Chapter 3260 Yuhua Palace Master

Chapter 3260 Yuhua Palace Master

Long Chen’s shout dumbfounded the experts that were rushing over. They stared at him. This person who was only at the first Heavenstage of the Four Peak realm called himself the dean of the High Firmament Academy?

It had to be known that the High Firmament Academy was a well-known existence in any domain. No matter how much it declined, its illustrious history remained. The name of the world’s number-one academy had yet to disappear.

Furthermore, there was an expert within the Yuhua Palace replying to him, so now they were stuck. They could only stare at the ‘traitor’ Qi Yu but not dare to attack.

Some people started to feel uneasy. They were the ones that had participated in the attack against Qi Yu.

Under the gazes of countless experts, Long Chen’s group walked straight forward. When those people saw Qi Yu, they were clearly astonished.

Qi Yu’s heart was also tense as he walked, but Qin Feng patted his shoulder and pointed to Long Chen, indicating not to worry. Their boss was present, so there was nothing to worry about.

Qi Yu nodded and took a deep breath. He said, “Boss, the one speaking just now is the current palace master.”

The reason why Qi Yu was so tense was because Jiang Baihe was the palace master’s great-grandson. Since that was the case, Qi Yu didn’t know how Long Chen would find justice for this matter.

Ever since ancient times, every single organization remained biased toward its geniuses. Powerful geniuses would be protected no matter what crimes they had committed. That was because a sect’s development depended on them.

There was no such thing as fairness in this world. Even if Jiang Baihe had plotted against Qi Yu, a sect wouldn’t throw away a genius whom they viewed as their future just because of Qi Yu.

When Long Chen and his group arrived in front of the gates, the gates slowly opened and disciples lined up to welcome them, forming a path. They could follow this path to the plaza, and from there, they would be able to go to the main palace.

However, Long Chen stopped in front of the gates. Qi Yu asked, “Boss, the palace isn’t that far. Why aren’t you going?”

Long Chen smiled slightly. “This is such a beautiful place, a treasured land of good Fengshui. But while the ground is good, the people are lacking manners. Well, fine. My mood is good today, and we came to pay respect without bringing any good gifts. I don’t mind killing someone to increase the good mood!”

Long Chen grabbed Lu Ziya just like that, holding his hair and making a slicing motion in front of his neck with Qi Yu’s sword.

This action made Qi Yu jump. Long Chen wanted to kill people within the Yuhua Palace and a core disciple at that? That would be a huge humiliation to the Yuhua Palace, planting an undying seed of hatred.

The experts of the Yuhua Palace were also shocked. Their killing intent ignited, and they took out their weapons.

Just then, space quivered and a white-robed elder appeared in front of the gates.

As soon as this elder appeared, all the disciples of the Yuhua Palace bowed.

“Greetings, palace master!”

Qi Yu also bowed. However, the palace master snorted. “You massacred your fellow disciples and still have the face to return? What? Have you found a reliable backer?”

Long Chen instantly frowned and said, “Old ghost, do you want to die? Or have you grown tired of living and want to drag the entire Yuhua Palace down with you to your grave?”

Long Chen was angered. He would rather do this peacefully, but the palace master was clearly looking down on him. Long Chen had shown his status and came to the gates. Even if the palace master himself wasn’t there waiting for him, there had to be at least someone with status to welcome them.

Did they think that he was a dean only in name? Long Chen naturally couldn’t walk in unaccompanied. That would be lowering himself. He had come to find justice, not to suffer this grievance.

He had finally forced this person out, but the latter didn’t even give Qi Yu any chance to tell his side of the story before calling him a traitor who killed his fellow disciples. Long Chen was naturally enraged. It really was a case of giving face but not receiving face.

“How brazen! Where did you come from, brat? You dare to be rude to the palace master?!” Countless experts of the Yuhua Palace cursed Long Chen. He dared to curse their palace master?

Suddenly, a light sound rang out. As Bai Shishi unsheathed a single inch of her sword, a golden light erupted. It was like a sun had suddenly appeared.

Countless experts cried out. Whether it was the weapons in their hands or the ones that they were wearing, everything shattered. When the sword was resheathed, the divine light faded and the expressions of all the Yuhua Palace’s experts had changed.

Anything metallic had shattered, and even Treasure items were destroyed. Now, the palace master’s expression changed as he stared in shock at Bai Shishi’s sword. He had never seen such a terrifying metal object. Just relying on its innate divine might, it could shatter Treasure items.

Just slightly unsheathing a sword stunned everyone. This divine weapon from the Ghost Ship was truly powerful.

“Old fellow, I wanted to talk to you properly, but now I see that you don’t want that. Then there’s nothing to talk about. Hand over the ones who harmed my brother, or today your Yuhua Palace will be flattened,” said Long Chen.

As expected, the grandpa raised the grandson into his likeness. Both of them were the same, and to have this fellow carry out justice reasonably was impossible. Since reasoning couldn’t do shit, they could talk with their fists instead. That was always Long Chen’s specialty.


Qi Yu was shocked. This was the place that had raised him, and he still had gratitude toward the Yuhua Palace.

“Big words! Even if you have a King item, so what? Since you so arrogantly wish to destroy my Yuhua Palace, don’t even think about leaving alive!” sneered the palace master. At this moment, the entire Yuhua Palace shuddered as its grand formation activated.

The Yuhua Palace’s experts were shocked. Their palace master had actually activated the strongest level of the grand formation. Once it was activated, even Immortal Kings would be helpless against it. Long Chen and the others were now turtles caught in a jar.

The palace master eyed Bai Shishi’s sword with a hint of greed. He knew that it was a priceless treasure, so he wanted to kill her and take it.

That expression was completely obvious in Long Chen’s eyes. He sneered disdainfully. This fellow was truly sinister.

The palace master had clearly spotted this sword from the beginning and had drawn them to the gates so that he could activate the formation. In other words, he had planned to kill them for the sword from the very start.

Long Chen’s smile was very dangerous. With this, he no longer needed to have any misgivings.

As for Qi Yu, his expression was one of disappointment. Even he could see the palace master’s greed. Although he knew that the latter would protect his great-grandson, he hadn’t expected him to act like this. At this moment, Qi Yu’s loyalty to the Yuhua Palace faded.

“Palace master, you can’t!”

Just then, a group of people ran over. Their leader was a stern-faced elder, and beside him was a beautiful woman.

“Qi Yu, are you alright?!”

This woman immediately rushed over to Qi Yu, her eyes full of worry.

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