Chapter 969 - Untitled

Chapter 969: Untitled

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Qin Mo’s gaze turn cold and the air around him changed noticeably. His dark brows lifted, his face cold and taunt.

But right at that moment, the least sensitive member, Lin Feng, was seated beside him. He tilted his head, looking at Hoshino. “Judging by your previous words, you must really admire our Little Spade.”

Hoshino didn’t avoid the question, instead, he turned towards Bo Jiu and smiled faintly, his face ravishing. “Yes.”

The moment he replied, Qin Mo’s eyes darkened.

Lin Feng had more to say but could sense the coldness that was radiating from his captain. He sat back and hid his head.

But even if Lin Feng hadn’t asked, it didn’t mean the conversation had ended. Hoshino’s words seemed to be directed towards his own fans since the press was around. “I watch all of Spade Z’s matches and regardless of both his skills and personality, he is worthy enough of having a match with the Japanese. Likewise, I wish that Supreme Alliance can win the National League. The reason I am here visiting Supreme Alliance is for a match with him.”

For the vice-captain of the Japanese to hold Little Spade with such respect was an honor. Once the interview video was released, it would definitely help to reduce the number of anti-fans.

With Hoshino’s declaration, his fans would start to treat Spade Z as a worthy opponent.

More importantly, it was time for some people to restrain themselves as even Hoshino approved of Spade Z’s ability.

Those that defamed her, claiming she attained her fame through the CP pairing, would start to reassess their allegations, albeit unwillingly.

The Japanese held a substantial amount of power within the esports industry.

They were the strongest in Asia and had never lost a battle.

The video of Hoshino facing off against the Xiangnan team in a 1v3 was still available on the net.

As everyone knew how private he was, for him to compliment Spade Z so publicly, would dismiss all the unfounded gossip.

When the reporters realized how newsworthy this piece of information was, they immediately started a livestream.

They never expected Hoshino to admire a newcomer to such an extent.

Feng Yi sensed the danger of the topic. After a glance at his own boss, he diverted the topic in another direction. “We appreciate Mr Hoshino’s blessings and will continue to do well on the upcoming finals.”

“It seems like Supreme Alliance is rather confident,” You Sixin commented. Even though he was laughing, he gave off a dangerous panther-like vibe.

While he spoke, his eyes turned towards Qin Mo’s direction.

Hoshino was looking for a match against Spade Z while he was looking to face off against the legendary Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill and to experience exactly how amazing it was.

Watching other people compete could only give him the outsiders point of view, he would never understand its impact unless he had firsthand experience.

Qin Mo maintained a straight face under such an intense gaze. It seemed as though nothing You Sixin said could affect him.

You Sixin arched a brow, anticipating the match against the team Hoshino admired so much.

On one side, he wanted to know to fascination had towards them. On the other end, Qin Mo’s personal winning rate was higher than his.

Qin Mo was once a legend within the esports world.

He had expected a faceoff with him that year but somehow, Supreme Alliance didn’t even make it to the finals.

Hence, it had been an easy match for the Japanese.

Some of the seniors were even glad that Supreme Alliance hadn’t made it but, in You Sixin’s eyes, Hoshino was the one he was most interested in. As for Qin Mo, he was more suited as a rival.

You Sixin smiled. The reporters captured the moment before pulling the conversation back to Hoshino. “Almighty Hoshino, it seems like you haven’t interacted with Spade before despite all the admiration.”

Hoshino smiled. He held up his phone and showed them the screen. “I have been following him but Spade doesn’t follow me back. I’m still waiting.”

He had followed Spade? Why weren’t they aware?

The reporters started to doubt their abilities.

Unbeknownst to them, Hoshino only followed her before coming to the clubhouse so that her plans could unravel smoothly.

Bo Jiu was more than familiar with his style and immediately understood his thoughts. Even though they didn’t verbally communicate, their thoughts were well received with just a gaze.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “I don’t use Weibo often but I’ll follow you back right now.”

With that, she took out her phone, her long slender fingers tapping on the follow button.

And that simple exchange blew up the internet comment section, especially fans of Hoshino.

“My Almighty Hoshino followed someone that isn’t from his team, that isn’t logical!”

“Who is Spade Z? I have never heard of him before, is he from our country?”

“Let me search the net, he is the new player king in Zone C from China, the strongest newcomer from the Supreme Alliance team. Is Almighty Hoshino interested?”

“The one below, stop having weird thoughts, he probably did it out of courtesy.”

“When has Almighty Hoshino followed anyone out of courtesy? He didn’t even do it at the previous National League.”

“Look at the interview online, Almighty Hoshino says he wants to have a match with Spade Z.”

“He actually managed to pique Almighty Hoshino’s interest, this guy must have some skills… I’m going to look into this Chinese player!”

Spade fans were startled by the sudden attention directed at their idol but they didn’t mind since it was a friendly gesture.

In that instant, Bo Jiu’s negative reports started to dwindle. Since Hoshino was the one who took notice of Bo Jiu and with the interview segment, the topic blew up. The media grasped onto this topic and tried to increase interaction between Bo Jiu and Hoshino.

On the other side, Lin Feng, who was seated beside Qin Mo, was starting to feel cold everywhere. Even his scalp was trembling from a numbing chilliness. It wasn’t because of the temperature, it was his because of captain. He had a death grip on the teacup in his palm, his gaze robbed off every shred of warmth. Lin Feng watched as a layer of frost clouded that handsome face.

Qin Mo turned towards the two of them, his aristocratic face wiped off all emotions, his gaze deep and still…

Lin Feng could understand his captain.

Hoshino seemed to be favoring Little Spade, but based on Little Spade’s words, shouldn’t Captain be ignoring him? Why would he be bothered?

At this moment, a homosexual relationship seemed far more complex than a heterosexual one. It was too much for him to handle. Lin Feng cowered down low, trying to protect himself from his fear of his captain.

Fortunately, the interview didn’t last long. Lin Feng was starting to worry for the safety of the tea cup in his captain’s palm.

You Sixin was the first to stand up. He stuffed a hand into his pocket and turned towards Qin Mo. “I hope the next time we meet would be in the arena. There’s something I’m curious about. Mr Qin, have you decided on how to deal with the Xiangnan team? Your team doesn’t seem very seasoned.

“A competition is a test of skills and not whether the team is seasoned,” Qin Mo replied indifferently.

Just one line was enough to shut him up. You Sixin chuckled. He turned to call for Hoshino when he caught sight of a shaky tripod that seemed about to fall. And right below the tripod stood Bo Jiu and Hoshino.

Qin Mo had noticed it before You Sixin. Just as You Sixin was still gaping at the tripod, he had already taken action.

But right at the moment he moved, the youngster moved as well, her reflexes swift and fluid as though she had done the action multiple times. She reached out and grabbed hold of his arm, pulling him backwards, the tripod falling onto her back.

Qin Mo saw her every move and, in that moment, thoughts ran through him. Ever since the start of their cold war, he had not taken the initiative to look for her and had not called or even texted her. When he saw her, he would brush past her as though she were a stranger. But she definitely was not aware how hard it was for him because to her, there was someone more important.

With a loud thud, Qin Mo’s shoulders cushioned the impact of the falling tripod.

Sharp inhales could be heard from the crowd, including the camera crew who was clearly startled since no one expected anything to have gone wrong!

Their faces were pale as a sheet as they covered their mouth in shock.

Bo Jiu turned. The Almighty faced her with his back to the falling tripod. His brows were slightly furrowed and his eyes thick with pain. Even then, his aura was intense and fiery. His gaze was as clear as the sea, the darkness enough to drown one in his gaze. Beneath the bright light, the color started to drain from his face. The paler he turned, the more irresistible he looked. She was captivated.

His complexion seemed to mirror his thoughts.

Just then, the situation struck her. Bo Jiu released Hoshino. She bolted upright and opened her mouth, prepared to explain.

Qin Mo kicked the tripod aside before he turned and walked out the door. The entire time, he hadn’t given her a second glance. This time, however, Bo Jiu ran after him without hesitation.

Hoshino smiled. He straightened and turned to the crowd that were still gaping in shock. “I never expected Spade Z to be as skilled in real life as in the games.”

Fortunately, Hoshino managed to turn the situation around or Feng Yi would be in trouble.

If news of the Japanese being injured in their territory was released, it would cause an uproar.

Right now, Feng Yi was grateful for Little Spade’s instinctive action. If it had been the other way around and Hoshino protected Little Spade, Supreme Alliance would have to face the fury of their fans. That would cause an uproar as well…

You Sixin’s mood shifted. He dashed over and pulled Hoshino, his voice grave. “How is it? Are you hurt?”

“It’s nothing.” Hoshino turned and directed a faint smile towards Feng Yi. “Fortunately, Spade is here, please send my gratitude.”

You Sixin’s eyes sank. He swept the cameras a glance, his face dark and taut. But with the series of events, the media reported it as an accident, with Spade Z coming forth to save Hoshino.

It was easier for Feng Yi to clear up the situation but Young Master Qin’s health was going to be an issue.

He took in the bulk of the impact. Even if the impact hadn’t been massive, his shoulders would have started to bruise. But that wasn’t the main point. What was important was Young Master Qin’s expression when he turned, which seemed to be stripped off even the slightest bit of warmth.

What caught him off guard was that he managed to remain rational. No, that wasn’t right, it shouldn’t be rationality he held onto but he was rather suppressing the impulse.

The next phone call he received was cold and hostile. “Find out who touched that tripod.”

“I’m going to the surveillance cameras now.” As a manager, it was his fault to have allowed such an accident to happen. But he never expected anyone to have the guts to mess with the Qin family.

Feng Yi wasn’t sure if this accident was directed against Supreme Alliance or Little Spade. But regardless of who it was directed at, it was considered unforgivable to Young Master Qin.

Other than Qin Mo, both Hoshino and You Sixin seemed to have sensed something as well because of the previous string of events, the former was worried the accident came for Z. The latter grew up in darkness with evil all around him and hence was associating the accident to darker and more sinister plans.

But You Sixin was sure such a low-level accident was probably not because of his background.

The position the accident occurred was targeted at either Hoshino or Spade Z, which might potentially cause them to be unqualified for the competition. From the angle it happened, it was more likely to be directed at Spade Z. If Spade Z and Qin Mo hadn’t blocked the tripod, You Sixin would have suspected Supreme Alliance. But if he thought through it, Supreme Alliance would be the greatest losers if any of his team members were injured in their territory. Hence, this attack was definitely directed at Spade Z.

You Sixin arched his brows, based on the youngster’s moves, he was perfectly capable of avoiding the tripod but instead, he used his back to block it so that Hoshino wouldn’t be hurt…

Was that really a decision made after considering the pros and cons or had it been instinct?

If it had been instinctive, Hoshino and Spade Z… You Sixin narrowed his eyes, he had never expected Hoshino to be hiding something from him.

As time trickled by, Bo Jiu watched as the person from afar ended a call without a backward glance. She held onto the railing single handedly, leaping over. But he had entered his car and had no intentions of waiting for her.

Bo Jiu dashed over. She used her long legs to block the car door, her actions clean and sharp. With a dark gaze, she was about to speak.

At that moment, a deep voice interrupted her, filled with the polite and aloof air he directed at strangers. “I’m tired and need to rest, move away.”