Chapter 990 - Untitled

Chapter 990: Untitled

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Although Director Huang wasn’t well versed in esports, he hesitated when he saw the sincere plea in Lin Chentao’s gaze.

Rao Rong couldn’t leave the crime squad because he was the only one who knew who the murder looks like.

Moreover, he was in a dangerous situation as the organization would probably hire a hitman to finish him off. This was likely to happen if he left the station.

At this moment, a Land Rover that wasn’t from the military zone stopped beside him and two of the special force troops soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms leapt off the car.

Director Huang paused when he caught sight of them. “What are you guys doing in the city?”

“Director Huang, what are you saying? We are humans after all, where can we be if we aren’t in the city?” The person with the code name Magician walked over with a sly smile. “Our boss wants someone.”

Director Huang arched a brow. “Who are you looking for?”

“Rao Rong,” Magician replied with a smile. “Director Huang, don’t panic, the crime squad is rather complicated at the moment and there is a mole amongst the officers. It wouldn’t be safe for such an important witness to be left here. Besides, we should be more flexible, he is an esports player, there isn’t any reason not to allow him to see something he desires. That are our boss’s original words. Since it wouldn’t be right for the crime squad to be without an important witness, the handsome and ravishing me will take his place.”

Director Huang had more to say but Magician reached out and showed him an identification card. There were five stars printed on the card, their country’s special force troops, meaning that Director Huang would have to cooperate.

Director Huang stuck his large tummy out. “There won’t be a problem with the crime squad but Rao Rong may not cooperate, he hasn’t said a word since he arrived. Perhaps he won’t be willing to follow you.”

“Oh, you won’t have to worry about that.” Magician turned and looked at Lin Chentao. “Boss told me to bring this guy along for Rao Rong to follow us.”

The appointed Lin Chentao: … He was starting to wonder who exactly their boss was!

Director Huang’s struggle was meaningless, he took the lead and brought them to a room. There wasn’t anything inside the small space. Only Rao Rong was lying inside, his back towards them.

Director Huang called him but he didn’t react.

Lin Chentao watched the long and slender back view, his eyes turning red. “Captain.”

Director Huang watched as Rao Rong’s shoulders stiffened. Then he turned smoothly. He clearly hadn’t been asleep. Rao Rong glanced at Lin Chentao, his voice hoarse. “Why are you here?”

“I’m going to bring you to the competition,” Lin Chentao replied while taking his phone out. “Look, there are news on Weibo. Captain, don’t you want to see who’s going to win?”

Rao Rong’s eyes dimmed. “I’m no longer interested in esports.”

“You’re lying.” Lin Chentao flipped his phone. “If you are no longer interested, why didn’t you agree to Boss Zhang’s request for his nephew to be sent to battle, so that he could become popular? You clearly still have esports in your heart.”

Rao Rong froze.

Lin Chentao didn’t care if he was willing, he grabbed onto Rao Rong and turned towards the few special force troops. “Let’s go.”

Rao Rong was clearly caught off guard, the startled expression on his face apparent. He probably hadn’t expected the chatterbox, who used to follow behind him, to have such guts.

But he couldn’t push him away. A professional esports player valued his hands the most.

Director Huang watched with disbelief as Rao Rong was pulled out with just a frown across his face.

For the past two days and one night, Rao Rong hadn’t trusted anyone and had behaved in a gentle and civilized manner but there wasn’t a hint of warmth in his gaze. That was enough to know he hadn’t accepted anyone. This was probably because of his experience.

Director Huang saw Rao Rong back when he was younger, he was radiant like the shining sun, but now, he was surrounded by a thick layer of fog that pushed everyone away.

Magician chuckled. He locked himself and faced Director Huang. “My Boss was right.”

Director Huang no longer wanted to see him, slamming the door behind him.

“Wait a minute.” Magician arched a brow. “Order me some takeout. What’s good around here? I’m considered here on duty.”

Director Huang cursed internally. You took my witness and then wanted me to order you takeout? Fat hopes.

He wasn’t going to do it! Director Huang slammed the door once more, extinguishing the flame within his chest.

Magician chuckled lightly as he caressed his nose. He turned and pressed his Bluetooth earphone. “Young Master, everything is as you have arranged, good luck for the competition tomorrow!”

“You sound scheming,” Qin Mo replied without emotion before hanging up.

Magician: … How could you treat me like that when I was out on a mission at this hour! There was definitely a guy beside him!

Magician wasn’t wrong.

Qin Mo walked back to the big bed and watched the furry head that peaked through the blanket, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He lowered himself and lifted her lips, planting a light kiss onto that face he both loved and hated…

The next day, Feng Yi was up earlier than anyone else and started to make his morning calls.

When he called Bo Jiu, the youngster opened her eyes and caressed her ruffled hair. She had a good stretch before standing to pick up the call. “Hello.”

“Little Spade, it’s time to wake up.” Feng Yi was indeed a good manager; a wide smile was plastered onto his face early in the morning.

Bo Jiu yawned, turning to eye the Almighty as she replied mischievously, “I’m up.”

The Almighty laid beside her silently. She felt an urge to tease him, especially with his dark lashes that were the same as before.

“Great.” Feng Yi laughed. “Gather at the clubhouse in an hour.”

“Alright,” Bo Jiu replied as she reached out for her long pants that were too wrinkled to be worn.

Just as she was debating whether she should take a bath, the phone beside her rang. This time, it was the Almighty’s phone.

Initially, Bo Jiu didn’t have any intention of answering on his behalf but when she caught sight of Feng Yi’s name on the phone screen, her lips lifted as she pressed the answer button. “Hello.”

Feng Yi: … This…

His first reaction was to make sure he hadn’t pressed the redial button.

He didn’t, it really was Young Master Qin!

Bo Jiu took a moment to admire Feng Yi’s shock and was about to break into laughter.

Just then, someone hugged her waist from behind, a familiar mint and tobacco sent splashing onto her ear, his smooth voice slightly deeper from sleep. “Who’s that?”