Chapter 978 - Untitled

Chapter 978: Untitled

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Director Huang paused, muttering, “Why didn’t that occur to me?”

Qin Mo ignored him, continuing, “Arrange for all the officers to head over. Z hasn’t finished whatever she is up to.”

“She isn’t done?” Director Huang widened his eyes. “What else is she going to do? She’s going to humiliate all the police officers in Jiang City.”

Qin Mo glanced out the window, his gaze deepening. “You got the wrong person, she’s going to seek justice for Rao Rong.”

Director Huang paused. “This is our fault but I can’t help if Rao Rong confessed.”

“Get your men down to the site first.” Qin Mo’s tone remained the same as before. “Get them to dress as civilians.”

Director Huang replied, “Alright,” before adding, “What about you?”

Qin Mo glanced at the traffic jam ahead. “I’m heading over now.”

“That’s great, we need to catch Z. You have no idea how passive I feel from her actions, I still have to answer to the bosses…”

Qin Mo hung up before Director Huang could finish his rant.

Director Huang choked. Why did it seem like this aloof and nonchalant guy hadn’t changed a bit? He had never liked hearing anyone badmouth Z.

In reality, unbeknownst to Director Huang, someone else out there was truly feeling both passive and helpless. Seated in her dorm room, Fen Jia stared down at her phone, her left hand tightening bit by bit.

The incident caused an uproar, the entire dormitory had their attention focused on the news. One of the girls exclaimed after she saw the livestream, “Z feels really handsome, how can that be?”

With that, Fen Jia glanced up abruptly.

The girl was caught off guard. Fan Jia’s death-like stare was sending a chill down her spine. “Wha-what is it?”

“Nothing.” Fen Jia gripped her phone, a sweet smile on her face. “I need some air.”

The second she left the room, her face sunk. Z was still alive? How was that possible?!

Even though she had never seen Z before, she had some information.

That year, they had devised a plan to kill that person. How could Z have appeared again? And how could she be in Jiang City? So close to them. F*ck!

Fen Jia smashed her phone against the wall.

Z! Who exactly was she?

It was destined to be a restless night.

The crime squad activated all the available cars, all for the sake of capturing the international criminal.

The voice from the large screens continued, “Since you aren’t heading in the right direction for the Maiden’s Sacrifice, I can offer you some of the clues I have discovered. Smith, my old friend, the instigator is a female, a student from A University. She is about 23 years old and has a sweet looking appearance, definitely not the person you arrested, Rao Rong. I’ll show you the evidence in a moment. Ah, no, I’ll be showing everyone. A certain esports player took many wrong paths in order to seek justice for his late father but he has never let anyone down and would never fight a meaningless battle for the sake of money. And the reason behind my appearance? It’s to tell the female undergraduate that for impersonating me, your hacking skills just aren’t good enough.”

The crowd broke into a frenzy when they heard the last line.

The police were starting to intercept the crowd.

Directly in front of the screen was the youngster. Her eyes lit up when she saw the police, her fingers moving along with the sound of her voice. “I once walked through mountains and oceans; I once passed through great crowds; I once had the entire world in my hand only for it to disappear in a blink of an eye. I was once disappointed and lost until I realized an ordinary life was my solution…”