Chapter 963 - Let’s Talk It Out

Chapter 963: Let’s Talk It Out

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The Chinese director watched Bo Jiu with glowing eyes. She wanted to snap the shot right at that instant.

He was her perfect male lead! How could anyone look this perfect?

Even with the face mask on, it still wasn’t enough to mask his overwhelming celebrity aura.

When she had first chanced upon the youngster, she had found his image too clean-cut and that he might not express the mysterious aura she was looking for.

However, as opposed to the youngster’s previous outfit, the black trench coat and mask seemed a much better fit!

The moment Bo Jiu came out of the dressing room, there were two girls staring at her. On a normal day, she had a high tolerance for such incidents but today, the staring seemed to have gone on far too long. She paused for a moment and asked, “Erm, what’s the genre for the advertisement we are filming?”

“Ah?” The staff was knocked back to her senses and was about to reply but at that moment, Qin Mo walked out, causing silence to fall over the film set once again.

There were some people with strong individuality and charm regardless of the clothes they wore.

Aristocratic, clean, and porcelain-like fair skin were the first impressions Qin Mo gave off.

At this moment, Qin Mo wore a white shirt and was holding on to a can of beer of unknown origins while his collar was half opened.

The style for the advertisement required his hair to be damp. Thus his black hair was scattered on his forehead and the water droplets slid down the straight bridge of his nose.

“So handsome!” Someone inhaled deeply.

Bo Jiu turned towards the person and collided right with a pair of deep eyes.

The moment Qin Mo saw her, the color of his eyes seemed to have darkened.

They were separated by almost half the filming set as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Bo Jiu was still wearing her face mask.

In that moment, her heart slowed.

Because Bo Jiu suddenly remembered that the Almighty had seen her back then at the Fifth Avenue.

Even though they had passed each other, back then, she had worn a hooded black trench coat and had a black face mask on. Other than the color of her hair, she now looked exactly the same as she had been at that moment.

Bo Jiu couldn’t be sure if the Almighty remembered the time they had brushed past each other.

She turned her head away from the guilt while she silently prayed for him to not remember.

Just as she was praying internally, a figure appeared in front of her. Although he engulfed her, it was more accurate to say that she fell right into his arms.

The moment her nose collided with his white shirt, she inhaled deeply. He didn’t seem to have fully recognized her.

“You can’t even walk properly?” His smooth voice asked from above her head.

Bo Jiu glanced up and caressed her nose.

Qin Mo looked down at her face. When his gaze swept across face covered by the mask, his voice was calm with a hint of indifference. “Back when I was in America, I once bumped into someone that looks a little like you.”

Bo Jiu stilled slightly. When she smiled, her eyes were sincere. “There’s someone that looks as handsome as me? That I would want to have a look.”


At the sound of that codename, Bo Jiu tilted her head, asking through her face mask, “What did you say?”

“The person I bumped into was Z.” There wasn’t a hint of emotion on his face.

Bo Jiu paused and her eyes widened. With the help of her face mask, her entire face appeared innocent. “Brother Mo, you mean me and Z look alike?”

Qin Mo’s lips curved upwards. He paused and straightened, whispering into her ear, “It’s a pity you didn’t go into acting.”

Bo Jiu felt her heart sink but the corners of her eyes lifted with a hint of slyness. “Not going into acting is indeed a waste of my good looks.”

In such a public location, there would definitely be many people looking in their direction.

Bo Jiu could hear the commotion from around them but that probably didn’t affect the Almighty.

However, for the sake of Feng Yi, who was going to arrive, she decided to remind the Almighty. “Brother Mo, this is a filming set.” Her intentions were clear, for him to restrain himself or Manager Feng would have to hold more drinking sessions to explain on their behalf.

With that, Qin Mo pinched her chin. He didn’t lean forward for a kiss but from his stance, there wasn’t much difference. “I guess we need another talk tonight.”

Because of Qin Mo’s tyranny action, the Chinese director had a new inspiration. Her eyes were so bright it was comparable to a car’s headlight.

It was so bright that Bo Jiu pushed Qin Mo aside. “Brother Mo, there’s someone looking.”

At this moment, Manager Feng was so moved by her actions that he was almost in tears. Little Spade, you are indeed worthy of my care. I can always count on you to control Young Master Qin when he goes overboard with his intimate acts!

“Come, come, come.” Feng Yi tugged on her arm firmly, pulling her to the corner.

He fought the shame as he did that, mainly due to the chilliness that was emitting from Qin Mo’s gaze. His presence was simply overpowering. Feng Yi had no idea how Little Spade managed to tolerate this overwhelming aura. At the end of the day, Little Spade was probably just shameless.

The Chinese director was feeling joyous. “I just thought of a great idea! Hurry, move all the props over.”

After being dismissed so easily, Yi Sihuo’s face darkened immensely. He was a popular star at the moment. Did she know what she was doing? Did she really think an esports player could compete with his popularity?

Yi Sihuo had to admit that if Young Master Qin participated, the situation would change.

Hence, even if they had to film, he should be the one filming with Young Master Qin because the useless boy from the Fu family would just drag down the entire class of the advertisement.

Moreover, even if that useless boy could play the piano, he would always be beneath him as filming an advertisement wasn’t an easy feat. Flexibility and the ability to position themselves was essential and the person being filmed would also have to possess a certain level of acting skill. Could that useless boy do all those?

“We are running out of time, everyone be on your guard.” The Chinese director glanced over at Yi Sihuo, who was still seated.

Yi Sihuo wasn’t that dumb, he knew that it wouldn’t be good to drag it out any longer. Thus he stood up and spoke to his manager.

His manager nodded and walked towards Feng Yi. Coincidentally, the Chinese director was there as well. Yi Sihuo’s manager had an entirely different attitude from before, he smiled before speaking, “Had we known of Young Master Qin’s participation in this ad, Yi Sihuo would have agreed instantly but I guess this is all fate. Director Li, when can we start filming?”

Even though the Chinese director just came back from abroad, she was still part of this industry and knew that he had realized the position and background of Young Master Qin.

She handed over the script that had just been rewritten, her voice indifferent. “Change out of your outfit first before reading it.”

Yi Sihuo was there too, irked by her attitude. Wasn’t this little director aware of how small the industry was?

The manager was well aware of Yi Sihuos’s frustration. Thus when he walked over, he whispered a few words into his ear. The gist was for him to restrain himself now that Young Master Qin was here as well.

“Of course I’m aware, don’t worry.” Yi Sihuo licked his lips, his eyes sinking. “I’ll deal with this little director next time. As for the other one who wouldn’t play his game obediently and has come over to film the same advert as me, I will let him know the difference between the both of us.”

The manager was still worried. “That person came together with Young Master Qin, you…”

“I won’t do it out in the open.” Yi Sihuo laughed sinisterly. “Don’t forget the storyline behind this advert, there are three main characters involved. Since someone is in such a rush to justify himself, I will let him know how difficult it is to be the main character.”

The manager’s pupils widened. “You intend to steal his scene?”

Stealing someone’s scene was a commonly used term in the industry.

At the beginning, experienced actors would often utilize this tactic to teach rookies a lesson since there were some who didn’t do their job well by not memorizing their lines and taking frequent breaks from filming to participate in variety programs, dragging the overall progress.

Thereafter, those experienced actors decided to steal their scenes as a form of retaliation.

It was especially common among actors of a similar popularity level. In order to appear more prominent, they would utilize this tactic.

But Yi Sihuo’s manager would never have expected him to use this tactic on someone who had never acted before.

“What is it? You don’t think it’s a good idea?” Yi Sihuo glanced at him, his words pressuring. “Don’t forget, there are three characters in this advert. The best way to show that I’m the ambassador is to appear more prominent.”

The manager had the same thoughts, raising his thumb to show his approval.

On the other end, Bo Jiu was seated in the makeup room and was flipping through the newly edited script as she pondered how to escape the conversation with the Almighty later tonight.

The makeup artist was finding it difficult to start because Bo Jiu had long and thick lashes, which didn’t need additional help. She could use a touch of eyeliner to emphasize her overall features though.

That would make her image the best fit for the character in the script.

But anything more… The makeup artist caressed her tender skin and exclaimed, “You have great skin, there won’t be a need to use foundation.”

With her face, anything more would just mask the original beauty.

With just a hint of eyeliner, she looked exactly like the male lead of a korean drama.

The Chinese director could barely wait and asked Bo Jiu, “Have you found the feeling?”

After Bo Jiu had seen the script, she was speechless since it was about a hacker.

For that… She didn’t have to find the feeling.

Seeing the lack of response, the Chinese director assumed that she had never been in touch with that profession and was feeling anxious. She softened her tone and advised, “Don’t worry, you just have to be natural. Even if you can’t capture the feeling, your face itself is the perfect fit.”

“Come, stand a little to the back.” The Chinese director stood to the side and instructed for everyone else to leave the set. She raised the speaker, her eyes glowing when she shouted, “Everyone, prepare! First scene, first set, action!”


The lighting behind the camera dimmed.

It was a billiard hall and a dim light shone down on her.

Then a tall and slender figure appeared beside the billiard table. He wasn’t the least bit dark.

Instead, when the light fell on him, he looked almost as though he was glowing.

He stood there effortlessly, his gaze focused on a notebook. He raised his fingers as though he was bored, pulling open a can. His lips were curved into a smile.

The girls at the side were going crazy.

“I finally understand why everyone calls Young Master Qin the perfect beauty of Jiang City. He is just too handsome, Young Master Qin’s future girlfriend sure is a lucky girl to be able to see such a face every single day.”

“And that figure, Young Master Qin is practically a walking clothes hanger.”

“Ah, ah, ah, I can’t take it anymore, my nose is going to start bleeding.”

When Qin Mo lifted his head to take a sip of the icy cold beer, his gaze shifted to the direction of the door when he sensed someone.

The cameras shifted in the direction of his gaze.

A youngster walked out of the door, wearing a black trench coat. He was slender and had a face mask over his face and his exposed eyes were extremely dark. His entire image seemed right out of a comic book, the whites and blacks clearly defined, being captured by the camera almost instantly.

At that moment, Yi Sihuo was there as well. He was also a character in the scene as he was playing on his black laptop, his gaze moving towards the approaching youngster. He was supposed to act as an aloof person but in order to appear more prominent, Yi Sihuo blocked Bo Jiu, speaking coldly, “I heard your skills aren’t bad, how about a round?”

It was an impromptu additional which fit the scene hence, the Chinese director didn’t call for a stop.

The moment she saw Bo Jiu walk out, she seemed to have forgotten that he wasn’t an actor and had continued to film.

Bo Jiu still had the face mask on. She stuffed both hands into the pockets of her trench coat. Without even glancing at Yi Sihuo, she spoke through her face mask, “Not interested.” The Chinese director was thoroughly impressed by her response and her current performance, which was exemplary. She was a perfect match to the character. It seemed as though the character had been brought alive!

Yi Sihuo hadn’t expected such a response. He had wanted to use his acting ability to catch him off guard and increase the number of NGs. But with the current situation and with his response, the cameras glided past him to focus on Bo Jiu.

Anyone with acting skills would know that Yi Sihuo’s scene had been stolen and with a vengeance but Bo Jiu couldn’t be blamed. She wasn’t very interested in him anyways.

Besides, he changed the script so abruptly and Bo Jiu was just responding as she naturally would since she was clear that the person she wanted to face was standing besides the billiard table—the Almighty.

From the screen, Bo Jiu had walked past Yi Sihuo. She placed the laptop which was fastened at the shoulder onto the table and started to type.

Bo Jiu had always typed fast but the Chinese director was still startled. She had wanted to include a backend typing voiceover since there weren’t many people with a speed she was satisfied with. But now, that was completely unnecessary…