Chapter 964 - Untitled

Chapter 964: Untitled

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How could anyone type at that speed?

Moreover, the youngster was born to be on the screen as her every move had caught the film crew off guard.

Even though it was just an advert, they were intrigued and wanted to see how the story would unfold.

It wasn’t just because of the storyline, it was more due to the magnetizing draw between the youngster and Young Master Qin.

The Chinese director was so impressed that she forgot her own task. She moved the lens towards the youngster who was typing on her laptop and zoomed in, giving her a close-up shot on the silver symbol that had lit up. It was a stark contrast to the youngster’s silver hair.

It was three seconds of screen time. The next second, the scene changed.

Someone reached over towards the youngster from across the billiard table, his tall and slender figure lowered. With a sharp nose, thin lips, and the deep color of his pupils, he definitely attracted many chicks.

He hadn’t so much as glanced at the pretty girls in the background. Instead, he was focused on the youngster, his sexy lips upturned into an ambiguous smile.

This was Qin Mo.

Bo Jiu glanced up, their eyes colliding. In that moment, the laptop’s shell was extremely prominent.

The magnetizing pull between the both of them amplified.

Even though their gaze appeared guarded as they approached each other, there seemed to be a hint of intimacy.

Were they really not a couple?

That was the question everyone had when they watched the scene while some of them were impressed with the director for crafting the scene.

This advertisement was going to be big!

With just that scene alone, no one could neglect the laptop between them.

Yi Sihuo had another second of airtime, but no one paid attention to him.

Instead, the moment Qin Mo spoke, everyone was drawn in.

“Who are you?”

That was his line, a short three words but because of his actions, and the way he looked at the youngster’s thin lips, it was extremely alluring.

Bo Jiu stood up before she walked around the billiard time and casually grabbed onto a cue.

When she moved, her trench coat inched upwards. She removed it with one hand and pushed the cue downwards, leaning forward and aiming at one of the colored balls on the table.

With a sharp swoosh, the colored ball curved around the silver laptop into the net. The sharp sound alone was enough to show it had been a perfect shot.

At that moment, a commotion erupted. To prevent affecting the filming, they hurriedly covered their mouths and turned to Bo Jiu.

He was simply ravishing!

Once again, the Chinese director was struck. She hurriedly shifted the camera lens to capture the scene!

When the youngster was in action, her shirt unraveled slightly, exposing her fair skin. The angle was perfect.

Qin Mo’s gaze paused there, the color of his pupils darkening.

The youngster kept the cue and grabbed her trench coat from the billiard table. She swung it over her shoulder casually, glancing over at Qin Mo with a devilish smile. “Why should I tell you?”

With that, she turned around with a carefree vibe.

While Qin Mo stood there, watching her back view like a devil, he placed his fingers on the laptop and shut it lightly, the corner of his thin lips upturned, a hint of a smile lingering. “Heh.”

The advert ended with the shutting of the laptop, other than the logo of the laptop was a line. “To be continued…”


That indicated the end of filming.

The Chinese director stood up and applauded.

The others could no longer keep their agitation. Previously, they were afraid to disrupt the filming but now, all of them stood up and cheered since it was rare even for seasoned actors to end with just one take.

More importantly, filming the advert didn’t just require fast typing speed, it also required that billiard shot, which tested the actor’s billiard playing skills.

The crew had intended to do some adjustments after the filming.

Who knew Spade Z didn’t just accomplish both actions, more importantly, she managed to do it so suavely, turning the advert into a movie? It surely wasn’t an easy feat.

The atmosphere at the filming set was more than enthusiastic.

When Bo Jiu walked back, all of the crew had a fangirl-like expression.

As for Yi Sihuo, no one bothered about his whereabouts anymore. His face sunk entirely. He wanted to make a fuss but didn’t have the courage hence, he swallowed his frustration. He had no desire to watch the end product because the stolen scene from before was the useless boy’s attempt to humiliate him. Yi Sihuo wasn’t pleased with his crushed personality, he tossed his jacket and walked out with his manager.

Everyone on set could tell he wasn’t pleased.

But so, what if they did? With his attempt to steal the scene, everyone could tell he had something on his sleeve.

A professional actor was trying to bully someone who had never acted before but it ended up backfiring – that was indeed a humiliation.

Yi Sihuo was still hoping someone from the set would stop him. After he left, he asked his manager, “Did anyone follow us?”

As the manager shook his head, Yi Sihuo raised his feet and slammed it at the trash bin at the side. “What the f*ck.”

The manager immediately tried to placate him. “It’s just an advertisement and the director is new after all, even with Young Master Qin there, there won’t be much commercial value in it. You are a candidate for the movie Director William is filming, this is nothing compared to that.”

With that, he was instantly appeased. “Look into that little director and see what she has accomplished. With such an attitude, she should stop directing.”

“I understand, I’ll look into right now.” The manager took out his phone and dialed a familiar number. “Manager Li? Look at what you’re saying, it isn’t anything explosive this time but there’s someone I need help looking into, the director of the ad.”

After listening to the manager’s words, Manager Li replied faintly. With that, the manager’s face fell.

Yi Sihuo couldn’t hear the content and could only see his manager’s face. He frowned impatiently and asked, “What did he say? Where did that little director come from?”

The manager’s hand fell as he muttered, “Director William…”

Yi Sihuo replied, “I’m asking you where that little director came from, why are you telling me about Director William?”

His manager was pale, he raised his lids towards Yi Sihuo. “She came over with Director William, she is the only disciple he has ever acknowledged.”

With that, Yi Sihuo’s expression changed instantly, even his lips had frozen. He wanted to go back in but there wasn’t any way he could do it. Since he had caused a fit before he left, going back in would be embarrassing.

How could that little director be Director William’s disciple?!

Yi Sihuo was about to go crazy, his anger and humiliation went up a notch.

His manager dragged him to the nanny van, afraid he would cause trouble. The manager knew they didn’t just lose an advert this time, it was so much more…

The film set was as boisterous as before. No one noticed the tiny corner of the set. There was a foreigner who had been watching, his assistant beside him. He had been sitting there since the start of filming and was focused on Bo Jiu’s every move.

He had a thought. Even if this person had a horrible reputation, he had to act as the hacker in his movie!

“Did you see that, did you see the expression on that youngster when he typed and when he played billiards? He is the one I am looking for!” Old William couldn’t be blamed for his agitation because he had seen too many profiles but not one of them was like the youngster, who could stun him every single time. “He is perfect, both his appearance and personality are the right fit, he has to take the role, he has to do it!” Old William could barely control his excitement, bolting upright as he spoke.

Bo Jiu had already changed into her own clothes and was walking out of the set.

Qin Mo hadn’t left as there were still details that needed to be ironed out.

Bo Jiu came out to buy medicine. She would be fine as long as she took the medicine within 24 hours.

On her way out, Bo Jiu took the black face mask with her. She covered her face and was prepared to cross the road.

“Wait a minute!”

The person’s Chinese wasn’t very fluent because the three words he uttered carried a heavy overseas accent.

Bo Jiu turned in the direction of the voice.

It was an old foreigner, wearing a vintage looking Chinese tunic suit, which made him look refined and cultured. For a foreigner to look that way, he properly had a certain level of experience.

“I saw you film the advert just now and would like to ask if you are interested in participating in a movie?” Old William asked the question straight, he didn’t care about any of the ignorant demands the youngster would eventually give in order to become famous. He would agree to anything as long as Bo Jiu maintained the same aura he had shown in the advert. The perfection of the movie was of utmost importance after all.

However, the response caught him off guard because the youngster replied with a simple word. “No.”

She replied in an indifferent tone and seemed to be in a rush as she took another step forward.

Old William froze for a second before adding, “Perhaps you don’t know who I am but you must have heard of Hollywood.”

The youngster paused, raising a brow. “I don’t care who you are and I am not interested in filming.”

Old William never expected such a response. Wasn’t he always trying to find ways to become famous?

“Filming movies can give you more exposure than playing esports.” Old William took a second and decided to add, “That wasn’t what I meant, I meant to say that you are a natural actor, don’t you wish to try it out?”

“I don’t.” Bo Jiu was intent on getting her medicine because by the time the Almighty was done discussing his matters, she wouldn’t get the chance.

Once again, Old William was stumped as this was the first time someone he wanted didn’t want to act in his movie.

“But you did so well just now, is there a reason you don’t wish to act?”

Seeing how persistent he was, she decided to just cross the road. “There isn’t a reason.”

Even the assistant was caught off guard. All these years, there hadn’t been anyone who had rejected an offer by Director William.

He was a director that created stars. If someone acted as the main lead of his movie, they would immediately become a common face with world class status despite their previous situation since the director’s world class status was a fact widely acknowledged and the films he directed always carried the same stunning effect.

Many Chinese celebrities were hoping to be chosen after they received the news that he was casting someone here. But this youngster…

The assistant walked over and whispered to Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu arched her brow again.

The assistant chuckled. “Introductions are necessary before any discussion, Director William was just too excited seeing how you are the perfect fit to the movie. Would you like to reconsider?”

“No,” Bo Jiu replied without hesitation and with a devilish charm unique to her, she added, “I’m busy and since you are a world class director, you should stop following me or someone might get a shot.”

The assistant assumed his world class status would solve the issue. But from the looks of things… This youngster didn’t seem to have any intentions on acting.

The assistant turned towards his boss. “The information we received previously doesn’t seem very accurate. If he is really that determined to be famous, he would never reject such an opportunity.”

Director William had also realized that. But he had seen his attitude as well, he couldn’t be moved by anything. He started to turn anxious. “Think about it, what would attract a youngster like him, didn’t he film this advert today?”

The assistant took a moment and replied, “We will have to ask Movie Queen An.”

Director William replied, “Hurry, it would be best if we have a meal to talk about it.”


Neither of them had expected to be rejected. If the media knew about this, it would definitely cause a stir. William wasn’t bothered about someone finding out as long as he could invite the youngster to act in his film…

Qin Mo had already finished talking about his matters. He glanced over at the staff and asked, “Where is Young Master Jiu?”

The staff member took a while before she realized he was referring to Big Spade. Watching Almighty Qin from such a short distant made her blush. “Ah? Big Spade asked me where the nearest pharmacy was, he should be out getting medicine.”

“Buying medicine?” Qin Mo frowned.

The staff replied, “Yeah, he should be getting flu medicine, he might have caught a cold from the weather.”

“Where is the pharmacy?” Qin Mo had always been indifferent yet polite towards outsiders.

But even so, the female staff couldn’t help blabbering from the extended conversation they were having. “It’s right beside the filming set after the traffic light. It is very recognizable.”

“Thank you.” With that, Qin Mo took his phone and walked in the direction she had given him…