Chapter 962 - Filming an advertisement

Chapter 962: Filming an advertisement

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Bo Jiu would never have expected his sudden kiss.

She held onto the phone, her clean and fair skin stiffening. She had forgotten what she wanted to tell Lin Feng.

She looked straight at the sharp and defined features in front of her. His lips lingered on hers after the kiss, leaving a numbing and cooling sensation.

After Yun Hu had sent the WeChat message, he stuffed the phone back into his pocket and glanced at the bathroom door. He pretended to be casual about it. “You don’t have to feel pressured, we are both guys, sleeping for a night isn’t a big deal, It’s good enough you don’t find me disgusting.”

If Yun Hu hadn’t said that, Lin Feng wouldn’t have felt compassion, especially since he looked so delicate from the side.

Qin Mo glanced at the certain someone who had watched them.

Chen Xiaodong: … Mamamia, I don’t want to see two guys kissing in front of me anymore, I’m a straight guy, not gay! Didn’t Almighty Qin see him at all?!

It was obvious that he didn’t care.

Sometimes, a kiss was used to mark his territory. It wasn’t just for others to know, it was also for a certain someone to be reminded of his presence and not to take him for granted.

Bo Jiu blinked. The Almighty’s deep gaze seemed to be telling her something; it seemed to say that he liked her very much and yet, it also felt as though he wanted to toss her into a trash bin. This…

“Hey, Little Spade! Hey! Why aren’t you saying anything, did you lose signal?” On the other end, Lin Feng was looking at his phone and thought that the bathroom was cutting off his signal. “Forget it, I have decided. I’m going to go all in!”

Lin Feng kept his phone and opened the wooden bathroom door immediately.

His gaze was heavier than usual. “I have to take responsibility.”

Yun Hu glanced at a certain someone, who had clearly taken the bait. Hence, he asked a practical question. “How do you intend to take responsibility?”

“I’m going to marry you.” Lin Feng added, “I will try to marry you.”

“Oh.” Yun Hu didn’t seem to know how to react.

This guy was definitely a straight man. He had to marry someone after sleeping him.

“You should understand how I feel about you.” Yun Hu continued down his train of thoughts. “I won’t agree to any sort of contract marriage or a marriage for show.”

In this moment, Lin Feng thought to himself, “Of course I know how you feel about me, f*ck, if you dare to bring up how you relieved yourself to my photo, I’m going to kill you.”

However, he had to be gentle since he had slept with him. “You can tell me.”

Yun Hu replied faintly, “I want to kiss you every time I see you. So we should start practicing with a kiss.”

“Ki-kiss?” Lin Feng’s eyes shot wide open. This wasn’t within his consideration at all.

Yun Hu continued to tease him. “You weren’t even this agitated when you hugged me yesterday.”

Lin Fen had hugged onto him as he had vomited, unwilling to let go.

However, the moment Lin Feng heard those words, images started to float into his mind. He blushed, fidgeting in his seat. “Alright!”

Yun Hu arched his brows. “What do you mean by alright?”

“We can start practicing with a kiss!” Lin Feng inched over in a manly manner as though it didn’t mean anything.

Yun Hu asked leisurely, “Are you going to take the lead or am I going to do it?”

“Of course I will take the lead, I’m the dominant one after all.” Lin Feng was firm in this area.

The moment he uttered those words, Yun Hu arched his brows but remained expressionless overall. Only his gaze was filled with emotion as he glanced at the person he had been waiting for. Even though it was only an illusion…

Lin Feng inched closer and closer. When he was about the right distance, he felt his ears heating up. He glanced at Yun Hu and took a moment before instructing, “Close your eyes.”

“I have to close my eyes?” Yun Hu arched a brow. He thought about his kissing experience and replied, “Back when you were kissing your little girlfriend, was it also with your eyes closed?”

Lin Feng recalled the time he had lied to Yun Hu in order to save his face and his gaze faltered. “Of course! Couples kiss with their eyes closed in romance dramas all the time.”

“Alright.” Yun Hu wasn’t very willing, but his unwillingness was coming from the fact that his first kiss had been taken by someone else.

Lin Feng continued to inch forward. This time, his ears started to burn. Why was the sensation so intense even though Brother Hu had shut his eyes? It must be because he was too handsome.

Lin Feng watched the increasingly amplified nose bridge. He had always envied Yun Hu’s appearance because he looked very much like a straight man and didn’t have any hint of femininity ━ unlike him, who had been born looking so feminine.

Once he was close enough, Lin Feng glanced at his lips. Somehow, his heart started to race. He still couldn’t seem to wrap his head around it.

Who would kiss a brother of more than twenty years?

They had fought and played together occasionally but never like this because they were both guys.

Lin Feng inhaled deeply. “Can I kiss your face?”

Yun Hu opened his eyes und studied Lin Feng’s expression. Even though he had tried to mask it, he had always worn his expression on his face and even the least bit of unwillingness could be seen very clearly.

Yun Hu felt his heart sink. “Is kissing that difficult?”

“Ah? That, it is rather hard to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his lips were sealed.

Yun Hu always drank tea and thus when he kissed Lin Feng, his breath was filled with a unique tea scent. There was also a hint of something else.

Lin Feng froze, his eyes wide open.

Yun Hu managed to break through his teeth, his tongue moving further in, not giving him a chance to gasp for air.

Lin Feng had never been a match for him in this area.

When he wanted to protest, Yun Hu deepened the kiss and the sensation from his tongue sending shivers through him.

His entire mind went blank.

Lin Feng pushed him aside!

The back of his hand rubbed his lips instinctively but the fiery sensation continued to linger on.

After being pushed aside, Yun Hu sat up and swept him a glance, his fingers caressing the sore area Lin Feng had bit.

Lin Feng wanted to explain as Yun Hu had tried his best but he still couldn’t open up his heart.

He hadn’t expected Yun Hu to beat him to it by saying, “It’s no problem. You might not be able to accept it now but we can take it slow. There will be a day you can accept this.”

With that, he stood up, his fringe falling across his eyes. “I’m going to take a shower.”

“….” Lin Feng opened his mouth but nothing came out. He then sat on the bed and grabbed a wad of hair.

Meanwhile, the shower was turned on by Yun Hu, who then stood beneath the shower. The water was trickling down his back. Those words weren’t really for Lin Feng but more for himself.

He had had this crush for a very long time.

It had been so long, he was afraid that Lin Feng would marry someone else while his presence at the wedding would signify the life he was missing out on…

Meanwhile in the Fu family’s house, Bo Jiu was still guessing the Almighty’s thoughts.

Qin Mo reached out his arm to glance at his watch and said with a calm voice, “We’ll leave after breakfast. We have to meet the advertising company.”

“Advertising company?” Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I have to go as well?”

Qin Mo had a handsome profile. “Isn’t it good to film advertisements? You will be able to earn yourself some pocket money.”

“That isn’t bad, it means I depend on my appearance for a living.” Bo Jiu broke into a smile; her love for money was a well known fact.

Qin Mo glanced at the money-minded youngster and couldn’t seem to admit that this was the youngster he had fallen for, a feeling he couldn’t seem to get rid of.

If she liked money, wouldn’t it be good to have him as a boyfriend?

He had never seen anyone so ignorant.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and glanced at his phone. He had received a message from Feng Yi, who was informing him that the car had arrived…

At 10 am, they had arrived at the filming location. It was owned by a big company with a sizeable number of celebrities within the filming location.

Yi Sihuo, the person who had tried to embarrass Bo Jiu just two days ago, was also in that group. The past few days, Yi Sihuo’s popularity had experienced a boom. A rather popular idol drama managed to garner him many new fans but that wasn’t the reason behind his increased popularity.

The real reason behind his heightened popularity was because he had appeared in the name list of a world-renowned director.

It was common knowledge that just showing his face in a movie of that scale would be monumental to someone in his industry.

However, it wasn’t easy to communicate with Yi Sihuo.

The advertisers had already given him a persona but he didn’t find it outstanding enough and wanted to add another two more scenes.

This advertisement wasn’t like the others out there because the Chinese director wanted to turn it into a mini film. It was an electronic product after all.

Who would have known that he was just a flower pot? No one would believe he had acted before. Thus with two added scenes, the beauty of the advertisement would be destroyed.

Neither of them could continue. Yi Sihuo acted as though he was a big shot. If they didn’t cajole him, he wasn’t willing to carry on. The Chinese director, however, had the same temperament. She shifted the cameras aside and smiled as she took a call. “Teacher? You are coming over? It would be great if you could come over and help me with this mess.”

After she hung up, the big shot who had been spoiled rotten by his fans looked high and mighty with his shades.

The Chinese Director thought to herself, “All those rumors about how a certain fresh meat was both looks and abilities and treats the staff with respect were all bullsh*t.”

“We have another request, our Sihuo’s face can’t just flash across the screen.” His manager had her considerations as well. Since her artist was no longer the same popularity level as before, she had more demands.

Seeing how they weren’t being reasonable, the Chinese director wanted to walk over and say something.

Right at this moment, a commotion was heard from the other end.

“So handsome!”

“Why are Young Master Qin and Big Spade here? I would never have expected this! Gosh, I’m satisfied!”

“Big Spade?”

“The professional esports player, the silver-haired pretty boy.”

“I thought he was cosplaying. Is her really that handsome in real life?”

There was a lot of talk surrounding after the two of them walked in and even the Chinese director had glanced over in curiosity. The moment she caught sight of them, her eyes lit up! They were the perfect candidates!

The theme of the laptop advertisement was mystery and beauty.

She wanted to use the images to portray a short story. Hence, she got the advertisers to source of a couple. Even if the two people weren’t really a couple, they needed to be a young and handsome pair.

She didn’t want those standard handsome features but a unique sort of charm and it would be best to find someone who was good with computers.

Now that she had caught sight of the two of them, the Chinese director had other plans. It didn’t matter if they couldn’t play computer games, they just had to be in the correct position and show their faces with a hint of expression for it to be perfect.

“Who are they?” The Chinese director asked a staff member as she had just come back from abroad and wasn’t up to date.

The staff looked at her in disbelief. “Young Master Qin and Spade Z. They are the professional esport players that are replacing the couple from before. They were recruited by the manager over from the advertiser. They only agreed to show their faces.”

The Chinese director felt herself lit up. Since they were the perfect actors, she would have to grasp onto this opportunity. “Arrange for their clothes and makeup to be done.”

Makeup was fine but Qin Mo would never allow anyone to dress a certain someone.

Fortunately they were in a filming location with better facilities.

After obtaining her clothes from the staff, Bo Jiu thanked them with a faint smile, telling them she could change herself.

The staff member didn’t play esports and didn’t watch esports competition but the moment she saw the youngster’s handsome face and him thanking her with that smile, she couldn’t help the flush creeping up her face.

She finally understood the craze over the youngster because even though he was from the esports industry, he had an incredible exposure and popularity. He was indeed handsome.

He wasn’t just handsome but also had a gentle gaze.

There was an abundance of handsome guys and beautiful girls in the industry but there weren’t many with the same dignified vibe that the youngster carried.

From afar, Yi Sihuo watched with narrowed eyes. Even his face had darkened. “What is that useless Fu guy doing here?”

The manager wasn’t sure as well. “I’ll go ask.”

“You don’t have to.” Yi Sihuo didn’t look pleased. “With Qin Mo at his side, he wouldn’t be looked at weirdly, regardless of where he went. Ask the director when she is filming.”

“Alright.” The manager didn’t wish to offend Young Master Qin either as he wasn’t someone they could take lightly.

Yi Sihuo was still watching them. Why were the staff passing clothes to him? Was he here to film an advertisement?

With that, Yi Sihuo’s eyes sank.

The staff was still standing outside the two dressing rooms.

Bo Jiu had gone into one while Qin Mo had entered the other.

The dressing room staff paced about, waiting to see the youngster after he had gotten dressed.

After about three minutes, Bo Jiu walked out from the dressing room.

She was dressed like how she often did back at the Fifth Avenue; a white shirt and black trench coat fastened with a long belt. She wore a black face mask to lower her presence.

She had never expected the advertisement outfit to look the same.

Bo Jiu arched her brow before she reached out and loosen the belt casually.

However, that tiny action was enough to mesmerize both the Chinese director and the dressing room staff.

He was a perfect match!