Chapter 989 - What Is the Flaw?

Chapter 989: What Is the Flaw?

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“Flaw?” Zhao Sanpang’s eyes lit up, looking like a hungry wolf who caught sight of his prey. The current Supreme Alliance was much stronger than before. He seen it with his own eyes as he had witnessed the chemistry between Little Spade and Qin Mo. That shameless guy, he wasn’t sure if he could block them but that seemed to have changed along with his captain’s words.

Xiao Feng didn’t seem ecstatic, his expression grim.

Zhao Sanpang repeated his question. “Captain, what exactly is the flaw you were talking about?”

“Qin Mo.”

Zhao Sanpang stiffened. Qin Mo? That insanely strong guy? How was that possible?

“His hand injury hasn’t recovered.” Xiao Feng stood up, turning to look at Zhao Sanpang. “I’m a hundred percent sure of it.”

Zhao Sanpang opened his mouth, feeling skeptical. “But the result of his team work with Little Spade was pretty amazing.”

“A 2v2 against them would be impossible to win because even if Qin Mo hasn’t fully recovered, Spade Z’s speed will be able to fill up his insufficiencies.” Xiao Feng pointed to the game map on the screen. “This may be a city takeover game but the location of a battle isn’t fixed. In the past, no one dared to enter Supreme Alliance’s wilderness because any carelessness would cause them to be counter-killed. But that is no longer the case, Supreme Alliance is after the championship and they will drag the match all the way till the team fight. And teamwork is essential during this. Supreme Alliance has a new sorcerer, she is familiar with the maneuvering but she isn’t well versed in battles and won’t be able to match up to Qin Mo’s tempo. Moreover, Spade Z can’t always be by Qin Mo’s side and in a mobile game like Hero, anyone that is controlled is deemed useless.”

After listening to his captain’s analysis, Zhao Sanpang was at a loss for words. He was fully aware of his captain’s ability. It wasn’t just him, everyone else was well aware of how comprehensive and accurate his analysis was. That was why he was often compared with Qin Mo. They were equally matched rivals.

The screen was still bright.

At this moment, someone walked in. She wore her battle uniform and heels that were sky high. She had a beautiful face and perfect figure, with a slender waist and long legs, the beauty of the esports industry. Her fans called her Almighty Luoluo. She folded her arms in front of her chest, her voice slightly hoarse after gaming for a long time. “That person probably never expected to need protection.”

Xiao Feng remained silent.

Beauty Luo chuckled, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Captain, witnessing the desolate state of your CP must be devastating?”

Xiao Feng swept her a glance, his voice was emotionless. “No one is desolate in esports, there will only be going all out.”

“With your looks, everything you say is right.” Beauty Luo glanced over at Fatty. “Fatty, you are affecting my pursuit of my Almighty.”

Almighty Xiao: …

Zhao Sanpang: … F*ck, he was teased twice in one night, this group was incorrigible!

“Isn’t your Almighty Spade Z?” Xiao Feng glanced down at her.

Beauty Luo chuckled. “I like him too, there are plenty of Almighties in the esports world. In the past, Qin Mo used to be my favorite, his indifference, sheesh, that is probably how Spade Z climbed all over him.”

Almost at the door, Fatty turned sharply at her comment. “What did you say? Qin Mo is the one at the bottom? F*ck, Little Spade is amazing! A real man!”

“That’s why you can’t look down on brother Little Spade,” Beauty Luo warned.

Zhao Sanpang arched his brows. “Don’t worry, someone will be dealing with him.”

Beauty Luo chuckled. “That’s good, I can finally have a good match with Supreme Alliance. Qin Mo had once finished the three of us off, it’s about time to return the favor.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” Zhao Sanpang remarked. “But I like it.”

Regardless, going all out during a competition was showing respect to their opponent but wouldn’t affect the friendship amongst them.

Before he slept, Zhao Sanpang swiped through his official Weibo to see the blessings his adorable fans left him. However, the moment he went online, he saw a notice from his friend. It was from the Alliance group chat, along with the video a certain someone had uploaded with the words, “I can’t be the only one being teased.”

It seems like the video Qin Mo had posted caused a commotion.

There were way too many singles in the esports world. Zhao Sanpang decided to step in, reposting the notice, which unexpectedly attracted the concern of his fans.

“Fatty, don’t cry, stand strong.”

“It must be difficult watching Almighty Qin flaunt his love every day, don’t worry, you will get your chance.”

“Fatty, I’ve liked you for three years, I just need a confession. Where is your girlfriend, or boyfriend?”

“Don’t act this way, we love you, Fatty! Do you have any more of such videos? Fatty, you should watch more to source for inspiration, one day, your turn will come! But that would probably be in a thousand years’ time.”

Zhao Sanpang: … F*ck! Take that thousand years comment back! Take it back!

Somehow, both Qin Mo and Bo Jiu became a hit once again. Honestly, the fans were reassured when they saw the close relationship their Almighties had in private. They could only show the most vibrant side through such a conducive environment.

At this moment at the crime squad’s headquarters, Lin Chentao stood at the door, watching Director Huang. “Regardless, please promise me to release my captain tomorrow so that he can watch the competition. Didn’t someone already prove he isn’t the culprit for the Maiden’s Sacrifice?”

Little Huang had never seen anyone with such willpower. He had been following him for the past five hours and had even followed him to the washroom… He watched Director Huang so tightly, he almost had a weakened kidney. The kids these days, how could they be so stubborn?

“He may not be the murderer but was part of the organization. There is a lot more we need to look into,” Director Huang explained.

Lin Chentao licked his chapped lower lip. “He never did anything harmful and hasn’t said a single word after being brought here. The competition tomorrow is very important to him, it’s the National League and both Qin Mo and Xiao Feng will be participating. Mr Huang, don’t you know? He was once considered on par with the both of them!”