Chapter 923 - Wild Children

Chapter 923: Wild Children

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Among the 120 students who participated in the training, other than the 30 students who were lucky enough to be teleported out, only Sheng Xiao and the other eight survivors were left. This shocked those geniuses.

They were the top 82 genius students of the Holy Spirit Academy!

Not only were they genius students of the Holy Spirit Academy, but they were also the top prodigies of the entire Holy Spirit Continent.

However, they had all died in the Kunlun Mystic Realm!

The 82 prodigies used their deaths to make those students who had never participated in the mystic realm’s training realize—

None of the students who could walk out of the Kunlun Mystic Realm alive survived on pure luck!

Dino came back to his senses and said, “Congratulations on successfully graduating from the Holy Spirit Academy today. In four months, I will open the Central Pagoda and send you all to the Upper World to further your studies!” With that, Dino turned around and looked at the students on the field below. He said, “From tomorrow onwards, you guys will take the graduation examination.”

Dino pointed at the distant Abyssal Origin Forest and said, “The atmosphere between demon beasts and Beast Tamers is tense now, so we can’t carry out the beast tide drill anymore. Therefore, we adjusted the contents of the graduation examination.”

Hearing this, the students felt nervous.

After a short silence, Dino said, “In the Abyssal Origin Forest, not only are there super demon beasts, but there are also many rare spirit herbs. The higher the grade of the spirit herb, the stronger the demon beast guarding it.”

“Students who can successfully bring out a Grade 7 spirit herb from the abyss will be able to obtain their graduation certificate and graduate successfully. Students who can successfully bring out Grade 8 or above spirit herbs will obtain the right to go to the Central Pagoda to participate in the tower challenge competition four months later! Students who are unable to obtain a Grade 7 spirit herb will be unable to graduate and will be expelled.”

There was a commotion in the middle of the field.

A student from a top-notch blue-blood family couldn’t help but retort with a laugh, “Prime Emperor Dino, it’s not fair that we can’t graduate unless we obtain a seventh-grade medicinal herb. After all, when the Holy Spirit Academy was established, the school promised to send us to the Great World to further our studies.”

Hearing this, Dino sneered and said, “A piece of trash who can’t even get a Grade 7 herb will only be crushed in the Great World!”

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The student’s face instantly turned red and he didn’t dare to speak again.

After Dino finished speaking, Di Ruofeng suddenly said, “In four months, the Holy Spirit Continent will send out 12 young Beast Tamers from the Upper World. The eight students who successfully pass the Kunlun Mystic Realm will have the chance to directly enter the Great World to further their studies. Therefore, we will choose the four most outstanding students among you all.”

“We wish you guys all the best!”

After they found out that only four out of four hundred students could go to the Great World, this was a huge blow to this group of genius students. When the meeting ended, everyone’s expressions were very heavy.

Everyone was dissatisfied, but no one dared to object.

Just as Dino had said, if they couldn’t even obtain a Level 7 spirit herb and couldn’t even defeat their classmates, then what was the use of going to the Upper World?

* *

After successfully graduating, Yu Huang and the others obtained their graduation certificates.

The graduation certificate wasn’t a certificate, but a school badge. The school badge had a circular design, and the image of a black nine-tailed fox was on the front. Under the nine-tailed fox, the words “Holy Spirit Academy” were written. Behind the school badge, there was a sentence—

Fight for the Holy Spirit Continent!

Dino personally wore the school badge on Yu Huang and the others’ arms.

As he stared at the eight young and outstanding children in front of him, he suddenly marveled. “You guys will shoulder the hope of the entire continent when you go to the Upper World to study and fight. Here, I want to ask you guys a few questions. I hope you guys can answer me seriously.”

Yu Huang and the others nodded and listened to Dino’s question seriously.

The first question Dino asked was—

“Where are you guys from?”

The eight young people looked surprised.

Where were they from?

Yin Rong whispered, “I’m from the Yin Clan of the Divine Moon Empire of the Divine Realm Continent.”

Beatrice said, “I’m from the Divine Moon Empire of the Divine Realm Continent.”

Feng Yuncheng also said, “I’m from the Feng family of the Ice Domain Continent’s Dayi Empire.”

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Yu Huang said, “I’m from the Yin Clan of the Divine Realm Continent’s Divine Moon Empire.”

The eight of them accurately reported their origins. However, after hearing their answers, Dino shook his head slightly. “Wrong.”

Yu Huang and the others frowned. Just as they were about to ask Dino what was wrong, they heard him say, “You’re from the Holy Spirit Continent.”

The eight of them were slightly stunned.

Dino gazed at them as he said earnestly, “From the birth of the Holy Spirit Continent until now, there have only been more than three thousand Beast Tamers who have successfully gone to the Great World. Among them, there were less than eight hundred Beast Tamers who returned to the Holy Spirit Continent alive. However, there are ten billion people in the Great World, and there are as many experts as there are clouds.”

“To those geniuses and experts of the Great World, the Holy Spirit Continent is just a remote and weak small world that’s not even worth remembering. As for you guys from the Holy Spirit Continent, you’re a group of children without a backer. You won’t have parents to seek justice for you guys even if you’re bullied.”

“Therefore, you guys have to stick together to survive in the Great World.”

“Remember, you didn’t become stronger to make yourself invincible, but to make the Holy Spirit Continent have weight in the three thousand worlds!”

As Dino’s gaze swept across the young faces filled with fighting spirit, he said with pity and anticipation, “I hope that you guys are the last generation of wild children.”

Sheng Xiao suddenly asked, “Prime Emperor Dino, are you hiding something from us?”

Dino looked at them hesitantly but didn’t answer.

Yu Huang asked again, “If the Time Gate of the Central Pagoda can successfully open, we can send more genius youths to the Great World. Prime Emperor Dino, Dean Di, why can we only send 12 students to the Great World?”

Yu Huang had long wanted to ask this question.

Di Ruofeng suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Yu Huang with a serious gaze. After a moment of silence, he said in a low voice, “In the three years that you weren’t around, many things happened on the continent. Now that the situation on the continent is getting more and more serious, we have to prepare for the worst.”

“If the continent is really in a critical situation and the Time Gate can’t be successfully restarted, we can only use our strength to rebuild a Time Gate. The Holy Spirit Continent is too far away from the Great World. All of our energy combined can at most carry 12 students to the Great World.”

“The 12 of you are the only hope of the continent.”

After Di Ruofeng walked in front of Yu Huang, he stroked the school badge on Yu Huang’s arm and said in a hoarse voice, “Children, us old fellows will use all our abilities to pave a path to the Great World for you. If even one of you can become a Divine Master, then there will still be hope for the Holy Spirit Continent.”

“If all of you fail, then…”

“It’ll still be a relief if your bloodlines continue in the Great World.”

Yu Huang and the others’ faces instantly turned pale when they heard this.

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