Chapter 993 - Untitled

Chapter 993: Untitled

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At that moment, he still couldn’t believe his ears, his eyes had been shooting wide open and he had even forgotten to stutter. “Xiangnan? We only just started, if it’s Xiangnan…” Would we even meet them?

Before Feng Shang could finish his sentence, his captain had cut him off. “We will meet them.”

Just four words, which were calm and firm. If it had been someone else who had spoken so firmly before the preliminaries had even begun, he would have questioned their confidence.

But this hadn’t been anyone else. It had been Qin Mo. The Almighty Qin, who went against three others, overtaking his opponent’s city.

“The-then, I-I’ll, I’ll do it!” Feng Shang had been sure that he had agreed to something insane. But this insane promise had been a boost sending endless strength through him.

He had stayed over at the internet cafe more than he had been home and whenever Uncle Yin had seen him practicing the assassin role, he had remarked with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, “For a 1v1, you’ll have to familiarize with the wilderness and since you started off from the wilderness, you should be apt in this area. Anyone who started from the wilderness is suited for the assassin role. Do you know the reason?”

Feng Shang had shaken his head.

“Your familiarity, instinct, experience, and judgement.” Uncle Yin had tapped his cigarette. “A team can have many trump cards but for him to have picked you as an assassin means you will become a trump card in this area.”

As for who the he mentioned was, they both had been aware.

Feng Yi had been the only one not aware of this since he was always out meeting clients. He wanted to say something when he heard the words of Feng Shang.

Bo Jiu reached out and blocked his path with a smile. “Manager Feng, even as a brother fanatic, there are times you should give him some space. Since Brother Mo had specifically picked him, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Other than Qin Mo, Feng Yi was the only other person in the team aware of Bo Jiu’s identity. When he was blocked, he took an unconscious glance to his side and as expected, a certain someone was looking at him with ice in his gaze.

Feng Yi took a step back and caressed his head. “I’m going to the washroom.”

His assistant opened his eyes wide. “But Manager Feng, you are the manager, we don’t have an instructor here, you have to be here to hold the ground!”

“F*ck! Can’t you see how nervous I am?”

Right now, all Feng Yi could think about was his brother having a 1v1 and he needed to calm down.

Bo Jiu wasn’t wrong about him being a brother fanatic.

“They are here.” Yun Hu’s words caught everyone’s attention and they turned towards the VIP area.

Zhao Sanpang remained unruffled. “The Japanese? They must be here to guard against me.”

“Guard against you, Fatty?” Beauty Luo kicked him, her legs long and slender. “My Little Spade is ravishing today, should I get a couple shot with him?”

“Hey lady, the one you are praising is our rival. Watch yourself!” Fatty replied hatefully.

Beauty Luo placed stray wisps over her ear, her face beautiful. “I guess I’ll take a photo of his corpse after defeating him in the game. Love is about making him remember me.”

Fatty trembled. Indeed, never underestimate a woman.

The two teams weren’t seated far apart.

Bo Jiu placed her mineral water down and turned to direct a warm yet cheeky smile at Beauty Luo. That smile melted Beauty Luo instantly. She turned towards her captain. “Why don’t we scout Little Spade over as a lucky charm?”

“I can’t.” Xiao Jing turned towards Hoshino and You Sixin.

Beauty Luo lifted a brow. “Why not? Because of the price? That’s easy, I can help with that. I’m rather wealthy.”

“Qin Mo isn’t going to let go.”

This reason… was enough for her. She turned towards Qin Mo, who was with the silver-haired the youngster. It seemed such a waste.

It seemed like the Japanese’s appearance didn’t mean much to Beauty Luo as compared to her Almighty’s brilliance. But that wasn’t the case for the crowd. Their screams went onto another level.

“What did I see? It’s Hoshino and Xin!”

“I heard that the Japanese were going to be special guests and I have mentally prepared myself for their appearance but I never expected these two secretive members to be here. Gosh! The world champions!”

“His god-like maneuvering and devil-like appearance, You Sixin!” With the announcement, the shoutcaster scrolled through the analysis on Weibo.

“This time, the Japanese team specifically sent two world-class players to watch our National League. What are your thoughts?”

He chuckled lightly. “That’s simple, it’s for Xiangnan, they recruited many highly skilled players this year. The Japanese must be here to test out their current strength but there is something we are mistaken about. According to my knowledge, Hoshino and You Sixin won’t listen to instructions. Rather than being instructed to, they are more likely here on their own accord. If you view it in another manner, it also means Xiangnan is indeed worthy.”

“What about Supreme Alliance?”

“They are indeed the dark horse of the competition but there is still the problem with their 1v1. It would have to be a good fight in order to force the strongest formation out of Xiangnan. If Xiangnan doesn’t show their strongest formation, there won’t be a competition.”

“Which means this first match is crucial? Then shouldn’t they send Spade Z or Mountain Yin? Since they have achieved outstanding performances in the individual round, Spade Z in particular, as the newcomer King, he should be able to produce a beautiful win. What do you think?”

After they made their comments, the screen from ahead flashed a name from Supreme Alliance.

Feng Shang.

That instant, there were many who frowned, turning to their side to ask. “Who is Feng Shang?”

They couldn’t be blamed because only those that frequent Zone C would know Feng Shang. The others wouldn’t have paid him much attention since Feng Shang had been a newcomer in the team battle ever since the start of the competition, making his exposure rather significant.

Hence, to be singled out for a 1v1 would definitely cause uncertainty.

Feng Shang remained firm beneath their gaze, however. He clenched his fists and rose from his seat. Dressed in his uniform, he walked towards the center stage and raised his arms to fasten the headphones over his head.

Xue Yaoyao watched his silhouette, her chest filling up with strength. They had the same background and encounters. Once, they had been afraid of everything in this world and had been the most ordinary beings.

But today, Feng Shang was able to stand his ground under those uncertain gazes to direct a smile at her.

With that, the future seemed bright…