Chapter 791 Earth’s First Evolver

Chapter 791 Earth’s First Evolver

"Thank you, Miss Tilia. May I know if you are the store manager of this place?" Liam politely smiled.

"Oh! You noticed! Yes, that would be me. I am the humble store manager that runs this place." The fairy beamed in response, a little excited that Liam was finally warming up to her.

"And since you are a special customer, you are always welcome to look for me to conduct any transactions. I will be more than happy to attend to you personally." She winked her eyes and did a small curtsy bow.

"Thank you. This is a great honour indeed. I will keep this in mind and look for Miss Tilia any time I enter the shop. I hope that I won't be troubling you." Liam smiled again, not being stingy with his attitude.

"Ha Ha. Nonsense. It is no trouble." The fairy giggled and brushed his words off. "Now, shall we start with your transactions? I have a feeling that you have a lot to offer to me." Her eyes glimmered with a strange light.

Hmmm? Liam felt an alarm go off inside his brain. What did she mean by this statement?

He nodded and took a beast corpse from his inventory, still smiling. "First, I would like to know how much I can sell this for?"

"Mmm… A common striped tiger?" The fairy blinked, inspecting the beast in a fraction of a second. "I am afraid this won't get you much, Sir Liam. You would need a hundred of these beasts to exchange for one common-grade mana core."

"That's quite alright." Liam retrieved the beast corpse and placed it back into his spatial artifact.

He had already expected this answer, so it did not really come as a surprise to him. What he really wanted to check was something else, and bingo, the next second, the fairy did indeed talk about it.

"Mr. Liam, you amaze me once again. Your world has only begun to evolve, but you are already in possession of a spatial artifact! May I know what type of artifact it is?"

Liam chuckled. "Thank you, Miss Tilia, but I am afraid I cannot answer you."

"Oh?" The fairy's face became small.

"I mean, I am not sure myself. When I awakened, I just found the artifact already bound to me. It is a mystery to me as well."

"Oh. I see. In that case… might I suggest something." The fairy smiled again. "How about you sell the spatial artifact? The beasts' corpses that you possess will not amount to much, but you would definitely get a good deal on the artifact."

"You can then exchange the mana cores for a decent weapon. At this stage, that is probably more valuable for you. You might need a good weapon that is suitable for your strength and your level?" She winked at him with a charming smile.

"Oh. That is indeed a good idea." Liam nodded with furrowed brows as if he was really thinking about it. "Give me some time to think about it because a spatial artifact is also extremely useful for me right now in terms of acquiring resources."

"Sure, Mr. Liam. Take your time. I will be here waiting for you." Tilia smiled.

Of course, you will. Liam sneered inwardly. This simple conversation proved two things.

First, this woman was able to tell that he possessed a high-grade treasure with him. Second, she was not able to tell exactly what it was or what was inside it. This was good news.

Otherwise, this dainty-looking fairy as well would probably turn into a wicked witch and come after him with everything she had! There were already too many people behind him, and he really did not want another headache, especially right now.

This was the problem with possessing a high-grade treasure. If you did not have the power to protect it, everyone was going to hunt you down for it. But at least for the moment, Liam seemed to be safe from this fate.

Now that he had confirmed this, he smiled and asked the fairy again, "Can I register for my class now?"

"Yes, of course, valued customer. I have already started the process. It should be done soon." Tilia beamed. She opened a system interface panel, and on it, Liam's name was written.

Shockingly, right next to his name, there was a title.

[Earth's First Evolver]

The fairy noticed that Liam was surprised, and she explained with a smile. "This is the reward I was telling you about. "Because you are the first person from this world to officially register, you will receive 50 stat points as a bonus."

"You will become even stronger, Mr. Liam." She winked at him.

"Ha Ha. That is good." Liam grinned. His gaze was still on the panel as he could see some sort of timer circle running out to completion. The next second, a notification popped up in front of him.

<Ding. You are now officially registered as an evolver. You have received 50 bonus stat points, freely available to allot to any of the attributes>

Liam eyed the notification with interest. He only knew about registering for his class, so this was new to him. What did registering as an evolver even mean?

Just as he was thinking about this, his gaze casually fell on the store manager's panel behind the notification. On there, as soon as he got registered, a couple of other names appeared.

And a second later, several other names appeared. The fourth one particularly caught his eye, as it was Alex's name. It looked like she had also arrived at the building shortly after him.

His gaze then shifted up to see who the other two names were in between them, and he abruptly froze.

Right there on the panel, there was a name he recognized, written in clear, bold letters!


It couldn't be, right?

No! That's impossible!

How could that damned tower master follow him out of the game world into the real world? Something like that shouldn't be possible!