a good mood after such an incident.

If it had been him, he would have beaten the person to death!

However, he didn’t think of the lack of response from Yun Hu which was a first since they had been young.

Today was the first time he kept so quiet.

Lin Feng was starting to panic. He wrecked his brain to think it through.”That, give me a minute, I need to make another call.”

“You’re going to the toilet seat again?” Yun Hu glanced up, eyeing him. “Dressed like that?”

Lin Feng glanced down. Indeed, it didn’t seem very appropriate. He looked down at the clothes which were scattered on the ground. They were all crumpled and couldn’t be worn anymore.

It had been a passionate night indeed; their clothes were everywhere.

Lin Feng shielded his eyes.

Yun Hu didn’t have to look to know what he was thinking about.

It seemed as if he had forgotten everything from yesterday. He removed his clothes and swung it in his hand before tossing it onto the ground.

“I’m dressed now.” He haphazardly tossed a pair of pants on and turned to Yun Hu. “Wait for me.”

Yun Hu reached out and held onto his arm. “Are you going to call Little Spade again? You can talk to me directly. Why do you always call Little Spade?”

“He has experience. I was going to ask him how to deal with this matter. Besides, you weren’t willing to answer me just now.” Lin Feng grabbed a wad of hair.

Yun Hu glanced at him. “Go ahead then.”

“Mmh.” Lin Feng flew into the bathroom like a bird which had been released from captivity. He repeated everything that had happened before asking, “Do you think I should show him more care and concern? This is the first time someone has bedded him after all and he might not be able to handle the pressure.”

Bo Jiu didn’t respond. The Almighty, who sat directly in front of her, was holding his phone towards her, signaling her to read the front page.

Yun Hu had just sent him a message. “Regardless of what Lin Feng says, get Little Spade to say yes.”

Such a deeply thought out plan… Would Lin Feng even know what to do?

Bo Jiu replied lazily, “Where are you now?”

“In the bathroom.” Lin Feng glanced up at the ceiling. “Do you know this feeling? It feels as though I suddenly turned into a father.”

Bo Jiu wanted to tell him how she had always tried her best to be a sugar daddy to the Almighty and what you should know when you just became a daddy. “Why do you keep going into the bathroom?”

“I’m afraid Yun Hu would feel my conversation.” Lin Feng sighed. “You don’t understand how confused I feel right now.”

You are the one who doesn’t understand, Almighty Yun has already predicted what you are going to say. Is there a need to eavesdrop? A naive youngster indeed…

“If you are able to turn gay for Almighty Yun, you should act according to how you feel. If you can’t turn gay for him, you won’t have to take responsibility since you are both of age. At the end of the day, it depends on how you feel. Some things can’t be forced.”

Bo Jiu provided a practical advice as she treated the both of them as friends.

A relationship built solely on misunderstandings wouldn’t last long because when the time came, the feelings would be deeper. However, if Lin Feng didn’t mind, it could turn into a beautiful misunderstanding.

It was obvious though that Qin Mo wasn’t pleased with her advice because it seemed as though she treated everything lightly.

This in turn meant that even though he had with slept her, it didn’t mean she was his.

Qin Mo felt his heart constricting and his gaze was sinking.

He had never been anyone’s boyfriend and would never be.

However, it seemed like Bo Jiu had never seen him as boyfriend either.

With that, Qin Mo reached out and lifted her chin, lowering himself to plant a kiss on her lips.

Chen Xiaodong, who stood at the side: … He never expected to witness such a scene! How could it happen just like this! This was the Fu family house! What if Madam had walked in on this?!

Bo Jiu was startled when the cooling sensation spread across her lips.

It was a short kiss, but somehow, his intense gaze made her heart skip a beat…