Chapter 972 - Kiss

Chapter 972: Kiss

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After hanging up, Bo Jiu leaped onto a cab. “Sir, I’m heading to White Night Bar located beside A university.”

At this hour, there were increasingly more cars on the street and thus the car wasn’t going fast. She didn’t understand why the Almighty had called Lin Feng but only that naive boy would pass on the task of fetching the Almighty to her.

When Bo Jiu alighted from the car, she was prepared to face his hostility. He went straight to the bar after leaving the clubhouse, that was enough to show how upset he was. He had acted the same way back when they had been younger.

Whenever he was upset, he would reject anyone who expressed their concern, regardless of her coaxing. He was indeed a troublesome little devil. Back then, she had been shameless. Right now, it seemed like she was still as shameless as before.

Bo Jiu lifted her arm to glance at the time, walking swiftly into the bar. She crossed the cars parked in front of the entrance and as expected, that dignified and cold figure stood beneath the rainbow lights, looking elegant and striking.

Bo Jiu mentally prepared for his resistance before taking another step forward.

She had a good look of him. He still wore his uniform. It was partially unbuttoned though, exposing the white t-shirt underneath. His dark hair and high nose bridge amplified his handsome side profile, which was defined and sharp.

His long slender figures clasped a cigarette, his fringe falling across his forehead to shape his deep-set eyes. He looked like a wild horse.

The Almighty lifted his gaze. He had clearly sensed her presence.

Her heart thumped so loudly she could hear every single beat. There were many things she wanted to say but when she caught sight of the person behind him, she froze.

She had short hair and a sweet appearance and it seemed like she had been there for a while. Her lips curved into a sweet flowery smile. She seemed to be chatting with the Almighty.

Bo Jiu could vaguely hear the word “Senior”.

This… Bo Jiu stopped mid step. She wasn’t sure how the girl had appeared. Had she been drinking with the Almighty?

Bo Jiu couldn’t be blamed for such thoughts since she had never seen anyone so close to the Almighty before. Even though there wasn’t any physical interaction, there was an unexplainable feeling.

It seemed like they were acquainted?

Based on her understanding of the Almighty, he would have walked away if he really hated her.

Did the Almighty drink by himself or did he drink with someone?

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if she should be going over.

At this moment, the girl glanced up, shock flashed past her face before she broke into a faint smile, two dimples appearing at the side of her lips.

“Senior, is that Z? He looks more handsome in person.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply.

Bo Jiu suddenly felt as though she wasn’t wanted. Her heart fell as she prepared to walk away.

Just then, a familiar voice asked, “How long are you going to make me stand here by myself?”

Bo Jiu glanced up. She wasn’t sure if the words were meant for her and that he was alright with her being here with him.

He tossed the cigarette into a bin and tugged open his uniform as he walked towards her, not allowing her any time to respond.

She felt her vision turn black as a jacket covered her eyes.

Just as Bo Jiu was about to move, she heard a voice, cold and icy. “Don’t move, I don’t want to see you right now.”

Bo Jiu stiffened, not knowing what to do. As expected, being hated by the Almighty was an extremely unpleasant experience. As the Almighty wasn’t willing to see her handsome face, she could no longer depend on her face to win favors. When had her face cost her brownie points?

Bo Jiu thought through it, it wasn’t easy to keep still. Just as she was about to take a step forward, she saw that person walk to her.

Before she could move, she felt herself being carried.

This… Didn’t he just say he didn’t want to see her? Why…

“Brother Mo…”

He ignored her. His familiar tobacco and mint scent flooded her senses.

Bo Jiu stopped fidgeting, her nose touching his chest through the thin fabric of his jacket. She couldn’t see anything as was carried by Qin Mo the entire journey.

Her fingers clenched the jacket tightly, her heart racing. It was mainly because she didn’t know what he was thinking.

Was he going to toss her into a trash bin?

Since he had looked at her with despise, it seemed as though he wanted to get rid of her.

Speaking of which, why wasn’t the Almighty surprised when she came instead of the naive Lin Feng?

Bo Jiu was still processing the situation when she felt herself being placed on a car seat. It should be the Land Rover she was familiar with.

Even though she couldn’t see anything, the familiar arrangement around her was enough for her to guess where she was.

Just as she was about to say something, someone lifted her chin, separating the jacket covering her. It was a light and chilly kiss.

Bo Jiu widen her eyes as her lips were pried open. A sweetness flooded her senses, the numbing sensation robbing her off all thoughts. Their tongues touched and the long-awaited feeling was sending currents through her.

Bo Jiu could only lean against the chair, completely unaware of the situation. Half her face was still covered by the jacket but yet, she could be kissed so savagely.

The Land Rover was in a drawn parking space outside the bar with many passing by. The sight of Qin Mo in a white t-shirt with his back lowered and lips locked attracted a crowd.

That image seemed right out of a manga. But regardless of how curious they were, they couldn’t tell how the youngster looked beneath the jacket.

How did he think of such a kissing method?

They could see her figure but not her face. But just their silhouette itself was enough to know they definitely look good, especially with Qin Mo’s long legs and firm upper body. It was an innate natural charisma.

Even a kiss could look so overwhelming and imposing.

There were whistles amongst the crowd.

Qin Mo remained oblivious, he kissed until all his energy was exhausted. He released her briefly, pinching her chin.

Qin Mo bit her lips, continuing to consume that irresistible candy sweetness.

Bo Jiu couldn’t tell what was happening, she could only allow him to continue kissing her, depleting all her energy. The commotion from the crowd gradually weakened. Regardless of how loud it was, it became background music to her ears.

It was as though he was the only one in this world.

When he kissed, all she could hear was her own heartbeat.

Everyone saw the kiss, much less to say Fen Jia, who wasn’t far. She clasped her fingers so tightly a thick cloud of malice started spreading through her eyes.

After scheming for such a long time, she finally managed to catch him alone but yet, the opportunity seeped through her fingers just like that.

Why was he acting in such a manner even after Spade Z had saved Hoshino so instinctively?

According to the latest news she had gotten, they were clearly having a cold war.

Moreover, when did he start to like boys? That person was clearly attracted to women!

She had always assumed it was the novelty, the thrill given by the youngster. He had probably never met anyone similar in the esports world.

It was hard not to notice the FC King of Zone C. She had watched Young Master Fu game before and immediately understood the fascination. Other than Z, she was most interested in esports. Previously, she had gotten into esports to approach him but the results weren’t exemplary.

This Young Master Fu only had the opportunity because he had appeared when he had still been a blank canvas. Luck was definitely on his side.

Fen Jia stood at the side watching them, her gaze dimming with each passing second. She wanted to kill the youngster, for making her sit through such a scene.

It seemed like the impact wasn’t exemplary. Fen Jia’s gaze dimmed but there wasn’t a hint of emotion on her face. It was time to find an accomplice. Fu Zhongyi is the best choice…

Amidst the annoying cheers, Fen Jia disappeared into the night. She believed that if she continued to lay in wait, there would be a day he was hers. That Young Master Fu could have him for a few days as it would only be a matter of time before she snatched him over. Because she knew what exactly could catch his attention…

Inside the Land Rover, Bo Jiu sat there, watching the pair of mesmerizing eyes as he panted faintly. This time, she wasn’t sure how she offended him. The jacket came back, covering her face. Beneath the clothes, she could vaguely see the Almighty’s approaching lips, his voice as cold as before. “Who allowed you out?”

She wasn’t allowed to show her face. Bo Jiu wanted to look but her head was already pressed into his arms. Next, she heard the Almighty make a call. “Come over and drive.”

He had a driver? Then why had he asked Lin Feng to get him? It seemed like the Almighty was really drunk.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, it felt like he is looking at her but she couldn’t fathom his thoughts.

In reality, his thoughts were simple. He would lose control of everything once he saw her face. Which was why he didn’t want to look at her. But because she was in his arms, many things had changed.

The mass that had been weighing down his chest seemed to have disappeared. Even though he couldn’t see anything, he could imagine how frustrated she was feeling at this moment. She could stay that way. It would save him the frustration when he saw through her actions.

The thought of how she had protected him so instinctively made his eyes deepen.

It seemed like she could only be obedient when she was depressed.

Brother Mo couldn’t see any of it which made her depressed. She heard the car start up and after it moved a certain distance, she asked, “Brother Mo, when can I show my face?”

There wasn’t a reply. The Almighty seemed to be still angry at her. The atmosphere seemed even heavier and colder than before…