Chapter 980 - Qin Mo and Bo Jiu

Chapter 980: Qin Mo and Bo Jiu

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Amidst the crowd, the gentle Hoshino pressed down on his Bluetooth earphone. “I’m here.”

“Create a small commotion to help divert the attention away from me.” Bo Jiu tilted her head to the side when she spoke. Her voice was so soft that the people around her couldn’t hear what she was saying.

Qin Mo? Hoshino adjusted his position when he saw the cold and tall figure, he paused. “Alright.”

The second Hoshino replied, the distance between Qin Mo and Bo Jiu was down to twenty meters.

Twenty meters, with people between them.

If it hadn’t been for those people, the Almighty would have recognized her. She hadn’t managed to fool the Almighty the previous time she had disguised as a ticket personnel in a cinema. This time, Bo Jiu wasn’t certain if she could escape. But wasn’t that thrilling?

The youngster lifted her lips into a smile as she listened to the girls behind discuss about her. She suddenly paused and turned back. Even though the black face mask shielded a large portion of her face, her voice was gentle and deep. “You seemed to enjoy the song I was singing just now.”

The girl felt her heart race as she watched the youngster with bright eyes. It felt as though her heart was going to melt. What was this? The sudden homme fatale 1 seduction. Just seconds ago, they were still wrecking their brains, trying to find ways to get her contact number.

“Mmh? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Bo Jiu inched closer towards her. She lowered herself to accommodate her height and to better hear her. The youngster lowered her shoulders, positioning herself so that she could hear their reply clearly. The alluring scent from the youngster drifted into their senses as he watched them with his deep and mesmerizing eyes, looking so gorgeous they could barely breathe.

Any girl subjected to such a stare would feel her heart race. The girl being hit on felt lightheaded, her cheeks flushed. “Mmh, I liked it very much!”

“I intend to continue singing on the next road, you can follow me over if you like my music.” The youngster had a sincere gaze in her eyes, her air open and inviting, leaving the girl helpless to her charms.

“We will come, we definitely have to!” This hottie is asking me out, he definitely is asking me out, what amazing luck this is!

The girl smiled happily while Bo Jiu remained in the same intimate position as before. At this moment, there was still five meters.

Qin Mo was about to look over. Not far from where she was, she heard someone shout loud and clear, “Z! Z is here!”

No one knew who shouted since there were way too many people but that shout still attracted the attention of all the police officers. Moreover, a figure dashed across the crowd at a fast pace, triggering the officers into action.

Qin Mo moved slightly but that was just an inch. After taking one step, he immediately retracted his step. His eyes were deeper than usual. “Don’t go there,” he said into the Bluetooth earphone to Director Huang.

But it was too late, once they had taken action, they couldn’t stop. That was the belief they held when executing a mission. Moreover, there were still way too many people.

Even if the order had been made, it was hard for them to resume their original position. But this also meant that she was extremely close. She had created a diversion, following the book The Art of War.

Qin Mo’s beautiful face looked more aristocratic than ever, his lips upturned as he scanned the crowd around him.

Qin Mo’s smile struck a sense of fear in Bo Jiu because he didn’t move even with such a large diversion.

That overwhelming pressure brought her back to their first encounter in the Fifth Avenue. She had avoided the police easily but couldn’t seem to hide from him. Back then, he had removed her wig and forced her into asserting violence.

But today she didn’t wish to fight. If she fought, her identity would be exposed. Fortunately, she had a backup. A backup to use against the Almighty. Honestly, those that played Hero seemed to be more scheming in nature.

Under normal circumstances, when the criminal appeared, shouldn’t a person in his right mind take action? The Almighty, however, stood stationary, waiting for her to appear by herself.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. Just as she was about to meet the Almighty, she turned towards the girl beside her. “What’s the commotion about?”

“They seem to be arresting someone.” The girl only had the youngster in her eyes and could no longer pay attention to anyone or anything else.

Bo Jiu chuckled, her tone natural. “Want to take a look?”

“Let’s not, wouldn’t it be dangerous?” With such a large-scale operation taking place, she couldn’t be sure it was safe. Were boys all this curious? The girl tilted her head over towards the youngster with a black face mask.

“Alright,” Bo Jiu coaxed. She lifted her left hand and pressed onto the backpack she was carrying, her voice smooth and deep. “This seems heavy, why don’t I carry it for you?”

“No, it’s alright.” The girl blushed. You just have to be beside me, there isn’t a need to carry my bag!

Bo Jiu chuckled. “You’re impossible.” She spoke with indulgence and sweetness.

Someone was drunk on her voice. However, someone else frowned when he saw this scene. The latter was obviously Qin Mo. The moment he saw the youngster, he started to suspect if he was the person he was familiar with.

But they were standing so intimately like a couple that just started dating and Z would never bring a girl on an operation.

Besides, the intimacy didn’t seem forced so it shouldn’t be her.

There wasn’t any more time for Qin Mo to study them as they entered the crowd.

Qin Mo shifted his gaze, a hint of suspicion underneath his gaze.

Even after she walked away, Bo Jiu could still feel the Almighty’s fiery stare. It was so intense it seemed to be able to pierce through her.

Fortunately, the girl reacted again, her face red. “Can we continue to be together later?”

This little fangirl of hers was a lifesaver! “We will see, if the situation permits.”

That was their last interaction before Qin Mo shifted his attention away from the youngster’s back towards someone else. Unbeknownst to her, it was her back view which increased his suspicion. Fortunately, Bo Jiu had taken that into account. Otherwise the chances of escaping would have been slim.

The girl beside her was the true star.

Bo Jiu smiled brightly when she successfully escaped the Almighty. It was the perfect challenge for her.

The girl gazed up at her and couldn’t hold her admiration. “You are really handsome!”

And that four words drifted into the air and were caught by a certain someone.

Qin Mo shifted his attention back to them, his gaze bright and sharp…

In reality, Qin Mo wasn’t the only one alerted by this phrase, Bo Jiu had caught it as well. An ordinary couple in love wouldn’t be complimenting the other party in such a manner. Bo Jiu cursed internally, taking action ahead of Qin Mo.

Before the girl could react, the youngster apologized. “Sorry.” With a sharp turn, her dark jet-black hair splashed across her forehead. The parts of her face which weren’t covered by the face mask were so fair it seemed as though there wasn’t any blood following through. She pressed her lips slightly, with a hint of stubbornness, she was prepared for a certain someone to recognize her. Right then, this little game was no longer as fun as she anticipated.

The next moment, the youngster pushed her over, with the words, “If I had a choice, I wouldn’t want him to hug you either.”

“Mmh?” Before the girl could process the situation, she was already in another set of arms, a minty tobacco scent drifting into her senses.

This person… The girl glanced up and was immediately attracted to the beautiful jawline.

Qin Mo frowned, pushing the girl aside before chasing after the youngster. Their skills and figure were both beautiful ad suave as they glided through the crowd fluidly, looking like a scene out of a Hollywood action film.

Bo Jiu maneuvered rapidly, scanning the surroundings. She lifted a brow when she saw the walkway ahead. With a leap, she flew up with a powerful force. With a loud thump, the youngster glided up the car boot onto his roof!

“F*ck, that’s so cool!”

“Are they filming a movie?!”

“Is he using Qinggong?”

It wasn’t Qinggong but rather, a ninja move.

As the Young Master of the Hacker World, such skills were a fundamental requirement.

Even so, the girls couldn’t help but break into excited squeals because the youngster on the car was extremely striking. Whilst she leaped onto the car, she didn’t forget to toss her guitar aside, hindering those that were trying to chase after her.

If it had been someone else, they might have tripped over but the person chasing after Bo Jiu was Qin Mo. With a clean turn, his long legs bent in midair and with a loud bam, the guitar split into two midair.

Bo Jiu didn’t even bother throwing a backward glance when she heard a loud noise.

Under the exclamations of everyone, the youngster took a step backwards before jumping from one car roof to another before finally landing on the ground again. Taking advantage of the red light, she rolled up on the spot, facing across the road.

Some of the crime squad officers caught sight of the commotion but it was useless because the youngster didn’t just have smooth moves, she was also extremely fast.

Moreover, she was in the middle of the road and had managed to reach there with insane methods. How exactly were they supposed to catch her? Young Master Qin was their only hope. That was how all the crime squad officers felt. Due to the distance, they wouldn’t be able to aim accurately, which ruled out the gun.

Besides, from the start of the operation, Young Master Qin had warned them against using their guns. But from the looks of things, the gun wouldn’t be useful anyways as the youngster was way too fast and she hadn’t left the crowd.

This made it hard to open fire. Even if the Almighty had entered between the cars, the situation was the same. The crowd assumed the youngster would get away like this. But they hadn’t expected the figure chasing after her, his legs long and slender. His black trench coat flew with the wind, giving off the illusion that they were in the wrong place.

Honestly, they were both fast and had sick moves. The only difference was the length of their legs. Qin Mo’s legs were longer than Bo Jiu’s and he had accurately predicted her escape route. It seemed like every single one of her moves was within his expectation, increasing his chances of catching up to her.

Just as she was about to be caught, Bo Jiu dodged and tossed something backwards.

Swoosh! It was a pack of cigarettes.

Qin Mo dodged the packet, remarking in a neutral tone, “Don’t you have anything else to throw?”

Bo Jiu ignored him. At such a crucial moment, any backward glances would give him the chance to catch her. The Almighty’s long legs and height was a God-given advantage.

Bo Jiu continued to run, her long legs kicking the wall at the side and using the backward force, she sped up and flipped across the railing in front of her.

Not giving up? Qin Mo arched his perfect brow and dashed ahead. He didn’t need the wall as a booster to catch up to the figure ahead. It seemed like the difference in their height was indeed useful.

Bo Jiu didn’t have anything else to throw other than the USB lighter in her pocket but the moment she tossed it at him, her identity would be exposed.

Right at that moment, Qin Mo narrowed his eyes as he calculated the distance between them and reached his left hand out to grab her trench coat.

Bo Jiu paused and without hesitation, she leaped up and did a flip midair. Using the momentum from the turn, she managed to escape his clutches.

But that wasn’t the end, Qin Mo was already so near which meant there was a chance she might be caught.

However, the thought of his shocked expression or perhaps the look of taste and distrust was enough to fuel her on, sending a surge of energy through her. Their relationship was already in a tense situation. If she really got caught, it was all over.

With that, Bo Jiu lifted her legs and straightened them in Qin Mo’s direction, the sharp splitting sound from the wind seemed strong enough to cut anything.

Qin Mo took a step back. He narrowed his eyes and once again, he reached out his hands. Unlike the previous time at the Fifth Avenue, he didn’t grab her arm, instead, he went for the face mask on her face.

A shock ran through her. She used her left hand to block off his attack. It was a beautiful turn and even though her mask was off, Qin Mo still hadn’t gotten a look at her appearance. But without her face mask, she could no longer face him straight because regardless of how much amendments she made to her face, he would definitely be able to recognize her. It was way too difficult…

Bo Jiu leaped once more but this time, she wasn’t that lucky. In order to avoid a child in front of her, she shifted sideways. That small shift was enough for Qin Mo to grab her shirt.