Chapter 987 - Untitled

Chapter 987: Untitled

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“I understand, I’ll be careful.” Hoshino always had the same attitude; he seemed gentle and warm but, on the inside, he had more tenacity than anyone else.

That was the character that caught You Sixin’s attention. “Tomorrow is the finals between Supreme Alliance and the Xiangnan. As an international team, we have to be present for the match, which is a good time to monitor Spade Z.”

You Sixin wanted a rough gauge of their skills since the winning team would face off against the Japanese in the near future. Even though it would be a feat for either team, it was still good to have a look at the gap between them. He also indeed to monitor Bo Jiu to calm his suspicions.

As opposed to Hoshino’s uncertainty, it would be better to direct the question back at Bo Jiu.

It was going to be a sleepless night. There were too many people anticipating the finals.

Lin Feng wasn’t sure how the others felt. As for him, he couldn’t fall asleep after seeing something he shouldn’t have seen. Hence, he stood up and exercised his joints.

On his stroll, he bumped into a female schoolmate who was walking her dog. Lin Feng followed along. They chatted happily and hadn’t noticed Yun Hu, who was out on his nightly run.

It was at the end of his walk, when he was about to return home that he heard the voice from beside him. “You seem to be in a good mood?”

Lin Feng turned sharply, patting his chest. “Hu, you scared me.”

Yun Hu didn’t look happy, but the night sky shielded his expression. He stood there, a hand stuffed into his pockets as he watched from afar, his entire being blending into the darkness. “What were you talking about with that girl? You seemed to be enjoying it a lot.”

“Nothing special.” Lin Feng wasn’t bothered by his question.

Yun Hu tightened his grip. He knew that girl had once intended to confess to Lin Feng but somehow, it didn’t happen. Probably because of a certain someone’s fickle-mindedness.

But he had to admit that the girl was smart. If she didn’t confess, she could be with him every day and when the time was ripe, she would let him know her feelings which would yield a better result.

That was the reason Yun Hu felt his throat choke up. He knew clearly how much Lin Feng wanted to find a girlfriend. Even if he had promised to try it with him, to be responsible for his actions, it still couldn’t change the fundamental attraction towards girls…

In that short few seconds, a lot went through his mind, but all he said was, “I doubt it’s nothing special, you guys even plan to watch a movie together.”

Lin Feng paused.

All of his senses had left Yun Hu when he had seen Lin Feng chatting happily with the girl. He was on the verge of a mental breakdown and Lin Feng’s reaction wasn’t helping at all. “Don’t you have any sense as a boyfriend?”

Lin Feng frowned. In order to find out more about Yun Hu, he downloaded all sorts of social media applications. There were many people greeting him on the apps, one of them had even drank with him before. All he did was have a walk with her to be subjected to such mean words.

Trying out was probably a mistake.

Lin Feng was caught off guard and glanced up at Yun Hu. “Hu, I’ve seen the comments on your social media accounts, don’t you find the person who has been commenting on your posts far more suited to be with you?”

The reason behind his words was because he had read Yun Hu’s reply. They seemed to have a good relationship. If it had been anyone else, Yun Hu would never have agreed to a date.

Unbeknownst to Lin Feng, he turned up for the meeting purely to cheer himself up after being denied what he really wanted. There really wasn’t much thought into it. He hadn’t expected that meaningless meeting to be amplified into such a state.

He said someone else suited him more. He was pushing him out. He was the only one invested in the relationship. And Lin Feng, he was obviously… straight.

Yun Hu couldn’t help the involuntary tightening of his fingers. Lin Feng’s words were pulling him down.

Lin Feng lowered his head and muttered, “Judging from your conversation, that person must have studied abroad as well. Hu, haven’t you thought through it? Perhaps you misunderstood your feelings? Perhaps the close relationship we had since we were kids caused this confusion. Are you really in love in me or are you just used to having me around…”

“What exactly are you getting at?” Yun Hu asked, his throat closing up.

Lin Feng glanced up, his expression solemn. “Trying to date each other is a dumb idea. I drank too much that night and wasn’t in the right mind. Why don’t we try something else? Let me redeem myself.” Lin Feng was triggered by the common topic that person had in common with Yun Hu.

In reality, that was something they didn’t have. Esports was the only interest they shared. Even their studies were completely different with barely anything to talk about.

The older he was, the more he desired to take over the family business while Yun Hu harbored greater desires and an internationally renowned university from overseas had personally invited him over for a research module.

Lin Feng could already imagine the gap between them. Now, they could still talk about their gaming. By then, they wouldn’t be left with anything.

If they faced reality, they were two people of different levels, without many topics to talk about. As time went by, they would end up like his parents.

Lin Feng came from a wealthy family but his parents weren’t the closest. Hence, ever since he was young, he wanted to find someone cheerful who didn’t think too deeply into things. He wanted someone with a simple mind, a girl that would spend her weekends shopping with him. He wanted an enriching life.

But Yun Hu’s life was much more elegant. It was probably because his grandfather was no longer around while the Yun family’s elders still held positions in the government.

Even though both families lived side by side, they were inherently different. They used to belong to the same world but that would change with time.

If he removed the uncertainty from their youth, how long would his adoration last? Hence, how dumb was he to have decided to try out a relationship with him?

That decision would ruin their friendship. Lin Feng didn’t wish for them to become strangers, to have nothing to talk about, to be forced together.

That wasn’t what he had in mind. He had his own plans. He wanted to be doing well when Yun Hu came back from overseas. With that, their gap wouldn’t be as drastic.

Yun Hu listened to Lin Feng’s words and felt as though he was on a roller coaster. Not too long ago, Lin Feng just agreed to be in a relationship with him; he could still the joy from that moment whenever he shut his eyes. But now, with the appearance of another girl, he found his decision dumb and was going to take it back.

At the end, he could never match up to those girls. Yun Hu knew this moment wouldn’t be the worst. Once they officially broke off, and after they had graduated, he would quickly become attached.

That was his greatest fear; to see Ling Feng’s arms around a girl’s waist as he smiled radiantly at him. “Hu, I’m getting married.”

Every time this image flashed through his mind, he would feel a sharp pain in his chest. It was so excruciating he had to crouch down. If he hadn’t tasted the joy from before, it probably wouldn’t be so painful.

Ever since he said he wanted to give it a try, he started to treat him better as though they were really in a relationship. Even though he would grumble or stiffen whenever they held hands, it would still bring him joy. Just being with him alone could bring him joy; they didn’t have to do anything special, they could just be holding hands or eating from the same bowl of noodles.

Or even when he leaned over, exhausted after training their hand speed. Lin Feng would always be gaming while he leaned over and slept, just to occupy him.

That had been a habit since before. But not anymore. After the finals, he was going to take over the family business, leaving the esports industry.

He wouldn’t just have less time to game, their meetups would drastically decrease as well since graduation meant they had grown up…

Yun Hu knew him well enough. Since he had announced his decision, it meant that it was absolute. He wanted to end their relationship. His decision was clear.

Yun Hu knew and because he knew, even his breathe had turned cold. He had to admit it, even if he was tricked into giving it a try, he would never fall for him.

Yun Hu suppressed the emotions brimming inside him, forcing the plea for a second chance down his throat. Instead, he reached an arm out to trap him to the wall, his tone deep. “You want to redeem yourself through another method? Sure, it isn’t going to be too harsh. If we win against Xiangnan, you’ll let me top you back.”

Once he said his peace, Yun Hu released his arm. He took one last look at Lin Feng before walking out of the room.

Leaving Lin Feng against the wall, his entire body frozen to the spot. Top, top him back? Yun Hu wanted him to have sex willingly?

Lin Feng’s first reaction was anger but after the initial anger subsided, he took another long while to think through the reason he brought up such a request.

He had seen the reply Yun Hu had gotten. Moreover, Yun Hu seemed like a valuable asset within his circle. Since he had taken advantage of him, it seemed logical for Yun Hu to want to take advantage of him. If that could alleviate his pain…

Lin Feng inhaled deeply. He needed more than half an hour to think through it while smoking continuously, extinguishing one after another. In the end, he stood up and sent a text to that familiar number. “You can, it’s a deal, you can top me back to even out the score.”

The familiar WeChat music rang.

Yun Hu sat in front of the computer at a loss. When he saw the message, shock ran through him. He turned towards the lit-up window next door and swallowed the bitterness in his throat. That was his worst nightmare, for their score to be settled.

Settling their score meant that they would no longer owe each other anything. Or perhaps, ending their relationship didn’t mean much to him.

Yun Hu smirked as he placed the phone down, his dark hair falling across his forehead. He didn’t turn on the lights as he stood in front of the computer. After a very long time, he made a call, his voice raspy and hoarse. “I have an answer to your school’s invitation, I’ll go over after the competition.”

“Oh, that’s great!” the person on the other end replied in a British accent. “We’re anticipating your participation, Yun.”

Yun Hu didn’t bother listening to the rest of the conversation. He provided his passport details numbly along with other personal information, sending it to the email address provided. Once he was done, it was close to 11 pm.

Once the competition was over, they would really be worlds apart. Hence, he didn’t wish to leave any regrets and he didn’t wish to see a certain someone blaming himself if they lost, smoking in the toilet with his sore eyes. That person was the most adorable when he gamed seriously…

The sky started to darken.

The internet cafe would usually open up the overnight counter. At this hour, the boss loved to order takeout while standing in the middle of the cafe. However, at this moment, he had stopped all operations and was making the final calculations.

Before the customers left, he smiled. “Tomorrow is the finals? You’ll be up against Xiangnan, right? Finally! Good luck, Uncle!”

This was the fifth customer to provide his blessing but that customer wasn’t Yin Wuyao’s fan. Yin Wuyao dangled a cigarette on his lips as he replied, “I will.”

From afar, in a high-rise building, the Feng family occupied the penthouse.

Feng Yi sat on the coach, doing a final confirmation of the sequence for the fans to enter. Once he was done, he hung up and tugged at his collar as he watched his little brother check his belongings, his uniform, the team earphone, and his wrist guard.

He had a serious expression on his face, which was heavier than when he took the high school examinations.