Chapter 999 - Bringing Up the Tempo

Chapter 999: Bringing Up the Tempo

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As compared to Xiangnan, they were still using their previous individual fighting style. This tactic allowed them to secure both fronts but was also considered a fatal flaw.

You Sixin smirked. He placed both hands behind his head looking sharp and beautiful. “I’m afraid it’s going to be the end of Supreme Alliance if they continue to play in this manner.”

Hoshino kept his peace, both eyes focused on the Supreme Alliance members. Even the footage of him drinking mineral water was captured by the reporters since it was difficult to catch the both of them outside of international competitions.

Hoshino remained silent, which meant he agreed with You Sixin. Supreme Alliance could only win if they played this like a double match.

But every team was different and naturally Supreme Alliance had their own fighting style.

But regardless, according to the current tempo, they couldn’t match up. Thus, they weren’t sure when Qin Mo would cut in to give assistance.

Hoshino tapped the bottle in his hand. He always wanted to know what exactly Qin Mo had for Z to be so caught up with him.

“Seems like Xiangnan is doing well, their wilderness is well done and they aren’t giving Supreme Alliance any chance at all.” There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, hence, the shoutcasters could only describe the battle status in such a manner. “Supreme Alliance is still bringing the army. Let’s look at the top lane, are they prepared to open battle?”

The moment the shoutcaster commented, the Xiangnan players came down with a big move. The other attacker hid in the bushes, blocking the path. The big blow was a fatal move that left Lin Feng with only a third of his HP.

If it had been a 1v1, Lin Feng might not have lost but now, this was a 1v2. He was in a precarious situation. Fortunately, there were extra blood bags at the bottom of the defense tower or the attack would have left him severely injured.

“Beautiful!” the shoutcaster remarked. “But he is cornered. It’s such a pity that the first kill has yet to be taken. The attacker did a great job in hiding himself, that block will probably finish someone off towards the end of the game.”

“Lin Feng is hesitating on whether he should continue protecting the defense tower! Aish, another blow! It was let out by Xiangnan at the same time. Even if Lin Feng managed to dodge one of it, it would be hard to dodge the other. Their cooperation is amazing, one at each side. It should be time for Lin Feng to head back to the city for more HP. If this drags on and another attack comes his way, it would be a sure death. But if he doesn’t stand guard, the defense tower would fall as well.”

“It seems like Xiangnan is going all out against Supreme Alliance. Wait a minute, Yun Hu is here, let’s move to the last screen, that’s a beautiful move!”

The beauty of the move didn’t matter, it was a 1v2 and the players weren’t new. Yun Hu came forward, using the dash function and moving swiftly for another attack. His moves were well versed.

Moreover, one of them was controlled. Regardless of how good Yun Hu was, he still wouldn’t be able to return to the city. With only half of his HP left, it was a critical moment for Supreme Alliance.

Everyone realized a problem; Xiangnan had taken over the tempo of the game…