Chapter 984 - Peace

Chapter 984: Peace

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“Staying in a male dorm isn’t very convenient, I have to wait for everyone to leave before I can shower.” Bo Jiu’s excuse made perfect sense.

Qin Mo laughed again while inching closer to her. His lips were tightly shut and cold.

As the tips of his fingers pressed down, Bo Jiu cowered involuntarily but Qin Mo took another step forward, holding onto the back of her head. He watched the droplets at the tip of her silvery hair fall onto her fair collarbone. His gaze deepened as he released her.

Bo Jiu was about to stand when she regained her freedom.

Just then, Qin Mo reached into his pocket, pulling out a black mask. He turned to look at her, his voice light. “Recognize this?”

Before Bo Jiu had the chance to speak, Qin Mo fastened the black mask onto her face.

Bo Jiu felt her heart clench. She forced herself to appear natural. She was well aware where the black mask came from. The Almighty had removed it during their struggle just now…

The black mask was a stark contrast to her bright eyes, emphasizing their beauty.

Qin Mo studied the familiar eyes that shone through the mask, his gaze turning deep. He traced the ends of the black mask, his body lowering towards her. “It looks similar.”

Bo Jiu didn’t cower. “What is it similar to?”

“To Z…”

Bo Jiu stiffened at his words- It wasn’t because of the Almighty’s words but rather the sudden kiss that landed on her lips across the black mask. The thin cotton fabric formed a thin veil over her lips, his faint breath clouding her senses.

That kiss tugged at her heart strings and her brain blanked out. She could no longer think about anything else.

“It’s you, right?” The chilly air from his breathe splashed onto the back of her ear, his defined face mesmerizing. “The person in the plaza today.”

That line jolted her senses back. She didn’t deny it straight away. Instead, she looked at him with a glazed expression. “What plaza?”

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, watching her bewitching face, the one that could always rob him off his senses. His resolve started to falter. Maybe it wasn’t her?

“Brother Mo, why aren’t you saying anything?” Bo Jiu took the opportunity to probe further. “What plaza are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Qin Mo still wore his black trench coat, his dark hair ruffled, a perfect match with his sexual looking appearance. He reached out, removing his trench coat and placing it over a certain someone’s head.

Her vision blacked out and she paused. “Brother Mo, you still won’t look at my face?”

The moment she finished asking, her entire body was lifted.

Her abdomen rested on his shoulders and her head was hanging low. It clearly wasn’t the most comfortable expression.

Bo Jiu was about to resist when Qin Mo warned, “Do you want the entire school to know whom I carried out?”

With that, all of her objections were silenced because if word came out, she was the one being humiliated. Rumors and gossip were a horrifying thing. For instance, the Almighty could no longer endure her pursuit and was going to throw her away like a piece of garbage.

Along with picture evidence, her reputation would be over. She was still a guy now, she couldn’t allow a school hunk to have such a fate. Hence, it was best to stay quiet.

Her other roommates were still asking Jiang Zuo about Young Master Qin when the door opened.

Qin Mo walked out, with a human on his shoulders?

The occupants of room 419 exchanged glances. They didn’t have to think much to know who Young Master Qin was carrying. It could only be their boss, the school hunk. Their boss was considered highly skilled in their eyes. How strong was Young Master Qin for him to have overtaken their boss in just a matter of minutes.

Since Qin Mo sensed their gaze, he turned to face them. “What is it?”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” one of them replied instantly.

Bo Jiu had her face covered and couldn’t see their expression but just the sound of the inhale and their tone was enough for her to read the situation. They must be crowding around to watch her.

In the past, Bo Jiu used to hate it when the Almighty covered her head with the jacket but now, she clenched onto the trench coat, worried it would fall off her head.

Jiang Zuo laughed, thoroughly amused. “I’ve got to hand it to you for using such a method.”

Qin Mo remained silent and continued to carry a certain someone, walking out of the male dorm under the scrutiny of a group of guys. Once he reached the Land Rover, he stuffed her into the backseat.

Jiang Zuo had been following behind but when he caught sight of something, he shifted his gaze towards a figure that was smiling at a guy. He narrowed his eyes abruptly, his tone as flippant as before. “I have something to attend to, I’ll leave you to educate your Little Spade in private.”

He was clearly basking in her misfortune. Bo Jiu herself was sure it wouldn’t be good.

From the current situation, the Almighty was still suspicious of her. Moreover, she was staying in a male dorm now and from the Almighty’s tone, he didn’t seem very pleased.

As expected, the moment the Almighty entered, he placed her onto his thighs, his tone deep and smooth as he spoke slowly, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you now. I’ll deal with you when we’re home.”

Bo Jiu replied, “… Brother Mo, why don’t you just touch me now?”

“The driver is in front.” Qin Mo sniffed her hair. Finally. Everything seemed to be in the right place. “When there isn’t anyone else…”

His intentions were more than clear. The interrogation she was going to face was probably going to be worse than the one in the male dorm.

Why was he picking on her? She clearly had everything covered. His suspicion was going overboard.

He carried Fatty in front of her. “Tap into No.1 Middle School’s surveillance system and see if anyone had climbed the walls today. No, you don’t have to look for anyone suspicious, find any footage with Little Spade.”

Bo Jiu replied honestly, “Brother Mo, I don’t always climb walls, there are times I take the main entrance.”

Qin Mo ignored her interruption, continuing with his instructions. “Send me the footage of her classroom, from seven pm to eight pm. I want to check if Spade was there.”

“Captain, why are you looking into Little Spade?”

Bo Jiu was about to reply but Qin Mo cut in. “He’s always skipping class.”

“That’s bad indeed,” Fatty commented before hanging up.

Bo Jiu: …