Chapter 3318 - Chapter 392 - Ancient God's Might

Chapter 3318 - Chapter 392 - Ancient God's Might

Chapter 392 – Ancient God’s Might

Outside the floating island atop the void sea…

Numerous fleets braved the attacks of countless Void Sea Serpents and Void Sea Dragons as they tried to cross the void sea. There would be ships sinking and Void Creatures falling at every moment. The grandeur of the battle was unprecedented in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, rather than the ongoing battle on the sea, the various players fighting on the sea paid more attention to the player army gathered around the floating island. Compared to the player army floating in mid-air around the island, the “player army” on the sea was nothing but a joke.

“Is this the Paimon Conglomerate’s strength?”


Franz, commander of the Tower Alliance’s sixth trump card legion and the Desolate Star Corporation’s Second Successor, was in awe and shock as he looked at the hundreds of thousands of figures hovering next to the floating island.

Although the Desolate Star Corporation was considered first-rate among the many corporations in the Greater World, its strength in God’s Domain was nowhere close to matching the Paimon Conglomerate. Comparing the Desolate Star Corporation with the Paimon Conglomerate would be akin to comparing a candle flame to a forest fire.

Despite being second in the Desolate Star Corporation’s line of succession, Franz had to go to great lengths to organize a 100-man team of Tier 4 experts. Although many of his team’s Tier 4 experts were fourth-floor experts, which made it significantly stronger than the average 100-man Tier 4 team, it was still nothing compared to the forces Dira managed to summon.

An army of several hundred thousand Tier 4 experts. Although most of these experts were only at the third-floor standard, even if only one-tenth of them were fourth-floor experts, that would still be several tens of thousands of fourth-floor experts.

Not to mention, apart from Tier 4 experts, there were also over a thousand Tier 5 experts in Dira’s army.

It should be known that these Tier 5 experts weren’t “instant” Tier 5 players. Instead, they were all veteran experts who had previously chosen to stay at Tier 4 because they couldn’t create a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body. After closely examining these Tier 5 experts, Franz found over 100 titled experts he recognized.

Over 100 Tier 5 titled experts!

Although the Desolate Star Corporation had the strength to mobilize such a force, it had to be extremely cautious when doing so. After all, the corporation only had several hundred Tier 5 titled experts under its command. Moreover, these titled experts came from several different hegemonic powers. The corporation couldn’t simply mobilize them whenever it wanted.

However, it took only Dira, or, more specifically, the Divine Seal Saint, only one word to mobilize all these Tier 5 titled experts.

At this time, Favra, standing next to Franz, sighed and said, “We should hurry up and break through these monsters. If we spend too much time here, we might end up getting implicated.”

Favra wasn’t surprised by the sight of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Tier 4 army since she had seen much grander sights. However, the Divine Seal Saint getting over 1,000 Tier 5 experts into the World Passage was beyond her expectations.

The Divine Seal Saint could already launch an invasion into a God’s Domain with so many Tier 5 experts, let alone the Miniature Ancient World.

“It seems Zero Wing is doomed this time,” Death Omen said, sighing ruefully as she looked at the army of Tier 4 and Tier 5 experts in the sky. “It’s a pity we won’t get to enter the island to look around since Dira doesn’t think anything of us.”

Death Omen couldn’t help but grow melancholic when she thought of her current situation. She used to be a Tier 6 expert standing at the pinnacle on the main continent. Yet, after entering the Miniature Ancient World, she wasn’t even qualified to be a part of Dira’s army, let alone stand at the Miniature Ancient World’s apex.

“Don’t worry, Big Sis Omen! It won’t be long before I become a core member of Paimon! At that time, we won’t even need to care about Dira’s opinion!” Thousand Scars said, fighting spirit burning in her eyes as she looked at White Owl, who was currently commanding Dira’s army.

In the past, Thousand Scars thought that becoming an internal member of the Paimon Conglomerate was already high enough of a goal. After all, if she became an internal member, even hegemonic powers would take the initiative to curry favor with her.

However, after seeing White Owl, Thousand Scars learned that becoming an internal member was far from enough. Only by becoming a core paragon such as White Owl could she truly be considered to have reached the apex of God’s Domain. Even a young master like Dira would have to keep his arrogance in check when asking White Owl for help.

Outside the floating island, over a thousand Level 140, Tier 5 experts orderly gathered in front of White Owl, none daring to step out of line.

At this time, a middle-aged male Oracle approached White Owl and confidently said, “We’ve finished sealing the entire island, Commander Owl. Not even a Tier 6 expert should think of escaping easily.”

Even after hearing the middle-aged Oracle’s bold claim, none of the Tier 5 experts opened their mouths to refute him. On the contrary, all of them had full faith in his words.

Besides being a titled expert, the middle-aged Oracle was also a top-tier Grandmaster Magician. A magic barrier he personally created could easily keep the average Tier 6 expert trapped for half an hour. Moreover, that was only when 500 Tier 4 magical-class experts operated the magic barrier.

Currently, several dozen Tier 5 experts were responsible for operating the magic barrier the middle-aged Oracle had erected around the island. On top of that, they also had the support of over a thousand Tier 4 magical-class experts. In its current state, the magic barrier could easily trap a Tier 6 expert for two or three hours.

“Good.” White Owl nodded. “Once we are inside, all you Tier 5s follow me to kill the two experts I mentioned as quickly as possible. As for everyone else, cordon off the town and do not let any of the trial challengers escape.”


Upon hearing White Owl’s command, everyone drew their weapons and got ready to charge into the floating island with White Owl.

Just as White Owl was about to inform Dira about the start of their attack, a white beam suddenly came from the island’s depths.


Following the beam, the barrier surrounding the island shattered like glass and vanished. As a result, all the magical-class players maintaining it suffered a backlash and died on the spot, their bodies falling into the void sea below…

“An ambush?”

“Did we get attacked?”

The experts gathered outside the floating island were stunned by this unexpected development.

However, before anyone could make sense of what had happened, a mighty aura spread from the island and exerted overpowering pressure on the players caught within its range. Immediately, the hundreds of thousands of Tier 4 experts hovering next to the island lost their lives and fell into the void sea. As for the Tier 5 experts, although they managed to cling onto their lives, that was all they could do. The pressure exerted by the mighty aura thoroughly paralyzed them.

Subsequently, a cloaked Swordsman could be seen suddenly flying out of the island.

Meanwhile, whether it was White Owl and Dira or Death Omen and Thousand Scars, they instantly recognized the cloaked Swordsman when they saw his face.

“Black Flame?”