Chapter 983 - : Sweet Intimateness

Chapter 983: Sweet Intimateness

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Qin Mo studied the youngster, her hair was still drenched from the shower, the surprise from his sudden appearance clear in her face. Her gaze was as bright and clear as always; it was as though she had no idea what he was referring to.

Qin Mo took another step forward.

The guy who fell from the stairs retracted his arm hurriedly, burrowing into his blanket. In this hot summer day, it was indeed a feat to be hidden under his thick woolen blanket.

Bo Jiu could sense his overwhelming aura with every step he took.

She wondered if her roommates would believe if she told them that the Almighty had come out of boredom.

“All of you, get out.” These were his first words, his voice cold and emotionless.

They were short five words but it sent a chill down their back. They glanced at each other before scrambling to the safe zone with their belongings. It was beside Jiang Zuo, who had an enigmatic smile on his face.

“Seems like we are interrupting.” Jiang Zuo placed his head on someone’s shoulder as he spoke. “Let’s have a smoking break outside.”

The guy nodded. There weren’t many options for them since they couldn’t stand in Young Master Qin’s way. Besides, Young Master Qin seemed like he was out for vengeance. They weren’t being unfaithful and didn’t have thoughts of betraying their boss. But even if they took action, it would have been futile.

“Wait a minute.” Qin Mo turned over and glanced at the three of them. “He has been in the room and hadn’t left?”


Bo Jiu cursed internally when she heard that confused exclamation.

Fortunately, the bespectacled one had a bit more sense. He pushed his spectacles further up his nose bridge before replying firmly, “No, he hadn’t gone out. Boss briefly showed his face in class before coming back with his instant noodles.”

With that, Bo Jiu broke into a light smile. That was the perfect excuse. Indeed, those that studied were better liars. He was indeed worthy to be known as the odd intellectual of their dorm room.

Qin Mo glanced at the bespectacled guy before turning towards the other two. Their faltering glances made him smirk. “Is that so.

“Yes, Almighty Qin, you should know, the revision at night isn’t something you can continue for long,” the thorn-headed one replied after regaining his composure.

Based on Bo Jiu’s understanding of the Almighty, he hadn’t believed them at all. Fortunately, she wasn’t thrown under the bus by burdensome teammates.

“Alright.” Jiang Zuo reached out to close the door, leaving a meaningful last line. “Have a good talk, the duration doesn’t matter, just keep it down a little. I’ll be watching the door.”

Bo Jiu watched him as he shut the door, his expression looking very much like a pimp.

After the door was shut, the three roommates heaved a sigh of relief.

Their hearts were racing when Young Master Qin questioned them. But their boss was amazing; how did he know what Young Master Qin was going to ask them?

Indeed, their acting was world-class.

After their self-appreciation, they couldn’t help the curiosity and thus turned towards Jiang Zuo. “Young Master Jiang, what’s wrong with Young Master Qin and our boss? Are they having a rocky period?”

Jiang Zuo leaned against the door, lit a cigarette, and held it between two fingers. He smiled. “How can it be a rocky period? They have something to discuss regarding the competition tomorrow, so we shouldn’t be disturbing them.”

As for how their discussion would go, only Qin Mo would know. Honestly, Jiang Zuo rarely saw Qin Mo in such a state, radiating a coldness from within. Hopefully, it wasn’t anything serious.

Jiang Zuo tapped the cigarette in his hands as he glanced at the messy hallway. He felt a need to remind Qin Mo to hurry. Any longer in such an environment would leave him with a murky odor.

Right at this moment, Qin Mo was too preoccupied to read his messages. He ignored the vibrating phone, a hand stuffed into his pocket as he stood in front of Bo Jiu. Qin Mo glanced down at her, his expression light as he studied her. But his gaze was so intense she could feel a chill run down her spine.

Bo Jiu blinked.

Qin Mo reached out to touch the bowl of noodles. It was piping hot, which meant there was indeed water inside.

Bo Jiu glanced over. She watched as the slender hands tested the temperature. Qin Mo’s nails were short and neat but that didn’t mean they were harmless. Instead his actions meant that he was indeed suspicious.

“419. Did you move in because of the room number?” he asked coldly.

Bo Jiu stiffened. “I didn’t pay attention to the number.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo watched her expression.

Bo Jiu exposed her two front teeth, breaking into a faint smile. “I’m too righteous to have such thoughts.”

“That includes watching all those half-naked guys walking around.” Qin Mo’s gaze dimmed.

At this moment, Bo Jiu felt a need to save herself. She caressed the bridge of her nose. “After I’ve seen you, it’s difficult to take an interest in those ribs.”

Qin Mo paused. “Behave yourself.”

“I am behaving.” Bo Jiu broke into another laugh. “Brother Mo, you aren’t angry at me anymore.”

Qin Mo eyed her, his gaze so deep she could barely catch the emotion brewing inside. “I can stop being angry but you have to sing me a song.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Alright, Brother Mo, what song do you want to hear?”

“An Ordinary Road,” he replied softly.

But that name made her stiffen slightly. “Alright, let me search for the lyrics.”

Just as she lowered her head to search for the lyrics, Qin Mo positioned both hands by her sides, lowering himself towards her. There was barely any space between them. They were so close their faces could touch.

Fortunately, Jiang Zuo had chased the others out. If they had seen them in this position, it would have been hard not to think otherwise.

Bo Jiu felt her heart clench, it was the tactic the Almighty used specifically to interrogate her.

Qin Mo studied her face, his lips curving into a smile that carried a devilish air rarely seen on him. “Jiu, do you know a person’s heartbeat increases when they are lying?”

Bo Jiu glanced up, her face serious. “I don’t know about lying but with Brother Mo so close to me, it would be hard for my heart not to race.”

“Should I hold your chest when I question you?” Qin Mo chuckled, looking warm and gentle but behind that mask, there wasn’t a hint of warmth because that laughter didn’t reach his eyes.

The Almighty’s gaze moved from her face up towards the roots of her hair. He reached out his left hand, trailing under her shirt, pulling her entire top upwards as he moved towards her tenderness.

Bo Jiu froze.

Just then, the Almighty asked casually, his breathe slashing onto her lips. “Why did you wash your hair at this hour?”