Chapter 975

Chapter 975

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The computer screen lit up and a familiar sound was echoing through the room. It was the opening music for Hero. That was the first special effect used in the video. Characters appeared along with the opening music.

When he caught sight of the familiar ID, his eyes widened in shock.

This… was before the youngster had entered Supreme Alliance, when they fought alongside each other? No. That wasn’t right!

Qin Mo watched as the video unfolded, his character playing alongside hers, gliding through the screen like two gusts of wind.

This wasn’t just a video of them training. It also included all the footages of them playing together, from their first meeting to the National League, every single step was presented in her own unique manner.

Qin Mo knew exactly how tedious it was to edit the video. Moreover, she had to search for the footages as well…

He assumed that was all but it wasn’t. At the end was a photo of them they had uploaded onto the official Weibo.

There was a row of words. “I hope to have someone like you, like the clear wind that blows through the mountain, the warm glow that shines on the ancient city, from dawn till dusk, from the jungles to the valleys, as long as you are there in the end, all is well.”

Qin Mo didn’t head downstairs because he was watching the video. It wasn’t long, around seven to eight minutes.

When he saw that last sentence, Qin Mo forgot how to move, staring at the computer screen blankly. For the very first time, it didn’t feel too bad for some things to be beyond his control.

He felt pain in his chest, forcing him upright. He walked downstairs hurriedly, scanning the surroundings in search for someone.

There wasn’t anyone on the sofa or the dining table, there wasn’t any sight of her in the kitchen either.

Qin Mo wanted to head elsewhere in search for her. Movie Queen An walked over, holding onto him. “You don’t have to look any longer, he left.”

Qin Mo stiffened, his brows slamming into a knot. “He left?”

“Mmh, there seems to be something urgent, you…” Before Movie Queen An could finish her sentence, her usually polite and well-mannered son grabbed the jacket on the sofa and dashed out without a backward glance.

Movie Queen An rarely saw such impatience in her aloof son. She hurried behind him. “Son, don’t blame me for reminding you, Jiu received a call from his friend and it seems like a very close friend of his. You should understand, Jiu isn’t lacking suitors. If you continue to treat him with such nonchalance, you might possibly lose him. It is best to be on alert while dating.”

Qin Mo didn’t need the reminder since this was the outcome of his alertness. Or perhaps, to others, he could get anything he wanted and was in control of the relationship. In reality, she was the one who could leave easily if anything happened. But it was enough.

After he had seen that video, he had told himself that even if she kept secrets, he wouldn’t pry. And that included Hoshino.

He wanted to find her this instant, hold her in his arms, and tell her, she belongs to him.