Chapter 992 - Baby~

Chapter 992: Baby~

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You didn’t just meet me, you slept with me. Don’t you know?

With her personality, she would have told him that if not for the current situation.

As Bo Jiu was worried she would say too much about their childhood, she turned and pretended to adjust her sleeves. Her silver hair fell across her face, hiding her expression. “No.”

“What?” Qin Mo glanced over at her, tugging on her fringe with a slight smile. “Why does the word ‘no’ seem so moody? You must have wanted us to have met.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure how to respond as she dared him to remember her internally. But yet, she was worried she would become exposed if he recalled their past.

It was a conflicting situation.

“Heh, why do you seem gloomier than before?” Qin Mo watched as she forced a lip upwards. He reached out his hand and ruffled her furry hair.

Bo Jiu glanced up. “Baby, stop talking.”

Qin Mo: … Ba… by?

Young Master Qin narrowed his eyes. What was with that?

Bo Jiu loved it when he just woke up, he looked noble and indifferent as he hit on her. And when he wore the battle uniform, it was practically a magnified version of his previous self.

She would caress things she liked. It was a habit she had since she had been young. She had always caressed him in the past. And today, she couldn’t resist the urge.

Somehow, Qin Mo was starting to look more like his former self.

After she was done caressing him, Bo Jiu tilted her head back to arrange her clothes. Her actions were fluid and smooth.

Qin Mo’s brows shot up, he tilted his head and chuckled. How had he fallen for such a gangster?

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of his thoughts. Instead she seemed refreshed after taking advantage of the Almighty.

The Qin family’s house wasn’t far from the clubhouse. But the moment they entered the Land Rover, Qin Mo turned on his extremely thin gaming notebook, clicking on the Hero icon before shifting it over towards the youngster. “Enter your account.”

Hers? Bo Jiu wasn’t sure what he was up to but she took the laptop and did as she was told, her fingers moving swiftly, entering in a second.

Before she entered the city, a notification appeared.

“Your friend Qin Mo gifted you a weapon”


Bo Jiu turned to sweep the Almighty a glance.

“Click it,” Qin Mo replied faintly.

Bo Jiu was reminded of the time she had just met the Almighty, he had gifted her with gold and diamonds. This was indeed a rich man’s world. The Almighty’s weapon was definitely something good.

Bo Jiu smiled faintly, clicking into the notification. A long white jade rifle appeared in her hands, glowing with a faint silver light. It was definitely caused by special materials. From the look of it, it didn’t seem like something sold in the city shops.

Was it perhaps self-created?

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up, she hurriedly tapped onto the rifle to check its status. Its healing ability was extremely light and more importantly, it was extremely impactful. A rifle like this was perfect for an assassin.

“You’ll lead the competition today.” Qin Mo glanced over at her, his gaze as deep and intense as the sea.

Bo Jiu frowned. She wanted to ask why he wasn’t leading. Wasn’t the captain of Xiangnan his rival? They were even made a CP.

They were rivals who were made into a CP. If she had the chance, she would definitely educate the fans not to randomly pair people together.

But before she could ask her question, the Almighty reached out to tap the time on the laptop, his voice faint. “You have fifteen minutes to familiarize yourself with this weapon. Enter the training grounds.”

“Why are we going there at this time?” Bo Jiu dangled the lollipop in her mouth, looking cheeky. “We’ll have to use the arena.”

She didn’t get the FC king of Zone C title for nothing.

Bo Jiu hid her ID and entered a 5v5. The system automatically allocated her into a team.

Ever since Bo Jiu became popular, there was an increase in Spade Z IDs such as Spade Z Jiu, Spade J and even Spade Q. Hence, none of her teammates believed she was the real thing and wanted her to choose the tank role. But they weren’t insistent, they just believed it would be hard to be without a tank. There weren’t enough beasts in the wilderness for two assassins either.

With the start of the match, a teammate gave out the order, “Let’s take it slow and steady.”


“No problem.”

And just after they replied, Bo Jiu’s character flew across the wilderness to the other side.

This time, she didn’t head to their wilderness. In order to familiarize herself with the weapon, she went straight for the armies.

With a leap, she went down with a big move and stole their beasts successfully after the opponents were about to be done with their blue beasts.

The other team cursed. “F*ck, surround him!”

They weren’t bad at all. The other team managed to surround her quickly, the sorcerer and those at the bottom lane reaching timely.

Right at this moment, Bo Jiu paused. When her big move was back, she shifted her character to the side and leaped across several towers towards their red beast zone. Bo Jiu positioned her long rifle, her eyes bright with excitement. “Brother Mo, this rifle wipes the beasts rather quickly.”

Attacking beasts meant increasing her attack power. Moreover, it had a healing ability.

After Bo Jiu was done with the beasts on the other side, her half-filled HP were completely filled up.

At this moment, three others from the other side began cursing. “The one over there, how can you be so despicable!”

“What’s so despicable about stealing beasts?” Bo Jiu replied as she leaped away. This had always been the way she played. “It’s a battle tactic.”

“F*ck your battle tactic!” The moment they finished cursing, they realized she was gone. “Where is that assassin?”

“At the side!” someone shouted.

Just then, music blasts through the speakers.

K.O! First kill!

After her HP were completely filled, she turned and struck a big move at their main attacker.

And with a three-step maneuver, she leaped across the wall towards her own wilderness.

Her teammates were astonished.

She killed someone so quickly?

Before she was done, she cleared a group of beasts before heading down to the bottom lane. The music blasts once more. KO!

This… wasn’t it too fast?

Everyone was shocked.

A 5v5 ended in five minutes. Their opponents were rendered speechless. 10v2 deaths and their city was overthrown.

The youngster watched as the word ‘Victory’ appeared on the screen. She glanced up with a devilish smile. “Brother Mo, this rifle isn’t bad, and more importantly, it makes the hero using it look extra handsome.”

Qin Mo didn’t respond. He reached out and pinched her face, his thin lips lifted into a dashing smile. Underneath his eyes was a teasing glint that seemed to be hinting at her shamelessness.

Bo Jiu was more than satisfied with the gift. She glanced around and clicked into the rifle stats once again. After studying it for about three minutes, she kept her belongings away.

The intelligent Bo Jiu could guess when the rifle was created. She had come across previous footages of the Almighty and back then, he had been using this White Jade Rifle.

And because she knew how formidable he had been back then with the agile and fluid movement, the sudden explosive blows and with his silver robes and rifle in hand. No one came close.

That was the real Qin Mo.

Now that the rifle reached her hands, she couldn’t embarrass him. It was time to win back all the pride that was lost.

The finals of the National League were streamed live across the country. It was akin to a concert hosting a famous celebrity. There were numerous reporters at the arena before the participants had arrived.

The screens were crystal clear. This time, the match was shown in both the screen inside the arena and on the large advertizing board outside the plaza.

Various internet cafes were streaming it as well.

To every single hero player, this was a grand affair. They were armed with their bags of nuts, chips, and drinks as they waited patiently for the competition to begin. The atmosphere was similar to the world cup.

Weibo was filled with lively discussions about the competition. Today, no one else could triumph the popularity of Xiangnan or Supreme Alliance.

It was clear, esports wasn’t unlike other sports form as it involved resilience and an unwavering heart.

The two shoutcaster had arrived. This time, experienced shoutcasters who had hosted international esports events were brought over.

After they had positioned themselves in the cubicle, the crowd stretched their necks to get a better look.

The moment the shoutcasters arrived, it meant that the teammates were about to enter.

“Cameras, position!”

The main director gave the orders, signaling all the cameramen.

The shoutcasters wore their headphones and the film crew were busy adjusting the volume.

The tense atmosphere radiated through the arena.

In the rest area, Qin Mo stood up, his deep and intense gaze sweeping across each and every member. He didn’t ask if they were prepared, instead, he reached out his right hand. “Supreme Alliance.”

“Banzai!” they shouted, releasing the intensity from within.

This was a match they had prepared for a very long time. They had spent long hours in front of the computer and when they could no longer take the stiffness, they would stretch a bit before immersing themselves back into the game. This was all to familiarize with their maneuvering.

A whirl of emotions ran through them, the defeat from before still fresh in their mind; their tightened throats and the inability to utter a word.

It wasn’t just their defeat, it was also when the proud faces standing behind them hung their hands, their fists tight by their side and their heart clenched and sore.

The desire to be first burned within them at that moment. They really wanted to win. If they won, they could see the radiant smiles on the faces of those who were important. They wanted those they loved to always protect their youth. Even with the passing of time, their intentions stayed strong.

This added to their desire to win and to leave a lasting mark in their deepest memory; to be there when they lost and to share the glory when they won!

“Let’s go.”

They were just two words and yet it was filled with intensity, sending a flow of emotions through them.

Qin Mo walked at the front and when he appeared at the arena, all the lights gathered towards them. Then the other members of Supreme Alliance appeared by his side, forming a row. Their black uniform, the same emblem, and their outstanding appearance brought them to greater heights and Bo Jiu in particular.

When Spade fans first caught sight of their idol, they paused slightly. The youngster had gotten herself a black headband, pushing her long silver fringe to the back. The longer strands were falling onto the headband and her features appeared more defined than before, looking like a cool little prince.

The young female fans lost control, their screams hitting the roof. “The headband looks great!”

“It’s probably not to look good but to prevent his hair from falling over his eyes during the game.”

“The use isn’t important. Don’t you think it has brought his looks to another level?”

With such an enthusiastic response, the camera crew had to give the youngster an individual close up shot.

He was ravishing indeed, the esports players of this generation were indeed outstanding.

“Next, let us welcome the champions for the past three years, Xiangnan!”

Once the shout casters introduced Xiangnan, the crowd exploded into cheers. Blinding lights shone onto the team. Xiao Jing walked out from the other tunnel. Beauty Luo and Zhao Sanpang stood slightly behind him at his sides. Every one of the teammates were all at the top. Some wore spectacles while some were solemn with little words.

Undoubtedly, Xiangnan was always so different, a team that could never be replaced. That was probably the reason their team wasn’t defeated by appearance.

Just as Zhao Sanpang had said, the scene of him entering the arena with his keyboard would send blood pumping and heart racing.


Zhao Sanpang held up the keyboard, flaunting his arm.

The crowd burst into a resounding cheer. “Banzai!” It was the strength from the fans, strong and earth shattering.

It was obvious that both Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang had never witnessed such a scene. They couldn’t help turning to look over when the crowd erupted.

Feng Yi glanced over at them, open about the strength the Xiangnan had amassed. “That is Xiangnan, you have to get used to their popularity and drown out the noise in order to focus on the competition. You have watched Xiangnan compete with the others. They use the 1v1 as a chance to train the newcomers and in the past few battles, they have yet to show their strongest formation. You will have to force out of them in order for this to be a true match.”

Bo Jiu held up a bottle of mineral water, taking a mouthful. “A newcomer for the 1v1? Who are we sending out?”

“We’re sending a newcomer as well,” Qin Mo replied calmly. “Feng Shang.”

Feng Shang stiffened, his hands trembling but there weren’t any other signs of surprise since their captain had informed him a month earlier.

Back then, they had just entered the preliminaries. Captain had sat there with a cigarette in his fingers as he had glanced up and simply said, “Are you up for a 1v1 with Xiangnan?”