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Peerless Martial God

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Chapter List
Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough Chapter 3: Overbearing Violence Chapter 4: Wielding A Sword Chapter 5: Unsheathing the sword Chapter 6: the arrow spirit Chapter 7: Black Wind Mountain Chapter 8: Hell Wolf Chapter 9: throat slitting sword Chapter 10: Life or Death arena Chapter 11: Revenge Chapter 12: Lin Feng’s spirit Chapter 13: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 1) Chapter 14: Battle in the Life or Death Arena (Part 2) Chapter 15: Battle in the Life or Death arena (part 3) Chapter 16: The way of the world Chapter 17: The Precipice of Zhangu Chapter 18: Emerging Power Chapter 19: Three hundred years Chapter 20: The Unknown Force Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder Chapter 22: An arm for an arm Chapter 23: The Terrifying Shadow Chapter 24: A Strong Heart Chapter 25: The power within the Ling Qi layer Chapter 26: You Again! Chapter 27: Self Confidence Chapter 28: The Whistle Wind Restaurant Chapter 29: Teasing Chapter 30: The Annual Meeting Chapter 31: Let The Fun Begin! Chapter 32: The First Blow Chapter 33: The Final Eight (Part 1) Chapter 34: The Final Eight (Part 2) Chapter 35: To The Death! : Lin Feng Vs Lin Qian Chapter 36: Easy Battle? Chapter 37: Lin Hai’s Fury Chapter 38: The Honorable Elder Chapter 39: Na Lan Feng Chapter 40: Rumor?s Chapter 41: Assassins Chapter 42: Darkness of the Night Chapter 43: A New Beginning Chapter 44: Audacious! Chapter 45: Arriving at the arena Chapter 46: The Tournament Begins Chapter 47: Duo Ming’s Sword Chapter 48: A Single Strike Chapter 49: Get The Hell Down! Chapter 50: Infinitely Powerful
Chapter 51: Lin Feng’s Fury Chapter 52: Who Dares?! Chapter 53: A Fierce Tiger Chapter 54: Chi Xue Cavalry Chapter 55: Sword of Nirvana Chapter 56: The Top Ordinary Disciple Chapter 57: Liu Cang Lan Chapter 58: Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue Chapter 59: Lin Feng, That Bastard! Chapter 60: Mo Xie is Evil Chapter 61: Imaginary Demon Chapter 62: The Strange Metamorphosis Chapter 63: The Trash Spirit?!? Chapter 64: Deadly Sword Chapter 65: Po Jun Chapter 66: Asking for Trouble Chapter 67: Attracting Attention Chapter 68: The Sword Master Chapter 69: Fury Chapter 70: Lin Feng’s State of Mind Chapter 71: Liu Fei’s strange behavior Chapter 72: Provocation Chapter 73: The Punishment Chapter 74: Confrontation Chapter 75: The Yun Hai Sect has abandoned me Chapter 76: Brutality Chapter 77: The Yun Hai Sect is Polluted! Chapter 78: The Patriarch’s Mistakes Chapter 79: No Compromise Chapter 80: The Sword Force Chapter 81: Pure Insanity Chapter 82: The Rise of a Genius Chapter 83: Confrontation of Geniuses Chapter 84: The Real Threat Chapter 85: Selected Geniuses Chapter 86: Only Option! Chapter 87: Cold Blooded Chapter 88: Extermination Chapter 89: A Lonely Sword Chapter 90: Sorrow and Tragedy Chapter 91: The Ancient Temple Chapter 92: Deadly Cross Shadow Chapter 93: Girl Inside The Illusion Chapter 94: I will just show you Chapter 95: Each Step Brings Death Chapter 96: A Dreadful Night Chapter 97: The Imperial City of Xue Yue Chapter 98: Duan Feng Chapter 99: The Celestial Academy Chapter 100: Traitor or not?
Chapter 101: A Dead End? Chapter 102: Aggression and Brutality Chapter 103: Impudent old man Chapter 104: Blood Spirit Chapter 105: The Sealed Doors Chapter 106: The Prodigy of the Duan Clan Chapter 107: To Slap or Not to Slap? Chapter 108: One Terrifying Step! Chapter 109: Luo Xue the High Official Chapter 110: Behind the Heavy Curtains Chapter 111: Conflicts Chapter 112: Who’s Slapping Who? Chapter 113: One Finger Chapter 114: The Menacing Old Man Chapter 115: Joining The Academy Chapter 116: The Third Category Chapter 117: The Zither Chapter 118: The Holy Courtyard Chapter 119: Magic! The Gathering Chapter 120: Justice Chapter 121: What an Expression! Chapter 122: Xue Yu Chapter 123: Duan Ren Border Chapter 124: Heartless Imperial Family Chapter 125: When They Met! Chapter 126: Meng Qing’s Pain! Chapter 127: The Snake is Back! Chapter 128: Purity stones Chapter 129: Lin Feng’s Strength Chapter 130: The Sixth Floor Chapter 131: As Far as Possible! Chapter 132: Lin Feng’s Sword Chapter 133: Rule Violation Chapter 134: He Will Die! Chapter 135: Hei Mo Chapter 136: Pressured at the Entrance Chapter 137: Life and Death Challenge Chapter 138: The Prisoner Arena Chapter 139: Cultivation Slaves Chapter 140: Lin Feng’s Battle Chapter 141: Jun! Chapter 142: Insane Fury Chapter 143: Brothers Chapter 144: Killing Shadow! Chapter 145: Blood vessels Chapter 146: Marking Chapter 147: The Visitors Chapter 148: The Furious Teacher Chapter 149: Flowing Blood Chapter 150: Ice Reigns Over The World
Chapter 201: The Officers Chapter 202: The Black Guards Chapter 203: The Celestial Sword Unit Chapter 204: Assassin! Chapter 205: The Prologue of Battle Chapter 206: The Calamity Chapter 207: No Choice but Death Chapter 208: Night within the City Chapter 209: The Ambush Chapter 210: Annihilate the army Chapter 211: Yan Yu Ping Sheng Chapter 212: Long Chase Chapter 213: Fearless Chapter 214: Broken Bones Chapter 215: Painful Love! Chapter 216: Lack of Pure Qi Chapter 217: The Mysteries of Cultivation Chapter 218: Earth Fusion Chapter 219: Foot of the Golden Zi Mountain Chapter 220: Golden Rain fills the sky Chapter 221: The Zi Government Chapter 222: The Day of the Wedding Chapter 223: The Forbidden Area Chapter 224: The Princess’ Tears Chapter 225: Allowed to Hold a Sword Chapter 226: Lin Feng’s Sword Chapter 227: Fury for the Princess! Chapter 228: Purple Annihilation Chapter 229: Sword of the Rising Sun Chapter 230: The Resplendence of the Cross Chapter 231: The Purple Lake Chapter 232: Where is Lin Feng? Chapter 233: The Final Day Chapter 234: The Strong Cultivator! Chapter 235: The Surplus Souls Chapter 236: The Zun Qi layer Chapter 237: Warmth in the Forbidden Area Chapter 238: Ruthless Chapter 239: The Purple Dragon Spirit Chapter 240: Encircling the Imperial City Chapter 241: The Orders Chapter 242: The Death of an Officer! Chapter 243: The Chi Xie Officer Chapter 244: Who’s the Traitor? Chapter 245: Duan Tian Lang’s Interrogation Chapter 246: The Marquis and His Fief Chapter 247: The New Officer Chapter 248: You Will Fight! Chapter 249: Lin Feng’s Army Chapter 250: The Snow-Dragon Guards
Chapter 251: She Must Be Blind! Chapter 252: The Fool! Chapter 253: The Tyrant Chapter 254: Back To Yangzhou City Chapter 255: Blade of the Wind! Chapter 256: Make Him Apologize! Chapter 257: The Apology Chapter 258: Identity! Chapter 259: Commit Suicide Chapter 260: The Annual Meeting Chapter 261: I, Lin Feng, want to die! Chapter 262: Kill Lin Feng! Chapter 263: Officer! Chapter 264: Regret and Resentment Chapter 265: The Terrible Loss! Chapter 266: Lin Feng is dangerous! Chapter 267: The Nine Palaces Chapter 268: Celestial River Chapter 269: The Blademaster Chapter 270: The Dream Pavilion Chapter 271: The Humiliation Chapter 272: The recipe Chapter 273: Provocations Chapter 274: The Ancient Cauldron Chapter 275: The Apple of His Eye Chapter 276: The Genius? Chapter 277: Kill as he wishes? Chapter 278: The Night Visit! Chapter 279: Enchanting and Bewitching Chapter 280: Searching Everywhere! Chapter 281: Threats at the Door! Chapter 282: The Sword of Pure Qi Chapter 283: Kill me and see! Chapter 284: The Massacre Chapter 285: Encircled! Chapter 286: The Sharp Light Chapter 287: Fury! Chapter 288: The Demonic Skill Chapter 289: The Evil Deity Chapter 290: The New Party Chapter 291: Thousand Illusions Chapter 292: The Dragon Metamorphosis Chapter 293: Giving up the Cauldron! Chapter 294: Mister Chi Chapter 295: Generosity! Chapter 296: Join Him Before His Success! Chapter 297: The Luo Xia Sect Chapter 298: The Scapegoat Chapter 299: Powerful Energy Filling the Atmosphere Chapter 300: The Nightmare of the Luo Xia Sect
Chapter 301: I don’t want to see you suffer! Chapter 302: A Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pills Chapter 303: The End of the Conflict Chapter 304: Kill Him! Chapter 305: The Cultivators in the Coffins! Chapter 306: The Empire’s Influence Chapter 307: King Class Evil Ectoplasm Chapter 308: The Impermanence of Life Chapter 309: The Sealed Doors! Chapter 310: The Emotionless Sword Chapter 311: The Request Chapter 312: Ambitious Goals! Chapter 313: I am Lin Feng! Chapter 314: Wen Ren Yan’s Wedding! Chapter 315: How Shameless! Chapter 316: Lin Feng is back! Chapter 317: Provoking Everyone! Chapter 318: Wen Ren Yan’s Death! Chapter 319: The Terrifying Lin Feng Chapter 320: Death of a Noble! Chapter 321: The General Chapter 322: The Era of the Geniuses Chapter 323: Bi Luo’s Insanity Chapter 324: Heaven and Earth Are Cruel! Chapter 325: Perilous Encirclement! Chapter 326: The Death God Chapter 327: Startling and Shocking Chapter 328: He Hasn’t Died! Chapter 329: The Blue Void Underworld! Chapter 330: Bullying Lin Feng? Chapter 331: Cosmos Burning Sun Chapter 332: The Sword of Sunlight! Chapter 333: The Flames at Dong Ling! Chapter 334: Burn and Die! Chapter 335: A Speechless Lin Feng! Chapter 336: The Sun Skill Chapter 337: Chess with the Princess! Chapter 338: Eighteen Years Ago! Chapter 339: To Kill or not to Kill Chapter 340: The Opportunity! Chapter 341: Kill Yu Tian Xing? Chapter 342: Dazzling Sword! Chapter 343: The Sound Waves! Chapter 344: The Incredible Celestial Book! Chapter 345: Banned! Chapter 346: The Grim Fire Chapter 347: The Black Lotus! Chapter 348: The Holy Courtyard Is Landing! Chapter 349: The Appointment Chapter 350: The Lesson
Chapter 351: Who Is Pathetic? Chapter 352: Egotistic Chapter 353: The Guess Chapter 354: The Portrait Chapter 355: Touching Chapter 356: Imperial Guard Officer Chapter 357: The Threat of a Black Lotus Chapter 358: Leng Yue’s Blade Chapter 359: Who Will Save You? Chapter 360: Frightening Persuasion Chapter 361: She Qiong’s Enlightenment Chapter 362: Burnt to Death! Chapter 363: Wu Ya’s Mountain Chapter 364: Against the current Chapter 365: Fellow Students Chapter 366: The Nine Dragon Mountain Chain Chapter 367: Mount Sword Chapter 368: Shaking the earth! Chapter 369: The Evil Sword Chapter 370: Veins of the Earth! Chapter 371: How to Divide? Chapter 372: Sword of the Rising Sun Chapter 373: Wan Shou Men Chapter 374: Merciful? Chapter 375: His Grandson Chapter 376: Everybody Arrived! Chapter 377: Kill Lin Feng! Chapter 378: Who Wants To Kill Him? Chapter 379: The Ability? Chapter 380: Beast Metamorphosis Chapter 381: The Shaman Spirit Chapter 382: Beast Control Chapter 383: Celestial Fangs Chapter 384: Devour! Chapter 385: The Dragon’s Heads Chapter 386: Ancient Ferocious beasts Chapter 387: The Silhouette in the Mountains Chapter 388: Astonishing! Chapter 389: The Transformation! Chapter 390: Convincing the Winged Tiger Chapter 391: Control! Chapter 392: The Battle Against the Tian Level Beast Chapter 393: Unsheathing The Evil Sword Chapter 394: Removing the Restriction! Chapter 395: Scared! Chapter 396: Teng Wu Yao’s Fury Chapter 397: Wind Chapter 398: Wind Movement Chapter 399: Coming to Kill! Chapter 400: Cold Indifferent Heart
Chapter 401: Fury! Chapter 402: Meng Qing Chapter 403: Insanity Chapter 404: Strength! Chapter 405: Dual sword wielding! Chapter 406: Dead Chapter 407: Yue Qing Shan’s Thoughts! Chapter 408: Come To Kill! Chapter 409: The Nightmare of the Wan Shou Sect Chapter 410: The Path of Bloodshed Chapter 411: Cosmic Annihilation Chapter 412: The Black Sword Chapter 413: The Era Chapter 414: Xuan Qi Layer Pills Chapter 415: Duan Feng’s Breakthrough Chapter 416: Seven Days Later Chapter 417: Duan Feng’s Secret Chapter 418: Everybody Wants to Kill Him! Chapter 419: Dark Barrier Chapter 420: On The Bamboo Raft Chapter 421: The Black Poisonous Fog Chapter 422: The Death Game Chapter 423: Accomplices Chapter 424: The Price of Attacking! Chapter 425: The Humiliation of the Hao Yue Sect Chapter 426: Planned Actions! Chapter 427: Cold Heart Chapter 428: The Flood Dragon Warp Fist! Chapter 429: Deadly Energy Chapter 430: You will die! Chapter 431: Despicable Means Chapter 432: Lotus in the Left, Sword in The Right! Chapter 433: Piss Off! Chapter 434: The Mysterious Apparition Chapter 435: Looking Down On Everybody Chapter 436: The Massacre! Chapter 437: What Kind of Life? Chapter 438: The Death of a High-Official! Chapter 439: The Pieces Come Together! Chapter 440: Satisfied! Chapter 441: The Crown Prince! Chapter 442: Meeting Again Chapter 443: The Strange Place Chapter 444: Lin Feng’s Power and Influence! Chapter 445: Break The Spell! Chapter 446: Yan Dang Mountain Chapter 447: Tianya Haige Chapter 448: The Wolves of the Desert Chapter 449: The Tribe Chapter 450: The Most Important Person!
Chapter 451: Kill Me? Chapter 452: Absolute Despair! Chapter 453: The Massacre! Chapter 454: Savage Thoughts Chapter 455: The Four-Tailed Wolf! Chapter 456: The Ancient Legend Chapter 457: Crystal Chapter 458: The Myriad of Black Lotuses Chapter 459: Flames! Chapter 460: Death On the City Walls! Chapter 461: Fighting The Wolf Pack! Chapter 462: The Memory Jade Chapter 463: Hostility Chapter 464: Insane Laughter! Chapter 465: The Cursed World Chapter 466: Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect! Chapter 467: Banquet in the Imperial Palace Chapter 468: Keep Watch for Me! Chapter 469: Beauty Under the Moonlight Chapter 470: Toast! Chapter 471: Life at Stake! Chapter 472: Drops of Blood! Chapter 473: Fight?! Chapter 474: Sword Intent! Chapter 475: The Realm of Perception Chapter 476: Humiliating Each and Every Single One! Chapter 477: The Confrontation Chapter 478: Terrified! Chapter 479: Pressure Chapter 480: Hope! Chapter 481: Eighteen Xuan Cultivators! Chapter 482: Thousands of Arrows! Chapter 483: The Resurrection of the Yun Hai Sect Chapter 484: Shameless Han Xue Tian! Chapter 485: Red Snow! Chapter 486: To The Imperial City! Chapter 487: Returning to The Holy Courtyard! Chapter 488: The Mysterious Group Chapter 489: The Snow Dragon Robe! Chapter 490: Life and Death Gamble! Chapter 491: Sword Formation! Chapter 492: One Man Battle Formation! Chapter 493: Terrifying Sword intent! Chapter 494: Destruction Chapter 495: Kill Yourself Chapter 496: Night Activities Chapter 497: Lin Feng’s Verdict! Chapter 498: Down The Precipice Chapter 499: Breaking The Door Chapter 500: The Mysterious Encounter!
Chapter 501: Nine Herukas Skill Chapter 502: Three Thousand Rotations Chapter 503: The Mysterious Picture Chapter 504: Tian Feng’s Provocations Chapter 505: The Stronger Cultivator Chapter 506: Confrontation of Fire! Chapter 507: The Terrifying Banner! Chapter 508: To the Imperial Palace Chapter 509: How Could He Not Fight? Chapter 510: Thunder Spirit Chapter 511: A Fist! Chapter 512: Boiling Blood! Chapter 513: Blood Strength! Chapter 514: Deadly Encounter Chapter 515: Burn and Swallow! Chapter 516: The End of Tian Feng Chapter 517: Obscenities Chapter 518: Who Will Have Her? Chapter 519: Fighting Over a Woman Chapter 520: Poison! Chapter 521: Get Lost! Chapter 522: Intercourse Chapter 523: Situation Chapter 524: Heartless Conditions Chapter 525: The Story Chapter 526: Painting with the Heart Chapter 527: Departure Chapter 528: Practicing Cultivation in the Sky! Chapter 529: The Dragon Mountain Empire Chapter 530: The Alcohol of the Best Restaurant Chapter 531: Rushing to the Top Floor! Chapter 532: The Beauty of the Tang Clan Chapter 533: Soul Spring Liquor Chapter 534: The Bet! Chapter 535: Dragon Mountain’s Rankings Chapter 536: Breakthrough Chapter 537: Marketplace Chapter 538: The Spring Moon Jade! Chapter 539: The Huo Clan Chapter 540: Worries Chapter 541: The Beautiful Scenery Chapter 542: Unreasonable and Impertinent Behavior Chapter 543: Humiliation at the Gate Chapter 544: Killing People from the Huo Clan Chapter 545: Lin Feng Attacks! Chapter 546: Bite The Hand That Feeds Chapter 547: What Do You Want To Do? Chapter 548: Yuan Tong Chapter 549: Prove It! Chapter 550: Risking One’s Life
Chapter 551: Karma May Reunite Us! Chapter 552: Geniuses’ Gathering Chapter 553: Lin Feng, Come Out! Chapter 554: Wu Qing’s Battle! Chapter 555: No Difference! Chapter 556: Terrorize Qin Chuan Chapter 557: Divine Water Pills Chapter 558: The Stand At the Market Chapter 559: Qing Meng Xin Chapter 560: Women Who Stand Out Chapter 561: The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion Chapter 562: Stealing Chapter 563: The Strong Young Man Chapter 564: Encircling Lin Feng Chapter 565: How To Kill Them? Chapter 566: An Arrow At the End of Its Flight! Chapter 567: Transforming Into A Demon! Chapter 568: The Counterattack of the Evil Swords Chapter 569: The Old Man and the Young Girl Chapter 570: Waking Up Chapter 571: Recovering Chapter 572: Little Sister Chapter 573: The Separation Chapter 574: Visualizations Chapter 575: The Last Fight Chapter 576: Determination! Chapter 577: A Fist Chapter 578: Humiliating Slaps! Chapter 579: Seven Winners! Chapter 580: Lin Feng Chapter 581: Struggling For The Winged Tiger Chapter 582: Increased Respect For Him! Chapter 583: Drinking A Few Bottles of Alcohol Chapter 584: Alcohol As A Gift Chapter 585: The Gift Chapter 586: Unexpectedly Nice! Chapter 587: Strange Cultivation Chapter 588: En route for Mi Cheng Chapter 589: The Humiliation Chapter 590: The Genius Chapter 591: Altogether! Chapter 592: Heroism Chapter 593: Di Ling and Wu Dao Chapter 594: The Aggressive Woman Chapter 595: Coming For Revenge Chapter 596: Long Time Without Deadly Energies Chapter 597: Ice-Cold Dagger Chapter 598: Yun Fei Yang Chapter 599: The Rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu Chapter 600: Delation
Chapter 601: Happily Fighting Together! Chapter 602: Terrifying Fire Chapter 603: One Sword killer Attack! Chapter 604: Willing To Fight! Chapter 605: Shen Gong Chapter 606: Duo Tian Mountain Chain Chapter 607: Before The Start Chapter 608: The Magical Seeds Chapter 609: The Temple Chapter 610: How To Use The Seeds Chapter 611: A Disaster for the Yu Clan Chapter 612: Encountering Yu Mo! Chapter 613: Ambition Chapter 614: Killing Together! Chapter 615: The Evil Temple Chapter 616: The Beginning of an Era Chapter 617: Indestructible Golden Body Chapter 618: Killing Down The Hill Chapter 619: Heruka Body Transformation Chapter 620: Get Back Into The Temple! Chapter 621: The End of the First Round Chapter 622: Regrets! Chapter 623: The Sword Qi in the Cave Chapter 624: Sword Intent Chapter 625: Bloodthirsty Sword Chapter 626: One Sword Chapter 627: The Discussion Chapter 628: Enemies and Friends Chapter 629: The Flood Dragon Cave Chapter 630: Rushing Through the Flood Dragon Cave Chapter 631: The Ninth Person Chapter 632: The First Jade Medal Chapter 633: Drinking Alcohol Onstage Chapter 634: The Eleven Best! Chapter 635: The End of the Second Round Chapter 636: Immobile Like A Mountain Chapter 637: One Death And One Coward Chapter 638: Cosmic Force Chapter 639: Astonishing Choice Chapter 640: Insect Chapter 641: Prove What? Chapter 642: One Attack Chapter 643: The Sixteen Best Chapter 644: A Blood Like Sword Chapter 645: The Holy City Chapter 646: Titans’ Battles! Chapter 647: Everybody, Give Up! Chapter 648: Shen Gong Chapter 649: The Banquet Chapter 650: Shen Gong’s Goal
Chapter 651: The Special Area Chapter 652: Amazing Sword Chapter 653: Sword and Heruka Chapter 654: Coming Out Chapter 655: The Prologue! Chapter 656: Monstrously Strong Cultivators, The Prologue! Chapter 657: Forfeit Chapter 658: Poor Yu Mo Chapter 659: Blood-Red Sword Chapter 660: A Sword Destroying the Atmosphere Chapter 661: One Sword Chapter 662: The Dead Tree Chapter 663: The Seven Swords Chapter 664: Between Swords Chapter 665: Bad Choice Chapter 666: The Day Before the Great War Chapter 667: Evil Fight Chapter 668: Evil Night Light Chapter 669: Demon’s Body Chapter 670: The Arrogant Di Ling Chapter 671: The Firmament Spirit Chapter 672: Duan Wu Dao’s Strength Chapter 673: Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao Chapter 674: Last Two Battles Chapter 675: Lin Feng Vs. Di Ling Chapter 676: Tearing Firmament Energy! Chapter 677: The Final Battle Chapter 678: Sealed Doors Chapter 679: The Climax Chapter 680: Unexpected Disturbance Chapter 681: Five Terrifying Spheres of Influence Chapter 682: Lin Feng’s choice Chapter 683: Everybody’s Choice Chapter 684: The General Overview of the Continent Chapter 685: Zun Cultivators Chapter 686: At Dusk Chapter 687: Before Breaking Through to the Tian Qi layer Chapter 688: The Palace of the Emperors Chapter 689: Tian Level Skills Chapter 690: Wrath Chapter 691: Dazzling Lights Chapter 692: Gathering Chapter 693: Tian Qi Layer Battles Chapter 694: Back Home Chapter 695: Passionate Fusion Chapter 696: Like A Dream Chapter 697: People from the Empire Chapter 698: Ruler Chapter 699: Acceptance Chapter 700: Public Announcement
Chapter 701: Getting Prepared for Revenge Chapter 702: The End of An Era Chapter 703: Back To the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain Chapter 704: Gathering Ferocious Wild Beasts Chapter 705: Astonishing! Chapter 706: Underground Current Chapter 707: Danger in Duan Ren City Chapter 708: Extreme Sadness Chapter 709: Duan Ren City Chapter 710: Lin Feng’s arrival Chapter 711: Great Regrets Chapter 712: Bloodbath in Mo Yue Chapter 713: The Crown Prince of Mo Yue Chapter 714: The Roc Chapter 715: The Wedding Day Chapter 716: Dark Clouds in the Sky Chapter 717: The Great War Chapter 718: Fury and Revenge Chapter 719: Deadly Meeting Chapter 720: Ghosts of Xue Yue Chapter 721: Xue Ling Long Chapter 722: Like A Demon Chapter 723: Strong Cultivators Fighting! Chapter 724: Duan Wu Ya Chapter 725: Unsheathing the Evil Swords Chapter 726: Killing Duan Ren Huang Chapter 727: The Terrifying Lin Feng Chapter 728: He Cannot Turn Into A Demon! Chapter 729: Determination Battle Chapter 730: Reigning Over Xue Yue Chapter 731: The Ferocious Wild Beasts in the Mountain Chain! Chapter 732: Here Is the Cat Again! Chapter 733: Zun Cultivator! Chapter 734: The Restriction Chapter 735: Controlling The Evil Sword Chapter 736: Bloodbath at Night! Chapter 737: Mother Master Chapter 738: The Tian Chi Empire Chapter 739: Missionaries Chapter 740: Tian Chi Xue Chapter 741: The Top of the Mountain Chapter 742: A Furious Sharp Sword Chapter 743: Fortune Chapter 744: A Sword in the Middle of Heroes Chapter 745: Releasing Evil Energy Chapter 746: Sharp Needles! Chapter 747: Lin Feng In Fury Chapter 748: The Eight Extremely Strong Cultivators Chapter 749: Man Can Conquer Nature Chapter 750: Test
Chapter 751: Battling Against a Cultivator of the Tian Qi layer Chapter 752: Frozen Chapter 753: Making The Demon Pure Chapter 754: Ninth Xuan Qi Layer Chapter 755: The Annoying Zun Cultivator Chapter 756: Fire Chapter 757: Three Madmen! Chapter 758: Sword Tempo! Chapter 759: Stronger Again Chapter 760: Shut Up! Chapter 761: The Battle in the Snow Palace Chapter 762: Finger Threat Chapter 763: For The Empire! Chapter 764: Taboo Chapter 765: Terrifying Beast Qi Chapter 766: The Snow Beasts Tower Chapter 767: Encounter in the Sky Chapter 768: Making the Situation Worse Chapter 769: Serious Consequences Chapter 770: Two Traitors Chapter 771: The Palace Chapter 772: Getting Into The Mysterious World Chapter 773: The Mysterious Marks in the Dark World Chapter 774: Sacrificial Altar Chapter 775: Crossing Space Chapter 776: Inner-battle Chapter 777: Who Can Stop him! Chapter 778: The Skeletons of the Strong Cultivators Chapter 779: The Holy Marks Chapter 780: Familiar Faces Chapter 781: Xiao Yao Sect Chapter 782: The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao Chapter 783: Tang You You’s Punches Chapter 784: Soaked with blood, so what? Chapter 785: Terrifying Weapons Chapter 786: Awakening of the Blood Spirit! Chapter 787: Do You Dare Fight Me? Chapter 788: For Justice! Chapter 789: The Seven Starlights Chapter 790: Tian Ji’s ultimate star power Chapter 791: The Leader Chapter 792: The Demonic Emperor Chapter 793: The Evil Gourd Chapter 794: Boundless Blood Pool Chapter 795: Who Dares Attack? Chapter 796: Monstrous Huang Fu Long Chapter 797: Group Fight Chapter 798: Great Battle Chapter 799: Healing Pill Chapter 800: The Omniscience of the Stars
Chapter 801: Palace Hologram Chapter 802: The Atmosphere is Collapsing Chapter 803: Jade Heaven Imperial Clan Chapter 804: The Grave Chapter 805: Path of Truth Chapter 806: Eternal One Chapter 807: Magic Understanding Chapter 808: Paramita’s path Chapter 809: Jade Heaven’s Palace Chapter 810: Undisclosed information Chapter 811: Stealing treasures Chapter 812: The Demoniac Emperor’s Scriptures Chapter 813: Lin Feng Defying Laws Human and Divine Chapter 814: Crushing the Emperor’s Internal Organs Chapter 815: Come Out! Chapter 816: One Hand Chapter 817: Why the Jade Emperor’s Heart? Chapter 818: All Inside! Chapter 819: The Palace’s Explosive Power! Chapter 820: Fighting Beasts! Chapter 821: Chase and Kill! Chapter 822: Killing Duan Wu Ya Chapter 823: Escape Chapter 824: Hunting Chapter 825: Lin Feng’s Madness Chapter 826: Demon Sword and Battling against the General Chapter 827: Death Valley Chapter 828: Entering the Death Valley Chapter 829: Demon Seal Plate Chapter 830: The Silhouette down the Mountain! Chapter 831: Awareness Chapter 832: Three Lives Emperor Chapter 833: Too Many Requests! Chapter 834: Infinite Demon Print Chapter 835: Chapter 836: Crisis in Gan Yu Chapter 837: Back to Tian Chi Chapter 838: Denouncing Lin Feng Chapter 839: Piss off, all of you! Chapter 840: Crushing a Tian Qi layer cultivator Chapter 841: Together Chapter 842: Who committed a crime? Chapter 843: Insane Swordsman Chapter 844: New Era for Tian Xuan Chapter 845: Tian Chi Determination Chapter 846: The Snow Zun Cultivator’s Decision Chapter 847: Transmission Chapter 848:The Challenge! Chapter 849: Oppressed Strength Chapter 850: Soul Bell
Chapter 851: New Page Chapter 852: Great Surprise and the Zun Cultivator’s Fury Chapter 853: Sealed for a year Chapter 854: Super Violent Genius Chapter 855: A New Life Chapter 856: The snow Zun cultivator Chapter 857: Incredible Spirit Chapter 858: Going Around Chapter 859: Back to Xue Yue Chapter 860: King Lin Feng Chapter 861: General’s Tomb Chapter 862: Hidden Chapter 863: Flames of Fury Chapter 864: Gloomy Young Master Chapter 865: Death God Chapter 866: Killing people of the Tian Qi layer as well Chapter 867: Murder! Chapter 868: Tian Qi layer Chapter 869: Behind the scenes Chapter 870: Honor and glory Chapter 871: The ancient cauldron Chapter 872: Concocting pills Chapter 873: Complete recovery Chapter 874: Meeting again Chapter 875: Nature pills Chapter 876: Towards Black Wind Mountain Chapter 877: So Close Yet Worlds Apart Chapter 878: Struggling through the path Chapter 879: Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi Chapter 880: Bestial Skill Chapter 881: Collapsing atmosphere Chapter 882: A New World Chapter 883: Evil Li Shang Chapter 884: Evil Methods Chapter 885: Flame Emperor Chapter 886: Controlling the Evil Spirit Chapter 887: Reconstruction Chapter 888: Shen Gong Chapter 889: Despising Shen Gong Chapter 890: I understand cultivation levels better than you! Chapter 891: Seventh Tian Qi layer Chapter 892: Unsheathing the demon sword Chapter 893: Destroying Jue Tian in One Strike Chapter 894: Asking the Evil Spirit Chapter 895: Spirit Sealing Technique Chapter 896: Qiong Qi, Flame Emperor Yan Di? Chapter 897: Insane Great Emperor Chapter 898: Convincing the Flame Emperor Yan Di Chapter 899: Entering a Strange World Chapter 900: Poor Emperor
Chapter 901: Courting Death Chapter 902: Strong cultivators’ death Chapter 903: Panick Attack Chapter 904: Killing in Shen Gong Chapter 905: Two news items Chapter 906: Danger in Tian Chi Chapter 907: Proud Young Man Chapter 908: Strange Soul Chapter 909: Asoka City Chapter 910: Qiong Qi’s Abnormal Behavior Chapter 911: The precious picture Chapter 912: Asoka Mountain Chapter 913: Clash of the Geniuses Chapter 914: Confrontation Chapter 915: How Can You Be So Proud Chapter 916: The Teacher Arrive Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger Chapter 918: Lose Face Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple Chapter 920: Fighting Power Chapter 921: Looking for Trouble Chapter 922: A Godly Awareness Solid as a Rock Chapter 923: The Defeat Chapter 924: Flame Mountain Chapter 925: Void Fire Chapter 926: Demoniac Power Chapter 927: Ancient demon destruction Chapter 928: Strong Words Chapter 929: Qiong Qiong Qi Levels Up! Chapter 930: Godly Awareness Palace Chapter 931: Ba Huang , Jiu You Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin Chapter 934: Strong and Powerful Disciple Chapter 935: Sword Reincarnation Chapter 936: Chaotic Battle Chapter 937: Space Reincarnation Chapter 938: The Arson Chapter 939: Violent Death Chapter 940: Revealing His Social Status Chapter 941: Going To Tian Chi Chapter 942: Terrifying Deployment Spell Chapter 943: Difficult Times for Tian Shu Zi Chapter 944: Looking for a Scapegoat! Chapter 945: Stars of Destruction Chapter 946: Tian Shu Peak Chapter 947: The Tragedy Chapter 948: Hou Qing Lin’s goal Chapter 949: See You in Ba Huang Chapter 950: Responsibilities
Chapter 951: Destroying the Xiao Yao Sect Chapter 952: Xiao Yao Sect’s humiliation Chapter 953: Returning to Tian Chi Chapter 954: The Gift Chapter 955: Sky Palace Chapter 956: Leaving Chapter 957: Destruction and Betrayal Chapter 958: Huang Sea Chapter 959: Gloomy Clouds Chapter 960: Getting on the Boat Chapter 961: Windstorm on the Huang Sea Chapter 962: Island of the Nine Dragons Chapter 963: Survival Chapter 964: Stuck Chapter 965: Desolate Qi Chapter 966: Forbidden to Human Beings! Chapter 967: Bestial consciousness Chapter 968: Insane Creatures Think Alike Chapter 969: Using Bestial consciousness Chapter 970: Fearless on the Huang Sea Chapter 971: Yang Clan and Xuan Yuan Shi Chapter 972: Deadly Lights Chapter 973: Ba Huang Province Chapter 974: The Yang’s Clan Chapter 975: Deadly Silver Wings Chapter 976: With Freezing Irony and Burning Satire Chapter 977: Yan Di Going Insane Chapter 978: Mad Words Chapter 979: Silver Wings Battle Chapter 980: Better Together! Chapter 981: Blood Strength Chapter 982: You Can’t! Chapter 983: Treading On Chapter 984: Talented Cultivators Chapter 985: Dragon Chant In the Middle of Nigh Chapter 986: The Crows Caw When The Moon Goes Down! Chapter 987: Flowing Backwards Chapter 988: Dragon Palace Chapter 989: Dragon’s Heart Chapter 990: I Didn’t Kill You Though! Chapter 991: Chanting and Talking Dragon Chapter 992: I Am Yan Di! Chapter 993: More and More People Around the Dragon! Chapter 994: Mu Chen Chapter 995: Xuan Yuan Feels Humiliated Chapter 996: Chased, So What? Chapter 997: Killing Tian Lin Chapter 998: Degenerate Chapter 999: Tiantai Chapter 1000: Celestial Steps
Chapter 1001: I Like Him! Chapter 1002: Come Up! Chapter 1003: Kiss kiss! Chapter 1004: Terrifying Flight of Stairs Chapter 1005: As Hard As Reaching the Clouds Chapter 1006: Calmly Understanding The Flight of Stairs Chapter 1007: Remember Forever Chapter 1008: Chou Jun Luo Is Scared! Chapter 1009: Lin Feng The Terror Chapter 1010: Swallowing Spirits! Chapter 1011: Problems at the Qiu’s Chapter 1012: Qiu Yue Xin’s Fury Chapter 1013: Hostage and Battles Chapter 1014: Humiliating the Yang Clan Chapter 1015: Incredible People Chapter 1016: Rules Chapter 1017: Xuan Yuan’s Success Chapter 1018: Insects Defy the Laws of Physics Chapter 1019: Geniuses Together Chapter 1020: Fourth Group of Stairs Chapter 1021: Lin Feng Defying the Skies Chapter 1022: The Force of the Sky Chapter 1023: Ninth Group of Steps Chapter 1024: In Tiantai Chapter 1025: 81 Palaces Chapter 1026: New Ways of Using His Spirit Chapter 1027: Who’s an Insect? Chapter 1028: Trampling on a Genius Chapter 1029: Fighting against Xuan Yuan Chapter 1030: Equally Arrogant Chapter 1031: Insane Battle Chapter 1032: Two people’s corporeal bodies Chapter 1033: Do You Regret? Chapter 1034: Despising Yang Zi Ye Chapter 1035: Mu Chen’s Supervision Chapter 1036: Mu Chen’s Philosophy Chapter 1037: Portraits of Emperors Chapter 1038: Coldness and Death Chapter 1039: Terrifying Massacre place Chapter 1040: Hunting Chapter 1041: Killing Shadow Hunters Chapter 1042: Imperial Battles Chapter 1043: Strange Young Man Chapter 1044: Crazier than Xuan Yuan Chapter 1045: Emperor’s Grandson Chapter 1046: The Cave Chapter 1047: Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell Chapter 1048: Furious Battle Chapter 1049: Lin Feng’s Plot Chapter 1050: Swallowing Shadows
Chapter 1051 Chapter 1052 Chapter 1053 Chapter 1054: Holy Weapon Chapter 1055 Chapter 1056 Chapter 1057: If You’re Not Insane, Can You Become An Emperor? Chapter 1058: Insane Hou Qing Lin Chapter 1059: Teleportation Chapter 1060: Great Conflict Chapter 1061: First Disciple Chapter 1062: Where’s Xuan Yuan? Chapter 1063: Graduation Ceremony Chapter 1064: Xuan Yuan’s Tragedy Chapter 1065: Chased by Yuan Fei Chapter 1066: A Friend From An Island Chapter 1067: Eight Dragon Chants Chapter 1068: Illusion Strength Chapter 1069: Wait, wait Chapter 1070: Battle to Death Chapter 1071: Death Is In The Air Chapter 1072: Challenger’s Spirit Chapter 1073: Grand-dad Will Teach You A Lesson! Chapter 1074: Qiu Hao’s Difficult Times Chapter 1075: Mystery of the flight of stairs Chapter 1076: Yuan Fei Is Insane Chapter 1077: A cave with a waterfall at its mouth, in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit Chapter 1078: Lin Feng’s Reflection Chapter 1079: Wise Men Look Like Fools Chapter 1080: Just A Punch! Chapter 1081: Celestial Place of the Alchemists Chapter 1082: Cruel Methods Chapter 1083: Killing a Zun cultivator Chapter 1084: Enchanting Girl Chapter 1085: Desolate Stone Chapter 1086: Different Chapter 1087: Emperor’s Corporeal Body Chapter 1088: Ancient Ruins Chapter 1089: Ferocious Wild Beast? Chapter 1090: Abstruse Crystals Chapter 1091: Killed by Yang Zi Lan! Chapter 1092: Angry Pirates of the Huang Sea Chapter 1093: The Ruins in the Huang Sea Chapter 1094: Ancient Dragon Skeleton Chapter 1095: Small World Chapter 1096: Spirit Capture Chapter 1097: Emperor’s Body Chapter 1098: Cursing Strength Chapter 1099: Cursing Scepter Chapter 1100: Gigantic Holy Spell
Chapter 1101: A Girl’s Room Chapter 1102: Kidnapping Chapter 1103: Strong Woman Chapter 1104: Celestial Body Chapter 1105: Golden Lotus Chapter 1106: Fortune City Chapter 1107: Diviner Chapter 1108: Everybody Off to Fortune City Chapter 1109: More Killers Chapter 1110: Despising Means Chapter 1111: Discussing Ba Huang’s Geniuses Chapter 1112: Surprise Attack Chapter 1113: Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers Chapter 1114: The Watcher’s Arrow Chapter 1115: Xia Fan Chapter 1116: Killing! Chapter 1117: Come out here! Chapter 1118: Tiantai People Chapter 1119: Invitation to Jiange Chapter 1120: The Grave Chapter 1121: Living Swords! Chapter 1122: Celestial Girl Chapter 1123: Challenging the Celestial Girl Chapter 1124: Soon Getting Nature pills? Chapter 1125: Secret And Mysterious Influential Group Chapter 1126: Long Teng’s Aggressivity Chapter 1127: Pure Celestial Field Chapter 1128: Deadly Celestial Technique Chapter 1129: Tiantai’s Voice Chapter 1130: Meng Qing’s Transformation Chapter 1131: Kidnapping Chapter 1132: Sword Slave Chapter 1133: Swallowing the Demon Sword Chapter 1134: The Old Man’s Teachings Chapter 1135: Raising a Sword Chapter 1136: The Young Master Chapter 1137: Kneeling down Chapter 1138: Conversation in the Void Chapter 1139: Everybody Must Die Chapter 1140: Astonishing Battle Chapter 1141: Washing His Sword Chapter 1142: Mysterious Fortune City Chapter 1143: Fortune City’s Shrine Chapter 1144: Seed Hunting Chapter 1145: Terrifying Number Chapter 1146: Hunting Lin Feng Chapter 1147: I Must Kill You Chapter 1148: Resisting Chapter 1149: Hurricane Chapter 1150: The Advantages of Fate Seeds
Chapter 1151: The Watcher’s Arrow Chapter 1152: Wife and Husband Joining Hands Chapter 1153: Yuan Fei’s Fury Chapter 1154: If You Want to Kill Me, I’ll Kill You! Chapter 1155: Traveling and Working! Chapter 1156: Insane Demon Chapter 1157: Thunderworld Chapter 1158: Revenge Chapter 1159: Strangeness in the Sky Chapter 1160: Fire City Chapter 1161: Nice Shot! Chapter 1162: Jun Mo Xi Chapter 1163: Beast Palace Chapter 1164: Beasts! Chapter 1165: Golden Crow Chapter 1166: Attacked Chapter 1167: Seventh Assassin! Chapter 1168: Killing the Seventh assassin Chapter 1169: Terrifying Thunder Heart Chapter 1170: Sword’s New Soul! Chapter 1171: Fighting Against The Thunderbird Again Chapter 1172: Exploring the Ancient City! Chapter 1173: The Source of Life Chapter 1174: Yi Ren Lei Chapter 1175: The Ten Strongest Cultivators Chapter 1176: Surrounded By Hot Girls Chapter 1177: Intent, Abstruse Energies and the Zun Qi layer Chapter 1178: Church of Desire Chapter 1179: Celestial Palace of the Immortals’ Descendant Chapter 1180: Occupy, Invade and Kill Chapter 1181: You’re Dead Now, So You Can’t Have Them! Chapter 1182: Purple fate seeds Chapter 1183: Celestial Thunders – The Path of Enlightenment Chapter 1184: Lin Feng’s Explosive Strength Chapter 1185: The Evil Black Mage Chapter 1186: Stealing The Robe Chapter 1187: Tear Stain – Source of Life Chapter 1188: Fu Hei’s Misfortune Chapter 1189: Six Desires Chapter 1190: Aftermath! Chapter 1191: Fighting Against Zong Ren Yu Chapter 1192: Trading Purple Seeds Chapter 1193: Nine Watchers Chapter 1194: The Prophecies Chapter 1195: What kind of Body? Chapter 1196: The End of the Event in Fortune City Chapter 1197: Jiange Chapter 1198: Sword Emperor’s Path Chapter 1199: When you miss me, we can see each other! Chapter 1200: Qiu Yue Xin’s Drastic Change!
Chapter 1201: Uncle Lin Chapter 1202: Tian Long Divine Castle Chapter 1203: Suddenly Going Back! Chapter 1204: Tiantai Will Help! Chapter 1205: Lin Feng at the Qiu’s Chapter 1206: Desolate Ksana Chapter 1207: Absorbing Spirits, Xuan Yuan Chapter 1208: Zun cultivator, So What? Chapter 1209: Go Back! Chapter 1210: The Tenth Floor Chapter 1211: Your Own Path Chapter 1212: Changes Everywhere! Chapter 1213: Amazing Ba Huang Chapter 1214: The Great Battle Against Long Teng! Chapter 1215: Dragon Shapes Chapter 1216: Qiu Yue Xin’s Battle Chapter 1217: Bai Qiu Luo Chapter 1218: Mercilessness Chapter 1219: Chasing Over a Long Distance Chapter 1220: Central Part of Ba Huang Chapter 1221: Assassination in the Ancient Town Chapter 1222: Great Battle Against Zun Cultivators Chapter 1223: Merciless Moon Chapter 1124: Qiu Yue Xin’s Double Personality Chapter 1225: Yan Di’s Stupid Ideas Chapter 1226: Godly Awareness Killing Chapter 1227: Fighting against Lin Feng Chapter 1228: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 1229: The Best Place Chapter 1230: A Small Lesson Chapter 1231: Mu Chen’s Reputation Chapter 1232: Unanswerable Discussion Chapter 1233: Let the Battles Start Chapter 1234: Wen Tian Ge VS. Wu Tian! Chapter 1235: Lin Feng, Fight! Chapter 1236: Whistling Sword in the Sky Chapter 1237: Demon Curse Chapter 1238: Qi Dashing to the Skies Chapter 1239: Kill him Chapter 1240: Ancient Teleportation, Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Sword Chapter 1241: Killing One By One Chapter 1242: Lacerate Chapter 1243: Worrying Chapter 1244: Going Back Chapter 1245: Tian Chi Snowy Peaks Chapter 1246: Amazed Teachers Chapter 1247: Defeating Tian Chi Xue Chapter 1248: Teachings Chapter 1249: Sent by Emperors Chapter 1250: Leaving Confidently at At Ease
Chapter 1251: Xue Yue’s Zun cultivators Chapter 1252: Pressure from Ba Huang Chapter 1253: I’m Back Chapter 1254: Astonishing the Family Chapter 1255: Peaceful Times Chapter 1256: Xin Ye’s Path Chapter 1257: Gathering in the Palace Chapter 1258: Sharing the Imperial Palace Chapter 1259: Jiange’s Intervention Chapter 1260: The Slaves! Chapter 1261: Going to the Yun Hai mountain range Chapter 1262: The Great Emperor’s Historical Remains! Chapter 1263: Demoniac Marks Chapter 1264: When Emperors Show Up Chapter 1265: Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains Chapter 1266: Yan Di Fooling Emperors Chapter 1267: The Nine Songs Chapter 1268: Goddess, Empress Xi’s Grave Chapter 1269: The Inheritor Chapter 1270: Peerless Cultivator Chapter 1271: Because of The three lives scriptures Chapter 1272: The Qi Clan vs. Lin Feng Chapter 1273: Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll – Imperial weapon Chapter 1274: Infuriating Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword Chapter 1275: Imperial Sword’s Determination Chapter 1276: Ba Huang’s Turmoil Chapter 1277: Dragon’s Vein Chapter 1278: Eternal Battle Chapter 1279: The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony – Dead Body Curse Chapter 1280: More and More Intense Demon Eyes Chapter 1281: A Demoniac Concerto! Chapter 1282: Demon Determination Rising to the Skies Chapter 1283: Demon Flute Chapter 1284: Eye Techniques Chapter 1285: Three Beasts’ Battle Chapter 1286: Give it back! Chapter 1287: Lin Feng vs. Si Kong Xiao Chapter 1288: Tang You You’s News Chapter 1289: Nine Netherworlds Demon Lotus Chapter 1290: Yan Di and the Spirit Chapter 1291: Dark Type Chapter 1292: Peeling Off A Page Chapter 1293: Yan Di’s Pride Chapter 1294: Killing Cultivators of the top of the Zun Qi layer and Stealing Their Imperial weapons Chapter 1295: Amazing Dazzling Treasures Chapter 1296: One-Paged Sacred Book Chapter 1297: Stealing Scriptures Chapter 1298: Lin Feng’s Aggressiveness Chapter 1299: Yan Di Kicking Out Everybody Chapter 1300: Dazzling light beam
Chapter 1301: The three lives scriptures and the ten thousand things of creation scriptures Chapter 1302: Jade Emperor’s Treasures Chapter 1303: Lin Feng, Demon God? Chapter 1304: Familiar faces, old friends Chapter 1305: Interconnected plants Chapter 1306: Ambush Chapter 1307: Sanguinary Battle Chapter 1308: Condensing Abstruse Energies Chapter 1309: Chaos in Ba Huang Chapter 1310: Tiantai’s Disaster Chapter 1311: Going to the Yang Clan Chapter 1312: Trouble, Killing People Chapter 1313: The Yang Clan’s Nightmare Chapter 1314: Yang Clan’s Judgement Day Chapter 1315: Plan and Plot Chapter 1316: Dark holy marks Chapter 1317: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Union Chapter 1318: Zun Cultivators Without Enemies! Chapter 1319: Emperors Showing Up Chapter 1320: Lin Feng, Bannish! Chapter 1321: Is Lin Feng already dead? Chapter 1322: Battle, Teleportation Chapter 1323: The Young Blade Cultivator Chapter 1324: Kong Ming the Buddhist monk Chapter 1325: Traveling with Yi Lang Ren Chapter 1326: Your Highness Chapter 1327: Kill Yi Ren Lei! Chapter 1328: Obvious Murderous Intentions Chapter 1329: Ice Empire Chapter 1330: Yi Ren Lei’s Seduction Chapter 1331: Influence in the Empire Chapter 1332: Ice Lotus Chapter 1333: Carnal Pleasures Chapter 1334: Aggressiveness and Brutality Chapter 1335: Extreme Pressure Chapter 1336: Punching Dao He Chapter 1337: Insane Battle Chapter 1338: Destroying Noble Young Men Chapter 1339: Yi Ren Lei’s Plan Chapter 1340: The Future Ice and Snow Goddess? Chapter 1341: Jing Yun? Chapter 1342: That Sword Again! Chapter 1343: Gigantic Hand Falling from Heaven Chapter 1344: Pure Power! Chapter 1345: Kiss You Goodbye Chapter 1346: Shrine Opening Chapter 1347: The Envoy Chapter 1348: Furious battle Chapter 1349: Ice Determination Chapter 1350: Corrosive Ice Qi
Chapter 1351: Fifth Floor Chapter 1352: Thinking about Life Chapter 1353: On the Sixth floor Chapter 1354: Massacre Chapter 1355: Going to Die Soon? Chapter 1356: Deadly Battle Chapter 1357: Terrifying Battle Chapter 1358: Ice Seal Chapter 1359: Demonic Tragedy Chapter 1360: Twelve Shrines Chapter 1361: The King Body Chapter 1362: Young People’s Decisions Chapter 1363: The Demon Shrine Chapter 1364: Eighteen Demon Generals Chapter 1365: Immortality and Death Chapter 1366: Unparalleled Chapter 1367: Four Demon Kings Chapter 1368: Leaving the Shrine Chapter 1369: Going Back to Ba Huang Chapter 1370: Jun Mo Xi and the Celestial Palace of the Immortals Chapter 1371: No Need To Think Thrice To Kill People! Chapter 1372: Demonic Punches Chapter 1373: Meng Qing and Yue Xin Chapter 1374: Fighting Against A Cultivator of the Top of the Zun Qi Layer Chapter 1375: Lots of Concubines Chapter 1376: Gathering Chapter 1377: The meeting of the emperors Chapter 1378: Let The Massacre Begin! Chapter 1379: Change the Referee! Chapter 1380: Cheating Chapter 1381: Humiliation Chapter 1382: Insane Demon – Lin Feng! Chapter 1383: Meng Qing vs. The Dragon Prince Chapter 1384: Sly Methods Chapter 1385: An Imperial Dialogue Chapter 1386: Insane Battle Chapter 1387: A Stepping Stone Chapter 1388: You’re Welcome to Join Us! Chapter 1389: Destroy Tiantai First! Chapter 1390: Cruel Battle Chapter 1391: Mu Feng’s Plot Chapter 1392: Trying to kill Meng Qing Chapter 1393: Mu Feng’s Fury Chapter 1394: The Alliance Chapter 1395: Another Round Chapter 1396: Choosing Opponents – Cruel Rules Chapter 1397: Hopeless Seventh Prince Chapter 1398: Fu Hei – Outwardly Kind but Inwardly Evil! Chapter 1399: Prajna – Ban Ruo – Fury Chapter 1400: Borrowing the fifth prince’s force
Chapter 1401: The Eleventh Disciple Chapter 1402: Ku Can, Xing Zhan Chapter 1403: Appointment Chapter 1404: Throwing Stones At Somebody Who Has Fallen Down A Well! Chapter 1405: Qi Clan’s Last Battle Chapter 1406: Qi Qian Ren Chapter 1407: Mu Feng – Feng? Chapter 1408: Slaughter! Chapter 1409: You’ll Die if I Want You to Die! Chapter 1410: Red Sun Chapter 1411: Group Fight Chapter 1412: Fighting Against The Third Prince! Chapter 1413: Insane! Chapter 1414: Fighting Against the Third Prince Again! Chapter 1415: Threat Chapter 1416: The Magic Gate Chapter 1417: A Famous Song Chapter 1418: Cosmic Energies Chapter 1419: Fighting Against Emperor Yu Chapter 1420: The Key to Holy City Chapter 1421: Vines, Old Trees and Crows Chapter 1422: The demon sealing great emperor’s hometown Chapter 1423: Killing The Dead Man Chapter 1424: Dream Chapter 1425: Stealing A Fate Seed Chapter 1426: Kill! Chapter 1427: Understanding Death Abstruse Energy Chapter 1428: A Skeleton Leading The Way! Chapter 1429: Strange Skeleton Chapter 1430: Stuck For Two Years Chapter 1431: Come Out! Chapter 1432: Displaying One’s Talent Chapter 1433: I Want To Kill A Few People Chapter 1434: To Wait Idly For Opportunities Chapter 1435: Fighting Against the Great Roc And The Princes Chapter 1436: Arrogantly Proud Chapter 1437: Emperor Tian Long Is Furious! Chapter 1438: One Year Chapter 1439: Xia Tian Fan Chapter 1440: Beautiful Memories Chapter 1441 The Yun Hai Sect’s New Face Chapter 1442: Wu Shang Chapter 1443: Astonishing Chapter 1444: Liu Fei Chapter 1445: Beautiful Times Chapter 1446: Meeting in Asoka Chapter 1447: Beginning of a Massacre Chapter 1448: Who Is Not Going To Die? Chapter 1449: You Can Shake! Chapter 1450: Done
Chapter 1451: Back to Ba Huang Chapter 1452: Assassins and Watchers Chapter 1453: Counterstrike Chapter 1454: Real Assassin Chapter 1455: Soundwave Battle Chapter 1456: Deadly Sword Chapter 1457: Furious Chapter 1458: Sword Grave Chapter 1459: How To Become An Emperor Chapter 1460: Powerful Attack Chapter 1461: Emperors’ Battle Chapter 1462: Tiantai’s Disappearance Chapter 1463: Who Is He? Chapter 1464: Nightly Massacre Chapter 1465: Chaos At The Qi Clan Chapter 1466: Kill Lin Feng! Chapter 1467: Cursing Myself! Chapter 1468: Difficulties for the Qi Clan Chapter 1469: The Qi Empire Chapter 1470: Breaking Rules Chapter 1471: Qi Yan’s Wife Chapter 1472: Doubts Chapter 1473: Danger Chapter 1474: Seven Strong Cultivators Chapter 1475: Battlefield Chapter 1476: Complex Situation Chapter 1477: Seven Fish Caught in a Web Chapter 1478: The Fall of the Emperors Chapter 1479: Condensation of Strong Cultivators Chapter 1480: Flinching! Chapter 1481: Complex Situation Chapter 1482: Making Lin Feng Stronger Chapter 1483: Celestial Walls Manor Chapter 1484: No Time To Waste With You! Chapter 1485: Invasion Chapter 1486: Walls Chapter 1487: Talent Chapter 1488: The Old Man and The Young Man Chapter 1489: Golden Holy Qi Chapter 1490: My Feet On Your Face! Chapter 1491: News Chapter 1492: The Light Beam Chapter 1493: Yan Di Chapter 1494: Arrogance Chapter 1495: Insane Yan Di Chapter 1496: This World Chapter 1497: Tiantai’s Direct Disciples Chapter 1498: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Judgement Day Chapter 1499: Two Emperors Joining Hands Chapter 1500: Surrounded
Chapter 1501: Destroy Chapter 1502: Ferocious, Fierce, Tough Chapter 1503: The Holy City’s Disciples Chapter 1504: To The Qi Clan! Chapter 1505: Tiantai’s Terrifying Army Chapter 1506: Explosive Attacks Chapter 1507: Can’t Withstand a Single Attack! Chapter 1508: Magnificent Collisions Chapter 1509: The Qi Clan’s Situation Chapter 1510: Violence Chapter 1511: The Emperors’ Intervention Chapter 1512: The Limits of the World Chapter 1513: Two Emperors’ Fall Chapter 1514: A Mysterious Assassin on the Road Chapter 1515: Lin Feng’s Strange Experience Chapter 1516: Violating Rules Chapter 1517: Emperor Dong’s Revenge Chapter 1518: Dead End Chapter 1519: Emperor Wu Tian Jian Chapter 1520: Chessboard Chapter 1521: The Only Option Chapter 1522: Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra Chapter 1523: Arrogant Zhou Tian Xiao Chapter 1524: Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Intervention Chapter 1525: The First Battle in the Great World Chapter 1526: Mu Chen Chapter 1527: Escape Chapter 1528: Conditions Chapter 1529: For Life Chapter 1530: Dialogue Chapter 1531: Small World’s People Chapter 1532: Celestial Castles Chapter 1533: Celestial Qi Castle Chapter 1534: Qing Di Mountain Chapter 1535: Bronze Plate Chapter 1536: Exposed! Chapter 1537 Chapter 1538: Danger Chapter 1539: Control Lin Feng Chapter 1540: Control Chapter 1541: Dream Creation Chapter 1542: Competing Chapter 1543: Qing Di Mountain’s Cultivators Chapter 1544: Emperor Shen Yu Chapter 1545: Insane and Arrogant Chapter 1546: Part of the Audience Chapter 1547: Rescue Chapter 1548: Humiliation Chapter 1549: On the Battle Stage Chapter 1550: Zhou Tian Ruo Humiliated Three Times Over
Chapter 1551: Aggressive Chapter 1552: Shouting Furiously Chapter 1553: Give It Back! Chapter 1554: Refusal Chapter 1555: Leaving Chapter 1556: Yao Ye Island Chapter 1557: Many Changes Chapter 1558: Practicing Hard Chapter 1559: New Emperor Chapter 1560: The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s News Chapter 1561: Back in a Familiar Place Chapter 1562: Each Person Has Their Own Malicious Intentions Chapter 1563: A Trap Chapter 1564: Watch your words Chapter 1564: Great Emperor’s Palace Map Chapter 1566: All The Everlasting Bronze Plates! Chapter 1567: Everlasting Celestial Emperor Chapter 1568: Si Xiang City Chapter 1569: Fighting Against the Bestial Emperor Again Chapter 1570: Si Xiang City Chapter 1571: Former Site Chapter 1572: The Forbidden Area of Si Xiang Chapter 1573: Forbidden Area’s Lights Chapter 1574: Gigantic Elephant Chapter 1575: Limitless Chapter 1576: Overly Aggressive Chapter 1577: Great Emperor of the Universe Chapter 1578: The Appearance of the Palace Chapter 1579: Life and Death Path Chapter 1580: Not Dead Yet? Chapter 1581: Deployment Spell Chapter 1582: Action Chapter 1583: Three Years Chapter 1584: The Great Emperor in Cyan Clothes Chapter 1585: Everlasting Transmission Chapter 1586: Going Back To The Great World Chapter 1587: Shopping Chapter 1588: The Power of the Deployment Talisman Chapter 1589: Chaos Chapter 1590: Shattering Deployment Spell Chapter 1591: Unstable Situation Chapter 1592: The Fox Borrows the Tiger’s Fierceness By Staying With Him Chapter 1593: Invited by Everyone! Chapter 1594: Modest Gift Chapter 1595: Invite a Wolf Into One’s House Chapter 1596: Causing Trouble Chapter 1597: Revenge Chapter 1598: The Explosive Power of the Shattering Deployment Spell Chapter 1599: Apologize Chapter 1600: Kneel Down To Talk
Chapter 1601: Hypothesis Chapter 1602: Dangerous Conversation Chapter 1603: Great Deployment Spells Chapter 1604: Emperor Qi’s Heart Chapter 1605: Plot Chapter 1606: Celestial Summer Castle Chapter 1607: Kidnapping Lin Feng Chapter 1608: Difficult to Escape Chapter 1609: Muyi’s Methods Chapter 1610: Sealing the Exit Chapter 1611: Landing Chapter 1612: Power and Influence Chapter 1613: Afraid to Fight? Chapter 1614: Breaking the Seals Chapter 1615: Suddenly Leaving Chapter 1616: Beast of the Night Chapter 1617: Gold-Fire City Chapter 1618: Muyi’s Request Chapter 1619: Mu Clan’s Guards Chapter 1620: Mu Lin Xue Chapter 1621: I’ll Help You Chapter 1622: Fabricating Imperial Weapons Chapter 1623: Working in Team Chapter 1624: Yan Feng Chapter 1625: Mu Xiao’s Plot Chapter 1626: Efforts Chapter 1627: Evil Scheme Chapter 1628: My Assistant Chapter 1629: Gold-Fire Tower Chapter 1630: Challenge Chapter 1631: The Great Tournament Chapter 1632: First Round Chapter 1633: Fabrication Speed Chapter 1634: End of the Second Round Chapter 1635: The Prizes Chapter 1636: Gradually Showing Their Talent Chapter 1637: Transformations Chapter 1638: Weapon Clouds Chapter 1639: Birth of an Imperial Weapon Chapter 1640: Ranking Chapter 1641: The Champion Chapter 1642: Do You Accept? Chapter 1643: Prizes Chapter 1644: That’s All? Chapter 1645: Trying to Kill Yan Feng Chapter 1646: Celestial Death Curtain Chapter 1647: Killing an Emperor Chapter 1648: Making Friends with Important People Chapter 1649: Gold-Fire Tower’s Territory Chapter 1650: The Legendary Holy City
Chapter 1651: Vast Celestial Ancient City Chapter 1652: Sword Precipice Chapter 1653: Ruo Xie The Emperor Chapter 1654: Sword Mountain’s Events Chapter 1655: Cutting Off an Arm Chapter 1656: Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s Sword Intent Chapter 1657: Wu Tian Jian Chapter 1658: Investigating About Lin Feng Chapter 1659: Awakening Chapter 1660: Getting Rid of Lin Feng Chapter 1661: Nihility Sword Scriptures Chapter 1662: Chasing to Kill Chapter 1663: Ancient clan Chapter 1664: Guessing Things about Meng Qing Chapter 1665: Guest of Honor Chapter 1666: World Strength Chapter 1667: World Strength Chapter 1668: World Clan Chapter 1669: Decision Chapter 1670: Moon Imperial Palace Chapter 1671: The Heaven Clan Chapter 1672: In the Middle of the Night Chapter 1673: Celestial Evolution Holy Clan Chapter 1674: Many Strong Cultivators Together Chapter 1675: Fighting Against Yang Yan Chapter 1676: Enemies Chapter 1677 Chapter 1678: Godly Imprint King Body Chapter 1679: Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures Chapter 1680: Ancient Holy Clan Chapter 1681: Great Bestial Emperor Chapter 1682: Geniuses Cooperate Chapter 1683: Meeting Again Chapter 1684: Who Can Break That Deployment Spell? Chapter 1685: Killing an Emperor Chapter 1686: Celestial Being Chapter 1687: Three Statues Chapter 1688: Stealing Chapter 1689: Stopped Chapter 1690: Celestial Evolution Chessboard Chapter 1691: Goddess Chapter 1692: Cosmic Energy Not Falling? Chapter 1693: Imperial Kalpa? Abandoned By The Gods Chapter 1694: Seven Sorts of Cosmic Energies Chapter 1695: Chaos and Fury Chapter 1696: Killing Holy Clans’ Disciples Chapter 1697: Challenging the Skies Chapter 1698: Gods’ Fury Chapter 1699: Who Dares Infuriate the Skies? Chapter 1700: Leaving the Animal Clan Again
Chapter 1701: Too weak! Chapter 1702: The Death of a Great Emperor Chapter 1703: Animal World Chapter 1704: The Golden Crow Broke Through to the Huang Qi layer! Chapter 1705: Great Battle Against the Sun Supernatural Bird! Chapter 1706: Godly Animal Rule Chapter 1707: After the Exchange Chapter 1708: Break! Chapter 1709: Godly Imprint King Body Chapter 1710: A Good Laugh Chapter 1711: Chatting about Ancient Scriptures Chapter 1712: Who Has the Past Life Scriptures? Chapter 1713: Immortal People from The Antiquity? Chapter 1714: News from the World Chapter 1715: Trading? Chapter 1716: Demon Skills Chapter 1717: The Terrifying Genius Chapter 1718: The Supernatural Bird Chapter 1719: Becoming Stronger Chapter 1720: Brutal Killings Chapter 1721: Chu Chun Qiu’s Strength Chapter 1722: Powerful Physical Body Chapter 1723: Kidnapping Chapter 1724: Determination Chapter 1725: About to Leave Chapter 1726: Turning into An Ancient Tree Chapter 1727: Tribe Chapter 1728: Medicine Scriptures Chapter 1729: Champion Chapter 1730: Champion University Chapter 1731: Grudge And Resentment, Beginning And End Chapter 1732: Reputation Chapter 1733: Champion Chapter 1734: King Ji Shang Chapter 1735: The Beginning of the Exam Chapter 1736: Explosive Battle Chapter 1737: Nine Swords Explosive Kalpa Chapter 1738: Piss Off! Chapter 1739: Tengen Qi Chapter 1740: Revenge Chapter 1741: Explosive Attacks Chapter 1742: New Student Chapter 1743: Student Halls Chapter 1744: Champion Hall Chapter 1745: Ranking List Chapter 1746: Strong Cultivator At The Door Chapter 1747: Tragic Chapter 1748: Apologize Or…! Chapter 1749: Yan Di’s Social Status Chapter 1750: Straightforward
Chapter 1751: Jing Shou The Assassin Chapter 1752: Fellow Disciples Chapter 1753: Spells Chapter 1754: Demon Dragon Chapter 1755: Drinking the Dragon’s Blood Chapter 1756: Capturing the Flood Dragon Chapter 1757: Waiting Chapter 1758: Aggressive Chapter 1759: Ji Wuyou Chapter 1760: Six People Fight Chapter 1761: My Feet On Your Face Chapter 1762: Cyan Dragon Totem Chapter 1763: Battling and Rising Chapter 1764: Exchanging Views Chapter 1765: Establishing Tiantai Chapter 1766: Qing Feng’s Arrival Chapter 1767: In The Celestial Mountains Chapter 1768: Lesson Chapter 1769: Thoughts of Revenge Chapter 1770: Threat! Chapter 1771: Explosive Attacks Chapter 1772: Transformation Chapter 1773: Ancestor Zhu Tian Chapter 1774: Will You Fight Or Not? Chapter 1775: Display Your Strength Chapter 1776: Calm and Serene Chapter 1777: Ancient Holy Clan’s Grave Chapter 1778: University Gathering Chapter 1779: Meeting Yi Ren Again Chapter 1780: Entering The Ancient Palace Chapter 1781: Great Emperor’s Powers Chapter 1782: Insane battle Chapter 1783: Becoming Stronger Chapter 1784: Kill Them All! Chapter 1785: Yan Di the Deployment Spell Master Chapter 1786: Attacking by Surprise Chapter 1787: Cruel Chapter 1788: Studying the Rebirth Scriptures Together Chapter 1789: Sharing Scriptures Chapter 1790: Leaving the Ancient Palace Chapter 1791: Kalpa Strength Chapter 1792: Humiliating Ji Chang’s Club Chapter 1793: Gathering Around The Battle Stage Chapter 1794: Ji Chang’s Club’s Rules Chapter 1795: Evil Lin Feng Chapter 1796: Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment Chapter 1797: Several Opponents To Tire Him Out Chapter 1798: Definitely Winning Chapter 1799: Draw? Chapter 1800: Admitting His Defeat
Chapter 1801: The Seven Assassins Chapter 1802: Heavenly Grace Godly Wood Chapter 1803 Chapter 1804: At The Foot Of The Tree Chapter 1805: Heavenly Grace Chapter 1806: Chosen by the Godly Wood Chapter 1807: Nobody Knows What Awaits Them, But who can’t Recognize a Monarch? Chapter 1808: Getting Ready To Go Back Chapter 1809: Memories Chapter 1810: Can I Come With You? Chapter 1811: On Yao Ye Island Chapter 1812: Apparition Of A Palace Chapter 1813: Offering Great Imperial Scriptures Chapter 1814: Protected Chapter 1815: Tiantai’s Growth Chapter 1816: Chatting Chapter 1817: Forcing The Way Chapter 1818: Huge Difference Chapter 1819: Responsibility Chapter 1820: Slaughtering Chapter 1821: Important Decisions Chapter 1822: Helping Your Disciple Chapter 1823: Armies Chapter 1824: Fighting Against Ni Chen Chapter 1825: Death Better Than Life Chapter 1826: No Choice Chapter 1827: Easy Targets Chapter 1828: Strong Cultivators Landing Chapter 1829: Leaving Sorrowfully Chapter 1830: Ba Huang Nowadays Chapter 1831: Godly Wood’s Sap Chapter 1832: The Sword Emperor Rises! Chapter 1833: Emperor Wen’s Investigation Chapter 1834: Come to Jiange Tomorrow Chapter 1835: Destruction Chapter 1836: Tian Long’s Tenth Prince Chapter 1837: First Disciple Chapter 1838: Worried About Them Chapter 1839: Small King of the Underworld Chapter 1840: Deadly Injuries Chapter 1841: Jiu You Chapter 1842: Jiu You’s Government Chapter 1843: Lin Feng’s Wildness Chapter 1844: Changes in the Empire Chapter 1845: Nothing to Worry About Chapter 1846: Jiu You – Nine Netherworlds Chapter 1847: Hell Chapter 1848: Shrine Chapter 1849: Famous Methods Chapter 1850: Hei Lao
Chapter 1851: Blue Uptala Lotus and Hellfire Chapter 1852: Blade Technique et Sword Technique Chapter 1853: Last Battle Chapter 1854: Powerful Battle Chapter 1855: A Good Harvest Chapter 1856: Incredible Battle Chapter 1857: One Against Six Chapter 1858: Godly Soul Kalpa Chapter 1859: City Government Chapter 1860: Blue Uptala Lotus Chapter 1861: Two Adorable Sisters Chapter 1862: Xue Baguio’s Memories Chapter 1863: Competition Over Territories Chapter 1864: Different Paths Chapter 1865: Death Chapter 1866: Fury Chapter 1867: Acknowledged By The Gods Chapter 1868: The Path of Life and Death Chapter 1869: Powerful Life and Death Chapter 1870: Wang Zhuo’s Death Chapter 1871: Defeat Chapter 1872: Two People Chapter 1873: You’re The Only Real Loser! Chapter 1874: Uptala Army Chapter 1875: Challenge of the Celestial Country Chapter 1876: Endless Strong Cultivators Chapter 1877: Danger All Around Chapter 1878: Long and Difficult Battle Chapter 1879: Jalacandra Fairyland Chapter 1880: Peerless Fighting Ability Chapter 1881: Aoxu Chapter 1882: Milky Way Battlefield Chapter 1883 Chapter 1884: In The Celestial Mountain Chapter 1885: Pathfinder Peak Chapter 1886: How to Walk On the Path Chapter 1887: Forcing The Way Chapter 1888: The Path of Life and Death is Complex Chapter 1889: Making the Skies Furious Again Chapter 1890: Ancient Demon Clan Chapter 1891: Demon Pond Chapter 1892: The Evolved Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony’s Deployment Spell Chapter 1893: Fighting Over the Milky Way Chapter 1894: Condensing strength Chapter 1895: Ji Wuyou Nowadays Chapter 1896: Destroying the Ancient Demon Clan Chapter 1897: Military Strategy Chapter 1898: Fighting Over and Over Again Chapter 1899: Understanding the Dao Chapter 1900: Dispersion
Chapter 1901: The Secret Is Out! Chapter 1902: The Exchange Chapter 1903: Difficult To Escape Chapter 1904: A Lotus Chapter 1905: Turning Into A Blue Uptala Lotus Chapter 1906: Ancient Demon Clan’s Great Emperor Chapter 1907: Hostage Chapter 1908: Deva-Mara Body Technique Chapter 1909: Going Back to the Celestial Country Chapter 1910: Celestial Being Chapter 1911: Yu Wen Jing’s Embarrassment Chapter 1912: Three Years Have Passed Chapter 1913: Foil Chapter 1914: Aggressive Chapter 1915: World of the Living Imprint Chapter 1916: Oppressing Ji Wuyou Chapter 1917: Killing Lin Feng Chapter 1918: That’s How It Is Chapter 1919: Juzi Is Here To Kill Chapter 1920: Demonic Punisher Chapter 1921: Getting Ready To Go Back Chapter 1922: Ji Clan’s Banquet Chapter 1923: All the Geniuses Chapter 1924: Humiliation Chapter 1925: Blind Chapter 1926: Back Chapter 1927: Flames Chapter 1928: Emotionless and Merciless Killings Chapter 1929: Trouble and Disaster During the Champion Ceremony Chapter 1930: Battle To Death Chapter 1931: Arrogance Chapter 1932: Power and Influence Chapter 1933: Changes At University Chapter 1934: Xue Fan Chapter 1935: Meditating in Seclusion Chaoter 1936: Becoming Stronger Chapter 1937: Great Progress Chapter 1938: Great Imperial Palace Chapter 1939: Wu Shang’s Feelings Chapter 1940: Birthday Party Chapter 1941: Competition Chapter 1942: Propose A Marriage Alliance Chapter 1943: Killing Chapter 1944: Demon Puppets Chapter 1945: Insolent Chapter 1946: Ancestor Shi Tian Chapter 1947: Competiting Chapter 1948: Imperial Ranking List’s Top Ten Chapter 1949: The Path is Difficult Chapter 1950: Understanding the Dao and its Principles
Chapter 1951: Slaughtering Chapter 1952: Death Funeral Bell Chapter 1953: Competition for the Path Chapter 1954: Chu Chun Qiu’s Strength Chapter 1955: The Top Ten Chapter 1956: Celestial Stage Deployment Spell Chapter 1957: Disdainful Chapter 1958: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Guili Chapter 1959: Incredible Battle for the Imperial Ranking List Chapter 1960: Soon Going To Become a Great Emperor! Chapter 1961: Fighting Against the Genius of the Snow Clan Chapter 1962: Chu Chun Qiu VS. Ji Chang Chapter 1963: Lin Feng Is The Last One Chapter 1964: Bye bye Guili Chapter 1965: Buddha and Demon Battle Chapter 1966: Fourth On the Imperial Ranking List? Chapter 1967: Explosive Battle Chapter 1968: Cyan Dragon Secret Technique Chapter 1969: Ridiculous Chapter 1970: End of the Pathfinder Day Chapter 1971: Preventing The Wedding From Happening Chapter 1972: End of the Wedding Agreement Chapter 1973: Di Qi layer And Above Chapter 1974: Path of the Great Imperial King Chapter 1975: Trying to Assassinate Ying Cheng Chapter 1976: Threat Chapter 1977: Plotting Against Ji Qing Song Chapter 1978: Great Battle Chapter 1979: Destiny Vision Chapter 1980: Protected By the University! Chapter 1981: Four Ancient Holy Clans Under Pressure Chapter 1982: Help For Lin Feng Chapter 1983: Help And Rescue Chapter 1984: Competing Chapter 1985: Terrifying Great War Chapter 1986: Inside Information Chapter 1987: Drinking Alcohol and Killing People Chapter 1988: Fall of a Saint Emperor Chapter 1989: The End? Chapter 1990: Massacre Chapter 1991: All the Emperors Chapter 1992: Powerful Demon Kalpa Chapter 1993: Reincarnation Chapter 1994: Qi Tian Dynasty Chapter 1995: Agitation in Dark Night Chapter 1996: Imperial Concubine Chapter 1997: Ancient Historical Remains Chapter 1998: Close Yet Distant Chapter 1999: Holy Way Stage Chapter 2000: Potential Peerless Cultivators
Chapter 2001: Highest Level Chapter 2002: Potential Peerless Cultivators Chapter 2003: Holy Throne Chapter 2004: Me, Alone, on the Throne! Chapter 2005: Ancient War Chapter 2006: Holy Dynasty Prince Chapter 2007: Kidnapping Chapter 2008: Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill Chapter 2009: 18 Holy Spirits Chapter 2010: Empress Xi’s Fury Chapter 2011: World Sealed By the Saints Chapter 2012: Chu Chun Qiu Secret Chapter 2013: Powerful Spirits Chapter 2014: Ancient Historical Remains Chapter 2015: Incredible Sword Chapter 2016: Gloomy Historical Remains Chapter 2017: Sword Determination Which Never Disperses Chapter 2018: Saint’s Skeleton Chapter 2019: Fighting Over the Skeleton Chapter 2020: Darkness Chapter 2021: Fangs Chapter 2022: Brought To Light Chapter 2023: Carving Deployment Marks Chapter 2024: Collapsing Sky Chapter 2025: Ancient Saint? Chapter 2026: The Gigantic Foot in the Valley Chapter 2027: Dialogue Chapter 2028: Dangerous Game Chapter 2029: Saint’s Body Chapter 2030: Saint’s Awareness Chapter 2031: Holy Emperors Under Pressure Chapter 2032: Killing a Prince Chapter 2033: Understanding Chapter 2034: Destructive Oppression Chapter 2035: Fighting For The Nine Magical Characters Chapter 2036: Helping Each Other Chapter 2037: Dao Destroying Mountain Chapter 2038: Strange Story Chapter 2039: Undercurrent Chapter 2040: Xue Ao Chapter 2041: Two Taoist Priests Chapter 2042: Before the Storm Chapter 2043: Discussing the Problem Chapter 2044: Yan Di’s Craziness Chapter 2045: Suffocating Hurricane Chapter 2046: Killing and Absorbing Chapter 2047: I’m Your Ancestor! Chapter 2048: Change Chapter 2049: Consequences Chapter 2050: The Evil Influence Remains
Chapter 2051: Lin Feng Is Dead Chapter 2052: Truth Chapter 2053: Balance Chapter 2054: Agreement Chapter 2055: Insane Chapter 2056: How Tragic Chapter 2057: Lin Zhe Tian Chapter 2058: Coming Back to Life Chapter 2059: Top Level Physical Strength Chapter 2060: Slaughtering Chapter 2061: Fighting Against Ji Chang Again Chapter 2062: Killing Chapter 2063: A New Era Chapter 2064: The Sword Above the Lake Chapter 2065: The Pei Clan’s Nightmare Chapter 2066: Woken Up? Chapter 2067: A Sword From The Sky Chapter 2068: Lin Qiong Sheng’s Spirit Chapter 2069: A Battle in Juetian Mountain Chapter 2070: Wu Jue and Wu Qing Chapter 2071: Indecent Provocations Chapter 2072: Capture the Holy Woman Chapter 2073: Newborn Chapter 2074: Movement in the Animal District Chapter 2075: Young Beast Master Chapter 2076: Ancient Beast Chapter 2077: Animal District’s Agitation Chapter 2078: Arrogant Beast Chapter 2079: Animals’ Explosive Power Chapter 2080: Without the Slightest Scruple Chapter 2081: Capturing a Beast Chapter 2082: Decisive Battle Chapter 2083: Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire Chapter 2084: Battle to Death? Chapter 2085: Animal District’s Announcement Chapter 2086: Mu Chen’s News Chapter 2087: Judgement Day City Chapter 2088: Auctions Chapter 2089: Immortal Body Chapter 2090: Who’s Stupid? Chapter 2091: Another Saint’s Body Chapter 2092: Deadly Tunnel Chapter 2093: Qing Shan City Chapter 2094: Deployment Spell Family Chapter 2095: Tower of Torture Chapter 2096: Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry Chapter 2097: Battle in the Dark Chapter 2098: Deployment Battle Chapter 2099: Jing Xiao Yue Chapter 2100: The Fast Sword of Qing Shan
Chapter 2101: One Sword Chapter 2102: Desperation Chapter 2103: Admitting Their Defeat Chapter 2104: Mu Chen’s Name Chapter 2105: Postpone Chapter 2106: News Chapter 2107: Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry’s Strong Cultivators Chapter 2108: Humiliation Chapter 2109: Tantai’s Explosive Temper Chapter 2110: A Silhouette Stepping Onto the Battle Stage Chapter 2111: Is That Joke Funny? Chapter 2112: Cruel Punch Chapter 2113: Rescue Chapter 2114: Oppressing Chapter 2115: Jing Clan’s Weakening Chapter 2116: Going to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry Chapter 2117: Beautiful Women’s Bet Chapter 2118: Power Chapter 2119: Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern Chapter 2120: Trying Deployment Spells Chapter 2121: Nobody Can Break It Chapter 2122: Great Emperor Zi Chapter 2123: Gan Ministry’s Paradise Chapter 2024: Deployment Spells Are Alive? Chapter 2125: Animal Guardian Spirits Chapter 2126: Killing God Chapter 2127: Cauldron Modifying a Human Being Chapter 2128: Innate Great Deployment Master Chapter 2129: Modifying the Cauldron Chapter 2130: Another Saint-Like Cultivator Chapter 2131: Evasion Chapter 2132: Coming Back Chapter 2133: Arriving in Town Chapter 2134: Skill Chapter 2135: Agitation Chapter 2136: Traveling Together Chapter 2137: Groups of Different Levels Chapter 2138: First Master Chapter 2139: Wu Qing’s Words Chapter 2140: Exchanging About Swords Chapter 2141: Bet Chapter 2142: Crushing Defeat Chapter 2143: Insisting Chapter 2144: Pellet Kings Clan’s First Young Man Chapter 2145: All the Strong Cultivators Chapter 2146: Another Bet Chapter 2147: Who’s Insane? Chapter 2148: Absorbing Chapter 2149: Deva-Mara Thunder Clan Chapter 2150: Friend
Chapter 2151: Closely Following Chapter 2152: Negotiating Chapter 2153: Four Influential Groups Chapter 2154: Under Cover Chapter 2155: Selection Chapter 2156: Golden Mountain Chapter 2157: Time Passes Chapter 2158: One Month Passed Chapter 2159: Put Aside All Considerations of Face Chapter 2160: Fighting Against Lei Dong Tian Chapter 2161: Alliance Chapter 2162: Fabricating Golden Mountain’s Exam Chapter 2163: Cruel Chapter 2164: End of the Exam Chapter 2165: Different Thoughts and Opinions Chapter 2166: In the Shadow Chapter 2167: Losing All Advantages Chapter 2168: Start From The Beginning! Chapter 2169: Breaking Out Chapter 2170: They Hid Their Cultivation Level Chapter 2171: Exit Chapter 2172: Who’s The Loser? Chapter 2173: Rising in Rank Chapter 2174: Watching Battles Chapter 2175: An Instant Chapter 2176: On The Verge of Breaking Out Chapter 2177: Furious Battle Chapter 2178: Furious Sword Chapter 2179: Wang Shi’s Death Chapter 2180: Sisters Chapter 2181: Yin Jiu Chapter 2182: A Chat with Chu Chun Qiu Chapter 2183: Killing Silently Without Anybody Noticing It Chapter 2184: Who Will Finish in the Top 100? Chapter 2185: A Hundred Strong Cultivators Chapter 2186: Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady Chapter 2187: Hou Qing Lin’s Elimination Chapter 2188: First Master Eliminated Chapter 2189: Zhou Rong Man’s Confidence Chapter 2190: Gathering of Terrifying Cultivators Chapter 2191: Impossible To Escape Chapter 2192: King of Shadows Chapter 2193: The Loser Dies! Chapter 2194: Nine Netherworlds Power Chapter 2195: Continuous Battles Chapter 2196: Eleven People Chapter 2197: Top Ten Chapter 2198: Fortune Shrine Chapter 2199: Let’s Not Talk About Principles Chapter 2200: Fighting Against Hua Qing Feng
Chapter 2201: Most Powerful Battle Chapter 2202: Explosive Fighting Abilities Chapter 2203: Thousand Arms Chapter 2204: Hua Qing Feng Loses Again Chapter 2205: Demon and Buddha’s Battle Chapter 2206: Unparalleled Attacks Chapter 2207: Destruction of the Golden Body Chapter 2208: Final Ranking Chapter 2209: All Eyes Tracking Chapter 2210 Chapter 2211: Gu Xuan Tian Chapter 2212: Shrine and Massacre Chapter 2213: Danger Chapter 2214: Battle in the Ancient Times Chapter 2215: Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds Chapter 2216: Forbidden Legends Chapter 2217: Influence Chapter 2218: Pressure from the Shrines’ Leaders Chapter 2219: Leaving Chapter 2220: Back Into the Milky Way Battlefield Chapter 2221: Mountain of Corpses Chapter 2222: Resuscitation Chapter 2223: Hundred Victories Chapter 2224: Killing Wang Xiao! Chapter 2225: Qin Shan’s Appearance Chapter 2226: Back to the Small World Chapter 2227: Mortal Life Chapter 2228: Tribes’ Goddess Chapter 2229: Great Changes Over Time Chapter 2230: Long Night City Chapter 2231: Folders Chapter 2232: Purple Soul Strength Chapter 2233: Forbidden Body – No Cultivation Level Chapter 2234: Fierce Battle Chapter 2235: Chasing Chapter 2236: Suddenly Chapter 2237: Fighting Against a Celestial Emperor Chapter 2238: Ten Thousand Beasts City Chapter 2239: Great Emperor Bai’s Daughter Chapter 2240: King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Holy Town Chapter 2241: Killing Chapter 2242: Bai Yu’s Thoughts Chapter 2243: Name List Chapter 2244: Invitation Chapter 2245: King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory Chapter 2246: Avenging Spirit Chapter 2247: Disappearance of Strong Cultivators Chapter 2248: King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ World Chapter 2249: Dreamlike Life Chapter 2250: Eighty-One Lives
Chapter 2251: Another Life Chapter 2252: Fighting Phantoms Chapter 2253: Fighting Phantom Protectors Chapter 2254: Bestial Memorial Pagoda Chapter 2255: Continuous Battles Chapter 2256: God of Hell’s Name Chapter 2257: The One Who Wants to Become a Fighting Phantom Chapter 2258: Death God Chapter 2259: Candidate Chapter 2260: Master Chapter 2261: Leaving the Territory Chapter 2262: How Long Did That Dream Last? Chapter 2263: Waking Up – Destruction of the Sky Chapter 2264: Old Friend Chapter 2265: Great Army Chapter 2266: Going Back to the Moon Palace Chapter 2267: Heaven Clan’s Appearance Chapter 2268: Lin Feng’s Fighting Abilities Chapter 2269: I’ll Keep You As A Slave Chapter 2270: The Moon Palace Dismantled! Chapter 2271: What Are Emotions? Chapter 2272: Feeling Unsafe Chapter 2273: Who? Chapter 2274: Pretending Chapter 2275: Void Phoenix Clan Chapter 2276: Delicate Relations Chapter 2277: Fighting Chapter 2278: Thoughts Chapter 2279: Understanding Attacks Chapter 2280: Xue Jing Xiao Chapter 2281: Day of the Agreement Chapter 2282: Agreement with the Snow Clan Chapter 2283: I Want Some Fun! Chapter 2284: Make Peace? Chapter 2285: Can’t Withstand a Single Attack! Chapter 2286: Saints Can Also Be Like That Chapter 2287: Killing the King-type Body Chapter 2288: Shrines’ Confrontation Chapter 2289: Terrifying High Speed Pursuit!!! Chapter 2290: Slaughter Chapter 2291: Racing with a Death God Chapter 2292: All the Shrines Chapter 2293: Lin Feng’s Condition Chapter 2294: Waking Up Chapter 2295: Going Back to Purple Clouds Chapter 2296: Joining Hands Chapter 2297: Forming An Army Chapter 2298: Gathering Chapter 2299: Drunk and Sobering Up Chapter 2300: Hunting!
Chapter 2301: Who Wants to Destroy the Ji Clan Chapter 2302: The Ji Clan’s Destruction Chapter 2303: Opening a Sect Chapter 2304: Nine Cauldrons For the Champion Chapter 2305: Pressure Chapter 2306: Astonishing Battle Chapter 2307: Ancient World Chapter 2308: Mo Jia’s Battle Stage Chapter 2309: Strong Cultivators from Everywhere Chapter 2310: You Failed to Appreciate my Kindness! Chapter 2311: Black Dragon Chapter 2312: Daimon Draws Attention Chapter 2313: Phoenix Blood Talisman Chapter 2314: Paying a Visit to the Fire Shrine Chapter 2315: Godly Fire Shield Chapter 2316: Illusion Deployment Spell Chapter 2317: Killing A Strong Cultivator of the Shrine Chapter 2318: Suddenly Leaving Chapter 2319: People from Everywhere Chapter 2320: Invitation Letter Chapter 2321: Mu Shan Clan Chapter 2322: With Admiration Chapter 2323: Exploring the Mystery of the Forbidden Territories Chapter 2324: Aomo’s Special Power Chapter 2325: Negligence Chapter 2326: The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley Chapter 2327: Danger in the Grave Valley Chapter 2328: A Saint?! Chapter 2329: Absorbing! Chapter 2330: Fighting Against the Black Phoenix Clan Chapter 2331: Cage of Darkness Chapter 2332: Going to the Pit of Hell Chapter 2333: Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell Chapter 2334: Terrifying Demons Chapter 2335: Demon Kings in Cliff Caves? Chapter 2336: Great Demon Halberd of Desolation Chapter 2237: Sky Palace Chapter 2338: King’s Grave Palace Chapter 2339: Back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds Chapter 2340: Canonization Area Chapter 2341: Saint Luck Chapter 2342: Fighting Over the Saint Luck Chapter 2243: Devouring the Saint Luck Chapter 2344: Killing! Chapter 2345: Guarding the Gateway Chapter 2346: Leaving with the Saint Luck Chapter 2347: Canonization Mountain Chapter 2348: Understanding Chapter 2349: Gathering in the World Clan Chapter 2350: What a Turnaround!
Chapter 2351: God Strength Chapter 2352: Studying Peacefully Chapter 2353: Meeting with the Void Phoenix Clan Chapter 2354: Fierce Battle Chapter 2355: If Anyone Dares Stop Me, I’ll Kill Them! Chapter 2356: Mysterious Demon Skill Chapter 2357: Taking Control Chapter 2358: Lin Feng Crushes Saints Chapter 2359: Ancient World’s Hidden Strength Chapter 2360: Enigmatic and Unfathomable Chapter 2361: Godly Weapon Master Chapter 2362: Three Great Disciples Chapter 2363: Provocation Chapter 2364: Revelation Chapter 2365: Gathering of Strong Cultivators Chapter 2366: Making a Sword Chapter 2367: Tian Ruo Jian Chapter 2368: Joining Hands to Finish the Sword Chapter 2369: Weapon Master Bing’s Strength Chapter 2370: Stealing the Sword Chapter 2371: Blood Great Imperial City Chapter 2372: Dragon Clan’s King Clan Chapter 2373: Celestial Assassins Alliance Chapter 2374: Closely Following Chapter 2375: Arriving on Time Chapter 2376: Chasing Chapter 2377: Tear Into Each Other Chapter 2378: Great Battle Against Qiong Yu! Chapter 2379: Forbidden territory – Godly Grave Chapter 2380: Have the Gods Really Vanished? Chapter 2381: Invasion Chapter 2382: You Want To Die! Chapter 2383: War’s Prologue Chapter 2384: Traveling Alone Chapter 2385: Traveling and Killing! Chapter 2386: Pāramitā Chapter 2387: Understanding Slowness Chapter 2388: Understanding Speed Chapter 2389: Giant Gods Clan Chapter 2390: Ju Shen Kui Shan Chapter 2391: Historical Remains Chapter 2392: Gods’ Traces Chapter 2393: God’s Exam Chapter 2394: Cooperation Chapter 2395: Star Gate Chapter 2396: Seven Years Chapter 2397: God’s Beast Chapter 2398: Difficult to Break Out Chapter 2399: Breaking Out Chapter 2400: Last Test
Chapter 2401: Incomprehensible Test Chapter 2402: Understanding Chapter 2403: New Era in the Continent of the Nine Clouds Chapter 2404: Celestial Dao Destiny Technique Chapter 2405: Treasure House Chapter 2406: Holy City Chapter 2407: Destruction Chapter 2408: Lin Feng Is Back Chapter 2409: Ling Chapter 2410: Lang Yan and Shi Xuan Chapter 2411: You Want To Die Chapter 2412: Saint Chapter 2413: Troubles lie Ahead Chapter 2414: Bestial Saints’ Help Chapter 2415: Saint’s Arrival Chapter 2416: Killing Chapter 2417: Saint Lin Feng Chapter 2418: I Won’t See Anyone! Chapter 2419: Lecture Chapter 2420: Flying to the Top! Chapter 2421: Situation Chapter 2422: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader Chapter 2423: True Self Chapter 2424 - Shrines’ Changes Chapter 2425 - Original Strength Entity Chapter 2426 - People in White Clothes Chapter 2427 - Gift for a New Disciple Chapter 2428 - Familiar Sealing Strength Chapter 2429 - Saint Feng Mo Chapter 2430 - Lost Country Chapter 2431 - Waiting Chapter 2432 - Rolling Up His Sleeves and Leaving Chapter 2433 - Treasure Hall Chapter 2434 - Together Chapter 2435 - Reincarnation Priest Chapter 2436 - Support Needed in Da Yu City Chapter 2437 - Counterattack Chapter 2438 - Illusion Finger Chapter 2439 - Destroying a Stationary Point Chapter 2440 - Trap! Chapter 2441 - Encircling A Furious Warrior Chapter 2442 - Killing Chapter 2443 - Celestial Sealing Map Chapter 2444 - A Deal with the Peerless Bestial Saint Chapter 2445 - People’s Plans and Actions Chapter 2446 Chapter 2447 - Peerlessly Terrifying Old Ox Chapter 2448 - Chaotic Battles Chapter 2449 - Discovered Chapter 2450