Chapter 977 - Almighty Qin Is Here

Chapter 977: Almighty Qin Is Here

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Director Huang diverted his gaze. When he saw the livestream on his phone, his eyes widened in shock. He snatched the phone over, the words Z reflecting in his pupils!

Smith was still looking at Rao Rong, trying to dig something from him when the interrogation room door was pushed open. “I have something you need to see.” Director Huang stood by the door.

Smith frowned, a chill ran through him as he bolted upright. “That’s impossible.”

“The real Z is in the city center right now and judging from the IP address, he should be in the mall.” In contrast to Smith’s exaggerated reaction, Director Huang was considered much calmer. “We have to take action right now.”

Smith listened to the livestream and when he heard the words, a vein popped out from his temples. “It really is him! Dammit!”

“This means we got the wrong guy.” Director Huang glanced at Rao Rong before turning over to the crime squad members who were still looking at the phone. “Stop watching, hurry and contact the experienced officers to locate Z.”

“Yes, yes!”

The crime squad had never been in such a frenzy before, all of them were moving as fast as they could.

“I found it,” one of the tech members declared.

Smith’s eyes lit up, as he inched over. “Where is the exact location?”

“Second floor.” The moment he replied, he changed his words. “No, it isn’t right, it’s the sixth floor, no, that’s not right either, it’s outside.”

Smith grabbed a wad of hair. “Where exactly is he?”

The tech team wore their ear phones and watched the screen full of red dots, their voice shaking. “This is impossible, it’s impossible! How can there be so many attacking IP address?”

It wasn’t possible to identify Z from so many IP address.

Smith clenched his hand into fists. “F*ck, he is doing this again!”

He baited and challenged them, her arrogant declaration the main reason Interpol couldn’t stand her. It felt as though they were messing around in front of her.

There were so many people in the mall. Which one was she?

Director Huang was starting to panic as well as the livestream was starting to spread across the internet like wildfire.

Right now, only one person had a plan. Director Huang took out his phone and dialed a familiar number. “Hello, Qin Mo, the real Z has appeared…”

Qin Mo was on the way to the Fu family’s house when he received the call. When he heard the last line, his fingers paused and his eyes deepened, turning into the deepest depths of the sea, any emotion buried deep inside away from sight. His handsome face cast a shadow on the car window. He didn’t seem the least bit anxious now that Z had appeared because deep in his heart, he had always known that this day would come.

Qin Mo told the driver to turn back while he replied Director Huang calmly, “Brief me on the situation.”

The calm reply was enough to reassure Director Huang and he immediately reported the way Z had appeared in the mall.

Qin Mo remained unaffected. He shut his eyes and the next time they reopened, they were shining. “Remove all the IP addresses for the phones and focus only on the laptops, Z would need basic infiltration tools for a network attack.”