Chapter 966 - Untitled

Chapter 966: Untitled

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The environment in the male dormitory was common knowledge to any student that stayed in and could be described with three words, “Dirty, messy and bad.”

Bo Jiu walked in with her leather case.

The person who was using the kettle to cook instant noodles hurriedly pulled the plug. He turned towards the others, his expression in disbelief that the school hunk was staying in their dorm room.

With Bo Jiu, there were a total of six occupants and among them was the thorn-headed kid from No.1 Middle School.

The thorn-headed kid smirked, not at all pleased to see Bo Jiu. He turned a stinky eye to his side and was planning on walking over in an impressive manner.

Bo Jiu tossed her leather case aside and stuffed her hands into her pocket. The school uniform she was wearing was half unbuttoned as she stood there tall and upright. It was more imposing than when she had entered the school as even her eyes were cold and frosty. “I’m not in a good mood today, you better not mess with me.”

The thorn-headed kid was even more displeased. Didn’t this new guy know about the dormitory rules? How could he act so arrogantly in his territory? What was the meaning of this!

“Are you tired of living…” Before the thorn-headed kid could finish his sentence, the hand that reached towards the youngster was twisted into a beautiful and sharp move.


The thorn-headed kid was slightly giddy from the smash. He looked up the ceiling lights and shook his head. F*ck, why didn’t anyone tell him what a good fighter he was!

Bo Jiu glanced down. “First, I’m in a bad mood and second, you were trying to pick a fight and I don’t have a high tolerance.”

The thorn-headed kid was still nursing his wound.

One of the other occupants, the one who was cooking instant noodles, had always been a fan of Bo Jiu, and with her current display, he sighed. The gaming master was actually a master in real life as well.

The thorn-headed kid was satisfied with the punishment. His attitude took a 180 degree turn after he stood up. He made a space for Bo Jiu and brought her refreshments.

Bo Jiu sat on the only wooden chair in the dorm and was starting to get a headache. She hadn’t expected to be such a tyrant but the persona she had created could no longer be altered.

“Boss, don’t worry, no one dares to offend our room.” The thorn-headed kid directed a tiny electric fan towards Bo Jiu while continuing to update her on the latest gossip. “But, Boss, why did you suddenly decide to stay in school? Shouldn’t hardworking students be studying at home?”

Bo Jiu glanced at him. “According to what you just said, those that stay in school aren’t hard working students? I’m here to experience life.”

Experience life? The thorn-headed kid sighed deeply, he would never understand the mind of an intellectual.

Bo Jiu didn’t forget to scrutinize the surrounding. “I have a condition.”

A condition? The other five occupants eyed each other.

“Even though I don’t do my homework, I can still solve some questions. I can help with school work but similarly, I don’t wish to see these in the room.” Bo Jiu pointed to the dirty socks that were tossed everywhere. “And this, we are all hunks with knowledge of basic respect, it would be alright to go topless in this weather but it would be too much to work around in just your brief. Those with good figures can flaunt but those without would just be flaunting your bottom line.”

Those in just their boxer shorts felt as though they were targeted but all of them were agreeable about the hunks part.

“Most importantly, there might be girls coming to visit in the future.” Bo Jiu stood at the window and glanced down at the girls who were patrolling on the ground floor. She wasn’t the least bit doubtful of their attacking ability. “Some of them might even take photos, I’m sure none of us wants to have bad photo being taken since that would affect chances of getting a girlfriend.”

With the last sentence, those wearing just their boxer shorts hid under their blankets.

Those that have never cared about their appearance changed into another set of clothes and arranged themselves in front of the mirror. With the school hunk as a roommate, their appearance would have to match up.

In the past, girls barely gave them a glance but from today onwards, girls would come in queues hence, they had to start on basic self-care!

The atmosphere was rather harmonious.

But someone suddenly remarked, “With Young Master Jiu here, does that mean Young Master Qin will come as well? And also my favorite Almighty Lin Feng?”

Towards the end, Bo Jiu was no longer listening. The words ‘Young Master Jiu’ seemed to have struck a nerve. It was not painful but the memory of it made her mood dip.

“Think about it, how will it look if the entire Supreme Alliance team appeared in our dorm! Just Young Master Qin alone would cause a huge stir.” The person had completely sunk into his imagination.

Bo Jiu glanced up, her voice faint. “He won’t come.”

“Ah?” Her roommates showed a confused face. Why did Young Master Jiu’s expression look a little like… he had broken up? No, no, they couldn’t make such wild guesses.

In the past, they definitely believed the rumors that Young Master Jiu was gay.

But from the looks of it, which gay was this strong?

Indeed, the rumors couldn’t be trusted.

But why did Young Master Jiu suddenly stay in school? That was still a mystery they hadn’t solved.

“Do you have cigarettes?” the youngster asked abruptly, interrupting their thoughts. “Give me one.”

He smoked too? That was totally unlike the intellectual school hunk persona in their heart!

“Lao Er, watch the corridor, shout when you see the caregiver.”

With a command from the thorn-headed kid, the one wearing boxer shorts went straight into action. Their team work was on point. It seemed as if they had done this several times in the past.

Smoking had always been a group event. It was common for everyone to have a stick in a high school dorm but it was hard for them to believe that the school hunk smoked.

Bo Jiu didn’t bother looking at the surprise expression they had, she tilted her head to light a stick and stood by the window, not willing to move.

“Hey, don’t you think the school hunk seems to be in a daze?”

“He seems completely different from the time he slammed me onto the ground.”

“He’s probably thinking about the competition. Didn’t you see his teamwork with Young Master Qin? It was amazing!”

When she heard the words Young Master Qin again, she turned. “Did I forget to mention that I was in a bad mood?”

She made her stand the moment she entered the dorm room, it was obvious to anyone of them she wasn’t in a good mood. But why?

“You want to know the reason?” Bo Jiu tapped her cigarette, her gaze deepening.

The five roommates glanced up at the youngster, nodding in unison.

Bo Jiu glanced up, her voice chilly. “I was dumped by Young Master Qin.”

Everyone: … Weren’t you straight!?

With that, the room was finally peaceful again and no one mentioned Young Master Qin’s name.

Bo Jiu extinguished the cigarette butt before she glanced down at her phone and hesitated for a long while but didn’t send the message out.

Her roommates didn’t dare to spread information about her since Young Master Jiu had such formidable martial art skills.

But Young Master Jiu was probably the only one who could look so handsome after breaking up.

She smoked two cigarettes continuously but there wasn’t any change to her emotions, Bo Jiu leaned against the wall, she wasn’t really that suave but the smoke filled the entire room, casting a cloud over them.

Her roommates felt a need to celebrate the arrival of a new boss. “Let’s have a meal together, the Dapanji at the school entrance is a must-eat!”

Bo Jiu glanced towards them. Going out seemed like a good idea, she would be moodier if she continued to stay.

“Let’s go.” Bo Jiu reached out to extinguish her cigarette butt before walking through the door.

Today, No.1 Middle School had a different atmosphere.

The other five walked in front while the youngster trailed behind with hands stuffed in her pocket. She still wore her black face mask and was looking down at her phone.

The girls passing them felt their heart race. Ever since Bo Jiu participated in the National League, she hadn’t been to school much. Thus, living in school like she was right now was a benefit for the school girls.

The legendary Dapanji was directly in front of the school gate, they could see it after crossing a road.

The summer vacation hadn’t started yet and the heat hadn’t reached an excruciating level. Opening a table outside the store and having a meal with the natural wind was considered a luxury for the male students. Beer was definitely a must. Besides, she didn’t have classes and was mainly here to check in.

The thorn-headed kid brought beer bottles over. Just as he was about to pour Bo Jiu some, he realized she had already taken a bottle for herself. Bo Jiu pulled the cap with her teeth before downing it.

The five roommates were left in shock once again. They watched as the youngster downed the beer so nonchalantly and wondered what sort of person the school hunk of No.1 Middle School really was.

Seeing how Bo Jiu kept looking at his phone, one of them couldn’t help asking, “Young Master Jiu, what are you looking at so intently?”

“Nothing.” Bo Jiu shut her WeChat and downed another mouthful of beer.

He didn’t think there was anything great about the phone either and wasn’t sure Young Master Jiu was staring at the blank WeChat page.

Throughout the meal, Bo Jiu didn’t eat much as she continued to drink in silence. They ate by the roadside, with cars driving by. While she was biting open the fourth beer bottle, Bo Jiu paused as there was a familiar looking military Land Rover driving in their direction. It had a special car plate, the only one in the entire Jiang City.

Bo Jiu recognized the car, her roommates did as well. One of them asked, “Isn’t that Young Master Qin’s car?” When he caught on to the situation, he immediately shut his mouth.

It was indeed the car he frequently drove. As the windows weren’t shut, his perfect side profile was in full view.

The driver seemed to have noticed them, he stopped the car and called out, „Young Master, it’s Young Master Jiu.”

Qin Mo glanced over in her direction before instruction emotionlessly, “Go.”

The driver was confused. Whenever they had been in such a situation, Young Master would get Young Master Jiu to board the car but today…

The roommates eating their chicken turned over in his direction. The very next second, the Land Rover drove off. They turned to watch the youngster’s expression.

Bo Jiu remained silent. She retracted her gaze and ordered another dozen beer.

Her roommates were startled. If she continued drinking, the one who had broken up would remain fine while the others fell.

Honestly, the school hunk was a little terrifying when he broke up…

On the other end, the Land Rover was still driving forward but it didn’t go fast. Firstly, because the driver was still in shock and secondly, because his Young Master was staring at the rear-view mirror and hadn’t rushed him to speed him.

Instead, he seemed to be waiting for someone.

Qin Mo was indeed waiting. He watched the rear mirror, hoping to see the youngster chasing after him. But she didn’t. Just like the countless times he looked at his phone, telling himself that if she sent a text, regardless of his position in her heart, he would try not to be so overbearing.

Reality was telling him yet again that that person didn’t care about him at all. Feelings were akin to multiplication, as long as one party had zero of them, the result would end with a zero.

Qin Mo glanced over, his gaze dim.

The driver wasn’t sure what was on his mind. Qin Mo kept looking out of the car window and when they finally left that road, his gaze started to change, turning more listless than before.

It was how he had been before he had met Young Master Jiu. He hadn’t been interested in anything. There wasn’t much change to his emotions, his gaze hollow.

That version of him was worrying…

The scenery outside the window flew past as time trickled by.

Bo Jiu didn’t continue to drink. Instead, she took out her wallet and footed the bill. She glanced over, her roommate was still vomiting in a corner.

She lit another cigarette. She had never smoked so many cigarettes. She had only smoked half a cigarette when she wanted to stop her period cramps but she couldn’t seem to stop now. Perhaps she had never imagined that person treating her as an ordinary passerby, brushing past her so nonchalantly.

Her heart clenched. If she thought about it, it was probably the lightest punishment. After the Almighty found out about her real identity, would he treat her with a hostility that was a hundred times harsher?

No one could tell.

It was best to keep herself occupied as she might be able to loosen up that way. It was so they could act naturally the next time they met, during the Finals for the National League.

Bo Jiu knew she hadn’t handled the matter well, but the Almighty didn’t know that his feelings were directed to her exterior, the school student that wasn’t her true self. In reality, the real her wasn’t that innocent. Underneath that exterior was an international criminal.

He once said he would arrest Z personally and send her to prison. Bo Jiu didn’t regret her path but sometimes, she would yearn for a partner to work alongside her. Bo Jiu was more than aware though that they walked on different paths.

Their solutions wouldn’t be the same. The Almighty used the law while she dealt with matters with her own methods. If she could, she wished to be someone he broke up with and not a wanted criminal…

At the Qin Group’s clubhouse, several laptops were switched on at the same time.

There was a meeting in progress. Anyone with eyes could tell that Boss Qin wasn’t in a good mood. He was in such a horrible mood that he wasn’t paying attention to the meeting. But that wasn’t a bad thing as it was less torturous for the managers. Other than the trepidation, everything else seemed to be fine.

As the words “Meeting adjourned” were announced, all the managers fled the room.

Feng Yi wanted to bring up the matter with Little Spade but from the look of things, nothing good would come to anyone who mentioned that name.

Qin Mo stood up. He moved his fingers and seemed to have felt something. He turned to look over and there laid a silver USB lighter…