Chapter 974

Chapter 974: Untitled

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The second she finished her statement, Bo Jiu’s phone rang.

That special ringtone made her stiffen. She took her phone and glanced at the screen. Although it wasn’t a recorded number, it was an extremely familiar string of numbers.

She knew that if it hadn’t been something big, Hoshino would never have called her.

Bo Jiu looked at Movie Queen An. “I’m sorry, I have to take this call.” With that, she stood up.

Once she reached the entrance, she seemed to have become a totally different person, especially her eyes, which had taken on a glint of light, making her look like a devil of the night, dangerous and mysterious. “Hello.”

“Rao Rong is in trouble.” Hoshino continued to operate his computer. “The entire esports industry is saying your match is rigged.”

“Rigged?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.


“The syndicate is going to make Rao Rong the scapegoat to divert the attention.” Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. “A Hero’s son shouldn’t be treated in such a manner, Rao Rong worked harder than everyone else for this match. If Rao Rong hadn’t been threatened, the opponents would have faced a harsher defeat.”

Hoshino chuckled, his voice warm as always. “Should we take action?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu looked up at the sky. “Let’s meet outside the police station.”

“Seems like you already have a plan.” Hoshino reached for the keys on his table. “I’ll prepare the disguise and props. Which design are you looking for?”

Bo Jiu thought for a moment. “A wooden guitar, white t-shirt, black trench coat, face mask, hair dye and a motorcycle, preferably a cool looking one.”

“What are you planning?” Hoshino glanced down at his information. “Why do you need a guitar?”

Bo Jiu smiled, looking devilish. “Since it’s a comeback, the audience would need to testify. Or else, it wouldn’t be living up to the impersonator’s efforts.”

“Z, you’re going to break the rules.” Even though he seemed to be chiding her, his eyes were brighter than before as though it had regained life. “I understand, see you later.”

“See you later.” Bo Jiu hung up. She glanced back at Movie Queen An, looking slightly embarrassed. She wanted to see the Almighty again but time was too tight and he wasn’t willing to see her. Bo Jiu knew he was still upset and the best solution was to stay but she had a task that was more important than this. “Movie Queen An, I have something urgent to attend to right now.”

Movie Queen An could tell from the expression on her face when she received the call. At her age, she had learnt to see things on a wider scale. “Alright, go on ahead. It’s time for that aloof boy of mine to worry or he would never understand the sincerity required in relationships.”

Bo Jiu paused. She glanced up at Movie Queen An. “Brother Mo is alright, I’m the one with the problem, I’m not sincere enough.”

Movie Queen An watched the youngster’s serious expression and broke into laughter. Why would anyone take up the blame? Her aloof son must have accumulated all the blessings from his previous life to have met such an understanding person like Jiu.

“You are a stark contrast to your Brother Mo, that boy is stone cold.” Movie Queen An chuckled. “Jiu, you are going to be on the losing end if you keep this up. If he ever bullies you, just let me know, I’ll definitely be on your side.”

Brother Mo glanced at the staircase. “Brother Mo doesn’t bully me.”

Even back when they had been kids. On the surface, it looks like she is on the losing end. In reality, however, every time something happened, he would be there to protect her.

The An family had high standards in terms of upbringing. Grandpa An as well, he brought the Almighty up like a prince who could play the piano and chess.

When she had still been playing around in the mud, the Almighty had already been meeting foreign guests in his little suits. The An family had been beside theirs. Even though the exterior had been the same, the inside had been extremely clean.

Every time she had climbed the wall and smashed the flower pots, the Almighty would take the blame, claiming he had broken them accidentally.

There was once she had broken the An family’s safe. The Almighty had taken the blame and was punished by Grandpa An.

The Almighty would never make such mistakes because to him, this sort of mistakes was considered childish.

That had been the first time Grandpa An had punished him so severely.

Bo Jiu could still remember that her little pet had stood in the middle of the dining room, not a hint of frustration.

But he hadn’t been very pleased, his face hard and cold when he had grabbed her arm. “Little Bo Jiu, are you dumb, how can you hurt yourself trying to break the lock? Bring the first aid kit over, if I find even a drip of your blood on my bed sheets, I’m going to toss you out the window.”

Bo Jiu had been used to such threats and hadn’t thought much of it. Besides, the Almighty probably hadn’t found her dirty since he was tending to her wound.

That day, as always, she had hugged her little pet to sleep. Before she had fallen asleep, he had muttered into her ear, “Seems like the safe would have to be changed seeing how dumb you are.”

After that day, everything in the An family’ house that required locks had been electricized. At that time, Bo Jiu had promised herself to take care of her pet.

That was probably why Bo Jiu never wanted to be met with his gaze full of hatred.

Movie Queen An watched the youngster’s lowered gaze. Reaching out to push her, a faint smile was on her face. She was the perfect epitome of a mature and elegant woman. “Alright, go on, I’ll deal with your Brother Mo.”

Bo Jiu didn’t have much time left. Besides, it might be a good thing to leave since the Almighty would finally be willing to have his meal.

After she left the courtyard, Bo Jiu glanced down at the time on her phone as she boarded the cab.

The night sky was lit up by the millions of city lights. The nightlife in the city center came alive, the commercial areas were packed with crowds, and neon lights plastered over the various buildings. The city was bustling.

In the study room of the Qin family’s house, Qin Mo sat in his original position. But other than before, the lighter that had been hurting his palms was now placed into his laptop…