Chapter 986 - Peace

Chapter 986: Peace

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As the thought had never crossed his mind, he hesitated. “Is that possible? That mafia boss is scheming. Even though he may seem pretty, his tactics are ruthless. Earlier, when we interrogated him, he complained about the poor security in our country, resulting in his bike being stolen. He had even advised us to take better care of the surveillance and would provide any assistance required. He acted like a lawful citizen. He isn’t a nice person, it seems impossible for someone like him to have friends.”

Judging from Little Huang’s words, he was probably complaining about his useless questioning session.

Qin Mo only had one reply. “Indeed, you aren’t his match.”

Director Huang: … Who exactly was the director here!

Qin Mo wasn’t bothered when Little Huang hung up in anger. He locked his phone and placed it into his pants pocket. His eyes were colder than before when another possibility struck him. When he re-entered the room, Bo Jiu could sense the hostility even through the trench coat.

Unknowingly, Bo Jiu twitched her fingers. Escaping was going to be a problem. The Almighty’s interrogation methods always left her vulnerable.

Bo Jiu’s eyes were still covered by the trench coat and although she couldn’t see anything, the overwhelming coldness was thick in the air.

He seemed to be standing in front of her, watching her in silence.

Princess trembled from the intensity of his stare.

How cold was it?

Fortunately, Bo Jiu had a strong heart that could face him off.

The longer the time dragged on, the more she started to wonder. How strong is his suspicion?

As time trickled by, he suddenly lowered himself and placed a finger on her cuffed hand, his voice neutral. “The crime squad found some news, it’s regarding the bike owner. Do you wish to know who we found?”

Bo Jiu froze for a split second. Fortunately, the trench coat covered her face, shielding her expression from the Almighty. She lowered her head slightly, sounding curious as she asked, “Bike owner? What do you mean?”

“Hoshino,” Qin Mo replied, waiting for her response.

Bo Jiu didn’t move since her biggest fear had arrived: The Almighty had started to target Hoshino.

But there was a point, she was more than familiar with the way Hoshino worked; the bike would never be under his name.

The Almighty was clearly trying to trick her into saying something.

Bo Jiu was lucky to have stayed calm. She didn’t show any of her worries and continued, “I don’t really understand what Brother Mo is saying, did something happen for the crime squad to be looking into it?”

Qin Mo studied her before he reached out and removed the trench coat from her.

After being in darkness for an extended period, she blocked her eyes from the sudden brightness.

“Are you really clueless or acting dumb?” Qin Mo pounced on her while she was caught off guard, his overwhelming aura pressing down on her.

After she adjusted to the sudden brightness, the cold, aristocratic face came into focus. He was holding the black mask in his hand and was left with a white shirt with the second button undone. He stood tall and upright under the bright light. With the arched brows, he seemed more formidable than before.

Bo Jiu opened her mouth but was pressed onto the woolen blanket before she could say a word.

His hands fastened around her wrists at both sides before he pulled her shirt upwards, all the way to her elbow. With another snap, the other handcuff locked her to the bed frame.

Now she could no longer pick the lock.

Qin Mo didn’t give her any opportunity to speak. He lowered his head and kissed her lips, his tongue forcing through her teeth. The instant he reached the tip of her tongue, Bo Jiu felt a wave of heat rush through her.

It was because of his hands, they had wandered up her shirt onto her tenderness. Only when she was pushed to the edge did he release her, trailing the kiss down her shirt. He paused and bit down hard.

That force sent a shudder through her, her long lashes fluttering. The sensation was too sudden, it felt like a current went through her. A cry escaped her as the room started to heat up. Bo Jiu was upset. Had she known he was so gifted in this area, she would never have started the first time. He was a devil in bed; to use such a tactic to interrogate her…

Bo Jiu wanted to turn but was helpless to the kisses on her ear. Even her hands were starting to tremble from the waves of sensations that rocked through her. She reached out in search for a support but her hands were cuffed to the bed frame.

She was at a loss. He teased on relentlessly, leaving her tender and sore.

She watched as her pants were pulled off before his mesmerizing eyes approached her.

His hair was a mess, a ravishing beauty amidst his aloofness that left her in his mercy.

As he lowered himself, he whispered into her ears, “I would believe anything you tell me.”

Bo Jiu shuddered, her heart racing. She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t worth it. She no longer dared to think about his reaction when he found out.

He laughed. “Even if you aren’t willing to be with me, your body seems rather attached.”

Bo Jiu remained silent. His strength was turning her eyes glazed.

“You pieced all the videos of us gaming together and gifted it to me so generously. Doesn’t that seem like you have a crush on me?” Qin Mo thrust hard, his nose pressing against her. His breathing was unstable. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Do you intend to just have sex with me?”

Bo Jiu wanted to deny it but she couldn’t say anything under his intense stare. Indeed, she couldn’t give the Almighty any promises, making her seem like a huge j*rk. She shut her eyes to think it through. Since she wasn’t sure how she should express herself, she leaned over, kissing his lips.

Qin Mo’s gaze dimmed, he lowered himself down and bit her lip. “I wouldn’t release the handcuffs even if you try to coax me, that’s the punishment for taking the pill behind my back.”

With that, he used more force as though he wanted to break through her soul. It was probably because she took the initiative.

The noise around her amplified.

Bo Jiu’s hands were secured; thus, her head was crashing into them continuously, messing up her silver hair. The emerging sweat trickled down her ears.

The Almighty had no intentions of stopping.

“If you weren’t still so young, your name would be registered under mine. Are you certain I won’t hurt you? Is that why you treat me so lightly?” Qin Mo asked coldly.

Bo Jiu’s mind went blank. She could hear his hurried breathes and the words left her involuntarily, “I consider kidnapping you every single day, how is that treating you lightly?”

The moment the words left her, Qin Mo arched is brow and Bo Jiu herself froze. Those were the words she had asked herself a countless number of times but couldn’t voice out. At that moment, however, she could no longer keep it in. It was probably because his hostility had affected her.

He had cherished her ever since they were young. The moment he started treating her even the tiniest bit differently, she would feel frantic and at a loss.

But Bo Jiu was starting to regret. As expected, a man’s beauty could interfere with her mind. She lost to his handsome face.

“Kidnap me?” Qin Mo leaned closer towards her, his lips pressing against her forehead as he chuckled lightly. “Take a look at who is doing the kidnapping.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head to the side. She felt the heated area pressing against her as he pressed it between her thighs. “What are you going to do after kidnapping me? For me to take you like I am doing right now? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu sunk into the woolen blanket. At this moment, even the corners of her eyes were mesmerizing, the tear mole gleaming with tease.

No one else knew that the Almighty had this side. He had always been aloof and indifferent but now, even the things he said were…

Bo Jiu’s thoughts broke off again. The Almighty seemed to have re-energized from her words and she could feel the heat that was coming off him distinctively.

He probably wasn’t satisfied with their position because he reached out and undid the handcuffs. The Almighty positioned her arms around his neck before pulling her into his arms, his breathe hot and steamy. “I lost. You don’t wish to reconcile but I do. I always believed I would be a good lover if I was given the opportunity, but dating is boring and I can deal with you easily. Isn’t it just tenderness and warmth? But I accidentally fell for you even though I still have no idea what I like about you. Because of that I turned into a petty person. I don’t care about the secrets you are hiding but you can only be mine, understand?”

Bo Jiu leaned against Qin Mo’s shoulders. It was her way of showing she was softening. There were things she didn’t have to say out loud, she would use her own methods to let him know.

They huddled together without even switching off the lights.

The situation now was way more absurd than the out-of-body experience she had previously.

Qin Mo looked down at her trembling lashes and couldn’t help trusting with more strength. He planted a kiss on her neck. He almost seemed as though he wanted to meld her into him, so that she could be his eternally. But he restrained himself because the match tomorrow was far too important.

Qin Mo took her once more before cleaning her up. He watched her drowsy expression as he dried her hair, pulling her into his embrace and falling asleep to her candy-like scent.

It seemed as if her presence was the only way to fill the depths of his heart, a void he couldn’t seem to explain…

The sky continued to darken.

Hoshino specifically returned during this hour, knowing there would be lesser people around.

The moment he opened the door, he saw You Sixin sitting on the coach with a glass of red wine. He didn’t pause, however, heading towards the direction of his room.

Just then, someone chuckled. “Hoshino, what did you do with my bike?”

Hoshino paused and looked up at him, his voice calm. “I lost the bike. Didn’t I already tell you that?”

“It must have been an amazing thief to have been able to steal from Hoshino.” You Sixin stood up. He held a wine glass with one hand and stuffed the other into his pocket as he walked towards Hoshino. “You know that Hacker Z, don’t you?”

If he had phrased his suspicions in such a manner, it basically meant he was sure of it. “That’s right.”

“You admit so easily.” You Sixin whistled, breaking into a sly smile. “I was hoping you would hold out longer so that I could make you do something more.”

Hoshino was used to the way You Sixin spoke, he tossed the keys onto the coffee table. “We can cooperate. There is something I want to talk about.”

You Sixin arched a brow. “Seems like there are terms you wish to negotiate.”

“After the competition, someone has to leave Jiang City through a private jet. As for the problem you wish to investigate, Z will help as long as it doesn’t go against her values.” The was the least he could do. Moreover, he knew exactly who You Sixin was targeting, the person over at Tokyo who was against him taking over.

You Sixin chuckled. “A decent exchange but there is something I can’t understand. Shouldn’t Z be at the Fifth Avenue? How did she become an ordinary high school student? Hoshino, are you sure you didn’t get the wrong person?”

Hoshino sighed internally. His excessive attention towards Z was the reason You Sixin was targeting her.

“I looked into that high school kid, he seems nothing like Z. But in recent months, he seemed to have gone through a complete change, which is rather odd.” You Sixin was smart, he noticed the abnormality in the situation and was convinced that someone was trying to trick Hoshino. Since Hoshino was such a loyal friend, it wasn’t hard for him to be cheated.

Hoshino saw through his thoughts and knew it was the right chance to strike, hence, he started, “I’m not sure either.”

With that, You Sixin glanced over at You Sixin, his eyes narrowed. He was going to be mad if someone tried to cheat his vice-captain.

“We’ll continue to monitor him if you aren’t sure. The crime squad was here, I wonder who is helping them from behind but very obviously, they are starting to suspect you…”