Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Don’t Send Such Pictures to Me Again Anymore

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Upon hearing that, He Honghua’s eyes brightened. “Jiu, how do you know this trick? This way, our company can make a fortune out of it!”

Fu Jiu didn’t say anything. She just smiled lightly.

Very soon, He Honghua thought of something and frowned. “But that Spade Z really isn’t in our company. We can’t lie to people.”

“Mum, how could this be lying?” Fu Jiu patted He Honghua’s shoulder as she said in a low voice, “I saw the live stream today as well. Since Spade Z himself said that he is with us, then he will show up on the contest day. He won’t damage his own image, so don’t worry about that. He will show up, so go ahead and bravely handle the media.”

He Honghua listened to what her daughter said, and she jumped and bounced away to call her friend from the media back!

Chen Xiaodong looked at his young master’s sparkling eyes. He said seriously, “Young Master, why do I feel that you are deliberately tempting Madam? What are you hiding?”

“Xiaodong.” Fu Jiu reached out her arm and rested it on her little servant boy’s shoulder. “You’ve watched so many movies, and you still haven’t figured this out? You die sooner in a film when you know too much. I’m so beat from playing games all night, so go make me a sandwich. And also, bring a glass of wine, then I will consider not killing you.”

All of Chen Xiaodong’s body hair stood up on their ends with that casual gesture from his young master. “I’m going right now. Y-Young Master, don’t you even think of turning me gay!”

Turning you gay?

Fu Jiu lifted her beautiful eyebrows. She thought that even if she wanted to turn someone gay, she would do it to Almighty Qin, not this little brat.

Fu Jiu blew the hair on her forehead out of her face and took her buzzing phone out. Qin Mo had sent a short but domineering message in the same old frigid tone. “It’s raining outside, don’t wander around in internet cafes.”

He was really acting like a big brother. Fu Jiu was drying her hair with a towel, and she looked towards He Honghua who was on the phone. She was wondering how her mum would react if her mother knew that she had found her such a godson.

“Brother Mo, I’m home.” In order to prove that she wasn’t lying, Fu Jiu took a picture of herself and sent it over.

Qin Mo looked at that young man’s side profile, which had water dripping down it. He looked so soft and smooth, with all her hair perfectly tamed. Continuing on, his pretty and delicate collar bones could be seen down below.

Qin Mo’s fingers paused before lowering his phone. He looked out of the window and at the flow of cars for a few seconds. Finally, he raised his phone back up and ordered, “I told you not to send such pictures to me. Now go to bed and I will pick you up from school tomorrow.”

Fu Jiu didn’t understand. What was wrong with her picture? It wasn’t blurry or out of focus or anything?

Mere mortals really couldn’t figure out what a god was thinking.

But another issue definitely had to be prioritized.

Since she claimed that she would teach the Three a lesson at the contest, she needed to recruit enough players.

Fu Jiu tapped her chin with her finger and smiled suddenly. “I should check out the games during class tomorrow. The equipment that Almighty bought will be useful.”

He Honghua came back after her phone call. She didn’t see her daughter, and the wine was gone, too. The sandwich that Chen Xiaodong made was still in the same spot.

“Where is Jiu?” she asked.

Chen Xiaodong shook his head with deep sorrow. He endured and didn’t tell his madam that Young Master had locked himself up in the room to play games and chase after Young Master Qin…