Chapter 982 - Qin Mo Came to the Dormitory

Chapter 982: Qin Mo Came to the Dormitory

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“Young Master, is it weird? Young Master Qin could have called your phone if he was looking for you, why did he call the house? My scalp is still tingling from that call. Even if Young Master Qin has a nice voice, it’s still horrifying. As a butler, Chen Xiaodong made a fuss rather often.

His nagging made Bo Jiu frown. “Xiaodong!”

“Mmh, mmh?” Chen Xiaodong wasn’t sure why his young master had called his name so suddenly.

Bo Jiu’s eyes dimmed. “I have something to attend to. If Young Master Qin calls again, tell him I’m in school.”

“That’s what I told him, I…” Before Chen Xiaodong could finish his sentence, the call went dead.

At the back of the motorcycle, Bo Jiu leap down smoothly. She slung her bag over a shoulder and used the other hand to unzip her jacket, tossing it into the rubbish bin beside her. Her actions were fast.

Hoshino suddenly realized something. “Did something happen?”

“Qin Mo is starting to suspect me.” Bo Jiu paused. “He suspects I’m the one at the plaza.”

The light in Hoshino’s eyes dimmed. “Do you want to just leave?”

Bo Jiu glanced up, shaking her head. Her voice was low and deep as she spoke, “We haven’t completed the National League yet. I’ll leave once Supreme Alliance wins the Championship.”

Hoshino studied her for a long while before speaking, “I have arranged a special pathway so that you can leave easily when the time comes.”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu changed out of her disguise rapidly, leaving her with just the hair dye, which couldn’t be settled here. She would have to head back to campus. She would also have to search for an alibi, all of which needed to be done before the Almighty arrived there.

Bo Jiu glanced at the tunnel before she turned towards Hoshino. “Leave from the east and leave the bike in a place where vehicle thefts are common. You can hail a cab and leave from there.”

“Alright.” Hoshino maintained his demeanor, his left leg supporting motorcycle. “Be careful. If your identity is exposed, we can always head back earlier.”

Bo Jiu nodded before dashing towards the train. She glanced down at the time and was thankful for the peak hour traffic. If it wasn’t for the jam, it wouldn’t have been easy to shake off those cars from the crime squad. Although there weren’t surveillance cameras on the smaller roads but there would be cameras on the larger roads, leaving a trace to them.

Even if there weren’t any traces, there would be checks on the major roads in the next half hour. Hence, both her and Hoshino would have to quicken up, fighting against the time.

Bo Jiu had it all planned. The only thing she hadn’t expected was the Almighty’s call to the Fu family’s house.

It was as Chen Xiaodong had said; if the Almighty was purely trying to locate her, he would have called her or sent a WeChat message. However, he had called the Fu family’s house. He wasn’t trying to look for her but trying to find out if she was really at home and if she had an alibi.

Bo Jiu tightened her grip on the pole in the train, her eyes gleaming. It had never been an easy task to shake off the Almighty.

She didn’t have much time.

Bo Jiu glanced down at her wrist once more. Once she had reached her stop, she took large strides into the crowd. She moved swiftly as her hair was still black and she would have to wash the pigments off soon.

In order to prevent being arrested on campus, Bo Jiu took the back entrance, which meant she had to climb the walls.

No.1 Middle School’s backdoor was near the No.2 Middle School’s backdoor.

Bo Jiu tugged her collar and was prepared to take action when the thorn-headed youngster from No.2 Middle School cursed outwardly before strolling over. “F*ck, Expert, why are you climbing the wall when it’s night time? Aren’t you afraid of being punished to do frog jumps by the headmaster?”

Bo Jiu stiffened, turning towards him.

“Hey, you dyed your hair black. I had a feeling it was you from the silhouette and it seems like I’m right.”

Bo Jiu pressed a hand over her forehead, exhaling deeply. She eyed the things in his hand and pulled him forward. “Do you know you are wasting my time? Hand the instant noodles over.”

“Instant noodles? No, I didn’t have a good meal during my date and all the food in the school canteen is sold out. This is the only food I have and you’re going to take it?”

Bo Jiu reached her hand out. “Give it to me.”

“F*ck, this is extortion, do you even know that? Is it a trend for good students to rob bad students?”

Bo Jiu ignored his continuous nagging. She reached out for the instant noodles and positioned her hands on the tree branch at the side, climbing up rapidly. Once she reached the top floor, she jumped, her actions smooth and suave.

No.2 Middle School’s boss hesitated slightly before deciding to get another bowl of noodles. He wasn’t as skillful as Bo Jiu after all. If he really chased after her for a fight, he would definitely be on the losing end and this would be an embarrassment.

He had a girlfriend to think about right now, he has to be mindful of his image!

Bo Jiu moved quickly, especially in the dark, turning into a silent shadow.

When she reached the dorm room, the other roommates who had ditched the night revision to play poker were startled by her appearance. “Boss, can’t you make some noise when you walk? Ah, what happened to your hair…”

Bo Jiu threw them a glance. “If Almighty Qin asks, tell him I have been in the room the entire day and hadn’t stepped out at all, understood?”

The two of them were confused but the youngster’s tight expression silenced any objection they had. Ever since the school hunk’s first day, they had been bought over completely. Hence, even if they strongly doubted Almighty Qin would come all the way here to ask about her, they still hadn’t said anything.

After entering the dorm room, Bo Jiu poured hot water into her instant noodles before heading into the shower.

No.1 Middle School was without doubt the best high school in Jiang City.

Even the dorms were at a five-star level with places to have a bath.

Bo Jiu studied the reflection of herself before she lowered her head and positioned it beneath the tap, not bothering to adjust the temperature. The white foam covered her black hair, the dark color fading gradually to the original silver.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zuo rushed over to the school entrance after getting a call from Qin Mo. When he caught sight of the hostile figure, he couldn’t keep his curiosity. “Young Master Fu was just trying to experience school life. Is there a need to get so angry?”

Qin Mo remained silent, walking in the direction of the male dorm.

Jiang Zuo smirked. “You still haven’t settled him?”

Qin Mo turned and eyed him, his tone faint. “You haven’t settled Xue Yaoyao either and she seems to have something against you.”

Jiang Zuo stiffened, breaking into another smile. “How is that the same? Mine isn’t as serious as yours. You were made gay because of him but I really don’t get what your Little Spade is thinking. He stayed on campus to study? Is that necessary… We are here, it’s this block, I helped to ask about it.”

Without another word, Qin Mo entered the building.

Even though No.1 Middle School had excellent facilities, it was still an old school. Hence, the dorms were not equipped with the more modern facilities such as elevators, resulting in them to have to take the stairs.

Everyone had their eyes on Qin Mo the moment he had entered the building. Moreover, Jiang Zuo was behind him. The two male Almighties of No.1 Middle School were back, which was indeed a cause for excitement.

A boy’s mind was simple. To them, Qin Mo was the strongest boss in the history of No.1 Middle School. Thus, they would be invited back to campus rather frequently. But to see him appear in the male dormitory was considered a miracle.

Many students started to take photos with their phone. Some of the Qin fans could barely control their excitement and shouted, “Almighty Qin, good luck for the National League’s finals!”

Qin Mo didn’t respond as he had already reached the second floor.

Jiang Zuo chuckled. “You seem much more popular than before. Seems like Supreme Alliance is well supported by their fans. How does it feel to be idolized by so many boys?”

“Indifferent.” Qin Mo glanced at him, signaling him to shut his mouth. “Wait for me downstairs, I need a word with that youngster in private.”

Jiang Zuo arched a brow, smiling. “You will need someone to watch the door when you talk. I can do that. I could help you clear the area as well.”

“That’s up to you.” Qin Mo headed up the third floor. A group of half-naked high school boys held a large pail and washing board. They were probably washing their clothes in the study room. When Qin Mo caught sight of their attire, he frowned because one of them was strutting around in only his underwear.

The thought of a certain someone living in this environment made his eyes go cold.

But is she really staying here or was it just a ruse?

He walked towards her room, stepping onto all sorts of rubbish. An odd odor was floating in the air.

Jiang Zuo’s emotionless face was starting to crack as he reached out to press his nose together.

When the boys in the hallway caught sight of the both of them, they seemed to fossilize, freezing to the ground.

They only had one thought, F*ck, what is Almighty Qin doing here?

The boy in his brief was afraid to offend Almighty Qin, thus he hurriedly hid behind a wall, using both hands to cover his male parts while wishing dearly he was invisible.

That was human nature. If an entire group walked around naked, the boy wearing just his brief wouldn’t have felt much about his attire.

But the moment a clean and poise person, the very person all the boys idolized, came walking in, he couldn’t help the flush that was creeping up his face.

The other one blushing was the bespectacled boy standing by his room door. He held onto his takeout box and stared. Could anyone tell him what was happening? Why was Almighty Qin stopping in front of their room and why was he looking at him with his hands in his pockets and an arched brow?

Even though he didn’t wish to admit it but the difference in their height was more than a little.

“Knock on the door,” Qin Mo instructed lightly but the aura he exuded was overwhelming and gave no room for defiance.

The bespectacled boy knocked on the door lightly but no one heard the knock from inside.

With Young Master Qin by his side, it was adding the difficulty to enter his dorm room. Normally, he would kick the door open as that was the usual way to enter a dorm room in there. He had never been so civilized.

Jiang Zuo decided to salvage the situation. “Isn’t it time for night revision? I doubt there are many people back in their rooms.”

“The checks aren’t that strict recently, and we are guys after all.” The bespectacled boy laughed, his eyes darting over to peak at Almighty Qin’s tight expression. Internally, he prayed for someone to open the door. They didn’t just skip lessons, they had even made him buy food for them and yet no one was willing to collect the food!

Because of Qin Mo and Jiang Zuo, room 419 turned into the center of attraction.

They had a feeling their dorm was going to become a hit; first, it had been the school hunk and now, Young Master Qin was here. His appearance was an encounter they had never dared to dream about.

The bespectacled boy couldn’t take the pressure. He inhaled deeply under that sharp gaze, slamming hard on the door.

“F*ck, who is it? I’m gaming.”

“It should be the guy with glasses, our takeout is probably here.”

“Heh, sounds good,” one of them commented as he opened the door. “It really is him, come, let me see what you bought…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he realized that Almighty Qin was also at the door and Young Master Jiang was here as well.

All of a sudden, he remembered what their new boss had told them. He turned with his mouth agape. He wanted to wait for his new boss to come out from his shower but somehow, the youngster was already out and seated in front of his wooden table. He seemed to have just washed his hair with droplets dripping from the ends. He lowered his head and was fiddling with a bowl of noodles, seemingly waiting for it to cool.

This… Why did their new boss appear? He took the same amount of time for him to open the door, wasn’t that a little too fast?

Qin Mo glanced up at the fossilized person before he reached out and pushed him aside. Then he entered.

When the person coming down from his upper bunk saw him, he missed a step and fell from the ladder.

The man at the door finally regained his senses and hurriedly called out, “Boss.”

The moment she heard the knock on the door, Bo Jiu guessed that it was the Almighty. She arched a brow and bit down on the plastic fork that came with the instant noodles. The Almighty was at the entrance of their insanely messy room. Dressed in his trench coat, his long legs appeared long and straight. His elegance and clean outlook were a stark contrast to their dorm room.

Bo Jiu felt a tinge of guilt. Hence, she felt a tingling sensation through her scalp when she met his deep gaze. Very quickly, however, she broke into a smile, the curve of her lips uniquely hers. She seemed happy at his arrival. “Brother Mo, what are you doing here?”