Chapter 998 - Untitled

Chapter 998: Untitled

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Yun Hu glanced over at Lin Feng, not showing his emotions. He was already trying so hard yet there wasn’t a response.

“Are you willing?” Yun Hu interrupted his thoughts.


Yun Hu turned over. “Your house or mine?”

“Can’t we discuss that after the match?” Lin Feng whispered.

Yun Hu retracted his gaze, watching the person in front of him before glancing down at his wrist guard. Then he lowered his lids and opened his mouth, biting onto a corner of the wrist guard before pulling. His handsome face along with his smooth actions sent the fans into a frenzy. It was a blessing to the fans.

Their Almighty Yun bit down on a wrist guard Lin Feng bought him. Even though his thin lips caressed it only lightly, it wasn’t that different from a bite!

Lin Feng felt a wave of emotions run through his him.

Zhao Sanpang caressed his chin. “Supreme Alliance seems really good with their CPs, Captain. Why won’t we do the same? Isn’t it just a wrist guard?”

“Appearance is necessary in a CP as well,” Beauty Luo remarked lazily, her finger poking him. “Your face… There isn’t much hope.”

Zhao Sanpang had more to say but Xiao Jing shut him up with one line. “Focus on the match.”

The 2v2 officially began.

Lin Feng and Yun Hu, the players from Supreme Alliance, and the twins from Xiangnan wore their head phones.

It was a well-balanced 2v2. After the match with Feng Shang, some of the analysts no longer dared to make their comments.

The shoutcasters kept a neutral stand. “Supreme Alliance is down by 1 match, which means Xiangnan will emerge as champion if they manage to win this round. This is going to be a crucial match.”

“Supreme Alliance won’t give up without a fight, the duo of Lin Feng and Yun Hu is considered one of the best in the industry. Sending them out is the best choice at this moment.”

“Speaking of which, Qin Mo and Spade Z would also be suited for this 2v2. But if they had been sent out, Supreme Alliance wouldn’t be able to stand a chance in the team battle. Qin Mo has to be there to deal with Xiao Jing.”

“Fair enough.”

As they commented, the screens showed the teams entering the game. Both teams had the same formation, a main attacker and a warrior.

The warrior had less HP than the assassin and tested the user’s hand speed.

“Through this competition, we can see the improvement of Supreme Alliance’s members. In the past, they would only be well-versed with one character but now, that seems to have changed. This match will definitely be worth a watch.”

“Both Lin Feng and Yun Hu are charismatic players that excel in individual and team battles. But if we look at their speed, it is slightly lacking.”

There were indeed lacking. There wasn’t any other reason but their chemistry.

Ever since the start of the match, the crowd could sense the chemistry between Xiangnan’s twins…

While the main attacker took down the red beasts, the warrior had to quickly catch up. Once the red beasts were almost dead, he would head down to the bottom lane to kill soldiers.

Such a tactic made clearing the wilderness much more efficient.

Even though it was meant to be a double, they were fighting their battles separately as though it was a single match.