Chapter 970 - Untitled

Chapter 970: Untitled

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She wasn’t going to let him go after the effort it took to stop him. She started, “Brother Mo, I…”

“Your instinctive moves were rather remarkable.” Qin Mo continued, his gaze hollow and voice icy cold, “Should I be asking you how you know Hoshino? I can’t even be sure if you can eat peaches. You hide so many things from me. Do you want me to list them all out? You wouldn’t make the effort to contact me when I don’t contact you, you just do everything as you please without a concern. But I’m different, throughout my meeting, I was wondering about what you were doing or why you weren’t trying to pacify me. If you had sent me a word or given me just one call, everything would be different. At the end of the day, you just don’t want to be with me, right?”

Bo Jiu froze. She didn’t know how to answer that question, that was the crux of the problem.

Qin Mo watched her, turning his face very slowly. His dark hair was falling over his eyes, shielding his expression. “Since you aren’t willing to be close to me, we can break up as you wanted. I don’t think we are the sort who like clinging onto others.”

Clinging onto others. That drained off all her energy. Qin Mo’s words were more for himself than for Bo Jiu.

Sometimes, all the sincerity and effort were used to show that the other party didn’t care, especially when he saw that scene…

Qin Mo reached out to shut the car door. He was silent for a while before speaking coldly, “Drive.”

The new driver didn’t dare to turn when he started the ignition. He could feel the chilling frost than was emitting from Boss Qin.

Bo Jiu watched as the black Land Rover gradually disappeared. After a long while, she started walking out, her legs getting heavier with each step, bringing her back to the past when she had wanted to be alone but yet couldn’t avoid leaving with her father. She wanted to hunch, so that the pain would lessen but she wouldn’t allow herself.

The burdens she carried didn’t allow her to.

Bo Jiu inhaled deeply. She leaned against the wall and itched for a smoke. That was when she found the lollipop in her pocket. It was from the Almighty.

Bo Jiu held it in her palm. She would probably remember this forever. There was someone who always had two lollipops in his jacket just because of her even though he was aloof, noble, and never touched sweet food.

Bo Jiu reached her hand out, pressing onto her silver fringe…

When she opened her eyes, there was a change. She dialed a familiar string of numbers.

Beside You Sixin, Hoshino took a step back. “I’m going to the washroom.”

You Sixin arched his brow, looking very much like a mafia boss. “Be careful.”

Hoshino swept him a glance. “Alright.” He was always treating him like a porcelain doll, which was interesting.

Once he crossed the corridor, Hoshino took out the vibrating phone, holding it to his ear. “Hello, Z.”

“Who else knows about your team’s visit?” Bo Jiu asked straightforwardly.

Hoshino caught on instantly. “It should only be the staff from Supreme Alliance, the visit was a sudden decision made by the captain. The other members aren’t aware yet. The only ones who could take action would definitely be from this side.”

“Other than the cameramen themselves, the production crew would also take care of the tripods but from the looks of things, he must have escaped. With a disguise on, it wouldn’t be easy to trace him even with the surveillance cameras.” Bo Jiu remained calm. “The organization has directed their attention at Supreme Alliance or more specifically at me. But they probably aren’t aware I’m Z, which means there is someone out there who wants to harm Supreme Alliance by bringing me down. I’m sure you have found something on your end. What exactly did Qin Mo experience?” Bo Jiu had been curious about her pet’s memory loss from the very start. And now, the curiosity had thickened.

Her gut was telling her that the recent terrorist attacks were directed at the Almighty.

Hoshino chuckled lightly. “Z, you’re still as sharp as ever. I have indeed gotten something on Qin Mo and the person impersonating you. They seem to be acquainted and almost became lovers.”

Lovers? Bo Jiu paused, her gaze faltering.

Hoshino continued, “But something happened, which made Qin Mo treat the person coldly and even with distaste.”

Bo Jiu lowered her voice. “There’s no surprise there, the Almighty would never accept a criminal.”

“It has nothing to do with that.” Hoshino paused. “Do you want to hear my take on it?”


Hoshino sighed internally when he heard the faint reply. He smiled faintly. “Z, you may be intelligent but you don’t know a thing about relationships.”

Bo Jiu remained silent.

Hoshino continued, “The details about the case have been buried deep, you wouldn’t be able to find much even with your identity. Which means we are only seeing the surface, only Qin Mo himself knows what happened back then, which makes the theory on lovers invalid. Z, the crux is that the impersonator was once punished by your Brother Mo. Someone leaked the hackers’ private details to people of authority and used the internet to control their thoughts, similar to the Maiden’s Sacrifice case. Even though the target audience isn’t the same, the theory is identical, for people to lose their morals by manipulating the good. An entire school of students became dangerous and could cause harm unknowingly. Do you remember what you said back then?”

“The scariest things aren’t demons, it’s the human heart.” Bo Jiu glanced up, her gaze deep. “So it’s him.”

Hoshino paused. “Back then, you and Qin Mo had an unspoken agreement to incarcerate her brother. Now she is back and her new target is Qin Mo.”

“Revenge.” The light on Bo Jiu’s ravishing face dimmed, appearing more defined than usual. “Her brother took many lives back then. It seems like she has inherited his legacy.”

Hoshino glanced out of the window. “It isn’t just for revenge, she is more vicious than her brother. This time, she wants Qin Mo and to achieve her goals, she is going to destroy everything around him. Human lives are nothing to her. A person’s dignity and innocence are tools to help achieve her goals. The Maiden’s Sacrifice destroyed too many lives. Her first target wasn’t the girl you saved, it was Xue Yaoyao, your teammate. Back then, she created a small forum to discuss about Xue Yaoyao. Her targets were always those who were still fighting and persevering. You should understand what she and her brother are trying to destroy. They want to control the world because that is how humans work. But back then it was just a test. The small test made Xue Yaoyao suffer an injustice for a long while. Thereafter, she took action in Tokyo. When she decided it was about time, she returned to China to kick off the Maiden’s Sacrifice. Z, this isn’t how the world should be, those that have been gritting their teeth through each passing day couldn’t voice their grievances because the moment they did, someone would jump at them. On the other hand, those that had indeed committed evil, stole another person’s hard work, and violated someone else’s rights were all forgiven…”

“It won’t always be like this.” Bo Jiu cut him off. “If not, our presence would be meaningless.”

“That’s right.” Hoshino smiled, his teeth white and gleaming. “It won’t always be like this. Hence, it is time we take action. What do you intend to do with the person who violated Li Xue? She will never admit her crimes and those that don’t care for violation and infringement will use all means to set her free.”

Bo Jiu raised her arm, shielding the sun rays from her eyes. “When you weren’t around, I hired a really good lawyer, Mr Bai. He has never lost a case. If Li Xue doesn’t admit to her crimes, I’ll sue till she does. The victim’s mother is well aware of the limited compensation even if they win the case but with Li Xue’s personality, she might not even apologize and those that have been cursing the victim would continue. But those aren’t important, what’s important is for those that care about the victim to know there is justice in this world. They helped the person they like protecting her most valuable possession, for her name to be cleared and for her to rest in peace.”

“It’s a surprise you’ve gotten a lawyer.” Hoshino stuffed a hand into his pocket. “It seems like Qin Mo has influenced you quite a bit, Z. Do you like him?”

Hoshino thought she would hesitate, even for a second but she didn’t. There wasn’t a hint of hesitation to her firm voice. “Yes, I like him. I like him so much I want to kidnap him back to the Fifth Avenue but fortunately, I am still rational at this moment and haven’t taken action. But I don’t know how long I will be able to resist before that moment.”

She was so honest he was caught off guard. Hoshino’s long slender fingers pressed his temples, his lips curved upwards.

That moment, he wasn’t sure how he was feeling. That person had always been a lone wolf but now, she finally had someone she liked. But that someone wasn’t him. Hoshino inhaled deeply. ” Z, stop torturing singles like me.”

“But we won’t ever be together,” Bo Jiu continued, catching him off guard once again. “He belongs to the police while I am a wanted criminal. In movies, princes would always end up with princesses. Which prince would want to be with an evil dragon? The prince would only kill the evil dragon but the Almighty won’t kill me since I’m so handsome, he should just be unwilling to see me or perhaps, he will avoid me.”

Which was worse than the situation right now.

Bo Jiu didn’t tell Hoshino that last line. Instead, she changed the topic. “Do you have a photo of that person?”

Without a need to clarify, Hoshino understood who she was referring to. “There are a few that are blurry. Similar to her brother, she never leaves a trace of herself anywhere but do you remember the location you provided me previously? It’s an internet cafe beside the university Qin Mo is attending. She should be living in that area.”

“Or perhaps, she lives on campus.” A glint flashed past her eyes. “She rents a house but doesn’t live there. When there isn’t a mission, she would stay in school and when she isn’t on a mission, the campus network would be a great help since a public IP is harder to locate.”

Hoshino’s fingers caressed the screen. “You think she is a student?”

“I’m ninety percent sure.” Bo Jiu looked down at the lollipop in her hand. “Being a student is the most convenient disguise. Besides, the university isn’t far from No.1 Middle School, which makes it easier for her to find her targets and helpers. More importantly, that is Qin Mo’s school, you mentioned that she wanted to obtain him and the best way to do that is to become his schoolmate or perhaps join Supreme Alliance just like me. There are only two females in Supreme Alliance, me and Yaoyao, which eliminates that possibility, leaving the possibility of her being a student.”

Hoshino kept his gaze under wrap. “I understand, I will focus the investigation here. Someone is coming, be careful. Bye.”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu hung up, she glanced down at the screen, resisting the urge to call Qin Mo.

She continued to stay busy. This time, while she hustled, Hoshino’s words kept repeating itself in her mind.

They almost became lovers. This meant that the Almighty definitely recognized her. But it seemed like the Almighty had forgotten that as well.

How had it happened? What had happened back then?

If even Hoshino couldn’t find it, it was probably information from a special organization…

Moreover, since that person was so fond of impersonating her, she would use her own way to prove herself.

Once she knew she was targeting the Almighty, there was more reason to put a stop to her actions before she left even if the Almighty no longer cared about her…

As the sun was starting to set, the black Land Rover didn’t head home. Instead, it stopped outside a bar. The bar was situated near the school.

Qin Mo didn’t check the wound on his back. Instead, he sat at the bar and tugged his collar. He sent his driver off.

There wasn’t much emotion on his face even when he drank. His dignified and elegant face was calmer than before.

He drank one cup after another as though it would stop the pain on his back. That youngster was probably not aware of his injury because in that moment, she only had eyes for Hoshino.

Qin Mo smirked, his lips upturned but not a hint of warmth could be seen. Instead, it was desolate and lonely.

Even without his background as an enhancement, just his appearance alone was enough to attract the attention of those in the bar…