Chapter 979

Chapter 979: Untitled

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When the crowd gathered around the youngster heard the raised voice, they turned towards the large screen behind her.

The contents had changed. Rao Rong’s face appeared on the screen and his father was there as well, a hero that was silenced when he decided to speak up against a corrupted official. It wasn’t a recent photo, Rao Rong seemed younger, clearly unlike his current appearance.

Photos over photos flashed on the screen in the form of a video like a two-minute-long movie.

But the video existed in real life, including the end where Rao Rong returned to the club after being chased out. In order for the team to win, he replaced the horrid player the investors had forced into the team at the risk of offending the club managers. It also included Rao Rong’s speech after they had lost the match.

That moment, the shoppers in the commercial area weren’t the only ones watching the video, there were also Rong’s fans who were on the verge of tears. They had liked that person for a very long time and those that had followed him from the start would know exactly what sort of person he was.

That person was the strongest sorcerer in the esports world. Ever since he had debuted, he had been considered as one of the three pillars of the esports world, together with Almighty Sun and Almighty Qin. He wasn’t someone who could go against his belief and lose a match for money. And he would never obliterate humanity.

There was too much unfairness being thrown onto him. It was indeed enough to cause a change.

Perhaps because of his father, he was able to survive he cracks. However, his youth had been stolen. During his most glorious moment, his family had broken up and that had been the situation throughout the entire year.

He was someone that loved esports.

Did you still remember how he looked like when he had just debuted? He had stood amongst his team mates, dressed in his battle gear, a smile on his face.

That had been a long time ago. In fact, it had been so long that when he had reappeared, the flame was no longer in his eyes.

What had he experienced to have undergone such a drastic change?

He was accused of something he didn’t do, expelled from his club, betrayed by his teammates and stripped off his deserved glory.

However, even then, he still hadn’t gone against his conscious even in the bleakest moment. He wanted to seek justice for his father but in the end, he hadn’t been able execute the task assigned by the organization.

It was because he had told himself not to harm the innocent and to only punish those that deserved it. He didn’t deny the evidence that pointed to him because the moment he denied anything, his father would live in injustice for the rest of his life.

As the last scene unfolded, it wasn’t just the ordinary shoppers, even the police officers who were on duty paused, their eyes red as they fought back tears.

Amongst the crowd were students brought up by Rao Rong’s father.

“Boss Qin.”

Not far from the plaza, a Land Rover was queueing to enter the parking space. The driver watched the screen from afar and couldn’t help turning to his young master.

Qin Mo was looking at the screen as well. Then he pushed the car door open and jumped over the railing single handedly. His black trench coat flew up, forming a curve.

The driver stared on with his mouth wide open since his young master was more suave than normal.

Just as everyone was staring up at the screen, Qin Mo had blended into the crowd. He held onto his phone and dialed Director Huang. “You don’t have to go inside the mall, Z is outside.”

Director Huang was already inside the shopping mall when he received the call. “Outside? How is she going to type outside?”

“You should ask Z,” Qin Mo replied faintly. “There is a better view outside. Moreover, she can detect the police more easily. Get the officers out. They have to hurry because Z is already finishing up.”

Director Huang widened his eyes. “Finishing up? How can she be finishing up when the video is still playing?”

“Z’s network attack has the ability to slow down the progress.” Qin Mo walked through the crowd, studying every single person that passed him while heading in the direction of the fountain. “You can consult Smith on this point.”

Director Huang massaged his temples. “Smith has gone crazy.”

“Is that so? Was it because of the slap from Z? It is a valid point indeed, and the higher-ups should have done some form of emergency measures. Do you still have the case on Rao Rong’s father? I want to take a look.” Qin Mo’s gaze deepened as he continued walking forward in search of someone.

Director Huang sank into an unusual silence. “It’s going to be difficult since more than a year has passed. It will take some effort to source for the evidence but the tricky part will be searching for the judge in charge of the case and the person who manages the folder since they have retired. Some of the information have been misplaced, hence, it would be hard to re-enact the scene.”

“Which means someone has tampered with the files.” Qin Mo’s voice sunk. “Look into who he was trying to convict. If information is misplaced, it is probably an internal issue.”

Director Huang had a rough idea on what he was saying; the person they were looking for was most likely someone powerful. How powerful could he be?

Director Huang glanced up at the screen. He must be someone important to be able to conceal and bury such grievances for such a long time. Director Huang felt a shudder run through him. If it wasn’t for the video Z was showing, no one would know about this grievance.

Z… The reprehensible hacker deliberately chose to return in such a fashion in this place. Was it for everyone to know the truth?

Director Huang trembled as he glanced up at the screen, his expression changing. This… Were these Z’s real intentions?

In that moment, Director Huang seemed to understand why Qin Mo had never believed Z was the one behind the Maiden’s Sacrifice. Even though they used similar styles, with at least 90% similarity, their intentions were worlds apart.

Z used her hacking skills to accomplish the same things as them, speaking out for those with grievances. For the truth to be told, for the injustice to be redressed.

Even so, Director Huang believed they walked on different paths because he had much more to consider. That was right, someone like Z would be considered the ideal hero in everyone’s heart but the police were required to maintain peace; with their strict discipline and constant hustle, working so hard there were times they had to skip their meals.

In the face of Z, even if Director Huang found it a pity, he still knew that they weren’t on the same path and could never be allies.

In the past, Qin Mo had made the wrong judgement on the case with Z. Hence, it was more than accurate for this phrase was best used to describe the both of them. Amongst all the criminals, Z was the only one deserving of Qin Mo’s praise. But she was a criminal after all and he believed Qin Mo understood as well. Now that Z had reappeared, he couldn’t be sure what sort of method Qin Mo would use against her.

Outside the plaza, endless groups of people walked by while the video continued to play.

Qin Mo suddenly paused, the corners of his eyes arched. Where was that voice coming from? He frowned, walking towards the sound. At this moment, the music paused and Qin Mo’s eyes sank. In the middle of the plaza was a youngster, a guitar slung across his body.

Bo Jiu’s actions were natural, she seemed like a busker that was heading home due to the unforeseen circumstances. She bent her long legs, shutting the laptop on the ground.

It was still operating as there was a minute delay. A minute was enough for her. She turned, walking away from the car that was parked in the basement.

If she took the car out, it would be an obvious way of notifying the police. Thus, she carried the guitar and entered the crowd. Bo Jiu was still wearing the face mask. The police had started combing the exterior of the mall, two of them were in close proximity, about ten meters from her, one of them even brushing past her but none of them noticed the person they were looking for. Bo Jiu continued forward towards the area with more people.

Bo Jiu didn’t walk fast. There was a tense air clouding the solemn crowd, they moved with a heavy heart, their steps draggy. Hence, walking quickly might not be a good thing.

Some of the girls watched on with racing hearts when they saw the busking youngster from before walking alongside them. They never expected the youngster to be heading in the same direction as them. They wanted to ask where she was going, if it was really where they were headed to.

Just as the girls started to blush, the youngster suddenly looked up, catching sight of the tall and upright figure standing amongst the crowd. The Almighty seemed to be waiting for someone.

Bo Jiu stiffened, her pupils widening. She started to analyzes the situation internally. There was still a distance between them. But she couldn’t just turn and leave, that would catch the Almighty’s attention. Hence, she could only face him straight.

This was an exact replay of their first encounter in the Fifth Avenue. But unlike before, Bo Jiu already knew how strong her rival was. And she had caught sight of him before he noticed her. Even if he saw her, it didn’t matter since she was in disguise.

However, Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if her disguise was effective in front of the Almighty.

Bo Jiu watched as the distance between them started to reduce, her left hand tightening bit by bit.

Ninety meters.

Eighty meters.

Seventy meters.

Sixty meters…

Bo Jiu counted down internally.

The Almighty turned to sweep her a glance twice and both times, her heart sped up so rapidly it no longer seemed to belong to her.

She had to find a solution or someone was going to recognize her.

Bo Jiu pressed her Bluetooth speaker, her lips moving slightly. “Hoshino…”