Chapter 99 - Protecting Lord Jiu’s Bestie

Chapter 99: Protecting Lord Jiu’s Bestie

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The next day, Fu Jiu kept yawning on her way to school. She had spent the entire night assembling her laptop, so she could barely even lift her arms. She didn’t skateboard today, and instead, took a bus from two stops away. Along the way, many girls wearing school uniforms were taking photos of her.

Fu Jiu had a lollipop in her mouth as she smiled at them. When someone leaned in, she would hold that girl’s hand like a real gentleman.

When she was getting off the bus, all the girls were blushing. They excitedly followed after Fu Jiu and sighed with immense pity after the young man entered ‘his’ classroom.

However, things weren’t as pleasant in the classroom.

As soon as Fu Jiu walked in, she saw a floor full of litter, while Xue Yaoyao was squatting on the floor. With her long hair covering her face, it was easy to tell how low her mood was. Even her fingers tightened when she touched her textbook.

“Stupid Fatty, get the hell away from me when you know very well how ugly you are!” the boys said as they kicked Xue Yaoyao’s book from her hand, “Want to pick it up? I’m telling you, I’ve had enough of you, fat pig. If you want to stay in this class, then tell the class teacher that you want a seat change. What the hell! So ugly and poor, simply insulting to my eyes!”

Xue Yaoyao’s fingers tightened even more, lodging her nails deeply into her palms.

Fu Jiu knew that she was enduring it and that she couldn’t cry. If she cried, then she would completely lose.

People were watching the commotion, especially those girls who were shielding their derisive smiles with their hands. Their critical eyes swept over Xue Yaoyao again and again.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Why did she come back after being expelled? Even though she was wronged as a thief last time, she really is poor. Now that it’s so cold, she still doesn’t change her clothing. She only has one set of the uniform. Does she even wash it? And her hair smells like rotten cabbage. Does she even shower?”

“Eww… Stop, that’s gross!”

Mocking laughter was more lethal than punches. Xue Yaoyao lowered her head even more, almost burying it into the ground.

The boy standing next to her wanted to kick her again, but his leg was pulled to the side by someone with a banging sound!

Fu Jiu reached out and pulled Xue Yaoyao into her arms. Before that boy could cry out in pain, she covered the back of Xue Yaoyao’s head with her left hand and pressed her head into her chest. She grabbed tightly on his collar with her left hand, and there was a sharp evilness in her smile. “Men who beat women are worse than scum. You either shut the f*ck up now, or come with me to the playground, and I will let you have a taste of my fists!”

Fu Jiu kicked him so hard that he could barely stand straight. Furthermore, the way she looked at him gave the boy goosebumps all over his body, and he backed away like a coward.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and loosened her collar. She picked her school bag back up as she turned around, and her uniform was half-open. She sounded cold as she said, “You don’t want to sit next to Xue Yaoyao, huh?”

That boy’s face was extremely pale and spoke up, “Who…Who would want to sit beside such a woman!” He didn’t dare to call her a fat pig anymore. He was scared that Fu Jiu was going to kick him to death.

Why didn’t he realize that this gay was so capable before?

“I’m taking your seat.” Fu Jiu let Xue Yaoyao sit down first, and then she threw her school bag handsomely next to Xue Yaoyao. She raised her chin at that boy. “Take my seat.”