Chapter 995 - They Lost?

Chapter 995: They Lost?

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That was right, he had three years of experience. There weren’t many other three years’ periods in his life.

“I understand, Captain.” He moved his fingers, shifting the screen, and heading down to the bottom lane.

Feng Shang noticed the change in his playing style and realized he had seen through his tactic. Xiangnan wasn’t that easy after all.

“Xiao Jing looks like a decent and upright guy but why is he so scheming? How can he have realized anything if Baby Feng hasn’t done anything?” Lin Feng reached out, watching as a certain someone was about to fall into the trap.

As mentioned before, the two teams weren’t seated far apart. Both Xiao Jing and Zhao Sanpang heard his comments.

Zhao Sanpang turned over towards him. “Beauty Lin, speaking of scheming, no one could top Qin Mo. Who taught him that tactic? It’s definitely Qin Mo, hehehe. Help me pass a message, none of his tactics are worth mentioning in front of our captain.”

Lin Feng didn’t hear the rest as the moment he heard the word ‘Beauty’, he smirked at Zhao Sanpang. “Don’t leave after the competition.”

With Zhao Sanpang’s figure, you would have expected him to say, “I’m so handsome, why would I fear you. Who’s afraid of staying behind?”

Instead, he harrumphed. “I’m leaving, don’t you dare beat me again.”

Bo Jiu: … This…

Beauty Luo felt embarrassed. She lowered her head silently and held her forehead. Both teams were well acquainted after being in the industry for such a long while. Back then, Zhao Sanpang had assumed Lin Feng was a harmless beauty, he knocked shoulders with him and ended up being flipped, his life on the edge.

But there was a competition in front of them right now, they should really move their arguments behind closed doors.

“Tell me if you’re afraid.” Lin Feng leaned back as he taunted.

Zhao Sanpang stuck out his neck. “Who’s afraid? Come at me.”

There wasn’t going to be an end to their battering.

Qin Mo was a member seated between the both of them. He frowned and spoke calmly, “The camera is directed at us.”

They immediately behaved, changing their seating position. Lin Feng wasn’t seated in the most respectable manner.

Zhao Sanpang had on a solemn expression and was even caressing his chin. “Mmh, Supreme Alliance’s newcomer isn’t bad at all.”

Bo Jiu: … This drastic change happened too quickly. The presence of a camera is indeed worth it.

But the Almighty was still the most formidable.

Bo Jiu glanced over at the two Almighties who were still posing for the camera before turning towards the camera that hadn’t moved an inch. It wasn’t possible for it to be directed at them, it hadn’t moved at all and should be capturing the shoutcaster.

It was indeed filming the shoutcaster since the crowd were still confused about Xiangnan’s request for assistance.

After the explanation from the shoutcaster, the crowd started looking at Feng Shang differently.

Feng Yi heard the comments as well. He smiled brightly, his eyes clouding with pride.

This was the first time Manager Feng’s assistant had seen him smile so sincerely. He was considered a smiling prince because no one could tell his emotions, his sly character well-suited to forging ties in the business world.

But today, Boss Feng was really smiling.

Those that had found the match boring held their breaths as they glanced at the screen because Feng Shang’s playing style had changed.

The two different assassins moved like two gusts of wind, starting the battle in the wilderness. Feng Shang fired a shot, sending him to half of his HP.

But he didn’t back away, he followed with a big move and retreated, leaping under the tower. After taking in a blood bag, he moved so quickly he could barely be seen.

Such a stalemate happened another five times.

Every time, they were both on par.

The match was expected to be done in half an hour but yet, it had gone past an hour with zero deaths. Even the number of defense towers hadn’t changed.

Some people in the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the participants swap through the maps.

At this stage, it wasn’t just a test of their lives, it also challenged their familiarity of the entire map. That meant they had to pay attention to the troops while they fought and when there weren’t any more troops beneath the tower, they would still have to watch out for their opponents.

If it wasn’t for their speed and knowledge of the map, it wasn’t possible to have reached such a stage.

Some would be astounded the moment they started a match while others took a longer route, their skills and abilities discovered with time.

Be it Feng Shang or the Xiangnan player, their left hands smashing onto the keyboard was more mesmerizing than their maneuvering, their fingers moving swiftly with the mouse as they sat focused on the screens.

Initially, they assumed that there weren’t many who would strive hard since this was a world that relied heavily on connections and appearance but both of them were unbelievably suave as they strived and fought on.

Their tenth battle was on a high ground. Feng Shang took the initiative, clenching onto his opponent.

Lin Feng was immediately alert as he waited to see Feng Shang take the first kill.

Qin Mo frowned. “He can’t.”

“He can’t?” Bo Jiu asked.

At this moment, Feng Shang had caused his opponent to be left with half his HP and right at that moment, Feng Shang paused and watched the screen. He didn’t have enough power left, which meant he was out of the blue. [1. Game notification, the big move can’t be unleashed without any blue left. This is fatal during a close combat battle.]

The Xiangnan player took the chance to lock him down and struck him with a big move. Feng Shang escaped swiftly, moving into the bushes.

He dodged the fatal blow.

Just as everyone heaved a sigh of relief, Xiangnan’s player bolted forward, without giving Feng Shang any time to recover. He went with another blow, using his greatest attack.


The first drop of HP after more than an hour. The crowd exploded into a frenzy!



The first kill brought up the atmosphere. That wasn’t all, at this stage of the competition, any death meant that their city lake wasn’t going to be protected.

Feng Shang watched as his revival timer counted down, his fingers cutting through the screens rapidly to see where his opponent was attacking.

His opponent didn’t head for the city, instead, he used a HP-sucking knife to cut through his troops before heading to the city.




Feng Shang watched as the numbers jumped and clenched his mouse, wishing for time to speed up.

Finally, when the timer finally reached 1, Feng Shang was about to dash out the city when the destruction noise rang.

The silver debris fell from above.

Feng Shang froze to his seat as he watched his screen dim…