Chapter 991 - Spreading Candies before the Competition

Chapter 991: Spreading Candies before the Competition

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Bo Jiu remained indifferent.

After Feng Yi heard the voice from the other end, his eyebrows started to twitch. Bast*rd! He was fed a mouthful of their lovey-dovey behavior so early in the morning!

This world… Feng Yi hung up decisively.

Bo Jiu listened as the call went off and turned around. “Brother Mo, you seem to have scared him.”

Qin Mo arched a brow while he reached for the phone and scanned the screen. Just then, a certain someone pushed him into the blanket.

Qin Mo stiffened and looked up at the smiling face who had pounced on him, her eyes bright.

Her furry hair was a mess with two strands poking out in weird angles like ears. She was starting to look like a cat he reared. All she needed was a wagging tail.

After just one night, a certain someone seemed braver than before.

“What are you doing?” Qin Mo allowed her to press his chest, not a single change of emotion on his aristocratic and handsome face.

Bo Jiu hadn’t planned on doing anything more, she just wanted to have a good look of him when he just woke up. The habit from her past could be scary, just a lapse of judgement had made her re-enact their past encounters.

“If it was any other day, I would be at your mercy but not today.” Qin Mo moved her hand away from his body, his tone light as though he was talking to Princess. “Go freshen up, stop being so ferocious so early in the morning.”

Bo Jiu: … Ferocious? Her?

Qin Mo stood up and put on his pants before heading towards the door. “I’ll get the clothes.”

Bo Jiu wrapped the blanket around herself. She reached her legs out and plopped down onto the bed, watching his magnificent half-naked body. He didn’t seem bothered by the attention, his lips pressed together with a rare stubbornness.

Princess pranced over arrogantly, seemingly smirking, “You have finally been abandoned by Master”.

Bo Jiu arched a brow and reached for Princess’s tail. She couldn’t settle the Almighty but Princess was just a cat.

When Qin Mo took the battle uniform from Madam Zhang, the image of the youngster pouncing onto him was still fresh in his mind. Somehow, he found it oddly familiar.

Qin Mo wasn’t sure if it was real or because of his adoration towards her for the image of her younger self to constantly pop up in his mind.

As usual, Madam Zhang prepared a delicious and nutritious Chinese breakfast they both loved. Qin Mo didn’t eat much of it, the majority was going to Bo Jiu.

Before they left, Qin Mo tugged onto Bo Jiu, reaching out to pull her collar together so that it covered her neck.

That was when Bo Jiu noticed the love bites. A flush creeped up her face gradually. She also noticed the warmth and tenderness on the Almighty’s face whenever he tidied her shirt for her; just like when they were younger.

“What do you mean when we were younger?” Qin Mo glanced over towards her, his temples knotting lightly.

Brother Mo hadn’t expected the slip of tongue, she turned and asked casually, “Brother Mo, were you so good at helping others dress since you were younger?”

“I never helped anyone dress before.” Qin Mo retracted his hands, stuffing them into his pockets as he gazed at her.

Bo Jiu remained silent as she muttered silently, then who was the little pet that loved to help her dress when they were younger?

But obviously, this time, she made sure not to say it out loud.

Qin Mo suddenly asked, “Speaking of which, did we meet when we were younger?”