Chapter 967

Chapter 967: Untitled

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Qin Mo could still remember the time he received the lighter. He had held it in his palm and couldn’t seem to get enough of it, his entire spirit lifted. He didn’t allow anyone but himself to touch it. Hence, it had always been by his side.

Qin Mo knew that she didn’t know what day it was. He could tell from her faltering gaze, the guilt from forgetting. He had given her this the very next day. He couldn’t bear to let go of it because it was a gift from her. At the end of the day, he had used tricks in order to obtain this gift.

Qin Mo tightened his grip, his gaze sinking.

“Captain…” Coco had just completed a livestream and was still dressed in the battle attire. He wanted to use the break time for some rest and seek out comfort from his captain. As the public relations representative of the team, Coco ran into problems frequently and since he hadn’t met Manager Feng yet, he hadn’t been warned of Qin Mo’s bad mood.

Qin Mo glanced over when he heard his voice.

Coco leaned back, his two front teeth exposed. He reached out and tugged his battle attire. “Captain, could you and Little Spade attend the next Q&A segment of the livestream? About 80 percent of the questions were seeking clarification about your relationship with Little Spade. I told them the both of you are friends but they wouldn’t believe me and since I’m not a good liar, I almost fell into their trap.”

After such a long stretch of complain, his captain hadn’t bothered to even glance at him. Coco wasn’t willing to let it go so easily. He leaped over as he sipped on a yogurt drink, his eyes staring straight at Qin Mo.

His captain, however, didn’t bother looking at him as he toyed with something.

Coco studied it for a moment but couldn’t understand the fascination of that little thing.

After he was done with his yogurt, Coco threw the packet and asked, “Captain, what is that?”

Coco’s question seemed to have finally caught Qin Mo’s attention.

“Lighter,” Qin Mo replied faintly as though there wasn’t anything special with it.

Coco widened his eyes. “This is a lighter? Why is it shaped like this? It looks good, where did you buy it?”

Qin Mo didn’t reply.

Even then, Coco didn’t sense his foul mood. Instead, he continued to eye the pure silver lighter, growing fonder. “Can I try lighting a cigarette?”

“What cigarette.” Qin Mo arched a brow, tossing the lighter to the side. “It’s such a hideous thing.”

“Hideous?” Coco watched his captain’s face. There didn’t seem to be any emotion hence, the naive Coco assumed he just didn’t like the design. “Captain, if you find it ugly, give it to me. I’m quite fond of the design.”

Qin Mo glanced over at Coco. His gaze was so cold Coco felt his hair stand. He thought he had said something wrong, the outstretched arm freezing.

What did Captain mean? He had already said it was ugly. Didn’t that mean he didn’t like it? But from his gaze, it seemed as though he wanted to chop off his arm.

Just as Coco thought his captain was going to say something mean, a faint voice replied, “Up to you”

Up to me? Did Captain mean he could take the lighter? But that wasn’t what his gaze meant…

Coco reconfirmed once again. “Can I really take it with me?”

“Didn’t I say it is up to you?” Qin Mo sat on the lambskin leather chair, his long fair fingers flipping the document at his side, not a hint of warmth in his voice. He was practically an iceberg.

Seeing his hostile expression, Coco decided to keep his mouth shut. He reached out gingerly to touch the electronic lighter. When there wasn’t much reaction from his captain, he became bolder, placing the lighter in his pocket. He turned and was prepared to leave.

Right at that moment, the fingers on the document paused. When he regained his senses, he had already spoken, “Put it back.”

Coco turned back towards his captain. His gaze was filled with shock since this was the first time his captain had ever gotten back on his words.

When Qin Mo caught sight of his gaze, his voice dimmed. “You can choose something else, haven’t you always been fond of my mouse?”

That immediately caught Coco’s attention. He placed the lighter back on the table, leaping over excitedly. “Captain, do you mean I can take that mouse?”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied, placing the lighter back into his palm.

Obviously, Coco had caught his actions as well. He couldn’t understand his captain’s actions.

He cherished it so much even though he said it wasn’t important. Captain’s mouse was a limited edition, both the feel of it and the exterior were all top notch. Captain wasn’t even willing to let him touch it in the past but now, he was willing to sacrifice his mouse in order to take the lighter back. But it didn’t seem important either since his captain seemed to have wanted to toss it away. What was he thinking?

Coco was still trying to figure it out when Feng Yi pulled him off for more work. Coco told Manager Feng everything that had happened, so that he could help analyze the situation.

But after Manager Feng had heard what had happened, his frown deepened. It seemed like he would have to intervene.

After Coco left the CEO office, everything was peaceful again.

Qin Mo looked down at the lighter in his palm and swiped his phone once more. There weren’t any new notifications in his WeChat.

That was what Feng Yi saw when he entered the room. “Why don’t you just call Little Spade if you want to talk to him?”

Qin Mo glanced up, his voice cold and distant. “Do you have too much leisure time?”

“How is that possible, I’m more than busy.” As a manager, Feng Yi still had the courage to say certain things. “How are you going to compete with such a stale relationship? Besides, Little Spade has always been obedient. Is there any misunderstanding?”

When Qin Mo didn’t reply, Feng Yi continued, “Some things have to be said in a relationship, nothing will change if you don’t do anything to rectify the problem.”

Qin Mo slide his chair back, tugging his neck tie. “The door is behind.” He was chasing him out.

Feng Yi shut his mouth but felt a need to clarify the situation. “What exactly are you mad about?”

There wasn’t an answer to that question. The man in front of him was still holding the contract, his face cold and taut. Feng Yi knew he wouldn’t get anything here.

He glanced over at the lighter Coco had mentioned. It was clearly something important, which was why he didn’t toss it even though he was angry. It was probably a gift from Little Spade.

It seemed like he would have to spend more effort on this matter. As the club manager, he couldn’t just guard against the members dating outsiders, he still had to guard against the members dating within the club.

“You don’t have to worry about my condition.” When Qin Mo finally replied, it still wasn’t the reason he was looking for. Qin Mo added faintly, “There won’t be any problem during the competition.”

With that, it wouldn’t be good for Feng Yi to persist anymore. He could only deal with the issue from another angle. And that was to seek out the other party involved.

After he left the office, the first thing Feng Yi did was calling Bo Jiu. The call went through but no one picked up.

Feng Yi caressed his temples, not knowing that Bo Jiu had gone drinking in the afternoon.

Bo Jiu drank about ten bottles of Budweiser and when she was done, she went straight to the bed in her dorm room.

She slept on the upper bed, which was quieter than the lower bed.

Her lessons started in the afternoon but Bo Jiu wasn’t in the mood for lessons. She climbed onto her bed, pulled off the sheets, and hid her head underneath as she listened to the rain.

The scene from before was repeating in her head. That person had sat in the car far away and even though he had seen her, he hadn’t seemed affected as though she really was a stranger.

Bo Jiu paused. She felt as though someone had stabbed her heart.

At the start, she couldn’t fall asleep. But when the alcohol finally struck her, she started feeling more and more sleepy. She couldn’t seem to control her heart, it felt hollow and empty as though she had just lost something.

Fortunately, alcohol came in handy in such situations, helping her to sleep. Fast asleep, Bo Jiu did not hear the vibrations from her phone.

Her roommates didn’t dare to wake her up but the continuous running probably meant it was urgent. The thorn-headed kid acted as their representative and walked forward to check the caller ID. The words ‘Fox Manager Feng’ appeared on the screen. But since it was the school hunk’s phone, they didn’t dare to leave a message, waiting for the call to end.

Bo Jiu was having a dream. It was a scene from her childhood.

When she woke up, there wasn’t anyone in the dorm room. They had probably all went for class.

Bo Jiu laid on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Bo Jiu had been with Qin Mo for a long while and suddenly, she felt odd not seeing him when she opened her eyes. Every time she woke up, there would be someone by her side. It seemed like she wouldn’t be able to enjoy that treatment any longer.

Bo Jiu tilted her head over. In her dazed state, her moves weren’t as sharp.

At that moment, a teacher came over with representatives from the student council to conduct a check on the dorms. Lessons has started but there were still students asleep in the dorm rooms.

Regardless of who it was, the teacher wouldn’t be too pleased. But because it was Bo Jiu, the punishment couldn’t be that harsh. “Do frog jumps on the field and once you are done with a hundred of them, go back to your lesson.” He wasn’t a bad teacher and treated the student very strictly but that was all for their own good.

Even though Bo Jiu didn’t attend school much, she still couldn’t help but treat him with respect. Moreover, she intended to keep busy. She walked down to the field, placed her hands on her ears and started to leap.

Many students came down when she started jumping.

“Quick, come and look. Isn’t that the top student?”

“He got punished on the first day of his stay?”

“He was caught by the demon himself, His Highness Jiu sure is unlucky. But look at him jump, isn’t it both handsome and adorable?” Some of the students from the normal classes started to discuss openly.

The teacher standing at the front knocked the blackboard. “Pay attention.”

It seemed like she would have to discuss with the teacher in charge for him to punish his students elsewhere; the field was way too open.

With Bo Jiu’s silver hair and that face leaping in the large field, it was indeed striking. That explained why the other students were all interested. No.1 Middle School was situated near No.2 Middle School. The field of No.2 Middle School wasn’t as big as the one in No.1 Middle School but they were beside each other and only separated by a net.

It was common for the youths from No.2 Middle School to be punished. But when No.2 Middle School’s boss saw Bo Jiu being punished at the field, he couldn’t help the sudden excitement. He wasn’t even irritated when his head master hit him with a book. He ran over and asked Bo Jiu, “Hey, why are you punished? This is a miracle indeed.”

When Bo Jiu remained silent, the youth from No.2 Middle School continued, “Let me tell you how unfair the punishment is this time. Do you still remember the time you helped me play? It was when I confirmed my relationship. All I did was deliver lunch for my girlfriend in No. 1 Middle School, I plucked one of the roses from your school to confess as well and when your had master saw me, he flew into a rage. I was punished twice.”

Bo Jiu paused, glancing over at him as she replied with deliberate casualness, “You deserve it. At this moment, I hate people who flaunt their love.”

The youngster from No.2 Middle School: …

Frog jumps would take a while. The school hunk from No.1 Middle School and the big boss from No.2 Middle School were being punished at the same time. It was definitely a sight although it was a contrasting one. One of them was clean and handsome the entire time while the other kept having his head knocked by the teacher.

Xue Yaoyao saw it as well. She positioned her pen to the side but her focus was focused on the youngster the entire time.

Students would have to pass every subject before they could qualify for the National League. Bo Jiu had always been cooperative in this aspect. Thus, the teacher was pleased with her sincere attitude and hadn’t called her parents.

Bo Jiu was glad he didn’t since Qin Mo was listed as ‘parent’ in her contacts list.

But this time, even if he was notified, he wouldn’t come.

Bo Jiu sat at the side of the field. She used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat that was dripping down her defined jaw.

The schoolgirls were mesmerized.

The teacher was well aware that no one was listening since all their attention had been direction towards the field.

Bo Jiu’s attention was on her phone but she didn’t act to blatantly in front of the teacher. She moved to a discrete location and was about to call Manager Feng.

The moment Bo Jiu lifted her hand, an incoming call from Feng Yi came through. “Little Spade, you finally picked up the call. Come back to the clubhouse, the previous World Champions, the Japanese are here. They would like to observe us before the match against them in the National League.”