Chapter 997 - Lin Feng, I’ll Let You Get It Back

Chapter 997: Lin Feng, I’ll Let You Get It Back

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Lin Feng had good intentions but he hadn’t expected Yun Hu to have already worn his wrist guard, a brand-new Nike one.

Lin Feng stood with the wrist guard, watching him blankly but Yun Hu hadn’t bothered to even glance at him. He felt his throat tighten as a desire for a fight rose within him.

Couldn’t they be brothers? Did they have to be lovers? What did he want a straight guy like him to do?

“Remove it and wear mine.”

Yun Hu glanced up at him.

Lin Feng tightened his grip, finding the situation very uncomfortable but they couldn’t just go into the competition like this.

Lin Feng downed a mouthful of water and lowered his head in silence before wearing his wrist guard.

Feng Yi walked over. At this moment, the manager came in useful. He swept them a glance before speaking, “The match is about to begin, your issue can be resolved after the match. You don’t need me to remind you of their skills, you should be more than aware how impenetrable their chemistry is. But since Xiangnan sent them out, it means they are getting serious. The 2v2 will decide whether or not there will be a team battle. You should understand that neither Spade nor Qin Mo can be sent out this round because they are the only ones who can deal with the ZhaoJingLuo setup. You can only win this round in order for the competition to go on and for Supreme Alliance to have hope. It all lies on your shoulders.”

“I understand.” Lin Feng reached out to remove his wrist guard.

Yun Hu couldn’t help turning towards him.

Lin Feng held onto his arm, placing something onto him.

Yun Hu paused. It was a wrist guard from a long time ago. He had given it to him back when they were in elementary school. Back then, he had always done things that had angered him. He had told him not to bother about those girls that used Lin Feng to send him love letters. But he kept all of them in mind and had always passed those items on to him.

Yun Hu hadn’t been aware of his thoughts but he had irritated, irritated by Lin Feng’s noisy personality. As compared to his actions, Yun Hu had been more irritated by his lack of discipline as he had accepted anything girls had given him.

He had felt frustrated. Wasn’t the food he bought him enough?

He had bought a wrist guard with the word ‘rejected’ for him to wear…

Yun Hu had assumed it was gone since a certain someone had gotten into a fight with him in order to get rid of the wrist guard.

But from the looks of it, he seemed to have cherished it. He watched as Lin Feng helped him with the wrist guard. This time, he wasn’t going to make this hard for him. Lin Feng simply couldn’t like him as much as he liked Lin Feng.

In reality, Lin Feng was already good enough.

He always knew that, which was why he pushed the limits, thinking he could get everything he wanted. It was probably because he had always been looked after.

Lin Feng had an awkward expression as he muttered, “Even if I’m handsome, you don’t have to look at me with such suspicion. Let me tell you, we have to win this match. If we win, I’ll let you pounce on me…”

In that instant, a sharp glint shone in his eyes as he couldn’t believe his ears. “What did you say?”

“F*ck, I said I’ll let you pounce on me to get back at me.” It was a torture for a straight guy like Lin Feng to repeat that sentence but he was the one at fault and he had to right his mistake…