Chapter 985 - Peace

Chapter 985: Peace

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When the sky turned dark, the students of No.1 Middle School just ended their night revision. The school was lit up and bustling, with a huge crowd near the supper place and convenient store. The days were getting warmer and more students were buying ice cream and chilled drinks.

This atmosphere in No.1 Middle School was a stark contrast to when Qin Mo and Jiang Zuo had first arrived. At this moment, the students were all released and the streets were filled with people. Some discussing the questions and others were planning their weekend shopping trip.

Xue Yaoyao wanted to use this chance to game at the internet cafe since she had made pracitizing her hand speed a daily habit. But she hadn’t expected to be stopped by a guy that she was friendly with.

The boy belonged to her neighboring class. He stood in front of her, tall and handsome with a basketball in his arm. He was the perfect sunshine hunk with good personality. When he smiled, his two front teeth would show, adding points to his overall appearance.

This sort of guy was indeed highly sought after in their school. Hence, Xue Yaoyao hadn’t expected to be stopped by him, with two of his friends standing behind him.

“We’re having a match soon. Do you want to watch?” he asked.

Xue Yaoyao still held a book in her hand as she laughed lightly and rejected his offer.

The boy chuckled. “Forget it, let me change my question. You, do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Xue Yaoyao paused, she glanced up and was about to reject him when suddenly, an enigmatic voice came from behind her. “Yaoyao, Auntie doesn’t want you to date so young and No.1 Middle School doesn’t allow relationships.”

Xue Yaoyao froze. She didn’t have to turn to know who it was.

The boy who had just confessed caught sight of the cigarette from afar as the charismatic Jiang Zuo strolled over. His eyes widened in shock. “Young Master Jiang.”

Jiang Zuo walked over, a cigarette in one hand. He placed the other onto Xue Yaoyao’s shoulders naturally as he whispered, “Why aren’t you telling your classmate you are restricted from being in a relationship for the next three years? Mmh?”

Xue Yaoyao felt herself stiffen. She knew Jiang Zuo was reminding her of their agreement. She couldn’t have a boyfriend in the next three years, a term they had agreed on from the start.

The boy wasn’t aware. He really believed she couldn’t date because high school was a sensitive period. His gaze dimmed.

Xue Yaoyao watched him. This was the first time someone had confessed to her. In the past, she was a wallflower that no one saw. She glanced up and started, “I’m sorry…”

The boy laughed, cutting her off. “It’s alright, you’re planning to go C University, right? I’ll apply to that school as well.”

This time, Xue Yaoyao was truly caught off guard. That was something she had said very long ago, before she had lost weight and before she had become an official member of Supreme Alliance. Moreover, it hadn’t been long since she had returned to school. “How do you know…”

The boy looked at her, his gaze deep and sincere. “The first time I noticed you was when you were helping your young brother pack his bag, it felt warm and tender. Ever since then, I started becoming curious about you and started to find out more.”

Xue Yaoyao paused. She had never expected anyone to notice her back then. Moreover, he had always been a hot topic among girls.

He noticed her gaze and chuckled, a flush creeping up his face. “You probably forgot but there was once when I injured myself from a soccer game. I sat near the railing and when you walked past, you handed me a band aid and helped washing my wound. Back then, I wanted to confess, I wanted to tell you I really like you. Xue Yaoyao, I really like you a lot.”

Xue Yaoyao’s gaze turned glazed as she looked into his bright eyes. She wasn’t the girl he thought her to be, he deserved someone better. At the very least, he deserved someone who hadn’t gotten into an agreement with someone else…

Jiang Zuo stood beside Xue Yaoyao. His fingers tightened unconsciously as he watched him, his chest felt stuffy and tight as he watched her expression. It seemed as though he was really going to lose something.

He grabbed onto Xue Yaoyao’s hand, his smile devilish. “She won’t be going to C University, she will only be going to A University and… I forgot to tell you, in reality, we are in a relationship.”

Jiang Zuo tugged on her, pulling her into her embrace before pressing down with a kiss, which was a light and fleeting touch.

In that instant, the boy froze to the spot. He felt his throat closing up, it was congested and bitter. Jiang Zuo didn’t allow him to speak, pulling Xue Yaoyao away.

The entire time, there were many people turning to look at them.

“Is that Young Master Jiang?”

“Yes, it really is!”

“Why is Young Master Jiang here? Is he here with Young Master Qin to do a speech for the graduating students?”

“That was ages ago, Young Master Jiang doesn’t come often.”

“Isn’t he holding onto Xue Yaoyao? Wasn’t she chasing Young Master Jiang back then? I heard she did all sorts of embarrassing things which irritated him but now…”

“Don’t you know?”

“What is it?”

“Xue Yaoyao’s mother married into the Jiang family, he is probably here to bring her home. Stop believing all those gossips. Even though Xue Yaoyao indeed liked him, she never did anything. But someone seemed to have leaked her diary entries. Everyone has crushes, it would be too much if you continue to spread such false rumors.”

“Now that sounds much better. Even though I don’t hate Xue Yaoyao, she shouldn’t be chasing my Young Master Jiang. The distance between them is way too big…”

Xue Yaoyao listened to their discussion but none of it seemed to have an impact on her. She had probably gotten used to it after hearing it for such a long time. At the same time, she knew any fuss she made would just embarrass Jiang Zuo. It wasn’t necessary. Her mind seemed calmer, resulting in her handling things differently.

“There isn’t anyone around, you can let go of me,” said Xue Yaoyao emotionlessly after they had left the campus. She had to take care of her hand now. It wasn’t because she was spoilt tough, it was because of the important match she had tomorrow. The finals, they were finally there.

Xue Yaoyao concentrated all her thoughts on the National League and hadn’t noticed how grim his face was.

Why couldn’t she act like before? Right now, even her reaction to the confession could stir up frustration within him. He knew it wasn’t the right reaction but that scene seemed like a film that kept repeating in his mind. Jiang Zuo clenched his fists, his voice tight. “I brought you out for you to reflect on your status.”

Xue Yaoyao looked at him. “I know my status but today isn’t the day we agreed on, I’m going to the internet cafe to practice. As for the problem you are worried about, it won’t happen in the next three years. Young Master Jiang, please.”

He once told her he didn’t like someone dirty and that itself was a strong enough hint. But Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand it. She had already told him to leave, why was he still following behind her?

At the beginning, his face was cold and taut. But after their distance had grown, when he made sure she was really heading towards the internet cafe, he started to look more carefree and had even gotten Uncle Yin to open the computer beside her.

Xue Yaoyao ignored him. After all, he was a young master, which was why he behaved in such a selfish manner. She pulled her phone out and clicked onto Her Highness Jiu’s WeChat, prepared to invite her for a match.

The moment she typed the words, her phone was taken away. Jiang Zuo looked at her, the way he did in the nightclub. “The one you are looking for is currently being punished by Qin Mo. If you send him a text right now, wouldn’t he be subjected to a harsher punishment?”

The reality was as just as Jiang Zuo had said.

Bo Jiu sat in the car, thinking of how to reject the Almighty’s seduction the entire time.

She wasn’t too worried about the classroom footage as it wasn’t possible for her to go on a mission without preparation. She was just worried about tactics he hadn’t used. Making her sing behind the face mask was enough to show his suspicion.

The Almighty was the only one who suspected her. Even until this day, Smith had yet to associate the crimes with her.

They had exchanged hands at the plaza and if the Almighty had been with those special force troops at the cinema, chances of her escaping would have been slim even with Hoshino helping her. Hence, luck played an important part in huge gambles.

Bo Jiu smiled, looking mischievous. She was going to deny all the allegations thrown at her. That was the only benefit of her reincarnation.

“Young Master, we have arrived.” The car stopped steadily and Bo Jiu’s ears twitched.

Qin Mo spoke to her through the trench coat, “Do you remember who the mask belongs to now?”

Bo Jiu asked in feigned confusion, “Isn’t it yours, Brother Mo?”

Qin Mo remained silent as he watched her through the black trench coat. He reached out and placed her over his shoulder like a sack.

“Young Master, this is…” Madam Zhang hurried over anxiously when she saw the youngster’s long legs.

Qin Mo replied with the three words, “Young Master Jiu.”

Bo Jiu distinctively heard the “Ah?” from Madam Zhang. It was humiliating.

Unlike what Bo Jiu had predicted, the Almighty didn’t interrogate her immediately. Instead, he handcuffed her hands to the chair and walked out.

Bo Jiu reached out to remove the trench coat. Just then, the Almighty’s voice came from outside. “Princess, watch her.”

Princess seemed as though he had been given a huge mission. He leaped valiantly onto Bo Jiu’s head and made himself comfortable.

This… it was rather heavy for a cat his size to be on her head.

Princess looked stern as he sat on her head, wagging his tail.

This was the first time Bo Jiu felt dumb. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone around.

Qin Mo went out to pick up a call from Fatty. “Captain, I looked through the classroom footages, Little Spade hadn’t climbed the walls and has been sleeping in class the entire time. He was even punished and made to do frog jumps in the field. Captain, do you want to see footage of him jumping? It is hilarious…” Fatty’s voice faltered towards the end as he could sense his captain’s cold air through the phone. Little Spade, what did you do for Captain to be so angry?

“He has been in the classroom the entire time?” Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed. “He didn’t go out at all?”

“Should be…” Captain’s words made him doubt himself.

Qin Mo spoke faintly, “I understand, send me the footage.”

“Alright.” With that, Fatty hung up. He caressed his head, which damp from cold sweat. Captain’s aura was unusually overwhelming today. Was it because of the finals tomorrow?

Unbeknownst to Fatty, Director Huang had sent Qin Mo a text before their phone call. It was about the motorcycle.

“I’ve found the owner of the motorcycle but it was reported lost a day ago. The person who lost the bike also belongs to the esports industry but isn’t a local. He is from a team from Tokyo and in fact the captain of the Japanese, You Sixin. I looked into his background and I got to say, the people in the esports aren’t ordinary at all, he is a triad young master. We eliminated him from the suspects list since he has an alibi. He was having a conference call with a bunch of his underlings. The employees can testify for him and that he has been looking for that Dodge Tomahawk. We followed the Dodge Tomahawk and as we predicted, the bike had been through a few handa, meaning it was really stolen.”

When he caught sight of the name You Sixin, his gaze froze, the warmth leaving him bit by bit. He was reminded of the chemistry Z had with his accomplice when they had left.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze. “His car is indeed stolen but who do you think had the guts to steal from a mafia boss? Or perhaps you think he is just a puppet holding an empty position?”

Director Huang didn’t understand what he was getting at. “Hasn’t Z always been bold?”

“Z wasn’t the one who drove off with the Dodge Tomahawk.” Qin Mo pointed to the screen. “You Sixin is a player that debuted in the same era as me. His personality is akin to his playing style. It would be impossible to steal anything from him without notice unless it is someone with better detective skills than me. This leaves one last possibility, the person is extremely close to You Sixin. They are so close he wouldn’t bother what he does and would help to cover up if needed.”