Chapter 971 - Untitled

Chapter 971: Untitled

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From the deepest corner of the bar where the lights were the dimmest, a girl had been watching Qin Mo from the moment he had entered. She smiled, looking sweet and innocent as she walked towards Qin Mo. Her eyes were glistening and pretty when she spoke, “Senior Qin, I never expected to see you here.”

Qin Mo moved his gaze from the alcohol towards her but he didn’t reply.

“You must have forgotten my name. Previously, you helped me when I almost fell from the staircase.” The girl tilted her head. She wore a mini dress, her fingers long and slender, looking very much like those of pianists. Her eyes curved into smiles as she watched Qin Mo, not the slightest bit affected by his lack of response. “I’m Fen Jia, remember it this time!”

Qin Mo remained silent. He pushed an empty cup forward, signaling the bartender for a refill.

Fen Jia laughed lightly. She stood by his side, her teeth white and sparkly. “Senior Qin, you don’t look too happy- Do you want to share your problems? It’ll make you feel better.”

In that instant, something surged from his brain.

He looked at the girl and actually found her familiar. She had short hair and the same face shape as that certain someone. But they didn’t have the same eyes. That certain someone had the darkest eyes that were also as clear as water.

He was starting to miss her again, the Little Bo Jiu that just wouldn’t go away. A person that stuck like the multiplication tables. Qin Mo frowned. Even though he should be annoyed, there was a hint of warmth in his eyes from thinking of that certain someone.

“Senior Qin, what’s wrong with your back? Are you hurt?” Fen Jia was about to reach out when Qin Mo glanced over, his tone cold and icy. “I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

Fen Jia blushed but she didn’t back down. “I’m just showing concern.”

Qin Mo stood up. He reached for the jacket he had placed over the wooden chair and made a random call, not knowing who he had called when he spoke, “Come get me, I’m drunk.”

Lin Feng was thoroughly confused since he never would have expected his captain to call him. It seemed like he was really drunk!

Lin Feng took a while to process the situation. Today, he had experienced firsthand the obvious animosity between Little Spade and his captain. Little Spade had turned into a listless Spade.

Between being scolded by his captain and being a loyal brother, Lin Feng chose the latter, immediately calling Bo Jiu.

“Hey, Little Spade? I have a good offer for you, it’s a chance for you to sleep with captain but you have to muster enough courage for it.” Lin Feng raised his legs as he spoke. “Captain is drunk and wants someone to fetch him, his current location at the bar beside A University. Are you going?”

Bo Jiu replied without hesitation, “Yes.”

Lin Feng muttered from the other end of the call, “A brave soul indeed, I’m sure you are the only one who dares to prey on Captain.”

“I’m near A University. It would be more convenient for me to head over. I’m going to get a cab.” Bo Jiu added, “In the future when you have desires to sleep with Almighty Yun, I’ll be at your service.”

Lin Feng wanted to howl. A straight guy like him would never harbor desires to sleep with his own brother. But the call had gone dead.

The youngsters nowadays were so impatient…