Chapter 996 - Untitled

Chapter 996: Untitled

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He lost? No one could believe their eyes but the match had indeed ended.

The lights dimmed over at Supreme Alliance’s side with only Xiangnan’s screen being lit up.

Feng Shang was still clutching onto the mouse, prepared to make a dash to the lake when the score appeared on the screen.


Xiangnan won the first match!

“Come, let’s take a look at the number of deaths.” The shoutcaster recovered quickly, reporting, “0v1.” However, the statistics flashed on the screen caught him off guard. “The deaths statistic is 1v1.”

What was going on?!

The crowd was confused.

The shoutcaster glanced over at the director, signaling for him to flash a playback.

That was when they saw it. After Feng Shang had left, he directed his big move accurately at the Xiangnan player.

If it wasn’t for the soldiers at the side, Supreme Alliance wouldn’t have lost this match and there was a possibility of the tables being overturned since there was one less defense tower over at Xiangnan’s side.

But there wasn’t any ‘what if’s, a loss was a loss.

The Xiangnan player stood up first. He removed his headphones and walked over to Feng Shang. When he brushed past, he said, “You were great.”

Those three words were given without any shame. It came through the microphone and in that instance, the crowd broke into a resounding applause.

Feng Shang paused. “You too.”

He had a stable performance, like a sharpened knife with the accuracy that was expected of him.

This moment, no one else asked, “Who is Feng Shang? I’ve never heard of him.”

Instead, his performance was greeted with applause. When Feng Shang came down from the stage, he tilted his head after seeing Coco.

Coco always used his cuteness to charm his millions of adoring fangirls and had never coaxed a guy. His adorable face was tight and taut, he didn’t say any words of comfort. Instead, he stuffed his bunny into Feng Shang’s arm. “It’s for you!”

“N-no, with-without your bunny, you-you will be ner-nervous and have to use the washroom,” Feng Shang replied in a hoarse voice.

“I’m not nervous,” Coco replied.

“Yo-you went to the washroom f-five times before the match began,” Feng Shang replied grimly.

Coco reached an arm out. “Don’t sprout rubbish, you little stutter, I just wanted to wash my hands.”

Bo Jiu watched the two little kids knock heads. She wasn’t sure what they were mummering about but she was certain of one thing; Feng Shang didn’t need any comforting.

Healing from such a match was a part of growing.

The next match was the 2v2.

Bo Jiu glanced up at the screen.

Someone had once said that Xiangnan’s 2v2 pair was an unbreakable obstacle because they were twins with natural born instincts that couldn’t be challenged.

And right now, with Lin Feng and Yun Hu’s current situation…

Bo Jiu arched a brow, looking slightly odd as she inched over to ask Lin Feng. “What is it? There wasn’t a victor last night in bed? Is that why you are unhappy?”

Lin Feng glanced over Yun Hu who was wiping his hand with a tissue as he made last minute preparations. He inhaled deeply. “Don’t talk about it, I’ll have to coax him first.”

Bo Jiu frowned. It seemed as if there really was a problem.

Lin Feng headed over with a wrist guard. He wasn’t willing to drink the mineral water he gave him, he didn’t use the tissue he bought for him but at the very least he would have to accept the wrist guard he was going to bring over, especially when there were so many people watching!