Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Scheming Lord Jiu, Master of Money-making

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He Honghua was totally technologically illiterate, and didn’t even know how to open a web link. In the end, Chen Xiaodong came over and the two of them faced the computer, playing the video from beginning to end.

Chen Xiaodong couldn’t keep still after hearing the end. He stood up and screamed, “F*ck, I can vent all my anger now! Now, everyone in the country knows the true ugly face of that Three; no one will support them anymore! They deserve this for betraying us!”

“Spade, Spade Z…” He Honghua found the voice familiar somehow. She was so close to guessing it, but she suddenly couldn’t remember where she had heard this voice. “Why did he help us?”

Chen Xiaodong laughed out loud, “He must have wanted to seek justice for us! Madam, you don’t know about these kinds of online master players. They love to pull reversals on such people!”

“But we don’t have such a person at our company. What should I tell the media when they call?” He Honghua was the boss, and in the end she had more things to think about than most people.

Chen Xiaodong was troubled too. In fact, he didn’t understand why Spade Z said he belonged to their company after all that had happened.

If their company had such a godlike player, would Madam even have to worry like this?

While he was pondering over the matter, the door opened. A young man holding a skateboard under his arm came inside. Brushing through his wet chopped hair with his right hand, he was completely wet from the rain as he showed off that handsome face that could flip all the living things on earth over. “Mum, why did you come home so early today?”

He Honghua’s mood became delighted whenever she saw her daughter. She dragged Fu Jiu over and said, “Jiu, we received help!”

“Yeah?” Fu Jiu knew clearly what was going on. She never did anything that didn’t bring in benefits. She curled her thin lips up and smiled deviously, “Those sponsors called you to add to their investments?”

He Honghua was so overjoyed that the volume of her voice rose. “Not only sponsors, but the media, too. They want to promote our company… Wait, how do you know about it?”

“I pay attention to anything related to you, Mum.” Fu Jiu freed one of her hands and held onto He Honghua’s thick waist, bringing her to the sofa.

Hearing that, He Honghua was deeply moved. She didn’t think about it too deeply, and those rough hands simply couldn’t let go of her daughter. “Jiu, Mum will give you the company after I make some more money. These things are not difficult. Don’t worry, Mum will help you. I won’t let anyone make fun of you.”

“Of course I don’t need to worry when Mum’s here.” Fu Jiu laughed lightly as she still held onto the old lady’s waist. “Let’s talk about the media first. How would they promote our company?”

He Honghua didn’t realize her daughter was extracting information from her. She tugged on her curly hair, feeling troubled. “They said they want to interview the gaming god Spade Z, but the thing is, we don’t have this person at our company. How can I just have one magically?”

“Hmm…”Fu Jiu laughed with a certain sense of wickedness, “Mum is right, you’re not being blindly dazzled by good things yet.”

The unexpected compliment made He Honghua blush slightly. How could her family’s daughter be this handsome?

Fu Jiu tilted her head and looked into He Honghua’s eyes. “Mum, how about this. If reporters call you again, tell them that Spade Z is our ace player and will say hi to everyone at the electronic gaming new players selection contest. Any live streaming platform that is interested can come and seek possible cooperation with you.”